Guide to Using Poster Templates by DKsw97S


									Guide to Using Poster Templates
These templates give you an easy, affordable way to promote your tournament. They are all set
up as Microsoft Word documents, so that the only thing you should have to do is click and type.
The backgrounds cannot be changed. If you need an alteration you can contact Jamie Peebles at To insert your tournament information, simply follow the instructions
under the ‘Customizing Your Poster’ heading below. If you need a larger or smaller format
contact Jamie Peebles at the USTA SC office.

Customizing Your Poster
   1. Open whichever of the templates you wish to use. All of the templates were created in
      Microsoft Word. You can choose from letter sized (8.5”x11”), legal size (8.5”x14”), or
      tabloid size (11”x17”).
   2. Double click over the text you wish to modify. This will allow you to modify the text.
   3. To adjust your text size simple click once on the text. This should bring up a box all
      around the text. Move your cursor to one of the white dots and a double ended arrow will
      appear. Click and drag to adjust the size of the text.
   4. To add sponsor’s logos to the posters click ‘Insert’ menu, select the ‘Picture’ option, and
      then select ‘From File,’ This will bring up a menu that allows you to choose which
      pictures to insert. To adjust the image size, simply use the same steps as used to adjust
      the text size in step three.
   5. If you have the option, when you print your posters, select the maximum printable area.
      This will allow you to have color across nearly the whole page. You can also take the
      posters to an office supply store and they should be able to print them with color running
      across the whole page.

Posting Your Posters
When deciding where to place your posters you want to keep in mind that the people whom you
want to view your poster are not just those who will be playing in your tournament. For instance
if you are running a junior tournament you want to make sure that parents know about the
tournament as well as kids. Before you put your posters up, take a few minutes to think of
everyone who you want to see your poster and the best way to reach them. Below are a few
suggestions on prominent places to put your posters.
     Bathrooms: You have a captive audience and they will have time to look over your
        poster. Use the area above the johns and the inside of stall doors.
     Water coolers: If you have on-court water coolers this is a great place to promote your
        tournament. Just make sure to either use laminated posters, or replace them after it rains.
     Churches: Ask local churches if they have an activities board where your poster can be
     Gyms and other sports related businesses: See if local gyms or sporting goods stores
        have a bulletin board where you can hang your poster.
     Tennis facilities: Work out a reciprocal relationship with other local tennis facilities.
        Offer to post flyers for their events in exchange for them posting flyers for yours.
     Colleges: Call up your local college or university and ask for their student activities
        department. Alternately you can contact the individual schools within the university and
        ask them for permission to place posters in their building.

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