Creative Producer Application Pack by lwIAX807


									Dear Applicant,

Re: Creative Producer

Thank you for your interest in the post of Creative Producer.

Please find enclosed:

          Background information about Tamasha and its work
          A summary Job Description and Person Specification
          An Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form (this questionnaire will be separated on receipt of
           applications and is not obligatory but by completing it you will help us monitor the effectiveness
           our equal opportunities policy)

Application is by CV and cover letter outlining relevant skills and experience with specific
reference to the job description and person specification, with details of two referees.

Please send your application and equal opportunities monitoring form either by post to:

Régis Cochefert (Chair)
c/o Tamasha Theatre Company
Unit 220, Great Guildford Business Square
30 Great Guildford Street
London, SE1 0HS

or by email to with “Executive Producer post” in the subject line.

If you would like to discuss the role before applying, please do not hesitate to contact Bryan Savery
(Interim Executive Director) on 020 7633 2274.

The deadline for applications is midday on Tuesday 16th March 2010.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted shortly after the closing date and invited to interview in the week
commencing 22nd March 2010.

We look forward to receiving your application.

With best wishes,

Régis Cochefert
Chair, Tamasha Theatre Company


Tamasha Theatre Company                                 Unit 220, Great Guildford Business Square   e   t 020 7633 2270
Registered Charity No. 1001483 VAT No. GB 589 7696 43   30 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0HS   w    f 020 7021 0421
      [This pack contains various references / links to relevant pages on Tamasha’s website:

About Us

Tamasha means commotion, creating a stir.

Our goal is to transform theatre to create a space where British Asian talent takes centre stage, through
original writing and productions that provoke debate, ideas, passion and laughter.

Tamasha is the product of a unique partnership between director Kristine Landon-Smith and actor /
playwright Sudha Bhuchar. Together they have inspired and challenged audiences for over 18 years with
major productions from their debut Untouchable, through to Tamasha-commissioned East is East and
Balti Kings and the recently acclaimed A Fine Balance and Wuthering Heights.

At Tamasha the writing comes first. We are major investors in new writing, with the aim of retelling our
histories, revealing the hidden stories and sharing the complexities of the world with modern theatre
audiences. We draw on history, culture and evolving languages to evoke the complexities and subtleties
of cultural connection and difference.

Tamasha productions do more than tell a story. They reflect an approach which is curious about the
world - sophisticated, fearless and funny. A key part of our mission is to take our stories to a national and
increasingly international audience.

Tamasha is more than theatre production. We are nurturers of artistic talent and innovative practice.
Through our programme Tamasha Developing Artists, we have been able to discover and support new
Asian artists of all disciplines. Our Development Awards provide direct support for promising artists and
enable Tamasha to pioneer the showcasing of original work from British Asian playwrights, directors and

Today, Tamasha is embarking upon a new phase, to grow the hub we have created for the best in British
Asian talent, the platform for challenging new work and the catalyst for a real change in the way theatre
tells all our stories.

For more about Tamasha’s history from 1989 to the present day click here.


Tamasha is funded by Arts Council England as an RFO (Regularly Funded Organisation):
     to commission, create and present new productions, as well as adapting works of literature or film
       for theatre
     to produce work of artistic ambition, innovation and excellence
     to seek an audience reach as wide as its work, in age, culture and ethnicity
     and to present its work in a range of venues nationally
Arts Council England’s funding also partly contributes towards Tamasha Developing Artists.

Tamasha also receives funding from London Councils and raises the additional funds it needs from
Trusts & Foundations, individuals, corporate sponsorship and other private sources as well as through
the Box Office.


Artistic Directors                     Sudha Bhuchar & Kristine Landon-Smith (Click here for biogs)
Interim Executive Director             Bryan Savery
Head of Development                    Alexander Leiffheidt
Development Officer                    Jackie Cumming (currently on maternity leave)
Administrator/Assistant Producer       Julia Good
Finance Officer                        Jane Porter
Curator: Developing Artists            Orlagh Woods
Curator: 21st Birthday Celebrations    Christine Twite
Marketing Consultant                   Rasheed Rahman
Press & PR Consultant                  Nancy Poole

Tamasha’s Board

Régis Cochefert (Chair) - Programme Manager, Arts Programme, Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Fleur Bothwick - Director, Diversity & Inclusiveness, Ernst & Young
Matt Carter - Managing Director, Penn Schoen and Berland Associates
Anuj J Chande - Partner, Grant Thornton UK
Shernaz Engineer - Founder / Managing Director, Verity Appointments
Lorraine Heggessey -Chief Executive, Talkback Thames
Asif Kapadia - Director
Zachary Latif - Fixed Income Trader - Freelance
Narinder Minhas - Managing Director, Wildcard Production
Ramesh K Vala OBE - Managing Director, V2 Asset Management Ltd

For Tamasha’s Artistic Associates, click here.

