CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

                                              A Unique Boutique
                                        1457 Pilkington Road • Hustle, VA 22476
                                        (804) 443-6622 • (804) 443-7449 – cell

Date: __________________________                                          Consignor #__________________________

Thank you for choosing A Unique Boutique (hereinafter referred to in this document as Boutique) to consign your items.
I look forward to an ongoing, mutually successful business relationship! Please supply the following information:

Consignor’s Name:                                       ________________________________________________________

Consignor’s Mailing Address:         ________________________________________________________

Consignor’s Phone #: ____            _______________________ (Cell)         ____________ ____________________ (Other)

Consignor’s e-mail:                                     ________________________________________________________

Terms of this Consignment Agreement

Boutique is retail booth #000 in A Unique House Antique and Crafters Mall (hereinafter referred to in this document as Unique
House) located at 9600 James Madison Parkway (Rt. 301) in King George, Virginia. Boutique pays a 10 percent commission for each
item sold from its retail booth to Unique House. Unique House is in no way connected with this agreement between the Consignor
and Boutique and bears no responsibility to Consignor.

Consignor agrees to

        1.     All items must be handcrafted or substantially handcrafted by the Consignor.
        2.     Consignor sets the selling price.
        3.     Provide a written inventory of items consigned; include sales price, a detailed description, and a photograph of the
               items consigned.
        4.     Write the word FIRM on the inventory sheet next to items that are not to be discounted.
        5.     Reduce the sales price by no more than 20 percent after 30 days by omitting the word “Firm” on the inventory sheet.
        6.     Rotate unsold stock every 30 to 45 days.
        7.     Boutique’s withholding 30 percent of the selling price of each item, excluding sales tax, as payment of commission.
        8.     Complete the attached W-9; furnish Boutique with any change of address for twelve months following last payment
               from Boutique for IRS reporting purposes.

Boutique agrees to

        1.     Make payment by the 15th of each month by check and provide a statement to the Consignor for articles sold.
        2.     Pay the 10 percent sales fee to A Unique House.
        3.     Collect and remit Virginia sales tax on sale of consigned items.
        4.     Make reasonable effort to insure articles left on consignment are as well cared for and as secure as its own.
        5.     Display and market consigned articles in a professional, retail setting without prejudice to consignor, type of article, or
               volume of consignments; however, placement and display of consigned articles, advertising, and ALL MANAGEMENT
               DECISIONS will be at the sole discretion of Boutique.
        6.     Work diligently to assure a win-win situation for both parties.
        7.     Reserve the right to refuse new items, and/or to terminate or rollover existing consignment agreements for any reason

             Carolyn Berry, Owner, A Unique Boutique                                          Consignor’s Signature

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