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Welcome to this weeks' CIPFA BGF Forum E-Newsletter.

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CIPFA Certificate in Investigative Practice
CCIP is for investigators across public services. If you’ve been thinking
about getting qualified – to enhance your skills or to progress your career –
book now. Modules are 12 days in London.

These courses always get over-subscribed. If you want a place in 2010 please book
as soon as you can. There are places still available for the course next spring, but we
know we are going to get bookings next week that will only leave a few, if any,
spaces. It’s first come, first served.

Spring 2010
Subject                                                                                                             Places
Roles Responsibilities and Ethics – 16 March                                                                           8

Law, Evidence, Procedure & Best Practice – 17 & 18 March                                                                  8

Advanced Statement/Report Writing and Giving Evidence – 21 & 22 April                                                     8

Advanced Investigative Interviewing – 11 & 12 April                                                                       6

Cognitive Interviewing – 13 April                                                                                         5

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act – 1 June                                                                           6
Data Protection Act – 2 June                                                     6

Employment Investigations – 15 June & 16 June                                    5

You can now also book dates for the autumn course:
Autumn 2010
Roles, Responsibilities and Ethics of Investigations – 7 September
Law, Evidence, Procedure and Best Practice – 8 & 9 September
Advanced Statement/Report Writing and Giving Evidence - 29 & 30 September
Advanced Investigative Interviewing - 26 & 27 September
Cognitive interviewing – 28 September
RIPA – 17 September
DPA – 18 September
And either Securing Computer Evidence – 7 & 8 December
Or Employment Investigations – Spring 2011

It is delivered by Bond Solon, the leading legal training consultancy for non-lawyers.
To book and for more information, follow this link: CCIP
If you have any enquiries, please contact John Francis at Bond Solon 0207 2537053
or email jfrancis@bondsolon.com
Other queries: Greg Marks 07811 332257 Greg.Marks@cipfa.org.uk

The Changing Face of Records Management
7 December Edinburgh

Fraud Risks and Actions
9 December Edinburgh

Good Governance in Practice
14 January London

Fraud Legislation and Analysing Intelligence
28 January London

We are preparing programmes for the following new workshops in 2010:

Advanced Audit Committees - January 20 London, March 10 Edinburgh, November

National Fraud Authority
Following the success of the National Fraud Authority’s first three Regional Fraud
Summits earlier this year, a second series of events are being held in the South East,
South West, Midlands and Wales this month.
1 December was in Brighton; 3 December was in Bristol; and those remaining are
Tuesday 8 December Birmingham; Thursday 10 December Cardiff.

CIPFA’s Audit Conference 2010
Tuesday 18 & Wednesday 19 May 2010. Renaissance Manchester Hotel. For further
information on this event please contact Claire Howard on 020 7543 5628 or

Stop Press

Gower Publications Discount
Members of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum now are entitled to 20% discount
on all relevant Gower publications. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum

2010 is CIPFA's 125 anniversary
To help celebrate we would like stories from CIPFA members to share online and in
print in 2010. For example, why did you take the CIPFA qualification, what has it
done for your career and what does CIPFA mean to you? Please send your comments
and stories to corporate@cipfa.org.uk.

Consultation: the role of the chief internal auditor
Are you working in or with the internal audit function? If you are, CIPFA would
welcome your views on the key principles and issues concerning the role of the chief
internal auditor. Your comments will help shape a new project that follows CIPFA's
statement on the role of the chief financial officer. Consultation: the role of the chief
internal auditor

The Cliff Nicholson Award for Innovation and Excellence
is an award that is presented for outstanding work in the field of audit. Entries should
be sent to Marc Teiman by 29 January 2010.
Dedicated webpage:
Contacts: Marc Teiman 020 7543 5680 marc.teiman@cipfa.org.uk, Keeley Lund 020
7543 5609 keeley.lund@cipfa.org.uk

CIPFA’s training DVD for raising the awareness of all staff on
anti- money laundering, combating economic crime and
This was launched 22nd April at the CIPFA Audit Conference.
     It includes presentations from key public sector figures and life-like film clip
     It can be used individually or as part of team based training.
     It explains how employees can spot suspicious behaviour and reportable
       offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 or the Terrorism Act 2000 and
       advises them what they should do.
CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum
Risk Management Toolkit – a practical guide for the risk
enabled organisation
Available on the Better Governance Forum website. The web-based Toolkit will help
you develop and improve your risk management. The Toolkit features good practice,
case studies from 14 public sector bodies, over 50 documents (including risk
management strategies, training material & annual reports) and links to other useful
resources on the BGF website and external websites. A practical toolkit for the risk-
enabled organisation

Fraud Awareness E-Learning Packages – 20% discount for
member organisations of the CIPFA Better Governance Forum

“Fraud Awareness” - The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in partnership
with Learning Resources International has developed a two hour online training
package. We endorse this product which underpins and enhances an anti-fraud
organisational culture, is interactive and appropriate for all council staff. Topics
     Fraud indicators
     Fraudster profile
     Whistleblowing
     Employment checks
     Fraudulent invoices
     Application/Claim checks
     Identity fraud
     Document verification

For more information please email info@lri.co.uk or telephone 01234 714778.

