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                                                               7. When you use mortality of rate of population of
1. SMR in epidemiology is                                      a. Indirect
a. the ratio of expected death to observe death                b. Direct
b. the ratio of observed death to expected death               c. Direct or indirect
c. the figure of observed death obtained from                  d. Direct comparing 2 population
particular population                                          e. Indirect comparing 2 population
d. The figure of expected death reflect for larger
population                                                     8. When you use mortality of rate of standard
e. The figure of expected death reflect for health             population,
outcome                                                        a. Indirect
                                                               b. Direct
2. In direct standardization, the standar is                   c. Direct or indirect
a. Population                                                  d. Direct comparing 2 population
b. Rate                                                        e. Indirect comparing 2 population
c. Ratio
d. Simple population                                           9. Standardization is used to
e. Simple population                                           a. Compare different area with specific death rate
                                                               b. Adjustment rate is equal
3. Adjustment with standarditation is not needed if            c. Compare between two medial
a. The population is very big                                  d. Compare between two mean
b. The distribution of the population among the strata         e. Reduce the effect of unwanted variable such as age
is the same for the population being compare
c. The distribution of the population among the strata         10. P&Q punya equal mortality rate
is not the same for the population being compare               p punya lower crude mortality conclude….
d. The rate among the strata is the same for the               a. P has younger population than Q
population being compared
e. The sample is equal with total population.                  utk soal 11-15
                                                               a. direct standardiztion
4. SMR >1, means                                               b. indirect standardization
a. ∑ death > expected death                                    c. stratified analysis
b. Expected death > ∑ death                                    d. SMR
c. Population = homogenous                                     e. age adjusted rate
d. Populatin = stable
e. > 100% death due to disease                                 11. ... heterogenous...
                                                               12. .... single standard population...
5. In direct adjustment when the age structure of              13. .... “rate”....
population is young you can choose a “standard” standar        14. .... observed to expected.....
population?                                                    15. ratio between 2 adjusted death rate
a. Developing world standar
b. Developed world standar                                     utk soal 16-30 :
c. Global standar                                              a. Cross sectional
d. Local population                                            b. prospective cohort study
e. National population                                         c. retrospective cohort study
                                                               d. case control
6. Adjustment is another term used for                         e. clinical trial
a. Stratification
b. Controlling confounder                                      16. Attitude of student toward the facilities available
c. Direct standardization                                      in the library?
d. In direct standardization                                   17. Perasaan puas thd suatu produk tergolong yang
e. Standardization                                             mana?
                                                               18. ... resiko cancer thdp....

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19. ...Analysis history....                                    d. chance
20. ... cholera....                                            e. external validation
21. Osteoporosis – Ca defisiensi ...
22. .... longitudinal study....                                39. family support will affect the result of the study
23. The risk of endometrial cancer in women with               40. Participants of the study must have had minimum
estrogen used                                                  of two previous treatment for opioid dependence,
24. Health needs for community                                 including at least one attempt at methadone
25. Occurences of liver cirrhosis in 15 years and 20           maintenance treatment
years of alcohol consumption, longitudinal study               41. A
26. Require smaller sample size than prospective               42. The reduction of illicit drug for using were self
cohort study                                                   report
27. A number of exposure can be studied                        43. A
28. The extent of unemployment in a city                       Pilihan soal nomor 44-46
29. Relationship between house environment and                 A. Prevalence - incidence bias
academic achievement                                           B. Self - selection bias
30. Perbandingan antara control exposure dengan case           C. referral bias
exposure                                                       D. response bias
                                                               E. healthy worker bias
utk soal 31-37 :                                               F. hawthorne bias
a. cross sectional                                             G. misclassification bias
b. case control
c. cohort study                                                44. You decide to conduct a retrospective study
d. case report                                                 45. A
e. phenomenology
f. grounded theory                                             Soal untuk nomor 46 - 47
g. ethnography                                                 Study design in 2009 compared advantage nifedipin
h. laboratory research                                         over methildopa for treatment severe preeclampsia.
                                                               Cases from admission in previsious year. 200 case are
31. are these new cases really similiar with the older         divided equally in each arm.
32. research conducted in order to see the correlation         46. What is the study design?
between prior cases of bird flu infection and dead             A. Cross-sectional
birds.                                                         B. Case report
33. if the new cases had similiar sign and symptom, are        C. Case series
they caused by similiar virus?                                 D. Clinical trial
34. if the new cases caused by similiar virus, are they        E. Experimental study
spread with similiar route of infection?
35. if the new case spreads by similiar route, how will        47. To minimize bias, the following step can be done
the community react to the condition?                          A. Only nulliparous are selected
36. kalau misalnya sudah ketemu bahwa penyebab flu             B. All patient same gestation age
burung itu unggas yg mati, maka akan dilakukan proses          C. Both arm matched
pemusnahan unggas. kita ingin mengetahui apa yang              D. Data be analyzed quantitative
masyarakat lakukan untuk memusnahkan unggas2 itu.              E. Randomized and blinding
*kurang lebih beginces ya?lupa2 ingat. hehehehe =p*
37. if we should warn the community about the danger           48. A
of bird flu, we need a specific way to educate                 49. A
different community                                            50. Select the statement that suitable for the studies.

