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									From Feedlane to Market
     In Seven Days

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      Environmental Products & Technologies Corp.
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Renewable “Green Power” Energy Developers Employing
                 Opportunity Fuels
Process Flow Chart

 Closed loop Organics Management
             Excreted Manure

   Vacuumed from the Feed Lane &
    Delivered to the Reception Pit
   Holstein Cow Produces Approximately
       112 pounds of manure per day
       44 pounds of urine per day
       Plus feed, bedding and other debris
       Manure Pretreatment

   Energy Source Plus - pre conditions the
    manure by adjusting the pH and
    Electrical Conductivity to preset levels
   Instrumentation To Measure pH & EC
   Bio-Organic Catalyst Enhances Methane
            Sand Separator

   All harvested feeds contain dirt and grit
    from the harvesting process.
   Our testing and observations indicate
    approximately One Pound Is Consumed
    per day per cow and Excreted In the
   This is the cause of most digesters to lose
    temperature and shut down
             Holding Tank

   Manure in the holding tank is
    approximately 14% solids
   Must be diluted to 8 to 10% solids prior to
    being fed into the digester
   Cheese whey will be added to reduce the
    solids content and greatly increase
    biomethane production
           Heat Exchanger

   CSB Ultra Low NO x Burner Technology
   Direct Steam Injection Heater - A Process
    Device To Inject Steam At Sonic Velocity
    For Heat Transfer
   Heated From A Boiler
   Fueled By Methane From The Digester
        Anaerobic Digester

   An Above Ground Tank or Series of Tanks
   Controlled Sludge Blanket
   Complete Mix
   High Solids Content - 8 to 10%
   Shortest HRT High Solids Digester On the
    Market - <7 days.
        Anaerobic Digester

   Can Be Operated at Mesophillic 95º
    F or Thermophillic 125º F
   55 -60 %Volatile Solids Destruction
   600 + BTU Methane
   Small Footprint
   Expandable and Movable
   Anti-botics Can’t Shut The Whole
    Digester Down

   Pumped from the Digester To Water Bath
   Fed To Co-Generation Equipment
   Preheat Influent - Manure Feed Stock For
   Gas Conditioned PSA Technology

   The Majority of Biomethane Production
    Pumped To Storage Vessel
   Plasma Technology Kills Pathogens,
    Viruses & Microbes
   Stattler Double Membrane Biogas Storage
   Hauled By Tube Trailer Off Site
   Inserted Into the Utility Pipeline
                Gas Flare

   A Gas Flare Is Installed as a Safety Device
   Gas Scrubber Processes Any Biomethane
    Prior to Flaring
    Two Disruptive Technologies

   Tri-Pac Power Factor Correction - can
    save in excess of 15% of Dairy Power
   Adsorption Chiller - requires no electrical
   Operates from Hot Water - Saves up to
    23% of Dairy Power Requirement

   Generate Power Requirement For The
   Properly sized Generator For Summer
    Operations Will Have Surplus Power At
    Least Seven Months of the Year
   Sell Surplus Back to the Utility Grid
   Hot Water Provided to Adsorption Chiller
Combined Heat, Power, & Cooling

    Hot Water From The Gen-Set Engine or
     Boiler Fed To Adsorption Chiller
    184º F Water Will Chill Milk To 38º F
    Exhaust Gas Can Be Employed To Heat
     Water For Wash Down of Parlor and
           Digester Effluent

   Discharged Effluent - 4% Solids
   Effluent Discharged at the Same Rate as Manure
   Discharge Temperature 95º F
   Effluent To Holding Tank
   Manure To Auger Separator
   Manure Solids to Mixer Station
   Manure Water <1% Solids To Algae Farm
    Separated Manure Solids

   Manure Solids - Four Auger Mixer
   Carbon Sources Added for 30 to 1
    Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
   Input Into Aerobic Bioreactor
   Superior Soil Amendment - High Market
         Aerobic Bioreactor

   In-Vessel Composting Technology
   Patented Process -<72 Hours
   Material is Pasteurized, Weed Seed Free,
    Odor Free, Nutrient Rich
   High Value Compost for Landscaping
   Employed For Bedding By Dairies
   Sold As A Soil Amendment
       Computer Controlled

   Each of the Components are Computer
    Controlled and Monitored
   Each Technology can be Installed &
    Operated as a Stand Alone System
   Data Is Collected For Renewable Energy
   All Data Is Auditable
        Closed loop System

   Provides New Sources of Revenue
   Substantial Avoided Costs
   System May Be Monitored and Controlled
    Remotely - Better Control and Less Management
   Reduces Dairy Operating Costs
   Reduces/Eliminates Regulatory Compliance
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