“Focus on...Fraud and Corruption” - a 45 minute online training package jointly
developed by Meritec and eight Local Authorities: North Somerset, Birmingham,
Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Peterborough, Reading, LB Ealing and LB Redbridge. We
endorse this product which quickly and flexibly enables all staff to reach a foundation
level of understanding covering the following:

      Introduction including a message from the Chief Executive
      What is Fraud and Corruption?
      What is the Council doing about it?
      Common types of Fraud
      Spotlight on Misuse of Time and Resources (or can be other fraud types e.g.
      Spotlight on Expenses Fraud (or can be other fraud types)
      What can you do about it?

For further information or for a free trial of the solution, please contact
Focus@meritec.co.uk or simply call Meritec on 0845 345 1144

Back issues of these weekly newsletters
In response to requests, we have created a repository of previous issues of weekly
newsletters. It’s on the BGF Home page – “newsletters” one of the choices on the left
hand side. CIPFA Networks - Better Governance Forum
Counter Fraud

Stay vigilant for electoral fraud, says Electoral Commission - Those who run
and police elections need to do all they can to ensure they are well prepared to
prevent electoral fraud at the UK Parliamentary general election next year, according
to the independent elections watchdog the Electoral Commission. Stay vigilant for
electoral fraud, says Electoral Commission - Electoral Commission

Toys 'R' Us accountant pleads guilty to £3.7m theft - A 58 year-old accountant
had admitted stealing £3.7m which he spent on call girls and luxury hotels. Reading-
based Paul Hopes, stole the money from his long-term employees Toys 'R' Us
between January 2007 and November 2008, in sums ranging from £101,000 to
£350,000. Toys 'R' Us accountant pleads guilty to £3.7m theft - Accountancy Age

Housing Minister John Healey launched the first-ever national crackdown
on tenancy cheats - to recover up to 10,000 council and housing association homes
fraudulently sublet, and release them to those in real need. http://www.wired-

Tackling Unlawful Subletting and Occupancy - Good practice guidance for social
landlords. http://www.info4local.gov.uk/documents/publications/1397474

Social Housing Fraud Toolkit – Updated.

Council fiasco report slammed - We find the gratuitous back slapping throughout
the report obsequious and entirely inappropriate. WALTHAM FOREST: Council fiasco
report slammed (From East London and West Essex Guardian Series)

Publicising Criminal Convictions - The importance of telling the public.

National Fraud Strategy - For detail on National Fraud Authority progress since the
summer, please follow the two links below.
National Fraud Authority 6-Month Report (April - September)
Edition 4 of the NFA's stakeholder newsletter, Fraud Focus

Jail for driving test fraudster - A man who was paid up to £400 to sit driving tests
and up to £3,000 for LGV tests for other people has been jailed. BBC News - Jail for
driving test fraudster

Famous victims of scams are living proof - (well, OK, sometimes not living) that
just about anyone can be fooled into parting with their money if the story is
convincing enough. Same goes for hoaxes and spoofs. They're just as likely to fool
well-known personalities as they are to convince you or us. Well-known people used
to convince us:

Organised crime recruits British ‘mules’ to launder stolen millions -
Organised criminals from Eastern Europe are duping British jobseekers, including
accountants and financial managers, into giving them access to their bank accounts
so that they can launder hundreds of millions of pounds a year. People desperate for
work are being tricked by the gangs into responding to bogus job advertisements
placed on legitimate recruitment websites. The gangs convince the “money mules”
that they will be employed as “payment protection agents” to look after money that
comes in from customers in other countries and are offered sophisticated
employment contracts. Eastern European organised crime recruits British ‘mules’ to
launder stolen millions - Times Online

National Fraud Initiative 2010-11 - Proposed Work Programme and Scale of Fees

Office of Fair Trading - warns against lottery scams.

Gordon Brown announces Afghanistan military and anti-corruption targets -
Hamid Karzai to be asked to train another 50,000 Afghan troops and tackle
corruption in police and provincial government. Gordon Brown announces
Afghanistan military and anti-corruption targets | World news | guardian.co.uk

UK Border Agency - crackdown on rogue employers.

New guide to securing cash in transit, a 12-page pdf - download at - the
British Retail Consortium website.

