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									ARTHUR FLOOD                              
P.O. Box 725144  Atlanta, GA 31139                             404-843-1365 h          770-833-2791 c

                                          Arthur Flood

Senior Programmer / Analyst with twenty-one (21) years of IT experience. Technical strengths
Include C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, LINQ, Lambda, XML, SQL Server and Oracle.
Experience also include Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Visual C++ and Visual Basic.

A highly skilled, results driven, professional with extensive experience in the computer Industry,
with a proven ability, to carry out assignments and meet deadlines.

Key Skills
    Languages           C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, LINQ, Lambda, XML, Windows Forms, SQL,
                        HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Visual SourceSafe, , Clear Case, Reporting Services, Visual
                        Basic, Visual C++
    Databases           SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access
    Platforms           Windows XP, UNIX


Mar 2012 – Jun 2012     NCR Corp – Atlanta, GA

Title                   Environment           Design, development, and troubleshooting of retail store
                                              software using C# and SQL Server, working on cash register
Senior .Net Developer   Windows               software for Safeway stores. Identified, debugged, and
                                              resolved design problems and issues.
Role(s)                 Skills/Tools
C#.Net, SQL Server      C#.NET, SQL Server

July 2010 – Dec 2011    General Dynamics – Atlanta, GA

Title                   Environment           Conversion of business software from VB6 to ASP. Design,
                                              development, and troubleshooting of software using C#,
Senior .Net Developer   Windows               ASP.NET, Javascript, JQuery, LINQ, and SQL Server. Also
                                              identified, debugged, and resolved design problems and
Role(s)                 Skills/Tools          issues.
C#.Net, VB6, SQL        C#.NET, ASP.Net
Server                  VB6, SQL Server
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P.O. Box 725144  Atlanta, GA 31139                                404-843-1365 h        770-833-2791 c

Sep 2009 – Dec 2009      Overwatch Systems – Austin, TX
                         Management Design Software Company
Title                    Environment            Design, development, and troubleshooting of Data-
                                                Management software using C#, ASP.NET, LINQ, and SQL
Consultant               Windows                Server. Identified, debugged and resolved program design
                                                issues per company requirements.
Role(s)                  Skills/Tools
C#.Net, VB.Net,          C#.NET, VB.Net,
                         SQL Server ,

Mar 2009 – May 2009      Elbit Systems – Washington, DC
                         Defense Electronic Company
Title                    Environment            Design and development of a Web Site for the Inspection of
                                                in-house data, using ASP.Net, C#.Net, VB.Net and SQL
Consultant               Windows                Server. Design of in house tools, using Microsoft Word,
                                                Microsoft Access, SQL Server and .Net.
Role(s)                  Skills/Tools
C#.Net, VB.Net,          ASP.Net, C#.NET,
ASP.Net                  VB.Net, SQL Server

Mar 2008 – Jun 2008      Deloitte Company – Atlanta, Ga
                         Accounting Financial Company
Title                    Environment            Design and development of reporting software for use in
                                                Benchmarking and Accounting Services, using Visual C#.Net,
Consultant               Windows                VB.Net, ASP.Net, and SQL Server 2005.

Role(s)                  Skills/Tools
C#.Net, VB.Net, VB6      C#.NET, SQL Server

Dec 2006 – Feb 2008      GTConveryor – Dallas, Tx
                         Airport Conveyor Belt Systems
Title                    Environment            Design and development for the conveyor belt systems of the
                                                Minnesota Airport. Developed computer programs to operate
Consultant               Windows                the conveyor belt system using SQL Server 2005, SQL Server
                                                Reporting Services and Visual C#.Net.
Role(s)                  Skills/Tools
SQL Server, C#.Net       C#.NET, SQL Server .
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P.O. Box 725144  Atlanta, GA 31139                                 404-843-1365 h         770-833-2791 c

Feb 2006 – Oct 2006    Blue Cross Blue Shield – Atlanta, GA
                       Health Care – Insurance Company
Title                  Environment              Designed and development of a VB.Net application to
                                                automate the processing of patient records. Patient records
Consultant             Windows                  where acquired from Mainframe computers using Attachmate,
                                                where they was processed by VB.Net for adjudicating patient
Role(s)                Skills/Tools             records and claims.
VB.NET / XML           VB.NET, SQL Server

Sep 2005 – Feb 2006    Weyerhauser Corp – Atlanta, GA
                       International wood products company
Title                  Environment              Designed and developed a .NET application, for use by home
                                                builders and contractors, which aided in the selection of wood
Consultant             Windows                  joist, building supplies and products, based on consumer
Role(s)                Skills/Tools             Developed the application using VB.Net, which used XML for
                                                its data storage.
VB.NET/XML             .NET, VB.NET, XML

