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									N3 Voice Services Overview

Dave Smith

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Why N3 Voice Services

 Exploit the NHS investment in the N3 network
 Set common standards
 Focuses on local needs
 Provides an integrated network to establish a
  national roadmap
 Enable NHS staff to work in new ways:
    Streamlining communications and
     encouraging collaboration
    In more places
    Enhancing efficiency
    Allowing organisational flex
N3 – Quality of Service (QOS)

 The QoS model has been designed to support real time
 communications such as telephone calls and video conferencing
  Concurrent voice calls over N3 catalogue

      The standard QoS model gives:
        Cat No    Day 1          Voice Ch Max             Delivery
        N3-2-21   Hosted Voice   2 Voice (64K)            DSL 256k
        N3-2-22   Hosted Voice   2 Voice (64K)            DSL 512k

        N3-2-23   Hosted Voice   1 Voice (32K)            DSL 1M
        N3-2-24   Hosted Voice   10 Voice (320k)          PC 2M
        N3-2-25   Hosted Voice   10 Voice (320k)          PC 2M
        N3-2-26   LGS 10 Voice   30 (10) Voice channels   Ethernet 10M
        N3-2-27   LGS 10 Voice   30 (10) Voice channels   Ethernet 100M

        N3-2-28   LGS 10 Voice   60 (10) Voice channels   Ethernet 100M
        N3-2-29   LGS 10 Voice   90 (10) Voice channels   Ethernet 100M
The Key Services
The Key Services

Local Gateway Service
                    Connectivity to existing telephony infrastructures
                        10 voice channels
                    Rental based managed service
                    Utilising existing N3 routers where possible
                    Access to F2M central gateway services
                    Free on-net calls
The Key Services

Hosted Voice Service

 Fully managed range of handsets
 Centralised or local PSTN access
 Managed PoE LAN provided
 Utilises existing N3 routers where possible
 Template approach or bespoke design option
 Voicemail option
 Rental based costing
 Access to F2M central gateway services
 Free on-net calls
The Key Services

Hosted Voice Service - Templates
    N3 Transformed Data    N3 Voice Maximum            Maximum
    Catalogue Item devices channels number of           Local
                                    telephone           PSTN
                                    Handsets           Channels

       N3-2-21      1-3       2         4       1 x BRI= 2 voice channels
       N3-2-22      4-9       2         8       2 x BRI= 4 voice channels
       N3-2-23     10-19      1        15       4 x BRI= 8 voice channels
       N3-2-24     20-49     10        40       1 x PRI=30 voice channels

       N3-2-25     50-99     10        60       1 x PRI=30 voice channels
The Key Services

Fixed to Mobile Gateway

            On average 70% of an NHS Trusts call spend is on F2M*
            F2M gateway routes calls from N3 to mobile users
            Outgoing traffic only
            Access is available to LGS and HVS connected sites
            N3SP working with key mobile suppliers (Phase 1: O2)
            Provides compelling mobile tariff’s
            No volume commitment
           Calls charged to end customer (site/trust)
                                              * Voice savings consultancy figures for 2005
N3 Core Network Voice Services

Key Elements
N3 Voice Services Roadmap

 Three Stages of Deployment

  1. Fundamental Products & Services

  2. Extended Products & Services

  3. Prospective Future Products & Services
N3 Voice Services Roadmap

                                       Connects existing TDM based PBXs using
                                       DPNSS signalling.
     Fundamental Products & Services   Available for Ethernet based catalogue
                                       services N3-2-26 to N3-2-29

                                       Calls are routed to a central gateway linked
     Local Gateway Service             to a Mobile Network Operator (MNO).
     10 Channel PBX Connectivity       Centrally managed Hosted Voice Service.
     F2M Gateway                       Choice of 3 IP handsets.
     Hosted Voice Service              Templates for sites with catalogue service
     COINs and large sites             N3-2-21 to 25
     PSTN Break-in/out                 HVS requirements will be captured and a
                                       custom deployment planned with the