Forthcoming season

The next 24 months are set to be a busy time for Tamasha with three new productions in development; a
slate of new commissions emerging from our new writing programme; and the launch of Tamasha
Network - an innovative professional and social networking tool for theatre artists and organisations UK-

In an era where we are surrounded by the alleged polarisation of Islam and the West, two new plays
written by Sudha Bhuchar explore how ordinary lives are affected by our increasingly global ties. A third
new production sees Tamasha take a new direction, inspired by director Kristine Landon-Smith's recent
residency at The Circus Space.

The House of Bilquis Bibi is a new adaptation of Federico García Lorca’s seminal 1936 play, The House
of Bernarda Alba. A story of a tyrannical widow and the control she exerts over her five stay-at-home
daughters, Sudha has transported Lorca’s drama to present-day Jhang, a town in Pakistan's Punjab
region that is steeped in tragedy and romance. We are delighted to announce Tamasha’s return to
Hampstead Theatre, where the production will première in July 2010 before a national tour.

My Name Is…, our second show in pre-production, is a story of family breakdown and media sensation.
A child vanishes from her school in the UK, later to be found in Karachi. The child of a Pakistani father
and a white mother, her disappearance immediately sparks global headlines of international kidnapping.
But what is the truth behind these dramatic events?

Completing our new season is The Arrival, based on the graphic novel by Shaun Tan, which tells -
through pictures alone - of a migrant who leaves his home to begin a new life in another country. Shaun
Tan has created a fantastical world full of alien creatures, strange encounters and surreal, shape-shifting
buildings, and Kristine will be working with circus artists to realise the theatrical potential of this piece.
propeller : driving artists forward

propeller is a pioneering intensive training initiative for British Asian London-based actors, designers and
directors. The project is supported by the 2012 London Cultural Skills Fund, funded by London
Development Agency and managed by Arts Council England.

Led by Kristine Landon-Smith and designer Sue Mayes, the project aims to nurture the artistic
individuality of its participants through an intensive programme of training and individual mentoring. It is a
two-stage project culminating in showcase performances at the Gate Theatre, Notting Hill in March 2010.

New commissions

Satinder Chohan, Ishy Din, Em Hussain and Avaes Mohammad: we are delighted to profile four writers
currently under commission by Tamasha, all of whom came to us through our TDA new writing course.
Their scripts will be performed as part of propeller at the Gate Theatre in March 2010. To read about
these artists and their works-in-progress click here.

Tamasha Network

Early next year, we will be launching an exciting professional and social networking tool. Tamasha
Network will be a place for theatre artists of all disciplines and cultural backgrounds to meet and make
connections, join in debate, and hear about career development opportunities from Tamasha and the
wider theatre industry. Some of the members of the Developing Artists programme have been helping us
to develop the site - we hope it will be a valuable resource for emerging artists and organisations alike.

Press for recent productions

Wuthering Heights: Brontë goes to Bollywood (2009)
                                              [Click here for more information on the production]

“Deeply romantic, occasionally very funny and theatrically vivid, this is an utterly captivating evening.”
Neil Norman, Daily Express 

“Delivers the story with a style and dauntlessness that Brontë herself would surely have admired”
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman 

"big-hearted performances...handsomely costumed....subtly choreographed… an imaginative perspective
on a great classic" Lynne Walker, The Independent

Sweet Cider (2008)                                    Click here for more information on the production

“Tamasha means commotion or creating a stir, and Sweet Cider does just that. The fact that this is
author Emteaz Hussain’s dramatic debut is even more stirring as it displays a remarkable maturity and
lyrical grace.” What’s On Stage 

