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                    October 2011

October 2011
1. Request for Quotation

  1.1.     Summary

           The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (the Council), on behalf of
           the Pan London and South East Supervision Programme Consortium (the
           Consortium) are requesting quotations from Higher Education Institutions
           for the creation and delivery of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional
           Supervision and Management of Social Workers.

           The contract price will be based on a bursary available from Skills for
           Care at £1,200 per person taken through the course. A minimum of 20
           candidates will be put forward for this course. The bursary must be used
           by end of March 2012, therefore this is a time critical procurement.

           Subject to formal approval, it is intended that the contract will be
           awarded to the organisation best able to meet the specified requirements
           of the Consortium within the funding availability window, thereby
           representing the most economically advantageous quotation for the

           These documents are being made available on the condition that they are
           used solely in connection with this Request for Quotation (RFQ), and no
           other purpose.

  1.2.     Scope

           The successful provider will be required to design and deliver a bespoke
           programme called Effective Professional Supervision and Management of
           Social Workers, accredited to Post Graduate Certificate Level and
           consisting of four 15 credit modules.

           Whilst the Consortium welcomes proposals for new course material, it is
           envisaged that the provider will draw together existing course material,
           currently offered by the provider, which together will meet the specified

           It is essential that the programme has commenced by February 2012, to
           satisfy funding requirements from Skills for Care. Details of the
           programme requirements are given in the attached Specification
           (Appendix A).

           It is envisaged that the programme will be provided to cohorts of
           approximately 20 students each, with up to a potential 3 cohorts (60
           students) enrolled by March 2012.

           In any event, a minimum of 20 candidates will be put forward for the

October 2011
           In the event of extra funding becoming available, the Council will
          consider extending the programme and enrolling additional students.

  1.3.    Contract Price

          Based on a minimum of one cohort of 20 students, at £1,200 per student,
          the minimum contract price is £24,000, increasing to a maximum of
          £72,000 for three full cohorts of 20 students each.

          It is not expected that any further funding will be available post March
          2012 for additional candidates to undertake the course. However in the
          event that Consortium members are able to access further funding, and
          subject to successful delivery of the initial scheduled course, further
          cohorts of students may be enrolled at the University. Under no
          circumstances however will the total contract value exceed the EU
          financial thresholds for procurement. Currently this threshold is set at

  1.4.    Structure of Documents
          The RFQ documents are divided into 5 sections:

                  Request for Quotation Instructions (this document)
                  Appendix A: Service Specification
                  Appendix B: Terms and Conditions

                   To be returned by Provider:
                  Schedule A: Method Statement Questionnaire & Declaration
                  Schedule B: References


  2.1.    Conditions of Quotation

          A supplier requiring clarification of the Quotation Request must email the
          Council. The Primary Contact is:

                                       Edward Barfoot
                                        Email address:

          The Council will use reasonable endeavours to answer all written
          enquiries prior to quotations being submitted. However, the Council will
          not be bound to respond to any request for clarification of the Quotation
          Requests which are received later than 13:00 on Wednesday 26th
          October 2011. Telephone enquiries will not be accepted.


October 2011
          Quotations shall remain valid for 90 calendar days and fixed for the
          duration of the contract. A quotation expressed to be valid for a shorter
          period may be rejected by the Council.

          The quotation, along with all requested documents, must be received no
          later than:

                  13:00 on Wednesday 2nd November 2011
          and must be returned in a sealed envelope marked “Quotation for a Post
          Graduate Certificate in Effective Professional Supervision and
          Management of Social Workers ” Any quotation received after this
          time will be rejected by the Council. Please enclose 1 x Hard Copy of
          Schedules 1 – 3 and 2 x CD-Rom copies.

          Quotations should be returned to:

                            Martin Waddington
                            Room 140
                            Kensington Town Hall
                            Hornton Street
                            W8 7NX

          All information contained in the Quotation Request shall, subject to
          paragraph 2.4 below be treated by the parties as confidential.

