EXHIBIT 016 Notice of VOIR DIRE by DKsw97S


									Point 016. Affiant has no record or evidence that Affiant has not DEMANDED that ALL
PARTIES SPEAK THE TRUTH, in it's completion and entirity, as per EXHIBIT 016 -

(This process is called voir dire, an Anglo-French term meaning "to speak the truth.")

The Court (the Judge and every possible presiding judge) is being, or will be, subpoenaed as a
witness to be placed under oath and therefore is under legal requirement to testify as case law
amply shows:
When the jurisdiction of any tribunal is challenged, that tribunal or opposing Counsel bears the
burden of proving of jurisdictions over both person and subject matter.
"Once jurisdiction is challenged it must be proven." Hagins vs Levine 415 US 533 note 3
"Where the question of jurisdiction in the court over the person, the subject matter, or the place
where the crime was committed can be raised, in any stage of a criminal proceeding; it is never
presumed, but must always be proved; and it is never waived by the defendant. " U.S. vs.
Rogers, District Court Ark.,23 Fed 658 1855
Title 5 U.S.C. section 556 states as follows: "When jurisdiction is challenged the burden of
proof is on the government."
Federal Procedure §2.455 states, as follows: "If a party's allegations of jurisdictional facts are
challenged by an adversary in any appropriate manner, he or she must support them by
competent proof."
Also: Please take Notice of the following:
McNutt v. G.M., 56 S. Ct. 789, 80 L. Ed. 1135
Basso v. U.P.L., 495 F. 2d 906
Thomson v. Gaskiel, 62 S. Ct. 673, 83 L. Ed. 111
"Jurisdiction once challenged cannot be assumed and must be decided." Maine v. Thiboutot 100
S. Ct 2502
"Therefore, it is necessary that the record present the fact establishing the jurisdiction of the
tribunal." Lowe vs. Alexander 15C 296; People vs. Board of Delegates of S.F. Fire Department.
14 C 479
"Once challenged, jurisdiction cannot be assumed, it must be proved to exist." Stuck v. Medical
Examiners, 94 CA2d 751.211 P2s 389
"... Federal jurisdiction cannot be assumed, but must be clearly shown." Brooks vs. Yawkey 200
F. 2d. 63
It is clearly observable in the varied courts that the standard practice in Public Policy is that
establishment of jurisdiction on the record is required.
According to Wikapedia, "in common trial, "Voir Dire" is a motion to cross-examine an expert
witness during opposing counsel's direct examination. This action is intended to establish the
credibility of said witness before damaging evidence is brought to court through this witness who
may not be credible. This... ...also ensures any prejudical evidence is brought through by a
credible, expert witness."
And therefore as a matter of law either the Court or opposing counsel had the legal burden to
establish the jurisdiction of the Court over the Affiant in regard to the issues raised in his
NOTICE OF VOIR DIRE OF THE COURT, but which lack of proper hearing has precluded the
possibility of Affiant's questions to be asked or answered.
Affiant reserves the right to amend in order that the truth be assertained and justly determined.

Verified Affidavit
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, [Your Name], Sui Juris, solemnly affirm and verify that I have
read the foregoing, and know its contents to be true to the best of my knowledge, except as to the
matters which are therein stated on my information or belief, and as to those matters, I believe
them to be true. This instrument is submitted upon good faith effort that is grounded in fact,
warranted by existing law for the modification or reversal of existing law and submitted for
proper purposes, and not to cause harassment and unnecessary delay or costs, so help me God.
See Supremacy Clause (Constitution, Laws and Treaties are all the supreme Law of the Land).
I declare under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the Republic of Xxxxxxxx, that the
foregoing is true and correct.

by___________________________________authorized representative                       L.S.
[Your Name], Sui Juris
State of Xxxxxxx
County of Xxxxxxx
On this day came before me the Affiant, a living flesh and blood man/woman to oath and attest
and affirm the signature is true, complete, and correct on the foregoing affidavit. Xxxx Xxxx
Xxxxxx, the above signed, who is personally known by me or upon proper oath and
identification, personally came before me, the subscriber, a notary public in and for said County
and State, and Duly Affirmed the truth of the foregoing Affidavit in my presence. The Affiant
also acknowledged the signing thereof to be his own voluntary act and deed, signing the within
instrument in my presence and for the purpose therein stated.
Date: _________________________
My commission expires on: ________________________
Notary Public_________________________________ seal:

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