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  A lesson presented to
Mrs. Frisbee’s second grade
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   Apple Information
   A Few Washington Apples
   Recipes
   Johnny Appleseed
   P. E. Activity
Apple Information

   Color                Uses
   Flavor               Food Safety
   Nutrition Facts      Seasonal Apples
A Few Washington Apples

   Red Delicious
   Golden Delicious
   Granny Smith

   Bars and snacks      Desserts
   Breakfast and        Spreads and sauces
    Breads               Beverages
   Cookies
Johnny Appleseed

   Importance
   History
   Contribution
P. E. Activity

Students can take apples and participate in a relay. The
students are taken outside. Apples are placed at one
location and the students at another. The students are
grouped into teams. The object is to have each student
run to an apple, pick it up and bring it back to the next
teammate. The team that rotates through all students
first wins.

Material was obtained for this assignment from the
following sources:,, www.donskitchen,com.clip-
apples.html and
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