SEC charges Hurricane Katrina firm with accounting fraud - Home Solutions of
America execs charged with fraudulently booking revenues to inflate its share price,
after Hurricane Katrina. SEC charges Hurricane Katrina firm with accounting fraud -
Accountancy Age

Prevent - aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremists.
It is one of the four components of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy,
known as CONTEST. Prevent builds on and is linked to local partners’ wider work to
create and support cohesive, resilient and empowered local communities. Prevent

The Fraud Act 2006 - An Update From Peters & Peters.

Waiting For A Verdict: The Jury Is Out On The SFO's New Prosecution Policy
- From Corker Binning http://www.mondaq.com/news.asp?e=1&a=89170
Crooks - target council tax payers with bogus rebates.

Tax evasion - loopholes now closed. Tax evasion: loopholes now closed | Business |

Berlusconi goes back on trial for corruption - Italian Prime Minister Silvio
Berlusconi goes back on trial for corruption, while in an unrelated Mafia case, a
mobster-turned-witness may try to link him to the Cosa Nostra - a connection he
denies. Berlusconi goes back on trial for corruption - Yahoo! News UK

Swoop On 19 Properties In International Commercial Loans Fraud - Six
suspects have been arrested during a search operation on 19 properties throughout
England. Three are being held in custody to appear before magistrates later today.
The action relates to an investigation into suspected advance fee fraud and
commercial rent fraud. The searches, involving more than a hundred investigators
and police officers, to prevent further loss to victims. Click for more >

Risk Management
A drama, not a crisis? - Ahead of next week’s Pre-Budget Report, Public Finance
convened a round table to debate the risks and possibilities in trying to deliver more
from less public spending. Judy Hirst reports on the good news, and the bad. A
drama, not a crisis? - Public Finance

Equality and Human Rights Commission issues compliance notices - to three
local authorities on gender inequality.

Health and Safety Executive: Myth of the month - Updated

Control Risks launches its annual Risk Map of business risks - one to watch
out for in 2010: corruption and not falling foul of the UK anti-bribery law, coming in
(applying to your business worldwide): click here for more

BSI scoops awards at international Business Continuity Conference - BSI has
picked up two awards at the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) annual BCM World
Conference and Exhibition in London. BSI scoops awards at international Business
Continuity Conference - BSI Business Continuity Management

Institute chief to chair Copenhagen debate - ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza
is to chair a discussion at Copenhagen on standardising global carbon reporting. The
panel will be deliberating a reporting framework written by the Climate Disclosure
Standards Board. Institute chief to chair Copenhagen debate - Accountancy Age

Renewing Civil Contingencies Act Arrangements for London - Consultation

Tandridge District Council saves 25% on print costs with green multi-
functional devices - Tandridge District Council has successfully improved the
energy efficiency of its printing estate and reduced costs by 25% since converting to
multi-functional devices from Kyocera. The new and greener machines have enabled
the council to dramatically reduce its consumables waste and power consumption as
well as boost staff productivity and customer service with improved uptime of
To view the case study, click here: http://www.localgov.tv/TandridgeDistrictCouncil

Failure to cut air pollution will cost the taxpayer and kill 36,000 - Failure to
meet strict EU standards on air pollution could add £15 to the average annual council
tax bill and kill thousands of people every year, townhalls have warned. The UK has
one of the worse rates of air pollution from cars and factories in Europe and could be
fined £300 million in the next 18 months because of failure to meet clean air targets.

The Risks And Opportunities Of The New Regulatory Framework - From
Anthony Collins Solicitors. http://www.mondaq.com/news.asp?e=1&a=90054

RIMS president reveals top ten global risks - Innovation, partnership and R&D
risk, are all included.

WHO reviews pandemic measures - Following a meeting of the Emergency
Committee, the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), decided to
continue temporary safety measures to contain the spread of swine flu (H1N1).

Employers must get a grip on 'grey fleet' - Privately-owned vehicles are now the
main form of transport used by businesses, but rising costs, safety issues and
potential legal problems are leaving employers exposed.

Conservatives pledge Health and safety cuts - Cameron will tell a London
audience that a Conservative government would bring back "common sense,
discretion and personal responsibility." In an extract of his speech released in
advance, Cameron says: "Businesses, organisations and individuals operate under
the shadow of the worst-case scenario. Britain has one of the lowest workplace
fatality rates in Europe.

The solution to successful risk communication - The report ‘Swine Flu: getting
the message through’, conducted by Insignia Communications together with the
University of Wolverhampton, has been designed to shed new light on how
spokespeople can communicate successfully with the public about health scares and
other risks. The winning equation is CS + SA + PA + AA = Reassurance!

Making the board listen - This paper explores how practitioners may be able to
position business continuity management issues so they reach key decision makers
quickly and with a better chance of success.