Apr 2004 – Aug 2005    AIM Healthcare – Nashville, TN
                       Service provider to the Health Insurance industry
Title                  Skills/Tools             Designed and Developed Web Applications for use in the
                                                health care industry, using .NET.
Consultant             C#.NET, VB.NET,          Applications were developed to user requirements, for the
                       ASP.NET, ADO.NET,        processing, billing, and auditing of data.
Role(s)                JavaScript, SQL Server   Designed and implemented applications to automate and
                                                simplify user job requirements and processes.
Web Developer

Jan 2004 – Apr 2004    General Electric Company – Kansas City, KS
                       Piping and Oil company
Title                  Skills/Tools             Designed and Developed applications for the Oil and Gas
                                                Piping Industry using C#.NET, VB.Net, ASP.NET, ADO.NET,
Consultant             C#.NET, VB.Net,          XML, SQL Server 2000, Oracle, AutoCAD and Microstation.
                       ASP.NET, ADO.NET,        Worked on the creation of applications to track, map, monitor,
Role(s)                XML, SQL Server ,        and inventory the data and location of gas piping lines, using
                       Oracle, and AutoCAD      GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
Web Developer
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P.O. Box 725144  Atlanta, GA 31139                                    404-843-1365 h         770-833-2791 c

May 1999 – Dec 2003     AkroMetrix / Georgia Tech University – Atlanta, GA
                        Provider of contract testing services for large OEM electronics manufacturers
Title                   Environment                 Provided full life-cycle design and development for an
                                                    application and database, used to monitor and measure the
Consultant              Windows                     warpage of electronic circuit boards, on electronic equipment.
                                                    The equipment was designed and developed under a
Role(s)                 Skills/Tools                government grant at Georgia Tech, and consisted of a camera
                                                    which took 3-dimensional images of circuit boards, passing
Architect / Developer   C#.NET, MSAccess.       .
                                                    along a conveyor belt.

Sep 2000 – Jan 2001     CNN – Turner Broadcasting – Atlanta, GA
                        News and entertainment broadcasting company
Title                   Environment                 Oracle Data Conversions from multiple legacy database and
                                                    data systems. Acquired data from SQL Server, Access 2000,
Application Developer   Windows                     Foxpro, Excel, and text files, and converted them into an
                                                    Oracle Maximo database using Visual C++ and PL/SQL.
                        Skills/Tools                Assignment also included the troubleshooting and debugging
                                                    of television monitoring equipment software using Visual
                        Visual C++, PL/SQL,
                                                    Basic, Oracle, and Crystal Reports.
                        Visual Basic, Oracle

Jan 2000 – Aug 2000     Lucent Technology – Atlanta, GA
                        Manufacturer and provider of services in telecommunications
Title                   Skills/Tools                Developed a Visual C++ application which extracted data from
                                                    AutoCAD drawings, into a relational structure within Oracle
Application Developer   Autolisp, Visual C++,       and SQL Server databases. The extracted
                        Oracle, SQL Server          telecommunications data was processed into reports and
                                                    queries, which reduced man-hours.

Apr 1998 – May 1999     ENA Company – Atlanta, GA
Title                   Skills/Tools                  Developed an inventory and forecasting package for use in
                                                      the telephone and telecommunications industry.
Application Developer   Visual C++, Oracle
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P.O. Box 725144  Atlanta, GA 31139                                404-843-1365 h          770-833-2791 c

Jan 1998 – Apr 1998     MDT Company – Atlanta, GA
                        Designer of robotic systems
Title                   Skills/Tools           Developed a Visual C++ data archiving application for use in
                                               the control of robots. The application received data from
Application Developer   Visual C++             robotic programmable logic controllers, which used Allen-
                                               Bradley and Seimens PLC’s.

Jun 1997 – Jan 1998     Delta Airlines – Atlanta, GA
                        Air transportation provider
Title                   Skills/Tools           Developed programming tools and applications for use on the
                                               Delta Year 2000 project. Tools were used to process and
Application Developer   Visual C++, Visual     inventory information of aircraft, using Visual C++, Visual
                        Basic, MS Access       Basic and Microsoft Access.

Feb 1997 – Jun 1997     MCI Telephone Co. – Atlanta, GA
                        Leading telecommunications company
Title                   Skills/Tools           Developed a user-configured reporting application, which
                                               automatically sent E-Mail and reports to clients on a daily
Application Developer   Visual C++, Oracle,    bases using Visual C++, Oracle, and SQL Server.
                        SQL Server             Worked with users and customers to resolve issues.

Mechanical Electro-     Aerospace and Defense Contractor - worked for the following companies
mechanical Designer     McDonnell Douglas, TRW, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing

Prior to working as a computer programmer, I worked as a mechanical designer in the Aerospace and
Defense industry. During this time I performed engineering design work on the following government
projects: The Boeing 767 Aircraft, the Space Shuttle, the F16-Jet Fighter Aircraft,, the MX-Missile
armored box launcher, and Nuclear powered submarines.

** In some cases, I have worked two jobs at the same time.

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