Pilihan soal nomor 38 - 43                                     Another study is conducted to investigate the impact
a. selecting bias                                              of coffee consumption on cardiovascular response
b. information bias                                            among regularly exercised student compared to non-
c. confounding                                                 regularly exercised student.

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                                                                yang prostitute, result was surprisingly raise than HIV
51. Which of the following factor would you consider as         prevalence by WHO. Discrepancy result?
intervention?                                                   a. Recall bias
a. Interview with study subject                                 b. Observer bias
b. Measuring of circulating adrenalin                           c. Selection bias
c. Coffee consumption                                           d. Reporting bias
d. Blood pressure measure                                       e. Publication bias
e. Level of exercise
                                                                60. Fact yields some result/outcome, consistent when
52. Which of the following is an experimental study?            repeated in other time/place. Study:
a. Physical fitness among factory worker in treadmill           a. Valid
session                                                         b. Reliable
b. The impact of methionin enriched media to bacterial          c. Accurate
growth                                                          d. Effective
c. Central venous monitoring is more effective in high          e. Dependable
risk unit observation of stroke
d. Penggunaan oral contraceptive in young-adult

53. 3 different drugs are packed with the same
capsule, same size, and same colour, same instruction
and being given. What’s the name of it?
a. Sampling
b. Randomization
c. Blinding
d. …

54. The following condition require a clinical trial to be
terminated :
a. The result show minor side effect
b. The study show marginal benefit
c. Subjects drop outs
d. Non-compliance
e. Lost to follow up

55. ada tabel panjang banget n ditanyakesimpulan tabel
tersebut,,,menurut g c jawabannya counfounding
factors that contribute to the study

56. perbandingan advantage nifedipine,methyldopa 
preeklampsia mnggunakan study design yg mana?

57. Control group = treatment group, fulfill criteria :
a. Study subject should not exceeds in number over
the other group
b. Treatment always get placebo
c. Proven by statistical test
d. Treatment both group same
e. Better drugs = better result

58. ....inclusion,exclusion...