Internal auditor faces charges in Satyam scandal - India's notorious Satyam
Computer Services scandal has taken a turn for the worse, with the country’s Central
Bureau of Investigation (CBI) laying new charges against 10 defendants regarding
fake invoices, inflated revenues, unauthorised loans and attempted cover ups.
Internal auditor faces charges in Satyam scandal - Accountancy Age

NHS inspections questioned again - Following on from the Care Quality
Commission (CQC) inspection that found care to be sub-standard at Basildon
University and Orsett hospitals in Essex – although an earlier inspection had rated
the hospitals as 'good' – a new report has suggested that 11 more hospitals are
"significantly underperforming", even though the CQC said overall care at eight of
them was good or excellent. NHS inspections questioned again - Public Service

Treasury spent £150million on bank bailout 'experts' during the financial
crisis - Consultants were paid £150million by the Treasury for advice during the
banking crisis, it emerged on Tuesday. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-

Financial statement fraud on the rise - Financial statement fraud is the fastest
growing form of economic crime. Financial statement fraud on the rise

Legal action threat over unitary payoffs - The problem has been found by an
audit probe of payoffs made during the unitary reorganisation in Wiltshire and could
affect staff of the former Wiltshire CC and the districts Kennet, Salisbury, North
Wiltshire and West Wiltshire. KPMG’s report said. “This highlights the need for
independent review and authorisation of the calculated redundancy payments. No
such control has operated.” http://www.lgcplus.com/news/council-news/legal-action-

Maintaining financial stability across the United Kingdom's banking system
– The National Audit Office has concluded that the public support provided to UK
banks by the Treasury was justified, given the scale of the economic and social costs
if one or more major banks had collapsed. In providing that support, moreover, the
Treasury met two of the government’s principal objectives: protecting depositors’
money in banks and maintaining the stability of the financial system. The final cost
to the taxpayer will not, however, be known for a number of years.

HM Revenue & Customs’ estate private finance deal eight years on - the
Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise planned to reduce their running costs and
had the opportunity to save up to £1.2 billion by reducing the size of the estate.
However, the NAO concluded that the merged HM Revenue & Customs has not
achieved value for money on the contract, as it had no long-term plan and has not
obtained all available savings.

Priorities and Risks Framework: A national planning tool for 2009/10 NHS
Scotland audits - The Priorities and Risks Framework (PRF) for the NHS identifies
the current national priorities and risks in the NHS in Scotland. The NHS PRF is a tool
that auditors use to plan audits of NHS bodies. It helps ensure that audit work is
properly focused and that it takes account of the national priorities and risks.

Clients blind on audit quality - The UK’s largest auditors fail to provide enough
information to compare one firm’s quality against another. Clients blind on audit
quality - Accountancy Age

Audit Commission - freezes fees for money-saving anti-fraud initiative.

Tax man hits trouble over offshore Mapeley deal - NAO fires warning at HMRC
for losing money on its estate. Tax man hits trouble over offshore Mapeley deal -
Accountancy Age

Audit Commission: Oneplace - The comprehensive area assessment reporting
website. http://www.info4local.gov.uk/documents/related-links/1402696

Information Governance
Freedom of information – the genie's left the bottle - Who would have guessed,
a decade ago, that one of the most radical pieces of legislation introduced by New
Labour in its first term of office would be the Freedom of Information Act? After Dr
David Clark's far-reaching White Paper 'Your Right to Know — the Government's
proposals for a Freedom of Information Act' came Jack Straw's significantly scaled
back version. At the time, organisations such as the Campaign for Freedom of
Information and Charter 88 were united in their condemnation of a piece of
legislation with so many caveats and get out clauses that it appeared to merely
protect the government's right to remain in secrecy, hidden behind the fig leaf of
reform. Freedom of information – the genie's left the bottle - Public Service

National identity card - launched in Manchester.

Identity cards 'will help combat ID fraud' - The UK's new identity cards system
could help in the fight against ID fraud, according to the first person to have signed
up to be issued with one. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Angela Epstein
said that she is very proud to be the first citizen to have received one of the
cards.Identity cards 'will help combat ID fraud'

The Human Factor in Laptop Encryption: UK Study - Recent media
preoccupation with data theft has pulled IT security to the top of public sector
consciousness. Stories about sensitive data stored on missing mobile devices are
constantly hitting the headlines – a recent example being St Albans Council, where a
laptop containing the personal details of 14,000 people was stolen.
In many cases, laptops – and the data they contain – have been lost as a result of
human error. No matter what the circumstance, the idea of confidential data getting
into the wrong hands is enough to strike fear into any organisation - especially when
recent headlines suggest that fines of up to £500,000 could soon be implemented by
the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). In many cases of breached data, the
compromised computer has security measures, such as encryption and passwords, in
place. However, these precautions are rarely enough to fully protect the highly-
sensitive data the devices contain. A layered approach to laptop security is required,
encryption simply isn’t enough. To find out more about the human factor in laptop
encryption and receive a free UK research paper from the Poneman Institute, click

