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									                             Alta Loma Junior High School

                                  POW WOW
                      9000 Lemon Avenue                  Alta Loma, California 91701                October 2011
       Melinda Early, Principal               Sheryl Stone, Assistant Principal              Greg Edmon, Dean of Students
                   Telephone (909) 484-5100    FAX & 24-Hour Attendance (909) 484-5105   Homework Hotline (909) 484-5110

Alta Loma School District Board of Trustees: Brad Buller, Rebecca Davies, Sandie Oerly, Caryn Payzant, Dave Roberts
                                                       Message from the Principal
  October Dates                                                  Already October, it’s hard to believe! Even though it isn’t the
                                                       traditional “Giving Thanks” month, we have much to be grateful for! We salute
  1…….GATE Family Day @ Vineyard                       you, our parents, for giving us such great kids and for being so supportive! We
  5-6-7…GATE Students to Camp Pali                     also thank those parents who attended Parent Conferences, Individual Progress
  5……..Spirit Day – Rally at Lunch                     Report meetings, and our Parent Information Night for Student Success held on
  5…....Board of Trustees Meeting                      September 20. Your attendance is an important message to our students that the
  8…….SWAP                                             home and school work best as a team when it comes to making the best
  14….. Deficiency Grades go home                      decisions and providing the best supports for our students. As discussed during
  14…...Band Night @ Chaffey High School               conferences and at the Student Success Night, students have access to many
  19……Cookie Dough Pick-up 11:00A-4:00P                supports to assist them. If your student is not doing as well as you expect or
  20….Great California Shakeout Earthquake Drill       hope, utilize our weekly Study Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays after
  21…..Red Ribbon Assemblies                           school, as well as our Math Study Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays during
  24…..Benchmark Testing Begins                        lunch. Please note the adjoining article regarding our available programs that
  24….Red Ribbon Week Begins                           you can utilize at home, including Learning Upgrade and Home Connect with
  28…..Halloween Dress Up and Dance                    Renaissance Learning. Please make sure to visit our website often and utilize
  31…..STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY                           help links to these resources and more.
          NON STUDENT DAY                                        We are also grateful for the amazing participation during our Fall
                                                       Fundraiser! Thanks to you and the joint effort of our PTSA (Parent Teacher
                                                       Student Association), we will be able to continue many activities and programs
                                                       that go directly to students including Binder Reminders, student awards
                                                       programs, after-school sports, clubs, promotion activities, student assemblies;
 October 5 Home vs. El Roble
                                                       the list goes on and on! We have a wonderful PTSA group headed by Barbara
 October 13 Home vs Oxford
                                                       Happach. PTSA will be sponsoring our Reflections program. Reflections gives
 October 19 @ Vineyard
                                                       our students the opportunity to showcase their special artistic talents in dance,
 October 26 @ Grace Yokley
                                                       film production, literature, photography, musical composition, and the visual
                                                       arts. Encourage your child to stop by the student window to find out about
                                                       details for this year’s competition. The theme is Diversity Means…Our thanks
Volleyball Games:                                      go out to all of our volunteers who help make Alta Loma Junior High the best!
                                                                 We have been very busy enjoying your students outside of the normal
October 4 Home vs. Oxford Prep                         routines of the school day! We currently have twenty-four clubs on campus
October 11 @ Grace Yokley                              ranging from Bike and Hike, to Project Runway, to Sweet Intentions, Bruins Fan
October 13 @ El Roble                                  Club, Movie Club, and the BMX Bike Club. Clubs are a wonderful way for your
October 19 Home vs. Vineyard                           students to make connections to the staff and personal interests. Research
October 20 @ Oxford                                    suggests that when students feel connected to their school and teachers, they
October 25 @ Vineyard                                  achieve more and, of course, love school more. If your student has not yet joined
October 26 Home vs. El Roble                           a club, they still have plenty of time to get involved!
October 27 Home vs. Grace Yokley                                 Please continue to encourage your students to be the best that they can
                                                       be and make our school the best that it can be. Part of the best means our school
                                                       needs to look its best as well. Please remind your students that they are not
Alta Loma School District                              allowed to chew gum at school, and certainly not drop it on school grounds! We
9390 Base Line Road                                    want to keep Alta Loma Junior High School looking great and show our Warrior
Alta Loma, California 91701                            Pride! Please help us enforce NO GUM CHEWING at school. Together, let’s
(909) 484-5151
                                                       continue to celebrate accomplishments and successes.
Michael Whisenand, Superintendent
Associate Superintendents:
James Ashton, Administrative Services                            Melinda Early
Gail Tangeman, Educational Services