59. Screen test HIV carried out among man & woman

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UAS-BHP 3                                                       Which is the most reasonable objection
                                                                a. The treatment will be painful such as IV fluid, blood
1.From all patient you have. You only choose the pretty         b. The man was decissionally in capacitated as the
and clean. Which one of the statement that                      result diabetic enchelopathy
contraindicated with the physician’s attitude?                  c. Patient autonom
a. non maleficence                                              d. He was not fully informed the risk and benefit
b. justice                                                      treatment
c. Respect for person
d. Autonomy of the profesi                                      7.di ruang emergency, ada bapak2 diabeticketoacidosis,
e. beneficence                                                  stengaah sadar, ga ada keluarga, merefuse smua
                                                                treatment. Apa yang kita lakukan?
2. Saat menghadapi pasien gangrene menutup hidung               a.Directly treatment without permission
dan mulut. Melawan prinsip apa?                                 b.Meminta dia untuk menanda tangani surat refusal
a. beneficence                                                  c.No treat
b. Respectof patient right
c. autonomy                                                     8. Bayi lahir dan komplikasiDM : anencephaly. Apa yang
d. justice                                                      dilalkukan
e.all above                                                     a. Do not resuscitate
                                                                b.not tell the mother
teks untuk no 3-5                                               c. do resuscitate and assist respiration
12 yo boy is diagnose of having pituitary tumor. Doctor         d. ask mother’s opinion
recommendoperation. Parents refused because of                  e. oxygen mask
financial problem and the boy’s grand father worries
about the failure of the treatment                              9. Dokter pasien DMkaki gangrene, ketika memeriksa
                                                                menutup hidung apakah yang sudah dilakukanoleh
3. Regarding the patient refusal you consider it as             dokter itu?
A. patient’s preference                                         a. beneficence
b.autonomy on behalf of the boy                                 b. against respect to patient
c. cultural belief                                              c.justice
d.nonmalefcince                                                 d.maleficence
e. justice                                                      e. unclassified

4. Ethical issue regarding the financial problems and           10. Thin tall woman come to doctor ask medication for
grandparent’s concern                                           weight gain . Dikasih prednisone ga dikasih tau berapa
a. patient’s preference                                         lama and side effect obat contoh : cushing syndrome
b. patient’s surrogates                                         Kategori sikap dokter
c. parent rensponsibility                                       a. Paternalism
d. concern of QOL                                               b. Beneficence
e. contextual feature                                           c. Justice
                                                                d. Knowledge drug = doctor’s secret
5. The doctor ignore the parent’s refusal                       e. Sikap dokter melawan prinsip dari informed consent
What principle is applied by the doctor
a. paternalism                                                  11. Vegetative state is condition that?
b. beneficence                                                  a. Patients don’t have wake and sleep cycle
c. autonomy and self determination                              b. Cannot be aroused from sleep
d. d. patient’s incapability                                    c. Can interact with stimuli
e. quality of life                                              d. Can carry out any motor act that require plan of
6. 45 yo admit to ER with impaired unconscious because          e. Patients have capacity for wakefulness but not
of diabeticketoacidosis. He didn’t agree with all the           awareness
treatment. The treatment then was initiated on
authorization of his wife                                       12. Etiology of PVS ?

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Acute, subacute, chronic and developmental                      e. Better science and medical advance of breaking life
                                                                20. Which one is ready to grow?
13. Basic topography patterns of neuropathology in              a. Embryonic tissue
patients who have died PVS?                                     b. Tumor tissue
Predominantly neocortical, thalamic, diffused axonal            c. Solid tissue
injury and subcortical white matter damage                      d. Dissociated suspension cell
(ket : Pnjelasan 11-13 lihat slide “Vegetative                  e. Immortal cell
State”,slide yg thn dulu….)
                                                                21. Anak 10 tahun dibawa ibunya, pas interview terpisah
14. Which of the following is correct about brain               ternyata anaknya mengalami physical abuse oleh ibunya.
death?                                                          Dia minta kpd dokter agar tidak memberi tahu ibunya.
a. Reversible cessation heartbeat                               Sikap kita?
b. Brainstem death inequivalent to individual death             a. Setuju, krn respek hak si anak
c. Death is defined as irreversible end of life                 b. Setuju, supaya si anak ga dimarahin ibunya
                                                                c. Menolak, krn si anak belum cukup umur
15. Which one of the following statement regarding the          d. Bilang setuju tapi nanti ngasi tau ibunya diam-diam
brain death is/are correct?                                     e. Memberi tahu ibunya setelah dapat inform consent
All of above (opsi2ny sm persis dgn yg d slide)                 dari pasien