Hotline fights pension fund fraud - The South Africa pension fund administrator,
which lost millions due to corruption, says the contact centre will curb fraud. The
Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) has joined other government agencies
and departments in creating a hotline to deal with corruption and fraud. Hotline
fights pension fund fraud | ITWeb

Fingerprint Checks To Be Introduced On Entry To The UK - From Speechly
Bircham LLP. http://www.mondaq.com/news.asp?e=1&a=90018

Over a thousand scam websites targeting Christmas shoppers shut down -
after online raid by Scotland Yard's e-crime unit.

Identity Cards For Foreign Nationals ("ICFNs") - Update From CMS Cameron
McKenna LLP. http://www.mondaq.com/news.asp?e=1&a=90254

From this week's winter meeting of Public CCTV Managers Association -
volunteers wanted for a CCTV evaluation pilot to start January. Aim to make core
council public space performance indicators, that is, to prove value of CCTV. So it's
vital. Visit PCMA website - the contact in this case is Colin Murphy at Birmingham
City Council.

Ethical standards
Case for the defence on guilty pleas – I too am opposed to guilty pleas arranged
at the door of the court, as these often are the result of unethical bargaining. Can
Keir Starmer (Letters, 3 December) tell us in how many such cases was there a
reduction in charges or other incentive for the defendant to plead guilty? Letters:
Case for the defence on guilty pleas | Politics | The Guardian

UBS whistleblower wants sentence lifted - The banker at the heart of an
offensive by the US government against secret Swiss bank accounts is making a bid
to have his jail term overturned. UBS whistleblower wants sentence lifted -
Accountancy Age

Listening to Communities - Consultation on draft statutory guidance on the duty
to respond to petitions.

Young people - debate rights and responsibilities.

When ministers take an 18 per cent pay cut, then we will be silent, says
chairman-elect of the Bar Council - Keir Starmer, the Director of Public
Prosecutions, had better watch out. Next year’s Bar chairman has the Crown
Prosecution Service in his sights. Nicholas Green, QC, talks of gathering storm clouds
threatening the stability of the Bar and of pressures bearing down with “potentially
devastating effect”. And one of these, he says, is the push by Crown prosecutors to
take on Crown Court work that used to be handled by the Bar. When ministers take
an 18 per cent pay cut, then we will be silent, says chairman-elect of the Bar Council
- Times Online

Gordon Brown to force plan for voting reform referendum before election -
Gordon Brown will attempt to force plans for a referendum on changing Britain’s
voting system through Parliament before the next election.

County Durham Electoral Review - Consultation. Boundary Committee for
England Deadline: 07 December 2009.

Restoring democracy to Parliament - The Select Committee on Reform of the
House of Commons, set up to consider & make recommendations to the House on
several specified matters, has agreed its First Report. The Select Committee was
appointed to consider & report on 4 specified matters:
* the appointment of members & chairmen of select committees
* the appointment of the Chairman & Deputy Chairmen of Ways & Means
* scheduling business in the House
* enabling the public to initiate debates & proceedings in the House
Press release

Establishment of Local Government Boundary Commission - for England

It will be unlawful - for trade union members to be denied employment through
blacklists under plans outlined by Employment Relations Minister Lord Young. News :

Drawing The Line On Privilege - From Rosenblatt Solicitors.

'Misleading' legal aid spend comparison - With little publicity, the Ministry of
Justice (MoJ) has just released research on the international comparison of legal aid
systems. Legal Action Group understands that after the report's original draft was
submitted, its publication was delayed for a year. 'Misleading' legal aid spend

Written Evidence - on Judicial Fees and Salaries.

Councillor accused of benefit fraud – A former deputy provost has been charged
with defrauding Inverclyde Council over a two-year period. Greenock Telegraph |
News | Greenock | Articles RSS Feeds

MPs who refuse to repay expenses may have salaries docked - The report
from Sir Thomas Legg, disclosing the names of MPs who have refused to co-operate
with his repayment demands, will be published in the new year, after which MPs will
vote on whether to reclaim the money through salaries the Guardian has reported.

Leader quits over planning allegation – West Lindsey DC leader Bernard
Theobald resigned over allegations about a planning application in which he was
involved. Cllr Theobald’s departure follows publication of the claims in a local
newspaper of which he has said: “This report is wholly unfounded and has been
passed to my lawyers.’ http://www.lgcplus.com/news/council-news/leader-quits-

Corporate governance
West Ham delays filing accounts - Three months' extra time granted to West
Ham to file accounts. West Ham has entered extra time – not against a rival team,
but with Companies House. West Ham delays filing accounts - Accountancy Age

Reducing Bureaucracy - in Policing.