PTSA CORNER                                                 HALLOWEEN COSTUMES
                                                            Dress up day and costume contest will be held on
FUNDRAISER UPDATE: Your ASB and PTSA                        Friday, October 28th.
would like to thank all of you who were able to
                                                               If it is part
support our cookie dough and magazine fall
                                                                of the
fundraiser! Our school sold approximately $35,000 in            costume,
product s, 40% of which stays at our school to help             students
fund the many important activities and events ASB               may put
and PTSA support. We also received about $1,000 in              color in
additional cash donations! Our cookie dough delivery            their hair;
date is October 19th and our big Prize-A-Palooza party          however, it
                                                                must be
will occur during the last two periods of school on
October 20th for those students selling 8 items or more         removed
in cookie dough, magazines, and/or cash donations! In           before school on Tuesday.
this economy, we have much to be proud of with this            No costumes that make fun of any ethnic or
fundraiser. We couldn’t do it without the great one             religious group will be allowed.
tribe spirit we have at ALJHS!                                 Do not bring any item that will create a safety
                                                                hazard: no fake weapons, sharp items, things that
                                                                will block the aisles, etc.
REFLECTING ON REFLECTIONS: California                          Dress Code modesty and safety rules apply.
State PTA encourages young artists at our schools by           Observe the regular dress guidelines when
sponsoring the Reflections Program, a showcase and              preparing your costume; i.e., no bare midriffs, no
competition of student created original artwork                 spaghetti straps, no underwear or cleavage
including photography, dance choreography, film                 showing.
production, literature, visual arts, and musical               Regular footwear must be worn (no slippers)
composition. It is open to all of our students in good         Face paint must be part of a costume; you may not
standing. Complete rules and entry packets are                  wear face paint and no costume.
available for pick up at the Student Window. Please            No gang attire is permitted.
encourage your budding artist to participate! It’s free        Although you will not be dressing out for P.E. that
                                                                day, your costume must not interfere with normal
and it’s an invaluable way for our young artists to
                                                                school activities.
express themselves and be recognized for their talent!!
Please contact our coordinator, Stephanie Fogt,
                                                            Costume Categories include: Best Clown, Scariest, Best, for any questions.
                                                            Twins, Most Creative or Original, Funniest, Best Homemade,
Artwork is due November 10th!
                                                            Best Group (3 or more) and Best Hero or Villain. If you have
MEMBERSHIP: A reminder that our membership                  any questions about your costume, fill out a blue slip
drive is still going on! For the low, low price of $7 per   before Wednesday, October 26th. The Costume
membership, you get to be part of a 1 million strong        Contest will be held during lunch. The Halloween
voice advocating for our greatest resource: our             Dance will be held after school on Friday, October
children! Membership Drive is ongoing, and the              28th, from 2:10 to 4:00 P.M.
homeroom class with the greatest participation level
at the end of October will win a donut party                CAREER SPEAKERS
(yummy!) Your membership counts; thanks for                 On Thursdays during lunch, students are invited
supporting your PTSA!                                       to come to the chorus room to listen to a parent
                                                            or community member who is sharing his/her
                                                            career interest. If you are interested in being a
                                                            career speaker, please contact Mr. Edmon, Dean
                                                            of Students or Mrs. Lopez, School Secretary.
The Associated Student Body at Alta Loma Junior High is comprised of active, involved, community-
minded young people who give much of their time to make our campus activities run smoothly. They are:
    President, Stevie Sherwood
    Vice President, Kara Taylor
    Treasurer, Katie Lerch
    Secretary, Alicia Ellingson
Appointed officers are: Eileen Barrera, Marina Battistelli, Paige Cleary, Shaun Cloughesy, Sarah Day, Sara
Durdines, Sean Easton, Audrey Enriquez, Rayna Enriquez, Bailey Flores, Gina Guerrucci, Alexis Gutierrez,
Ashley Hernandez, Alexis Hurst, Luke Leidelmeyer, Ally Madole, Jessica McNicholl, Arianna Metheny,
Morgan Moinian, Marina Rodriguez, Alexis Vives, and Peyton Warrick.

SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL                                                                fresh&easy
The ALJH School Site Council has met once this                                    Grocery Store
year, on September 19th. Council members
include parents Pam Sheriff (chairperson), Carlos
                                                         Beginning September 15th, we began a partnership
Bocanegra (vice chairperson), Shana Johnson
                                                         with Fresh & Easy markets for fundraising.
(member), and Mary Hannah (alternate). Staff
                                                         Flyers were sent home with your student last
members include Melinda Early, Sheryl Stone,
                                                         week. Please send in your receipts with your
Don Burke, Vicki Tolan, Victor Solis, and Kelli
                                                         student, or drop them by the school office in the
Lopez (secretary). Student members are Eileen
                                                         box provided. Alta Loma Jr. High will receive $1
Barrera, Shaun Cloughesy, Rayna Enriquez, and
                                                         for every $20 spent at Fresh & Easy. You may
Kara Taylor. The council’s purpose is to oversee
                                                         shop at any Fresh & Easy store for this
the development and implementation of the 2011-
                                                         promotion. Stay tuned for further details
12 School Improvement Plan.
                                                         regarding a shopping day at Fresh & Easy closer
                                                         to Thanksgiving.
During the month of September, the names of              WARRIOR WRITERS OF THE MONTH
several students appeared on the marquee in front        Writing is the most difficult, most permanent of
of the school. These students were chosen,               all communication skills. Students who write
unanimously, by the teaching staff at ALJH as            well are on their way to success in future
exemplary young people. We are very proud of             education, employment, and life. To celebrate
our September “Warriors of the Week”: Josue              writing, samples of Warrior Writers of the
Galdamez, Justin Gaylor, Samantha Goehring,              Month are featured in the lobby of our office.
Jessica Jones, Katie Ludwig, Natalie Munoz,              Students choose a topic, research ideas, select
Camille Parker, Siarra Saddlemire.                       appropriate language, decide on the type of
                                                         writing suitable, complete a first draft, revise,
JOIN US FOR A NIGHT OUT                                  edit, and complete the final copy. Warrior
This year we have several restaurant and                 Writers of the Month during the month of
shopping nights planned for the Alta Loma Junior         September were: Kenny Bailey, Sydney Scott
High families. Help ALJH by participating in             (Cherokee); Amanda Delgadillo, Veraaj Bedi
these fundraiser nights.. Look for more                  (Hopi); Kelsie Page, Sean Pollock, (Nez Perce);
information in upcoming newsletters or on our            Genika Garcia, Josh Hartman, Mary Oseguera
website at Flyers will be            (Mohawk); Rachelle Stark, Nickolas Hibshman
going home with students to bring with you               (Serrano).
when ordering.

