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Business Education by U6be1K


									                                                    Business Education
                                                                   Moscrop Secondary School


                                                          Who Wants to Be A Millionaire??
                                                     Well, you will need some business knowledge.


                                                              If you have any questions about
                                                          Business Education Courses, please ask:

                                                                               Ms. Cho
                                                                             Ms. Martens
                                                                           Ms. Siltala-Mort
                                                                            Ms. Wispinski
                                                                          Or your Counsellor

 NOTE: Information provided in this handout is to help increase the student’s understanding of the range of topics that may be covered in the described course. Specific order of topics and length of
time spent on topics depends on the student’s interests and abilities as well as available resources. The specific course outlines are given to students at the beginning of the courses. These outlines
                                                                          override any information suggested in this brochure.
Here is your chance to learn more about computers. In this fantastic, skill based course, you will learn the many
capabilities of MS OFFICE. The information you learn in this course will help you when you are preparing assignments
for your other subjects. You will learn how to incorporate and manipulate graphics into documents. You have the
opportunity to use the scanner and digital camera. No prerequisite.

Are you interested in learning about starting a business, investing, the law and how to be a wise consumer? This
course introduces many business topics. You may find after taking this course that you’re interested in taking
Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Business Computer Applications, or Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Stay on the edge of technology. In this project driven course
MS OFFICE, is one of the many software applications used.
No matter what your career path is, you need to know how to effectively and efficiently create and manipulate
documents as well as use desktop publishing skills. These skills can be used in the workplace and in post-secondary

Are you still having trouble using the computer? This course
was designed for you. The information you learn in this course will help you when you are preparing assignments for
your other subjects. You will learn how to incorporate and manipulate graphics into documents. You have the
opportunity to use the scanner and the digital camera. No prerequisite.
*This four-credit course does not count as an applied skills course because it is Board Approved

Want to bring your creative talents and computer skills together?
This project-based course gives you an opportunity to use the
computer to its full capacity. You will create advertisements, or a magazine page, track a stock portfolio, create a
visual oral presentation. Maybe you like sports and want to learn how to track statistics on players. Perhaps your goal
is college or university, learn how to wow your professors with your computer skills for reports. Pre-requisites: working
knowledge of MS OFFICE.

Want to continue working with computers in Grade 12? Then
this is the course for you. Continue to develop advanced
computer skills. Create business web-pages, start to use Flash
to create animations for web-pages. This is the last high school
opportunity to learn more about computer applications including desktop publishing and graphics. Students will use
the digital camera and scanner. Prior computer knowledge is a must. Recommended prerequisites: Business
Computer Apps 11, or Intro to Computers 11.

Want to use your creative edge in the business world? Not only will this course give you valuable knowledge for
post-secondary school, it will give you an edge if you are seeking a part-time job. Marketing 11will give you
hands-on retail sales skills, including cash register experience, to add to your resume. This is a fantastic
opportunity to be a part of the “Underground Team,” at the Moscrop school store.
 Do you want to be a leader in our school business community? This course is designed for students interested in
 managerial experience, while running the school store. This is your chance to design Moscrop clothing, manage and
   schedule staff, make purchasing decisions and run promotionial
   activites. FUN!

You’re Hired! Donald Trump did not become successful without first learning Accounting and neither will you. Every
business needs to know how to manage money. This practical course will give you an edge in the business world.

“You’re Fired!…Unless you take this course.” Donald Trump
This course is highly recommended if you are considering studying Commerce or Business Administration, or if you are
thinking about starting your own business. A great course for building your resume, this fundamental course prepares
you to work in a business environment and start to understand management decisions. This course focuses on
computerized accounting.
Recommended prerequisites: Accounting 11, OR a C+ in Math Principles 10.

Did you know that Economics 12 is accepted by SFU for GPA calculations for first-year admission? This shows that
this course is respected throughout post-secondary institutions. Economics is a must for any university Business
graduate. Get a head start. Understand why the IPOD is now selling for $99.00 when just before Christmas it was
$200+. The concepts of Supply and Demand impact everything. From the price of clothes, to food, to the Canadian
Dollar. WOW!

                                WORKING ON YOUR GRADUATION
                      There are many opportunities to document and complete
                      projects in Business Education that can be used for Portfolio
                      Core and Choice credit.

                      3.2     Bus. Computer Apps           Computer careers/ business jobs
                      5.1     Bus. Computer Apps           Various assignments
                      5.2     Bus. Computer Apps           Various assignments
                      5.3     Bus. Computer Apps           Various assignments
                      5.4     Bus. Computer Apps           Various assignments
                      1.1     Intro to Business 10         Respond to advertisements
                      2.4     Intro to Business 10         Child labor
                      5.1     Intro to Business 10         Stock project
                                                           Use the internet to research information,
                      5.2     Intro to Business 10
                                                           Fashion projects, slogans, stocks.
                      1.3     Marketing 11                 Advertising
                      2.1     Marketing 11                 Christmas Hampers
                      4.4     Marketing 11                 Shopping bags assignment
                      5.1     Accounting 11                Excel assignments
                      3.2     Accounting 12                Accounting careers assignment
                      5.2     Accounting 12                Accounting careers assignment
                      5.1     Intro to Computer Apps 11    Various assignments
                      5.2     Intro to Computer Apps 11    Various assignments
                      5.3     Intro to Computer Apps 11    Various assignments
                      5.4     Intro to Computer Apps 11    Various assignments
                      3.4     Economics 12                 Career Research in Economics
                      5.3     Economics 12                 Excel Graphing Project
                     Business Education Department Course Offerings
                               Moscrop Secondary School

     8                                                   Grade 8

  Intro to
   Apps.                                                 Grade 9

 Business     Intro to           Information
Computers     Business           Technology             Grade 10
  Apps.          10                   10

 Intro to      Business
Computers     Computers           Marketing              Accounting      Tourism
 Apps. 11      Apps. 11              11                      11            11

                              Senior Courses
                           Grade 11 and Grade 12

 Computer            Entrepreneurship             Accounting          Tourism
Management             & Marketing                    12                12
    12               Management 12


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