'Rich list' reveals 80 NHS chiefs paid more than Gordon Brown - At least 350
NHS executives in hospitals and primary care trusts were paid more than £150,000
last year, according to research published today. A “Public Sector Rich List”, compiled
by the TaxPayers’ Alliance and covering 350 public bodies, shows that 806
executives collected more than £150,000, with eight on packages worth more than
£1 million. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article6943540.ece

The NHS Constitution - The state of readiness group report.

Legal action by German boards to rise - The compensation deals agreed with
nine former Siemens’ executive board members in the wake of the bribery scandal at
Europe’s largest engineering group mark a sea change for German corporate
governance, Gerhard Cromme, its chairman, said on Wednesday. FT.com /
Companies / Industrial Goods - Legal action by German boards to rise
EU official attacks IASB governance - A top EU official has attacked the
international accounting standard setter suggesting its governance needs a complete
overhaul. Reuters reports that Eddy Wymeersch, chairman of the European
Securities Regulators (CESR), questioned whether there was enough accountability
at the IASB. EU official attacks IASB governance - Accountancy Age

Government signs off devolved powers for Leeds to shape its economic
destiny - A pioneering agreement has devolved new powers to Leeds City Region to
take control of its economic recovery, Local Government Minister Rosie Winterton
announced recently. http://www.wired-gov.net/wg/wg-news-1.nsf/lfi/DNWA-7YADS8

SOLACE Annual Conference 2009 - Speech by Rosie Winterton

Watchdog launches beefed up governance code - FRC says pay should be linked
to 'long-term' goals. Watchdog launches beefed up governance code - Accountancy

New research reveals 90 per cent of Government work is completed by
Britain's 1,152 quangos - Up to 90 per cent of the work of government is now
conducted by Britain's quango state. Startling new research suggests that once-great
Whitehall departments have been reduced to little more than policy-making 'hubs'
which distribute taxpayers' money to unaccountable arms-length public bodies.

Local people will be able to demand their councils to take action - on under-
performing schools and hospitals, alcohol disorder, anti-social behaviour and other
concerns under new proposals to give real teeth to local petitions, announced
Communities Secretary John Denham yesterday. http://www.wired-gov.net/wg/wg-

Consultation on the Proposed Framework for Quality Accounts - This
consultation seeks views on the purpose, content and format of quality accounts and
the underlying processes and infrastructure. Quality Accounts will be legally required
of all providers of NHS Healthcare from June 2010 (subject to the successful passage
of the Health Bill). For the acute sector, the duty applies next year and it will apply to
primary care and community services subsequently. Quality Accounts are annual
reports to the public on the quality of the services which an NHS organisation
delivers. By producing a Quality Account, each NHS provider, led by their board, is
committing to improve the quality of services it delivers and inviting the public to
hold them account. Consultation on the proposed framework for Quality Accounts :
Department of Health - Consultations

Local partnerships key to developing community cohesion – The Welsh
Assembly Government has launched ‘Getting On Together – a Community Cohesion
Strategy for Wales’. The Strategy focuses on those policy and service delivery areas
that research has shown can have a significant impact on how well a community gets
on together - housing; learning; communication; promoting equality & social
inclusion and preventing violent extremism & strengthening community cohesion.
Top finance staff ‘undervalued’ – a quarter of English authorities are keeping
statutory finance officers at arm’s length from key decisions, potentially contravening
official guidelines, exclusive LGC research reveals. An LGC investigation using the
Freedom of Information Act has found that, in 25% of 227 councils surveyed, s151
officers did not report directly to their chief executive. In 12%, they did not sit on
their authority’s top management board. LGC has learnt that CIPFA’s new guidance,
which it will consult on in the coming weeks, will introduce a ‘comply or explain’
policy, whereby councils that contravene recommended governance models will have
to explain their rationale. http://www.lgcplus.com/finance/latest-finance-and-

One in five council bosses to leave if Tories win election - David Clark,
director-general of Solace, the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives, said the
rate of departures would accelerate next year because of uncertainty about pay and
benefits under a new government. He predicted that 80 of the present 400 chiefs
would go by next Christmas.

Highly rated but unsafe hospitals spark calls for regulatory reform - MPs
have called for urgent reforms to the health care regulation system after two highly
rated NHS trusts were found to be failing to keep patients safe.

Greater council freedom on housing allocations - Housing Minister John Healey
has today given councils more flexibility in how they manage their waiting lists. He
also called on councils to do more to tackle the myths and misunderstandings about
housing waiting lists, so local people can have confidence that the system is fair.