“Like the characters who speak it, the language – a mix of Urdu, street slang and plain English – is a
playful and poetic sum of its multifarious parts... An assured debut” Time Out 

Lyrical MC (2008)                                     Click here for more information on the production

"An amazing insight into the experiences of these kids and how they see the world"
Willem Richter, teacher

"A great way to show teenage life and what happens / can happen in a school day. It shows a glimpse of
what adults don’t see!" Max Jones, student

Child of the Divide (2006, 2007)                      Click here for more information on the production

“The company got the dialogue and dynamics spot on; I’ve never seen adult actors make a better job of
portraying a bunch of kids.” “Best Kids Show of 2006” Time Out 

“…it's a rare show with equal appeal to kids and adults, heart and head.” The Guardian

A Fine Balance (2006, 2007)                           Click here for more information on the production

“ tells a grim tale with wit, warmth and a keen eye for the join between public policies and private
lives.” The Times 

“…the humanity curls its fingers into your soul.” Daily Mail

"Breathtaking... it is what every play that describes itself as "wide-ranging" aims at, but only a few actually
achieve" New Statesman

The Trouble with Asian Men (2005 - 2007)              Click here for more information on the production

“…highly entertaining, enough to make you snort with laughter…” The Guardian

“Its truth comes through loud and clear…glorious, not to say essential viewing.” What’s On Stage

                                   CREATIVE PRODUCER – TAMASHA

Tamasha is entering an extremely important phase of its 21-year history. It is looking to not only expand
into new markets but also wants to take a thorough look at the way Tamasha the organisation supports
its artists. We are therefore looking for a Creative Producer who feels they have an understanding,
synergy and commitment to the work of Tamasha and its two main Creatives (the founder members) – a
Creative Producer who will be able to work alongside the artists to protect the integrity of an original idea.
The company is looking to seek new collaborations that will broaden its audience base, and is therefore
looking to appoint someone with the skill to nurture relationships that might lead to collaborative journeys
and new audiences. Tamasha is very keen to test the ideas of new collaborations in an international
market. The Creative Producer must be able to look at creative ways of using business structures to
support this thinking.


The Creative Producer and Artistic Directors are responsible to the board to provide vision, direction and
the programme as well as the funds to deliver the company’s activity. The Creative Producer is
specifically required to explore, develop and deliver all productions (touring, co-productions and
exploitation in other media) and to seek the funds (statutory and private investment) to implement the
programme in conjunction with the Artistic Directors and the staff of Tamasha, and is responsible to the
Board for the overall finance of the company, with the support of the General Manager.
The primary aim of Tamasha is artistic; therefore the board regard the Artistic Directors as the senior
posts. The Creative Producer works to the Artistic Directors as Chief Executive (solid reporting line), as
well as to the Chair (dotted reporting line), who is closely involved in the line management of the Creative

The Job

To work alongside the Artistic Directors and be part of the senior management team to lead Tamasha to:
    create and deliver high quality work and realise the full potential of the work in a diverse range of
    Seek and deliver new collaborators for future work (UK and International)
    run an excellent professional development programme
    enjoy the support of a happy, motivated and effective team in order to achieve its Mission within
      all resources available to it.

Principle responsibilities include:

      To support the Artistic Directors in all aspects of their creative work
      To report to the Board on all producing and financial matters, including the annual budget
      To act as part of the senior management team
      o work with the Artistic Directors and Tamasha to refine and deliver Tamasha’s Mission
      To act as Senior Producer on all Tamasha’s work, with the support of the General Manager
      To support the Artistic Directors in building Tamasha’s relationship with the Arts Council
      To have joint responsibility, with the Artistic Directors, for all other external relations for Tamasha

In addition, the Creative Producer will be responsible for carrying out and/or overseeing the
following key areas of work:


      The development and implementation of Tamasha’s long-term objectives, its strategies and its
       overall Delivery Plan in close consultation with the Artistic Directors and members of the Board
      The promotion of Tamasha and its artistic policies ensuring its positive and effective image in
       collaboration with the Artistic Directors, Marketing Consultant and Head of Development
      Seeking opportunities for further exploitation of all areas of Tamasha in collaboration with the
       Artistic Directors and Head of Development.