16. What is the legal issue of brain death concerning           22. Wanita berusia 27 tahun dibawa ayahnya ke dokter.
on?                                                             Dia bilang ada aural hallucination dan setuju
a. Decision making involves the management of                   ditreatment karena menganggap ayahnya ‘titisan Tuhan’.
patients with hopeless prognosis in the face of                 Kita inform consentnya ke siapa?
societal responsibility and limited resources                   a. Dari pasien, karena respek patient’s right
b. Further discussion involves patients who are not             b. Dari pasien, karena respek autonomy
brain death bur who are incompetent at the time of              c. Dari ayah, karena pasien tidak bisa mengerti info
their severe illness                                            dari kita
c. Withdrawal of care is a reasonable and generally             d. Dari ayah, karena menghargai sbg kepala keluarga
accepted course of action if certain condition prevail          e. Dari brother, karena punya hub. lebih dekat dgn
d. Decision making in such cases must respect the               pasien ketimbang ayahnya
ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence
nonmalficence and justice                                       23. yang ada pria dikasih benzodiazepine..
e. The patient wishes if known and if legal should
always prevail and are most valid if written in a legal         Paragraf buat no. 24-26
document called living will                                     Anak laki” usia 16 thn dibawa ibunya ke dokter karena
                                                                nilai sekolahnya menurun selama 2 semester terakhir.
17. The things that should be carefully watched by the          Setelah interview terpisah ternyata anak tersebut 2
clinicians regarded the brain death is/are?                     tahun ini menggunakan drugs. Si anak minta kita jangan
All of above (opsi2ny sm persis dgn yg d slide)                 kasi tau ibunya ttg hal ini.

18. What is nerve transplantation?                              24. Tindakan kita sbg dokter?
a. A nerve graft                                                a.
b. Repairing the nerve                                          b.
c. Grafting and suturing the nerve                              c.
d. Implanting neural tissue in rich vascular                    d.
e. All of above                                                 e.

19. Harvesting fetal donor tissue?                              25. A 16 yo boy comes to the clinic with her mom. In
a. Increase abortion                                            separate interview, he tells you that he is a drug
b. Unethical                                                    abuser, and he asks you to not tell her mom. Your
c. Save the Parkinson                                           principle ethic in here :
d. Breaking the right to live                                   A. Yes,because you respect his right

