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									                                        Sudaan License Agreement Form
                                        Virginia Commonwealth University - Technology Services

    Sudaan software is available for faculty/staff/student use on University Owned computers in two formats:
        SAS Callable Format
        Stand Alone Windows Format (which can be used with SPSS data files or SAS Transport Files).
    For use by faculty, staff and students doing funded research, the first year cost is $220/PC.
    Thereafter, payment is due on or after the University’s annual renewal date (in February).
    The cost per PC may change at that time. Existing licenses may be renewed for 2012 at $220/copy.
    Sudaan upgrades of current licenses are free.

    Student licenses can be purchased directly from RTI:

    Completed license forms can be submitted by:
           Campus Mail: Sudaan Software, Technology Services, Box 843008
           In person: Cabell Library B9 8:30-4:00 M-F
           Fax: 828-8676
    When your license registration has been processed, you will receive email to your VCU email account with
    download and installation instructions.

The individual requesting software licenses MUST read and sign this statement:

______# of SAS Callable Copies ($220/FirstYear/PC) V10                 ____# of Stand Alone Copies ($220/FirstYear/PC) V10
_____ # of SAS Callable Copies ($220/Renewal/PC) V10                   ____# of Stand Alone Copies ($220/Renewal/PC) V10

I   am requesting Sudaan software for installation on a VCU owned computer.
I   will only use this Sudaan software for Teaching and/or Research while I am employed by VCU.
I   will only make copies of S-Plus software for backup purposes.
I   will not allow others to install or make copies of this software.

Name: _______________________________________________                    Phone:___________________________
            ( ) Faculty     ( ) Staff         ( ) Student

VCU eID:______________________________

Dept: ___________________________________________________________                         VCU Box #_____________

Signed: _________________________________________________________                         Date: ____/____/____

I approve the charges for the above software license(s).
I approve a charge for late return, damage or loss of the installation media.
All fees will be paid by university budget (NO checks, cash or hospital budget codes will be accepted.)

Budget Code: ___________________                  Total Amount: __$________________             Date: _____/_____/_____

Budget Authority Signature: __________________________________________________

For Technology Services Staff Use Only :
Added to                     Date:     /      /     Staff Initials:

Sent to Fiscal & Admin Services for processing Budget Code:                       Date:     /      /     Staff Initials:
    Revised 7/4/12

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