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									 Common Job Search Myths

Common Job Search Myths

    Richard Kirby, CPC, CCC
 Executive Career Consultant/Coach
    Common Job Search Myths

               Why listen to me?

  Helped hundreds of people find jobs
      8 years of job search experience
28 years in corporate sales, marketing,
                  HR, and engineering
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                    Common Job Search Myths

A commonly believed but false idea or . . .
      An unproven or false collective belief
   Common Job Search Myths

      Beliefs are important!

                  Beliefs > thoughts
                 Thoughts > feelings
                  Feelings > actions
                   Actions > results

   Short term results = momentum
Long term results = your “situation”
Common Job Search Myths

  Beliefs are important!

      “Whether you think you can,
           or you think you can’t,
         you’re right.” Henry Ford
                       Common Job Search Myths


 Identify myths (beliefs)
 Replace and suggest actions
           Common Job Search Myths

18 Job Search (and Career) Myths

          Attitude        Employers
          Beliefs
                            Outplacement
          Options          Career Marketing
          Satisfaction     Networking
          Generations      Interviewing
          Resumes          Coaching

          Internet         Job hopping
          Recruiters       Self-employment
                            Security
                        Common Job Search Myths

                                    CAREER OPTIONS
                      MYTH: “Finding ‘what I want to do
                         when I grow up’ is a long and
                                      difficult process.”

                                     REPLACE WITH?
I can identify great, enjoyable careers options for myself
   by using inexpensive assessments and some guidance.
                     Common Job Search Myths

                  MYTH: “A great resume is critical to
                                     career success.”

                                  REPLACE WITH?
A great resume is somewhat helpful, but my proactive
            actions are what will get me hired sooner.
                        Common Job Search Myths

                                       THE INTERNET
                      MYTH: “Internet job postings have
                       revolutionized the way most pro-
                    fessionals and executives get hired.”

                                      REPLACE WITH?
Since internet job postings are less that 5% of all jobs, I
 succeed faster using networking and other strategies.
                       Common Job Search Myths

                   MYTH: “Finding desirable employers
                                           is difficult.”

                                    REPLACE WITH?
Vast database resources are readily available to me and
 they allow me to quickly identify employers of interest.
                      Common Job Search Myths

                     MYTH: “Any competent person can
                     manage their own career. Getting
                                   help is for wimps.”

                                    REPLACE WITH?
 Utilizing the best career resources justifiable can be a
smart investment in myself, my career and my income.
                                      Common Job Search Myths

Richard Kirby, CPC, CCC
Certified Personnel Consultant and Career Consultant

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                      Common Job Search Myths

     POSTSCRIPT: Why Get Help Now?

                                                     Sept, 2009 – 26 weeks

Update: June, 2010
The average job search length nationally was 29.1 weeks.

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