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									             Construction Civil Engineer
                 Projects Manager
 Personal Data
Address : Cornish El Nile St. Police's Tower Buildings D1-Elekaa
Extend. city floor4 dep.42 Cairo, Egypt
Telephone : +202 27006605 - +202 27634908
KSA Mobil +9660508031651
Name: Ashraf Gamal Edin Taha
Birth day: 07 Sep, 1961
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Nationality: Egyptian

 Qualifications:
 Qualification: I had Graduated from Cairo University and obtained the degree of bachelor of civil
 Engineering in July 1985 with a rate of good - 73.5%.

 Skills: Accurate - Well organized - Positive response to pressure - Good communication skills -
 Computer literate: Microsoft office + AutoCAD - Excellent communication & reporting skills -
 Excellent planning & organizational skills Team leader
 PC literate
 Courses:
         My collage gave me good chance in West Germany – Achen City with the International
       Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, Practical Training curses for pre
       cast concrete In( Ieznhotten Kondy) institute.
         Project Management Professional course for 45hours.
     My long-term goals involve growing with a company where:
         I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much of value as I
         I see myself as a top performing employee in a well-established organization, like this one. I plan
      on enhancing my skills and continuing my involvement in (related) professional associations.
         Once I gain additional experience, I would like to move on from a technical position to

