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									Health Benefits of Apples and Oranges

  Health Benefits of Apples and Oranges
                                           Diligence Eke

Health Benefits of Apples and Oranges

All fruit is important to the body, but the apple and the orange are beautifully alike both in physical
appearance and function. However, while one is smooth, the other is gritty; and while one is always
sweet but less juicy, the other is always juicy but sometimes sour. Sounds like a tale of two worlds, but
these two fruits are cool and offer a lot of health benefits to your body.


The apple is a wonderful fruit. It can come in different shades like green and red. Some people have
suggested that particular colors of apples are better than others; but apples are apples and I promise
you that you will not be missing out by sticking to a particular color of apples which you enjoy eating.
However, if you can eat apples of varying color go ahead and enjoy.

Content: Apples contain vitamin C, though not as much as oranges, they also contain a high quantity of
pectin, minerals like iron, potassium and phosphorus, they contain beta-carotene, anti-oxidants like
anthocyanins, and they also contain phytochemicals and malic acid.

Health benefits

        The high pectin content of apple prevents gall bladder disorders.
        Apples contain vitamin C which prevents scurvy.
        Apples normalize the intestines, protecting you from digestive system disorders. This is possible
         due to the roughages present in apples. For example, gastro-esophageal reflux disease can be
         treated with apples. Apples are beneficial against diseases like peptic ulcer, and conditions like
        A variety of components in apples have been known to help to lower your cholesterol levels,
         and hence, protect you from ischemic heart disease, stroke, asthma, and some types of cancer
         such as, prostate and lung cancers.
        Plenty of apple and apple juice plus good food, provides your brain with plenty of anti-oxidant
         materials that prevent it from the effects of oxidative stress.
        Apples generally boost your immune system.
        Apples are readily prescribed as part of diet to help flush kidney and gall bladder stones.
        Fresh apple juice promotes vigor and vitality, and is a good treatment for eye disorders, anemia
         and dysentery.

Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you like colors then you should love apples; you
have green, yellow, and red apples. And who knows there might be other colors of apples I don’t know.
Take this good opportunity to start eating as many apples as you can.

Orange is no less a fruit. It’s always been an essential part of diet for most people. This is partly because
an orange tree can grow in a variety of climates, making it easily available and affordable.
Health Benefits of Apples and Oranges

Content: Orange is king of vitamin C; it contains this vitamin in large quantity. It contains beta-carotene,
carbohydrates, folic acid, potassium, and fatty acids like omegas 3 and 6.

Health Benefits

        The large quantity of vitamin C in orange helps your body fight infections and prevents scurvy.
        Orange contains beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps your brain, and also
         improves your skin and it tone.
        Orange provides your body with sugar.
        Its omega acids content help lower triglycerides and this helps fight diabetes.
        Orange is helpful in the treatment of heart disease.
        Orange provides your body with a tremendous amount of water. And water is important to your
         overall health.

Apples and oranges are beautiful and wonderful fruits. You will do your body a lot of good today if you
start eating them.

Fruit is health.

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