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B. Yes, because you want protect him                             dengan keluhan ga bisa tidur. Ada guilty feeling to God.
C. No, because he is not adult yet                               Walau berbeda keyakinan, kamu mencoba untuk
D. Pura2 nge-iya-in tp diam2 ngomong ke ibunya                   membantunya. Prinsip etika medis apa yang ditunjukkan
E. Yes after get the informed consent from him                   dokter?
                                                                 a. U shall be Dedicated
26. Reason tindakan kita?                                        b. Honestly
a. Respect autonomy                                              c. Respect the law
b. Respect law & patient’s right                                 d. Respect right of patient
c. lupa hehe ;p                                                  e. Recognize a responsibility...
e.                                                               31. 20 years old male : minta Benzodiazepine yang biasa
                                                                 dia pake untuk mengobati insomnia nya dan jika dia
Paragraf buat no. 27-28                                          tidak mengonsumsi maka dia menjadi restless. Dokter
A 60 years old man had a stroke 3 years ago. His illness         merujuknya ke psikiatri.
was getting worse & he had recently diagnosed as                 Which is the principle of medical ethics that applicable
dementia by neurologist. The old man is very rich &              to this condition?
keeps all his money in the bank. He has 3 married sons           a. you shall be dedicated
from his first wife. His son asked your help to give             b. you shall be honestly
them a letter that stated their father’s diagnose. This          c. you shall respect the law
letter will be used in court for their father’s curate.          d. you shall respect the right of patient
                                                                 e. you shall recognize and responsibility of patient
27. As a general practitioner, how do you respond this
request?                                                         32. Orang yahudi?
a. You will give them that letter because their father’s         a. you shall be dedicated
condition will become worse                                      b. you shall be honestly
b. You will give them that letter because it is the right        c. you shall respect the law
of them                                                          d. you shall respect the right of patient
c. You will not give them that letter because it is not          e. you shall recognize and responsibility of patient
your competence & advise them to get a lawyer
d. You will advise them to ask the formal letter from            33. a mother brought her 17 years old daughter with
the court to the Director of the Government General              bizarre behavior : grimacing, violent, inability to take
Hospital                                                         care of her
e. You will advise them to ask the formal letter from            Which is the principle of medical ethics that applicable
the court for the neurologist was concern with                   to this condition?
                                                                 a. you shall be dedicated
28. What is the reason for your decision?                        b. you shall be honestly
a. Respect for autonomy and justice                              c. you shall respect the law
b. Respect for autonomy and beneficence                          d. you shall respect the right of patient
c. Beneficence and justice                                       e. you shall recognize and responsibility of patient
d. Beneficence and nonmaleficence
e. Justice and nonmaleficence                                    36. what is the quality of physician of being proficient
                                                                 in both the art and science of medicine
29. Wanita 20 tahun dibawa ke dokter oleh ayahnya.               a. Capitation
Keluhannya agitasi, dll. Didiagnosis schizophrenia sejak         b. compression
2 tahun yang lalu, kemudian diberi obat (lupa namanya…)          c. competence
injection. Inform consent ke siapa?                              d. confidentiality
a.                                                               e. collegial
c.                                                               37. what is the identification with or various
d.                                                               experiencing of the feeling, thoughts, or attitude of
e.                                                               another?
                                                                 a. beneficience
30. Pria 60 tahun, arsitek, Yudaism, dating ke dokter            b. benevolent

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c. epidemiology                                                  another person secret is
d. empathy                                                       a. Compasion
e. ethical                                                       b. Competence
                                                                 c. Colegial
38. the condition controlling one's own life, being able         d. Capitation
to make decision for one self is..                               e. Confidentially
a. legal
b. justice                                                       45. To perform unnecessary surgery is
c. integrity                                                     a. Stringency
d. autonomy                                                      b. Ethical
e. malficience                                                   c. Unethical
                                                                 d. Comprehension
39. in the content of informed consent, discussion with          e. Respect for person
patient should include ..
a. commercial relationship
b. anticipated benefit and risk for patient
c. communication to the public
d. responsibility of physician to one another to their
e. ethical principles and behaviour in integral part of
practice of medicine

40. principles of ethical practice that apply to all
a. delegated service
b. research
c. patient autonomy
d. collegiality
e. commercial relationship

41. Basic premise fundamental of informed consent
a. Physician must be competent
b. Adult human can determine what to do with his/her
c. High developed of new treatmet
d. –
e. Commercial relationship

42. Elemen inform consent
a. Collegality
b. New techno
c. Compensation
d. Voluntariness
e. Relayed service

43. Patient chosen not to have treatment
a. Alternative treatment
b. Therapeutic previlage
c. Comprehension
d. Compensation
e. Patient refusal

