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									                                                Lutao Ning
Box 94523                                                                               28 Chadwick Manor
Durham NC, 27708                                                                        Fairport NY, 14450
Phone 919-672-7709                                                                      Phone 585-223-0677

Duke University, Durham NC, BS May 2004 GPA 3.780
Major: Biomedical Engineering Certificate: Markets and Management
Dean’s List with Distinction (S2001, F2001, F2002); Dean’s List (F2000)
Relevant Course Work: Technology and Society, Micro Economics, Statistics, Entrepreneurial Finance,
Entrepreneurship, Organizational Management, Organizations and Global Management, Ordinary Differential
Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Electrobiology, Transport Phenomenon.
                                               Work Experience
Duke University Center for InVitro Microscopy, Durham NC, Lab Technician. 2002-03
Working on an independent project to image the mouse heart in real-time. Modern cameras are too slow to image
the mouse heart so my research involves building hardware and writing software to overcome this speed barrier.
Working on the paper: “Digital Subtraction Angiography for the Mouse at Microscopic Resolution.”
Baush and Lomb’s Optics Center, Rochester NY, Summer Intern. Summer 2001-02
Formulated and tested new contact lens solutions using newly developed cleaning agents. Worked heavily on the
ReNU02 project; the next generation in contact lens solution. Developed several new formulations presently
undergoing clinical trials. Patent pending: “Pluronic F127/P123 Synergy in Lipid Cleaning Efficacy.”
University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE), Rochester NY. Tech Assistant. 1998-2000
Built and characterized the Liquid Crystal Point-Diffraction Interferometer (LCPDI). The LCPDI is a small
device that uses wavefront aberrations in light waves to detect defects in optical lenses. NASA was very
interested in my project since the LCPDI could be used to detect defects in the Hubble space telescope without
sending a man into space. Published two papers and made a presentation/poster at a major optics meeting.
   “Experimental comparison of a liquid-crystal point-diffraction interferometer (LCPDI) and a commercial
    phase-shifting interferometer and methods to improve LCPDI accuracy” Applied Optics, March 1, 2002/Vol
    41, No. 7/Pg 1353
    “Abandoning the Tradition: Language Reform in Communist China” Deliberations (Duke University’s First-
    Year Writing Program’s annual publication), Lead Article. Fall 2001
   Presentation at the Optical Society of America’s Annual Meeting and Exhibit: “Phase Measurement Error in
    the Liquid Crystal Point Diffraction Interferometer” Oct 2000; ref TuJJ4
    “Comparison of a Liquid Crystal Point-Diffraction Interferometer and a Commercial Phase-Shifting
    Interferometer.” Laser Lab Quarterly Review, Q2 2000
PRISM Selective House, Durham NC, Social Chair, Rush Chair. Coordinate house events as well as rush events.
National Society of Collegiate Scholars. 2002
Marching Band, Durham NC, 2000-2002
AP Scholar with Distinction. 2000
                                              Skills and Interests
Computer: C++, Hardware/Software Installation in PC, Webpage design (, PV-Wave
statistical software, GLADE imaging software, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Labview, Matlab
Languages: Native speaker of both Mandarin Chinese and English. Reading and Writing proficiency in Chinese.
Working knowledge of French.
Interests: Piano, 8 Years; Flute, 9 Years; Guitar, 2 Years; Ultimate Frisbee; Track and Field; Chinese history.

                                   *See references page for reference information.
                                          Lutao Ning
Box 94523                                               28 Chadwick Manor
Durham NC, 27708                                        Fairport NY, 14450
Phone 919-672-7709                                      Phone 585-223-0677

Dr. G Allan Johnson, Ph.D
Charles E. Putman University Professor of Radiology
Professor of Physics, & Biomedical Engineering

Director, Center for In Vivo Microscopy
Box 3302 Duke Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710

Phone: 919-684-7754

Dr. Zhenze Hu, Ph.D
Senior Principal Scientist
Research, Development & Engineering

Bausch & Lomb Vision Care
1400 N. Goodman St.
P.O. Box 450
Rochester, NY 14603

Phone: 585-615-3326

Mark Guardalben
Laser System Engineer

Laboratory for Laser Energetics
University of Rochester
250 E. River Road
Rochester, NY 14623-1299

Phone: (585) 275-3418
Pager: 1-877-409-8541

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