  2.2.    Costs and Expenses

          The supplier is responsible for preparing all information necessary for the
          preparation of its quotation and all costs, expenses, and liabilities
          incurred shall be the responsibility of the supplier. Further, it is the
          responsibility of the suppliers to obtain for themselves, at their own
          expense, any additional information necessary for the preparation of their

  2.3.    Changes to RFQ

          The Council reserves the right to make changes to the RFQ and issue
          supplementary instructions at any time. Under no circumstances shall the
          Council incur any liability in respect of such events.

  2.4.    Freedom of Information Act

          The Council is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act
          2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (FOI). If the
          supplier considers that any information supplied by him is either
          commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, this should be highlighted
          and the reasons for its sensitivity given. In such cases the relevant

October 2011
          material will, in response to FOI requests, be examined in the light of the
          exemptions provided for under FOI.

          Suppliers shall treat all information supplied by the Council in connection
          with this RFQ as confidential. Information maybe disclosed by suppliers
          insofar as is necessary for the preparation, submission, and evaluation of

  2.5.    Specification of Requirements

          The Service Specification (Appendix A) describes the service or quality
          standards required by the programme. The Supplier should use this
          detail to inform their responses to the Method Statement Questionnaire
          (Schedule A).

  2.6.    Completion of the Method Statement Questionnaire

          Suppliers should not refer to any additional supporting documents
          or information unless specifically requested in the question. Responses
          should adhere to any given word limit if applicable.

  2.7.    References

          Please identify three examples where you have provided similar services
          in Schedule B.

  2.8.    Terms & Conditions

          The offer made by the supplier is intended to be made in strict
          accordance with the terms and conditions in Appendix B.

          The Council reserves the right not to accept “conditional quotations”.

          The Supplier must confirm they adhere to the terms and conditions

  2.9.    Evaluation and Comparison of Quotations

          The Council does not bind itself to accept any Quote.

          Subject to the above the Council will award the contract to the supplier
          whose quotation has been determined by the Council to demonstrate the
          best value, on the basis of the Most Economically Advantageous Tender

          Quotations will be evaluated using the following weighting criteria:

          Experience and Capability                                  40%
          Means of Delivery and Implementation Plan                  50%
          Presentation/Interview                                     10%

October 2011
          Each question response will be scored between 0 – 3 by the Evaluation
          panel. Should there be a discrepancy between scores awarded by each
          panel member, the average score will be used for evaluation. The scoring
          methodology is as follows:

                   Does not meet minimum requirements. Response does not
                   answer question or provides insufficient information.
                   Minimum requirements met but response contains some
               1   incomplete information or includes methods which the
                   evaluation panel consider to be of questionable effectiveness
                   Minimum requirements met, including full information and
                   methods the evaluation panel consider to be appropriate.

               3   Significantly exceeds minimum requirements

          The General Information and Compliance sections are evaluated on a
          pass/fail basis. The Council reserves the right to reject any submissions
          which do not meet the required standards in these sections.

          In addition, references provided (Schedule B) will be used to verify
          information submitted in response to the Method Statement

  2.10.   Presentations

          Once the evaluation of returned quotations has been completed, the
          Council will invite the three top ranked providers to a
          presentation/interview session where their submitted proposals will be
          discussed. Details on the format of these sessions will be provided at a
          later date.

          The Council reserves the right to increase the amount of providers invited
          to interview.

October 2011
APPENDIX A – Service Specification

(see attached Service Specification)

October 2011
APPENDIX B – Terms and Conditions

(see attached Terms and Conditions document)

October 2011
SCHEDULE A – Method Statement Questionnaire

(Please see Schedule A – Method Statement Questionnaire – attached).

October 2011
SCHEDULE B – Reference sites
Please identify three establishments and contacts where you have provided similar



Contract Name:

Telephone No:

E-mail Address:

Approximate Value:



Contract Name:

Telephone No:

E-mail Address:

Approximate Value:



Contract Name:

Telephone No:

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October 2011

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