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									AP English Language and Composition
2nd Semester Projects

Once you finish reading Three Cups of Tea, we will be taking about a month off from at-home
reading to allow you to prepare three projects. The information is below. Each project is worth
200 points.

Photo Essay
Due: March 8th

      Select a partner to work with on this assignment. Most of the work will have to be done
       at home.
      Select a topic for your photo essay and submit it to me for approval. (Examples of topics:
       Teenage Stress, Why Teenagers Need Sleep, Preparing for College, Awaiting College
       Decisions, Free Time) Once I approve your topic, you will also need to create an
       interesting title. Topics are due Wednesday, February 24th.
      Find or take photos that tell your story. You must have a minimum of 10 photos. (You must
       use photos, not clipart.)
      Write text to help convey your story. Since photos will compose the heart of your essay,
       you should use no more than 5 sentences of text per photo. Remember: the photos
       should be central, not the text.
      Create a PowerPoint to display your photo essay. Include a title slide that includes the
       title (obviously), both partners’ names, and the date.
      The size of the text on slides will be smaller than on usual PowerPoints because a photo
       essay is meant to be viewed by one person with a computer, not an entire group
       viewing a PowerPoint in an auditorium.
      If you prefer to use audio or video in creating your photo essay, that is fine.
      If your slide contains information that is not common knowledge, you must include a
       Works Cited page at the end of your presentations. Sources must be listed according to
       MLA guidelines.
      Include a slide that wraps up or concludes the presentation.
      The final slide in the presentation should be blank.
      We will view photo essays in class; therefore, please do not include any photos or
       information that you would not want others to see.
      Please visit Time Magazine’s photo essays to get ideas:

Public Service Announcement
Due: March 22nd

Create a Public Service Announcement that might appear as a television commercial. The
advertisement / commercial must exhibit 2 appeals: ethos, pathos, and/or logos. Videos should
be 30 seconds to 1 minute. You may work alone, with a partner, or in a group of 3. All group
members must be within your own class unless you have permission from me. Note: You may
include other people in your video.
I would prefer that you make a video, but if no one in your group knows how or if you do not
have the proper equipment, you may make a PowerPoint, include narration or music, and set it
to run automatically. This will take the place of a video. We will watch all videos in class.

For safety reasons, you must have your parents’ permission for all filming.

The rubric for grading is below:

                             Component                                  Possible Scores
     Use of Ethos, Pathos, Logos (must include at least 2)                    0-40
                         Is PSA Persuasive?                                   0-40
    Is PSA Interesting, Organized, Creative, and Original?                    0-40
  Nice photos / scenes (If photos are used, photos must be                    0-40
          original for the group to receive top points.)
       How technically clear or advanced is the video?                        0-40
Points will be deducted for: not meeting the time requirement
   and/or for technical problems that prevent group from
                    showing the video in class.
                             Total Score                                      0-200

Samples of the assignment will be shown in class to give you an idea of what the final project
should look like.

Due: April 5th

You will be required to deliver speeches or talks throughout your life. As a result, it is important for
you to learn how to write and deliver a speech. You will write and deliver a speech in class this
semester, and your grade will be based on the quality of the speech as well as your presentation
of the speech.

Write and prepare a 4-7 minute speech about a topic which you believe all people need to
know. Your topic must require research – research through the Internet, print and visual
materials, and or personal interviews.

Even though students are required to attend school for twelve years, we still cannot possibly
learn everything we need to know in school. Here is your opportunity to teach your classmates
about topics that they may not have learned sufficiently in school. Choose a topic which
interests you and that you believe is important for other people to know. The topic does not
necessarily have to do with English or any academic subject. However, to ensure that two
students do not research the same topic, you must sign up for the topic you wish to pursue.
Topics are due to me by March 15th.
Examples of Topics

        ● An historical event rarely taught or discussed in school (or an event not taught in
        ● An important invention or discovery and its impact on humankind
        ● Practical knowledge: how to buy a car, how to invest money, etc. (You must
          conduct research)
        ● College Information: how to obtain scholarships, how to get along with a roommate,
        ● Threats to our safety – may be physical, emotional, sociological, etc.
        ● Skills and traits we may need to obtain

Specifications for Speech

       You will be allowed to use notes as you deliver your speech. Although I would
        encourage you to actually write and type your speech, do not make the
        mistake of reading your speech to the class. You will lose a LOT of points. You
        will not be required to submit your notes or speech for grading.

       You are required to have some form of visual aid.

       Your speech must contain the following items.

            o   Introduction to the topic and why you are interested in the topic (30
            o   Presentation and analysis of the topic, including relevant statistics,
                anecdotes, quotations, etc. (3 – 5 minutes).
            o   Incorporation of Visual Aid.
            o   Element of Persuasion which explains why it is important for everyone to
                know about this topic (30 seconds).
            o   A summation of the most important information of the speech (30
                seconds to 1 minute).
            o   A final question and answer period (This will not be part of the 5-7
                minute time requirement.)

Please see the Rubric on the next page to determine how you will be graded on this assignment.
For assistance, check out the following websites:


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