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					                           EQUIPMENT RENTAL AGREEMENT

Posey County Soil & Water Conservation District, 1805 N. Main Street, Mt. Vernon, Indiana
47620, 812/838-4191, (hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”), hereby leases to the undersigned
customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Lessee”) the following described equipment (hereinafter
referred to a the “Rental Property”):
                       1999 Great Plains 7-foot End-Wheel No-Till Drill
                   Model #7-5NG-1075-05-24-91 with Harrow Attachment


Subject to the terms and conditions set forth below:
1.     This is an agreement of leasing only.
2.     Rental Term: To commence upon pick-up of the Rental Property and continue until
       returned to storage location by Lessee or picked up by another Lessee. Lessee
       acknowledges receipt of the Rental Property in good, sage and serviceable condition and
       agrees to lease it for said rental and to pay Lessor rental at the following rate:
     $7.00 per acre with a minimum charge of $50.00 (payable within two weeks of use)
                                        Acres          TOTAL $
3.     Use of Rental Property: Lessee will use the Rental Property in a careful and prudent
       manner, keeping the same in good repair and properly lubricated; and operated at all
       times by an experienced and competent operator; will comply with all rules relating to
       use and operations of the Rental Property: and will save Lessor harmless against actual or
       asserted violations; and will not use the Rental Property for any other purpose than in the
       conduct of its own business.
4.     Return of Rental Property: At the expiration or termination of this lease, the lessee
       agrees to notify the Lessor by phone, the Rental Property will be in as good condition as
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       when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted and the Lessee assumes all responsibility
       for loss or undue damage to the Rental Property while in its possession.
5.     Assumption of Risks from Use: It is understood and agreed that Lessee is an independent
       contractor and not the agent, servant or employee of Lessor in any manner whatsoever;
       and Lessee assumes all risks resulting from the use of the Rental Property and agrees to
       indemnify and save harmless the Lessor from any and all liability for injury to persons or
       damage to property caused by the Rental Property or the use thereof.
6.     Termination: Upon default or breach of any condition hereof, Lessor may at its option
       terminate this lease and without notice or process of law take immediate possession of
       said property. In such event, Lessor shall be entitled to all rentals due and past due with
       costs, including reasonable attorney fees.
7.     Insurance: Notwithstanding the indemnity provisions above, Lessee, at its own expense,
       will provide during the term of this lease, before the Rental Property covered by this lease
       is used, such insurance of the type and in an amount satisfactory to Lessor as is necessary
       to insure Lessor for and against any liability or loss for injury or death to any person or
       persons or for damage to any property resulting from or arising out of the use, possession,
       or operation by Lessee of the Rental Property hereby leased. Lessee will keep the
       equipment insured at its full insurable value against loss or damage to as resulting from
       theft, collision, fire or other casualty. When Rental Property is being towed or
       transported on the roads, it is the responsibility of the insurer of the vehicle doing the
8.     Out-of-county-use: Posey County landowners will have first chance to lease Rental
       Property. Out-of-county transportation and necessary phone costs will be the
       responsibility of the out-of-county Lessee.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto caused this lease to be executed in duplicate this
_______ day of _____________, 2011.
       Posey County Soil & Water Conservation District (Lessor)


I,                                  , am responsible for the 1999 Great Plains 7-

foot End-Wheel No-Till Drill, while it is in my care, custody, and control. I agree to

use this equipment as agreed upon with the Posey County Soil and Water Conservation


I agree to return the equipment to the District by _____________.




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