      Planning, with the Artistic Directors, a programme of work which reflects Tamasha’s Mission and
       is deliverable
      Look at creative ways of using business structures to support the above
      Placing Tamasha’s work in the local, national and international marketplace, as appropriate
      With the Artistic Directors, developing Tamasha’s touring policy, planning overall touring patterns
       and booking all tours to the best artistic and financial benefit of Tamasha with the support of the
       General Manager
      Building on existing, as well as seeking out new, co-producing, in association and touring partners
       with the support of the General Manager
      Generally increasing income, profile and artistic relationships
      Generating, seeking and shaping all projects and productions to their full producing potential in
       consultation with the General Manager
      Negotiating and contracting with third parties (e.g. writer, producer, co-producer and touring
       partners for all Tamasha productions and tours) in consultation with the General Manager
      Ensuring that all opportunities for the exploitation of Tamasha productions are maximised
      Scheduling all productions, rehearsals and touring periods with support from the General


      Supporting the General Manager in the compilation of multi-year and annual budgets for
       Tamasha and reporting this to the Board of Tamasha
      Compilation of project and production budgets in association with the General Manager


      In conjunction with the General Manager, contracting and negotiating with all Creatives and rights
       holders (underlying rights, scripts, deigns, etc.) for the programme to ensure the best position for the
       company and its work
      Line managing, leading and delegating effectively within all areas of the core producing Tamasha
       team, as well as amongst Tamasha freelancers as appropriate for the programme
      In conjunction with the General Manager, ensuring production staff are informed of plans for the
       programme and have the correct training and skill to do the job to the required standard

External Relations – Fundraising, Marketing and Press

      Effectively strategising and meeting the targets from a plurality of income including, statutory
       (ACE), private (Trusts and Foundations, investors, etc.) and earned (Box Office, fees, etc.), and
       ensuring that the targets are monitored and met on an annual basis in collaboration with the
       Artistic Directors and the General Manager.
      Ensuring that income is maximised from all appropriate existing and new streams
      In relation to fundraising, ensuring that all formal and informal fulfilment obligations are delivered
       in conjunction with the Head of Development
      Supporting the Artistic Directors and General Manager on Tamasha’s relationship and profile
       building with the Arts Council
      Supporting the Artistic Directors and General Manager in Tamasha’s relationship with its other
       core funders
      Leading the marketing, press and communications functions in relation to the programme,
       ensuring that effective strategies for these are in place and implemented and annual targets set
       and delivered.
      Working imaginatively in promoting the Tamasha brand with particular attention to website and all
       new forms of media communication
      Ensuring that Tamasha develops and maintains good working relationships with all relevant
       parties including press as well as current and potential partners and stakeholders
      Setting and maintaining appropriate standards of care for all Tamasha’s stakeholders, including
       patrons, sponsors, friends, the public and other supporters

The post will involve occasional evening and weekend work.



Essential qualities, skills and experience:

      experience of working at a senior level leading a team
      experience of working within a creative environment (most likely within the arts or broader cultural
      strong creative producing skills for ambitious programmes within a challenging environment
      a strong leader, collaborator and effective partnership builder
      excellent strategic, financial and business planning skills with an ability to translate policy and
       vision into reality
      excellent negotiation and communication skills and able to deal with people at all levels
      the ability to lead, manage and motivate staff
      good at foreseeing and responding effectively to changes in circumstances
      experience of generating and maximising income from a variety of sources
      IT knowledge and experience
      ability to build links beyond current markets – particularly international opportunities
      a commitment to equal opportunities
      living within commuting distance of London
      able to travel regularly in the UK

Desirable qualities, skills and experience:

      good contacts within the theatre sector
      good knowledge of the regional theatre scene
      experience of handling complex legal/contractual issues
      strong knowledge and application of all new communication tools
      good knowledge and/or track record of fundraising
      an understanding of issues relating to reporting to funders
      experience of promoting arts organisations and running marketing campaigns
      experience of international touring


     Contract: 2.5 days per week, fixed-term 12-month renewable contract with 6 months’ probation
     Fee: £20,000 (paid on invoice).
     Hours: Tamasha offices are open Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm. Evening and weekend work
      will also be required, especially for opening nights, press nights, guest nights, cultivation events,
      Board meetings and other PR, networking or fundraising events as well as external meetings with
     Location: Tamasha’s offices are in London Bridge, London.


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