Bill of Rights presentation rubric by 2ca6u9z


									Bill of Rights presentation rubric

Group Members:                                                             .

Amendment # _________

5    Clearly states the rights guaranteed by the amendment & the history
            (Why the framers felt this was important)
3    Leaves the audience with questions
1    Does not state the amendment or why it was important

5    Both members had equal speaking time
3    Both members have speaking parts but are not equal
1    One member is not active in the presentation

Supplemental materials
5    Presentation covers both the necessary article and the puzzle piece
3    Presentation only covers one
1    Presentation lack both article and puzzle piece

Presentation Flow
5    Presentation was smooth and presenters knew what they were doing
           (It was obvious from the audience that they had practiced)
3    Presentation had a choppy spots but was well prepared in others
1    Was VERY choppy and needs much work to make it ready for presenting

______/ 20


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