Annotated Bibliography by hbaKk15


									Ann Thu Than-Ho
                                 Annotated Bibliography

American Diabetes Association.
        Home Page. 17 May 2006 <
This page is run by the American Diabetes Association. This website provides full
information about making healthy food choices. The information include reading food
labels, guide to eating out and healthy recipes. The American Diabetes Association
guides people with diabetes to eat well balances meals so they can keep their blood level
close to normal. The food recipes are very helpful to anyone that has diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms and Diagnosis
        Home Page. 03 May 2006 <
This website is operated by the Diabetes and Diabetic group. There is a wide range of
helpful information to help you detect any symptoms of diabetes. You can also find four
different ways to test your blood glucose level. There are other articles also relating to
diabetes in this website. Many of the information are clear and easy to understand.

Gorman, Christine. "Why So Many Of Us Are Getting Diabetes." Time Magazine. 08
December 2003: 10-15
This article is telling a story of a young girl name Hillary Carroll who live with diabetes.
It describes the reason she’s having diabetes is due to her being over weight. There are
also information on the sugar blues, prevention of diabetes and what diabetes is all about.
There are a lot of pages to read but the information is detail.

National Diabetes Education Program
        Home Page. 23 May 2006 <>
This page is organized by the National Diabetes Education Program. The main objective
of this page is to provide you with seven principles for controlling your diabetes. All of
the information will be extremely helpful for people with diabetes. The wording is very
brief and also includes blood level charts. The information on this website is very self
explanatory. There are links on the top to guide you to each of the principle.

Park, Alice. "What You Can Do." Time Magazine. 08 December 2003: 20-22.
The article was written by Alice Park on what you can do to control your diabetes. It
covers information on how diet and exercise can help the blood glucose level. The author
also gives a list and descriptions on certain drugs that help to keep glucose under control.
The information in the article is easy to understand and get right to the point.

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