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Not long ago, Louis Riel was exonerated for the crimes that he had been accused of, mainly,
treason. If we look back at the time of his trial, he was made a traitor by the Government of
Canada for defending the rights of minorities (Native & Métis). If it was treason to care, to
defend minorities, therefore, we have proof that, that in itself, was the beginning of corruption in

Now that his name has been cleared, and a big bronze monument stands by the Red River behind
the Manitoba Legislative building, and again, we repeat; is being cleared of treason makes
Canada of then be the traitor for not defending the rights of minorities? Are we not saying
by the condition of the nation, that we are, as it was then, to believe that Riel was?

A closer example to today: in Manitoba, a Native Southern Grand Chief, female; being charged
with fraud, embezzlement of funds, and labeled on the front page of a local newspaper as “The
Grand Thief”. Our Prime Minister has made it clear that he will not make public the names of
those in the scandals and patronage issues that we are now facing. Therefore, they are exempt of
public prosecution but this woman, Southern Grand Chief, has all natives in scandals, are labeled
criminals throughout the nation.

We know for facts, that there are major scandals that are still in the corridors of silence but to
burst out in the open, very shortly.

The Liberal Government, attempting with new electoral promises through TV commercials,
claimed to be paid by the Liberal Party, in an attempt to ride over this corruption that continues
by this very action of TV commercials. We invite the Prime Minister to be honest enough as
pretending to be with this native woman, slandered publicly, but not to the loyal friends
protected by the patronage forum of Partisan and supporters of the Liberal party. Until the issues
of corruption are washed publicly, we are prepared to demand of the Governor General of
Canada to prohibit another election because the new Government if not the same, will end up
with the previous one’s corruption record. And if they return to office, they will have more time
to cover up the rest. It may appear harsh to read this statement, and as you noticed, on the
previous document, leaders of all parties are exposed to this honesty. Why?

If as a government sworn in, and by the Constitution embodied in the document of 1982, you
recognize the sovereignty of God therefore, justify your behaviour in order to help Canadians
have a broader understanding that what is good for one has to be for the other. What solution
you may say, do you have, you the complainer, to these problems?

Honesty and truth are the basis of the sovereignty of this God that obviously you’ve never
known. You flirt around with mechanical security device, to prevent fraud, corruption, and false
identity. Are you in a position to speak on behalf of security? When the head is decomposing
because of the continuous arrogance towards the tax-payers of this land?

If the so-called Liberal party contribution to these commercials to come on TV, promoting the
honesty and loyalty of a Prime Minister who will not bring out to surface all mismanagement of
funds; let me remind you that the Liberal party, as all parties, are funded by tax payers and
corporations. The Canadian Club and Chambers of Commerce in every city are composed of the
Executive of all corporations that are fishing out possible sure candidates for an election by
financial support with the intent of patronage into receiving contracts from the Government they
would have elected. That’s what they call ‘business is business.’

I was in business before and I know I could not run it alone, unless I had good employees. Since
they were doing the hardest of the work, if I were fair, I would have offered at least a profit
sharing for the share that they brought to me in revenue, was by far more than even half of what I
believed I was doing them a favour in wages. If the large corporations would have an incentive
as profit sharing with its employees, the economy would grow massively because everyone
would see it as their own business, somewhat like a commission salesman.

The issue of taxes on corporations and the government knows very well that many large
corporations don’t even pay a penny in taxes, while their employees are taxed to the maximum.
The reason of this document is not to slander because the facts and the condition of Canada
speaks for themselves. We have a guaranteed alternate solution to resolve all issues at hand. Be
it corruption, embezzlement, fraud, and I would like to remind you on one of the previous
articles, that perhaps you could verify again 301 Members of Parliament: Statistics, and you
will find that all these crimes have already and are still perpetrated under the disguise of the
sovereignty of God. Perhaps we should change that to evil.

We invite you, and again, we say, if you have any decent caring for the people of Canada, here is
your opportunity to demonstrate it by acknowledging the mistakes but also, extending the same
offer to every courts of the land for every criminal of the same nature. Then, we could say
justice is done, but I would prefer to see that the true justice of learning through our mistakes
would not prevent Canadians from fulfilling the mandate of their purpose by imprisoning some
and letting out free for the same crimes.

Our proposal is so just that it would extend to every living Canadian, regardless of their race,
religion or origin. An immunity of a prosecution that otherwise, would have to be for all, in
such, we could reduce crime, increase peace, safety, and reduce to a minimum the Solicitor
General’s department and department of justice, as well as Social services, welfare system,
where everyone would benefit with a once in a lifetime opportunity for all to see in the future the
dreams that have died because of having been deprived of the possibilities to achieve such

Martin Luther King said “I have a dream…”. The proposal is that dream that is funded not by
tax-payers but by justice, equality, for all people, under one God, through sovereignty.

I would love without forcing the issues, that we could gather in the House of Commons, before
the nation, to accentuate on the fundamental principals of sovereignty, through a God that would
reveal Himself through people that would truly be this honest.

We are looking forward to peace, piece by piece. Through every piece of this land, that
composes the body of this sovereign God through sovereign laws, justice, and people.
We thank you for reading. Our next article will be in response to those who will respond. If not,
as a good doctor, sometimes you must force the sores to heal. Not by an operation, but by
enforcing the laws of justice that will bring peace. And remember this, by all that is presented to
the Canadian public, through all these scandals, we could use and demand that your own laws
will dismantle this nation under false pretense.

So we thank you for reading us and in such, reading yourself, because nothing that you read is
unknown to you. Perhaps as an ex-lax, known as truth, the constipation will come to an end
because our confederation is but a federation of cons. If you could prove otherwise, how I
would, if I were you, welcome the opportunity to prove me wrong and I hope to be, but I have
yet to be shown.

Under the sovereign God, thank you for reading and look out for our next article, where this one
is but mild, compared to the one that is to come.

We love you.

Roger Poisson

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