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                                     Richard Anderson,
                                     1234, West 67 Street,
                                     Carlisle, MA 01741,
                                       (123)-456 7890.


To continue to offer software training to the legal, corporate and medical markets.


         WebEx
         Corel
         CompareRite FullAuthority
         GroupWise
         Quattro Pro
         Lotus
         WordPerfect (to ver. 10)
         Visio
         Lotus Notes
         PDA (Blackberry, Treo/Palm)
         Adobe Acrobat
         Medi Mac
         Dental Mac
         FundMaster

Employment History:

Prime Access Inc., Pike, MS
Project Lead (2000-Present)

         Offer software consulting and training for all levels of the corporate and legal
         Act as client liaison.
         Coordinate consulting projects.
         Create and maintain staff schedules.
         Manage training staff.
         Create, maintain, and customize outlines for all classes to be presented.
         Create and present boot camps in new software.
      Train and coordinate help desk staff.
      Train trainers new software features.

CANOE Technology, Inc., Jackson, MS
Founding Trainer (1994-2000)

      Offered software consulting and training to the corporate and legal markets.3
      Coordinate training for conversion to new products.
      Acted as client liaison and lead trainer.
      Conduct training in MS Office for help-desk personnel, administrator, application
       development groups and IT staff.
      Responsible for consultants, personnel, and document specialists.
      Design and create templates, forms, styles for all departments.


BA Anthropology, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS, Data Processing and Systems
Analysis Institute

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