Early findings from Total Place pilots - Though the pre-budget report looms, the
Total Place pilots are far more focused on what happens next year, with much of the
groundwork already taking place. Total place: dig for victory | Public | Public

Police are asked to make £545m cuts - A White Paper recommends that police
forces in England and Wales should look to make cuts of £545m by 2014. This
represents about 5 per cent of its entire government grant. Police are asked to make
£545m cuts - Public Service

Shake-up planned for social services - Social services are about to go through a
significant shake-up, following an announcement by Children's Secretary Ed Balls
that the government wants to "get something good" out of the death of Baby Peter
in Haringey. Balls was talking as recommendations from a government-appointed
social work taskforce were released. Shake-up planned for social services - Public
Cameron's team couldn't run a p*** up in a brewery, says key Tory aide
(who knew most of them at university) - A senior Tory councillor has launched
an astonishing attack on David Cameron's shadow cabinet, claiming they don't have
the experience to 'run a **** up in a brewery'.

Council bosses ready to leave in fear of Tory curbs on pay and perks - One in
five local government chief executives is likely to quit next year after Conservative
pledges to curb public sector “fat cat” pay, The Times has been told.

Public Administration Select Committee - looks at government and public
services spending. Impact of hard economic times on public services


CIPFA Job Opportunities
Career opportunities are advertised and full details and job descriptions are provided
by the relevant jobs. View current vacancies here.
Contact CIPFA Recruitment
There is always someone available to take a call or answer a question that you may
have relating to our recruitment process or the positions available. Please feel free to
email/call us if you have a query. We look forward to hearing from you.
Telephone: 020 7543 5771/5820
Email: recruitment@cipfa.org
Address: CIPFA Group, HR Department, 3 Robert Street, London, WC2N 6RL

Careers with the Audit Commission
Deciding how best to use your talents and choose a career path in which you get to
see your endeavours making a real difference can be a daunting task. Here at the
Audit Commission, we hope to make it easier by giving you all the facts and showing
you some real examples of how our work has touched the lives of millions. Careers
at the Audit Commission

Greenwich Council
Director of Finance Up to £145,000
Closing date 11 December
This is an exceptional opportunity to be part of the corporate management team of
one of London’s most innovative local authorities, while delivering the financial
systems and strategies that will help it meet the challenges of the future.
Already rated a three-star Authority, the London Borough of Greenwich has
established a reputation for strong treasury and financial management. As one of the
host Boroughs for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics with substantial investment in
place for a number of regeneration programmes, we are looking forward with
confidence to an era of huge change and exciting possibilities.
Contributing to the Council’s corporate management, you will ensure the provision of
sound financial services and systems while developing our next medium-term
financial strategy. At the same time, you will use financial resources effectively to
maximise value for money as well as delivering high quality services, and make
certain the Finance function is effectively managed. As the parameters of the post
are currently under review, additional responsibilities may apply in the future.
A qualified Accountant to meet the requirements of the S151 finance officer, you
must possess an impressive track record of managing sizeable budgets within a
large, complex Finance function – probably in the Local Government arena. Able to
see the broader strategic perspective and engage with a far-reaching transformation
agenda, you will also be capable of building strong working relationships at all levels
and driving initiatives through from initiation to successful completion. Most of all,
however, you must share our passion to deliver the best possible outcomes for
Greenwich and its diverse population.
For an informal discussion please contact our retained consultants Barry Honnah or
Yvonne Skingle at Tribal on 020 7323 7190.
For further information and to apply, visit