Practical Experiences:
 Saudi Constructioneers Est.
    From feb 2010- to (Present)
    Position In Company: Senior Construction engineer manager
    The Project is: King Abdullah financial District KAS Riyadh
 The project's financial totals budgets were one billion and 250 million riyals
 The project consists of four (4) towers interconnecting with each other on two parcels each having an
 approximate area of 6,859 M2 and 7,847 M2. The towers will be built above ground floor level for
 commercial, residential and offices use. Each parcel has two towers will be for offices and residential.
 The Gross Built-Up Area proposed for parcel No. 5.07 shall be 33381 M2 for two towers with a maximum of
 12 stories for the offices & 14 stories for the residential above ground level. The Gross Built-Up Area
 proposed for parcel No. 5.08 shall be 56758 M2 with a maximum 17 stories for the offices & 20 stories for
 the residential.
  United Takamoul For Projects ( Rajhi group Sister company)
 From june 2009 – To feb 2010
 Position In Company: Projects civil engineer manager
 KSA Riyadh
 The Project was the 7 Star Movenpick Hotel King Fahed
 The project's financial totals budgets were 380 billion riyals
Consists of 2 Towers north &south for 9 Floor each. Most of its structure elements were precast concrete
 Job description:
 The Performance key Measurements continually were how to manage the (Cost, Quality, and Delivery)
 into one good equation to score our aim.
     Act as Project Manager for site based construction supervision team.
     Plays an active part in the development of the organisation, offers advice to the best ability.
     Establish and maintain Project Organisation and Management Plan.
     Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and
      implement solutions.
  Al Outhaim Holding Company
 From July 2007 – To July 2009
 Position in Company: Projects civil engineer manager
 KSA Riyadh The project's financial totals budgets were 450 billion riyals
 El Outhaim Mall El Rabowa 2 for 450 million SR - Area 45000 square meter for each floor .It consider the
 fifth biggest Mall allover the world
 Tow of them basement garage parking
 Ground floor - first & second floors –Roof
 Job description:
     Act as Project Manager for site based construction supervision team.
     Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and
     implement solutions.
     Review, monitor The Main Time schedules for the project day by day
  Maadi sport club& yacht
From July 2005 – to June 2007
Position in Company: General Engineering Department manager
  Cairo - Egypt The project's financial totals budgets were 1 billion Egyptian pounds
Job Description: we have several great projects in our club such as:
1- A new club branch in Qatamia region as the details: all activities will be Olympic Games specified
Horsing - out Door Theater - swimming pool - indoor sport hall - Crockett - shooting squash indoor halls
Diving pool
2- A new sport city in the Main club in maadi consists of open area court games (Basket - Volley ball -
Handball _ Tennis) and the central court stadium
3-developing all the filter system for our existing swimming pool and all its accessories
Building a new water ball pool
In additional to the all 5 stars maintenance for all existing buildings
          Act as Project Manager for site based construction supervision team.
          Plays an active part in the development of the organisation, offers advice to the best ability.
          Manage workload of site based Engineers and Inspectors.
From Dec 2002 – to may2005
 UAE - Dubai - Rashydia - United Arab Emirates - Dubai
 Position: Production Manager for ready mix concrete
 For NRC National Ready mix Concrete Company in UAE:
Our concrete manufacturing may perform the following tasks:
1 - Direct and Coordinate manufacturing activities in our plants including the modification, performance and
maintenance of equipment and machinery
2 - Look into and meet regulatory and requirement had negative affecting to the concrete manufacturing
operations and environment.
3 -Look for business opportunities Work out new manufacturing processes according to marketing situation.
  DECOM COMPANY for ready mix concrete
 From Oct; 1998 to April 2002
 Cairo - Nasr City
 Project: Mirage City under supervision of ORASCOM & C.C.C.
Position: Batch Plant Manger
 Job description: I worked with a big company producing the ready mix concrete as A Batch Plant
Manger & Concrete Laboratory manger with DECOM COMPANY in the batch plant of the mirage city
under the super vision of ORASCOM & C.C.C. Company.
     Designed of so many design mix of concrete for different elements of concrete and fixed back
     Arrangements of all equipments of the batch planet the mixer it self - pumps – trucks and all the
     Following up with all subcontractors of the row materials which producing the concrete.
   Mecca Construction company.
 From January 1993 to nove1995
 Saudi Arabian Kingdome. MeKKa
 Project: The commercials & Residential tower building and Helton Mekka hotel.
 Position: Site Engineer
 Job description: I worked in the great company in the Mecca construction company in the commercials
 &Residential tower building and Helton Mecca hotel in the same job as a Senior site engineer.
 From Marsh 1989 to February 1997
 Egypt - Cairo
 Project: Several projects
 Position: Site Eng_ Site engineer manger.- Concrete & Soil Quality Control Manager
Job description: With the begging of 1989 I took anther carrier in the biggest company in the construction
buildings field in Egypt also in the Middle East (OSMAN AHMED OSMAN) THE ARAB CONTRACTORS
Company . As a site Eng. for concrete works and its materials in according to the specifications.
        Supervisor Site Engineer for 6 batches plants in Cairo (calibration of the batch plant & testing the
        concrete and its materials and testing the cement according to the specification & the Egyptian
        code and all casting of concrete in suites in different conditions.
     Supervisor Site Engineer for THE IN DOOR SPORT HALLS in NASR City. The Jobs for concerts design
     The manager of the pre cast concrete work shop in this project for steps and ring beams- etc.
        steam curing and installing in its places by tower cranes after 18 hours from casting its concrete.
     Sector Site engineer manger for the sewer & sewage tunnel from Helwan City to El maasara 8.0
        kilometer long the project was CONTRACT Number(4) under supervision of (Doursh Consultant)
        from west Germany.
      Sector Site engineer manger for extensions the 6th of October bridge the terminal no nine from
       Gahmra district to nasr city.
      Site engineer manger for ASWAN PLAZA HOTEL under supervision of Tourist Misr.
 from May 1986 to December 1988
  Egypt -Cairo - Garden City
 Project: Several Projects.
Egypt Engineers Syndicate:         1529/12    since August 1985

Egyptian Society of Engineers:    2867    since September 2002

My membership of (ABAHE) under processing - number of my file is 929480 ‫األكاديمية العربية البريطانية‬
‫للتعليم العال‬

The membership of Saudi Council of Engineers at 6/9/2011 with number 74133
              Kindly I wish that my C.V to take into your kindly consideration
 Eng : Ashraf Gamal Edin Taha

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