See the listed required items in developing and opening a new business. We can assist you at any
point of the process. Restaurant Example: assuming existing building lease space

Site selection: Assistance and management of the demographic surveys, traffic count, etc. in determining if
the location is desirable. Survey the surrounding competition and its effect on your new business.

Budget development: Assistance and management in developing the project budget. Breakdown scope
items and price each. Start the Value Engineering Process which is reviewing all aspects of the project to
identify areas where cost saving measures can be taken to save money.

Lease negotiations: Assistance and management in negotiating the lease terms with the building owner or
real estate management firm. This is very important in a number of areas. The lease terms covering the
facility maintenance need to be looked at carefully. Some will require the tenant to provide maintenance and
even in some cases replacement of mechanical equipment. It is very possible that financial assistance can be
obtained for the construction requirements coming from the landlord in tenant build out dollars paid at the
front of the lease to you.

Architectural/Design/Engineering: Assistance and management of the overall desired design by the
customer. Working relationship with local registered Architect, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers
producing a working set of blueprints that meet requirements by the city & health department, etc. We have
extensive expertise in commercial kitchen requirements and construction. Development of specification
levels of the project. Develop required submittal data from suppliers and subcontractors.

Sequence & Scheduling: We provide a schedule for the entire project utilizing Microsoft Project. This
greatly assist everyone involved with the project ensuring that proper construction sequence is followed and
all trades are there on time to perform their work and required materials for them are there.

Permit process: City plan review process including zoning, planning, environmental, fire department and
inspection department requirements. Taking the completed plans through these departments for approval and
taking action on any special requirements deemed necessary by the review. Being a restaurant would require
going through the Madison County Health Department also. We have a good working relationship with this
office and extensive expertise in health code requirements.

Solicitation Process: Assistance and management of the bidding process from suppliers and subcontractors
for the selection of who will perform the construction and supply the materials. We will ensure that the best
pricing is obtained to meet the quality requirements with only properly licensed and insured firms are used
on the project.

On site Management: We provide on site management to ensure that sequence, inspection department,
quality and schedule issues are met. We ensure that the subcontractors keep a clean and safe work site at all
times. Safety issues are huge and daily attention in this area is needed to prevent any accidents from
occurring. We ensure that required inspections are obtained and passed by the city officials and any items
needing correction are taken care of immediately.

Project close out: We ensure that all items required by the city are met so there is no hold up in obtaining
business license, etc. We assist in obtaining these licenses also if needed. We ensure that subcontractor’s
information is provided with contact data for any warranty issues and assist in getting these items addressed
as soon as possible when they arise. Facilities start up and check out procedures upon completion of
construction. We can provide assistance in opening your business also. We can help set up relationship with
CPA, attorneys, credit card firms, etc.

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