Milton Keynes Council
Assistant Director – Financial Management Up to £79,000
Closing date 15 December
Here in Milton Keynes we’re proud of the fact that we’re different. Our growth
trajectory from new town to that of dynamic centre of innovation is credit to local
ambition and passion for our environment and communities. None of the enthusiasm
that has brought us this far has waned and so we’re looking to appoint a new senior
professional to help us continue this journey.
The Role:
• Reporting to the Corporate Director of Finance and Risk Management, you will
provide leadership on budget strategy and revenue and capital budget preparation
through the management of a first class, motivated team of staff.
• You will be key in developing our arrangements with regard to financial reporting,
medium-term planning and compliance. This will include managing revenue,
increasing efficiency in spending and other issues connected to corporate
• Financial management is a fundamental element of our ability to achieve our
ambitions and deliver the best possible services to our communities. Your input to
our corporate objectives will be critical.
The Candidate:
• A qualified accountant and/ or Member of CIPFA, you will have an excellent
understanding of local government finance. You will be enthused by innovation and
able to identify and make use of new opportunities that benefit the Council and its
• Skilled in people management, you will motivate and manage your team. You will
also work confidently with a diverse range of departments and stakeholders and
interact professionally within the wider management structure of the Council.
• You will be comfortable in a dynamic and changing environment and have an ability
and enthusiasm for building and maintaining a constructive relationship with elected
Public finance jobs and vacancies - Assistant Director – Financial Management -
Buckinghamshire - pfjobs.co.uk - pfjobs.co.uk
Hampshire County Council
Treasurer Up to £160,000
Closing date 16 December
Managing an overall annual revenue budget of £1.7 billion and responsible for
investments in excess of £6.5 billion through the Hampshire Pension Fund and Long
Term asset investments.
Hampshire County Council provides vital services for 1.2 million people and has
achieved the top rating by the Audit Commission, for the last seven years. Recently
assessed as providing good “value for money” services, our intention is to build even
further on our success.
This opportunity has come about as a result of the retirement of our current County
With substantial experience at senior management level and a member of the
Corporate Management Team you’ll have the vision, influence and acumen to review
and streamline the Council’s finances – affecting change to ensure the Council grows
in terms of management and financial performance.
Employing your thorough knowledge of Government, at both local and national
levels, you’ll have a detailed understanding of the challenges facing the public sector,
and how best to develop productive relationships to enable Hampshire County
Council to maximise its current resources to deliver ever improving public services to
the residents of Hampshire.
A strategic thinker, implementer and innovator you will be competent and effective in
managing an extensive remit and budget which includes:
•Revenue budget – gross expenditure of £1.75bn
•3 year capital programme £400m
•Pension fund assets of approx £3bn
•Long term assets (in addition to the pension fund) of approx £3.5bn
•Annual cash outflows (including Treasury management transactions) of about
£2.4bn in 2008/09
With the power to influence investments, and extensive funding initiatives, this is a
top-level role offering national recognition and a real opportunity to shape the future
of the Council.
You will also be expected to assess the County Treasurer’s Department and identify
whether its structure and functions are as effective as they can be as we know the
future will be hard in the public sector – and we see this as a real opportunity for a
new Treasurer to make an impact – therefore we want to ensure the department is
in the best place possible to support the County Council deliver first class public
If you’ve achieved so much already, yet your sights are set higher, apply online.
Public finance jobs and vacancies - County Treasurer - Hampshire - pfjobs.co.uk -

Wychavon District Council
Principal Accountant Up to £35,000
Closing date 18 December
An exciting new opportunity exists for a qualified Accountant at our award winning
Council in the heart of rural Worcestershire. You will play a significant role within the
Accountancy team, providing a professional accounting service, with particular
emphasis on supporting management decision making on a wide range of issues. As
a CIPFA member of full member of another CCAB body, you will have at least 5 years
accountancy experience, preferably in local government or the public sector. You will
be required to deputise for the Accountancy Services Manager on occasions and
therefore strong communication skills, decisiveness and a flexible approach are
In return we offer you a stimulating work environment plus a range of other benefits
including flexible working, pension and health insurance. If you would like to join our
team, contact Alison Williams, Accountancy Services Manager for an informal chat on
01386 565501 or email Alison.williams@wychavon.gov.uk or email us at
personnel@wychavon.gov.uk for an application pack quoting the reference number.
Closing date: 18th December 2009
Interviews: 6/7th January 2010

Doncaster And Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Non Executive Director Up to £10000
Closing date 31 December
This is a chance to influence and shape the NHS for the 21st century.
If you’ve gained senior level expertise in the private, public or voluntary sectors, we
can offer an exceptional opportunity to put your talents to use by making a positive
difference to the lives of people in your community. Doncaster and Bassetlaw
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will have a Non-executive Director vacancy on their
Board of Directors in April 2010. The time commitment is typically three to four days
each month and remuneration is £10,000 pa.
Skills and Experience
• Current or recent senior level experience gained in a complex organisation, ideally
with board level involvement, bringing experience of strategic planning, financial
control, risk and performance management.
• Excellent communication, influencing and team working skills.
• Recent financial experience, which must be relevant to the functions of an audit
committee. This should include at least some of the following:
• Knowledge of both corporate finance and accountancy
• A recognised accounting qualification, although this is not essential
• Understanding of financial statements and accounting standards
• Experience of audit and risk management
Candidates who are unable to demonstrate the skills and experience outlined above
will not be considered for appointment.
You will also need to be eligible to be a Member of the Foundation Trust. In order to
become a member you must either be a resident of the Doncaster or Bassetlaw area,
or have been a patient at one of the Trust’s hospitals within the last 10 years. A
membership application form is included in the information pack, or you may apply
To request an information pack or an informal discussion with the Chairman, Chief
Executive or a current Non-Executive Director please call Diane Bowman on 01302
The Trust will be hosting an information session for prospective candidates in early
December. This will play no part in the selection process. For more information
please contact Diane Bowman on 01302 381342.
Closing date: 31 December 2009
Interview date: 21 January 2010

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