44. The holding of private information regarding

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UAS-PHOP 3                                                    10. penyebab diare akibat virus pada anak2
                                                              a.rota virus
                                                              b. hepatitis a
These are the answers for question number 1-5.                c. hepatitis b
a. waterborne disease
b. water privation disease                                    11. Synthesis fiber menggantikan asbestos ?
c. water-based disease                                        a. Eliminasi
d. water related disease                                      b. Subtitusi
e. water dispersed infection                                  c. Administrasi
                                                              d. Engineering
1. disease like malaria dengue, yellow fever, and             e. Self-protection
Japanese encephalitis are include in..
Ans : D                                                       12. Permits for high risk?
                                                              a. Eliminasi
2. disease that affected more by quantity rather than         b. Subtitusi
quality                                                       c. Administrasi
Ans : B                                                       d. Engineering
                                                              e. Self-protection
3. arise from the contamination of water by human or
animal feces or urine infected by pathogenic viruses or       13. ...is the removal of asbestos from buildings?
bacteria..                                                    a. Eliminasi
Ans : A                                                       b. Subtitusi
                                                              c. Administrasi
4. water provides the habitat for intermediate host           d. Engineering
organism to pass their life cycle..                           e. Self-protection
Ans : C
                                                              14. The hierarcy of control : Enclosing the process &
5. pathogen proliferate in fresh water and enter to the       increasing ventilation to get rid of steam & hot air
body from respiratory tract?                                  a. Elimination
Ans : E                                                       b. Substitution
                                                              c. Engineering
These are for question number 6-7                             d. Administrative
a. arsenic                                                    e. Personal protective equipment
b. fluoride
c. iodine                                                     15. According to hierarchy of control what is
d. nitrates                                                   classification of rotation job?
e. cyanides                                                   a. Elimination
                                                              b. Substitution
6. which is the following is a chemical can reduce to         c. Engineering
another chemical substances and combine with                  d. Administrative
hemoglobin?                                                   e. Personal protective equipment
Ans : D
                                                              16. What is index that indicates distribution of such
7. which is the following can cause thyroid gland             vector aedes aegypty surveillance?
enlargement?                                                  a. Breateau
Ans : C                                                       b. Water
                                                              c. Container
8. ~ index ???                                                d. mosquito
9. ada di slide 16-17 important chemical in water(waste
water), ~ eutropication (~pertmbhn algae),                    17. The insecticide that classified as organochlorine ?
acidification (~ vehicle)                                     a. DDT

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18. Early vector....                                            b. Chemical warfare
                                                                c. Nuclear warfare
19. which is the following sentence is advantage of             d.
larvicidal application ?                                        e. Guerilla warfare
a. Cost effectively
b. The operation carried out in long time                       27. Sinar ultra violet yang menyebabkan kerusakan kulit
c. Maybe toxic to human                                         dan tanning
d. Some larvacidal may harm other organism                      a. UV-A
e. Many effective larvicide is widely available.                b. UV-B
                                                                c. UV-C
20. Alasan memilih insecticide untuk metode residual            d. UV-A dan UV-B (~IKLAN POND’S)
wall spraying                                                   e. UV-A dan UV-C
a. Technically simple methods
b. No need trained personnel                                    28. Which of the following is the right gas of
c. Cheaper                                                      greenhouse gas?
d. Technical involvement of the community.                      a. Carbon dioxide
e. Requiring high investment for a limited period               b. Carbon monoxide
                                                                c. Sulfur dioxide
21. What is the early vector control program?                   d. Volatile organic compound
a. The use of treated mosquito net                              e. Ozone
b. The use of mosquito net
c. The use of carbamate                                         29. Characteristic of technological disaster?
d. The use of insecticide vaporizer
e. The use of protective clothing                               30. Effect of ozone depletion?
                                                                a. Immunological
22. DDT is no longer use because of…                            b. GI tract
a. Short life                                                   c. Urogenital
b. Non highly toxic                                             d. Reproductive
c. Merusak lingkungan                                           e. Respiratory
d. Biodegradable
e. Mahal

23. Which is classified as natural repellent?
a. ethyl….
c. pyrethrum

24. Community control
A.membasmi breeding in and around house

25. Aedes mosquito play a role in … disease
a. Japanese encephalitis
b. Malaria
c. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
d. Schistosomiasis
e. Trypanosomiasis

26. Warfare yang dilakukan oleh kaum lemah terhadap
kaum yg lebih dominan/kuat, serangannya periodik dan
tidak terduga…
a. Biological warfare

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