                                       Entry level voicemail capability
                                       PSTN connectivity options at the
                                       customer’s site for the Hosted Voice
N3 Voice Services Roadmap
                                       Calls are routed to a central gateway which
                                       links to the PSTN and MNOs.
     Fundamental Products & Services   If HVS fails at a site the local switch allows
                                       local extensions to continue working and
     <3 months                         PSTN lines are mapped to specific
     “Blended Voice” Gateway           extensions.
     <4 months
     Survivable Remote Site            Connects existing TDM based PBXs using
                                       DPNSS signalling. Available for ethernet
                                       catalogue services N3-2-26 to N3-2-29
     <6 months                         Channels can be flexed up or down in
     LGS Flexible channels             multiples of 10 within limitations of
     LGS H323 connectivity             catalogue service.
     LGS 10 channel connectivity
      for 2Mbps                        Connection of customers’ own voice
     LGS & HVS co-location             switches supporting the H323 signalling
                                       standard will be possible based on a N3SP
      Post-launch                      defined list of supported capabilities

                                       Connects existing TDM based PBXs using
                                       DPNSS signalling. Available for 2Mbps
                                       catalogue service N3-2-24 to 25

                                       Local Gateway and Hosted Voice Services
                                       co-located at a customer site
N3 Voice Services Roadmap

                                     Customer access to an online system

      Extended Products & Services   An appropriate headset and a software client on
                                     a PC replicates the features of an IP handset.
     <6 months:
     On-line Directory Service       Connectivity for existing customer switches
                                     supporting the SIP signalling standard.
     <9 months:
     Softphone                       Calls made from mobiles routed through a central
     SIP Trunking                    gateway and then across N3 to their destination.
     Mobile to Fixed (M2F) calls
     Target end-Oct 2007:            A new platform becomes available offering
     (H-UCS) Deployment              new features and services.
                                     Hosted – Unified Communications System
     <3 mths after H-UCS:
     Self-serve for HVS
     Extension mobility              Authorised users will have online access to
                                     a tool for changing features on IP handsets.
                                     A customer on the move can register an
                                     alternative handset on the system. This
                                     transfers his incoming number and phone
                                     features to the new handset.
N3 Voice Services Roadmap
                                      User controlled facility to establish calls and video
                                      connections with more than two participants.
    Prospective Products & Services   Unanswered or diverted calls to a normal handset
                                      are transferred to a mobile device using wireless
    Voice and video conferencing
                                      LAN or GSM connectivity.
    Dual mode – fixed and
     wireless working                 Additional features supported, e.g. email access
    Voicemail                         to the voice mailbox.
    Call centre functionality
                                      Support for distributed call centre deployments requiring
                                      Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    Analogue phone support
    Homeworker                        Visibility of a users status with integrated desktop
    XML Streaming                     applications federated with the N3 Voice infrastructure
    Integration with National
                                      Connectivity options for specific analogue signalling stds.
    Centralised call recording        New connectivity options for teleworkers
     Future                           Streaming of web content and general information
                                      to the screens on IP handsets.
                                      Explore possibilities of using N3 Voice Services to
                                      meet the voice requirements associated with national
                                      data applications. Computer Telephony Integration CTI)

                                      Centralised recording and archiving of calls to meet
                                      regulation and for subsequent legal or financial purposes.
Pricing principles LGS & HVS

3 elements

   Non recurring charges NRC (i.e. Connection)
   Monthly Recurring Charges MRC (i.e. ongoing service)
   Usage (i.e. call costs)

What’s included in the service?

   Equipment
   Installation
   Repair
   Management
   Helpdesk
   On site & On net calls which do not have a usage charge
   Platform Refresh
Making voice happen

Support and collateral at :

 www.n3.nhs.uk/n3voiceservices

 N3 helpdesk 0800 085 0503 Option 3

 Your N3SP client engagement manager

        Developing a converged network
        with the NHS for the NHS
   Is VoIP a realistic technology for the NHS?

 There are many existing examples of NHS organisations that have
 deployed converged/IP voice services locally.

                     NW Coins                  York

         Mid Cheshire                             Suffolk Shared Services

         Worcester                                        Essex

   Wolverhampton Hospitals                            Barts

                  Guys & St Thomas             NHSD
                                     NHS CFH

The challenge is to allow NHS organisations to join together to deliver wider
benefits and new solutions whilst embracing a common set of standards
       0800 085 0503

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