DAILY LEARNING PLANNER                                       24. Offer to drive your child and his friends
Ideas Parents Can Use to Help Students Do                        somewhere.
Better in School—Try a new idea every day!                   25. Provide some “personal space” for your child.
                                                             26. Ask your child how she thinks she is doing in her
1.    Help your child set a school-related goal. Write
                                                             27. Say something nice to your child before he leaves
      down the steps she’ll take to reach it. Post the
                                                                 for school, such as, “Have a great day!”
      goal in a visible spot.
                                                             28. Next time your child is stressed out, talk about
2.    Ask your child’s opinion on an issue in the news.
                                                                 different ways to handle it. She might exercise or
3.    Ask each member of your family to create a collage
                                                                 write in a journal.
      from magazine pictures. Hold each one up and see
                                                             29. Help your child focus on positive aspects of
      if family members can guess who created which
                                                             30. Encourage your child to clean out his locker at
4.    Suggest that your child keep a TV log. Have him
      record the programs he watches and what he
                                                             31. Choose a place to keep library books. Your child
      thinks of them.
                                                                 will always be able to find something to read.
5.    Practice math skills while you are doing chores
6.    Give your child the names of five cities. Have her     TRANSPORTATION NEWS:
      calculate the total of their weather lows for today.   1. Call the Bus Dispatcher at 484-5190 if your child
7.    Take a walk with your child.                           did not get off at their bus stop or with other bussing
8.    Place an envelope outside each family member’s         concerns.
      door. Encourage everyone to write each other           2. Dispatcher will then call the driver, via radio, of the
      notes and slip them in the envelopes throughout        appropriate bus/route to get the status of the child,
      the day.                                               then tell the parent.
9.    Help your child make a to-do list. When he             3. If the child is on the bus, the dispatcher will
      completes each item, he should check it off.           coordinate another designated bus stop and time for
10.   What does your child most enjoy doing with the         the parent to pick up their child safely.
      family? Ask her and make plans to do it.               4. If the driver indicates that the child is not on the
11.   Help your child make a savings plan for a special      bus, the dispatcher will then check with the other
      purchase.                                              drivers, via radio, to see if the child may have gotten on
12.   Let your child calculate the tip next time you go      their bus.
      out to dinner.                                         5. If the child is not found on a bus, the dispatcher will
13.   Let your child take over a new responsibility.         call the child's school, the Director of MOTS, and
14.   Challenge your child to use the dictionary to find     district Superintendent. The school will then do a
      as many five-syllable words as he can.                 search/investigation of the school site for the child and
15.   Ask your child to tell you the difference between      keep the parent informed of the child's status.
      liking something and loving something.                 6. If the child is not found at the school, the police will
16.   Suggest that your child start a book club with         be called to report a missing child and district staff
      friends.                                               will continue looking for the child.
17.   Do something you’ve never done before with your
18.   Look through the newspaper to find cultural
      events your family might enjoy. Go to an art
      exhibit, for example.
19.   Let your child choose her chores from a list.
20.   Ask your child why he thinks we have laws in our
21.   Ask your child to plan a scrapbook night for your
      family. As a family, create scrapbook pages with
      pictures and mementos.
22.   Ask your child where she would go if she could go
      anywhere in the world.
23.   Learn a magic trick with your child.

                                                       Another program to access at home is directly
For those parents who were unable to attend the        related to the Accelerated Reader point expectations
Student Success Parent Information Night, we want to   associated with each language arts class. Using
make sure you are aware of the several resources       the internet based Renaissance Home Connect, you
available to assist you in helping your student at     can access information about what your student
home. One of the best resources to help your           is doing at school. It allows the teacher, you, and
student in math is the website,                        your student to share information about progress This is an internet based           in Accelerated Reader. You can view Renaissance
“help zone” for when your student is struggling or     Home Connect by logging in to
just needs some extra reinforcement. Because the
website is directly tied to your student’s             nect. Your student should have come home with a
textbook, information specifically addresses           letter describing the process as well as providing
chapter lessons. An online tutorial is also            a user name and password. If you would like to
available.                                             receive emails showing your student’s quiz or test
                                                       results, click the Email Setup link in Renaissance
We’re excited to introduce a new program this          Home Connect and follow the directions. To
year called Learning Upgrade. One of the things        make sure emails reach your inbox, add
we know is that ALL students can learn given  to
time and support. For many students, extra             your address book. If you have questions
guided practice is the key to success. The             regarding your student’s log-in information,
internet-based Learning Upgrade program provides       please contact his/her language arts teacher.
your students online courses to help in reading
and math. The Comprehension Upgrade helps              How to access textbooks online:
students understand textbooks and literature.
The Pre-Algebra Upgrade helps prepare students for     Pre-Algebra: Go to Access
success in Algebra I, and the Algebra Upgrade helps    the book at eServices- the link is in the upper
students succeed in Algebra 1 classes. Ask your        right corner of the home page. You will be asked
child for their log-in and passwords, which they       for a zip code which may be 91701, 917013357, or
may currently be using in class, or access the         917015839. Use the activation code 0006139138 to
program under their tribe log-in; cherokeetribe;       view.
hopitribe; nezpercetribe; serranotribe; or
mowhawktribe. Students will need individual            Social Studies:
course passwords. If your child does not know
the course password, please notify the office and      dies/ose/national.html
we’ll provide you with one. The Learning Upgrade       Username: DSMMCA06 Password: uLhDAkz9
program is fun, interactive and informative! Log       Username: DSWWCA06 Password: g1Mm8zdl
on at Try it! Your
child’s participation will qualify them to receive     Science:
awards and incentives.                       
                                                       Username: FLSCCA07         Password: 02ade4bl
                                                       Username: FPSCCA07         Password: f5fa8e24


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