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             2011 - 2012

“Cultivating Character – Pursuing Purpose – Defining Destiny”

                 8:30 A.M. - 3:15 P.M.
              3210 Raleigh-Millington Road
               Memphis, Tennessee 38128

Coleman Elementary welcomes you to our
school. To assist you in making positive
contributions during your matriculation at
Coleman, this student handbook has been
prepared to promote familiarity with our
various policies and regulations. Keep your
handbook in a convenient place to help with
any questions you may have about our school.
We want you to have a meaningful and
productive school year.

 It is the intent of the faculty and administration that each student becomes familiar
 with the information provided in this Handbook. It will be of great value in helping the
 students adjust in our school and become an integral part of the Coleman Community.

 Mrs. Jackson

             Principal……..………………….Mrs. Russette Jackson
             Financial Secretary………….……Mrs. Carolyn Scales
             Records Secretary….……Mrs. Felicia Morris-Mallard
             Building Engineer…..………….Mr. James Baskerville
             Cafeteria Manager……………….….Ms. Lucy Folson
             Guidance Counselor..….Mrs. Thirchrista Hall-Austin
             Instructional Facilitator………….Mrs. Brenda Curry

School Mascot: Wildcat
School Colors: Green and White
School Motto: Cultivating Character! Pursuing Purpose! Defining Destiny!
School Uniform Colors: White, Hunter Green and Navy Shirts and
                            Navy, Khaki and Black Pants, Jumpers, Skorts and Shorts

                        NORTHEAST REGIONAL DISTRICT

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Coleman Elementary School!

This handbook was prepared in an effort to inform you about our school. Parents/guardians
are partners with the school in the education of our children. We encourage you to be an
active participant in the education of your child. Through open communication and shared
beliefs, we can empower all students to succeed in a changing world.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to extend an invitation for you to visit our
school, attend your child's programs, and become comfortable at your child’s academic
residence. I am very happy to have you and your child with us at Coleman Elementary
School where we prepare for tomorrow by learning today.

Please take time to read this handbook thoroughly. Any member of the school staff or I will
be happy to discuss any questions you may have about its content.

Our school is a place where every student, teacher, and staff member knows that the number one
goal is STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT! I am looking forward to working with you to make this
an exciting and successful school year.


Mrs. Russette Jackson

             “Cultivating Character – Pursuing Purpose – Defining Destiny”

                 COLEMAN ELEMENTARY

                        VISION STATEMENT
                       Coleman Elementary School
                            Excellence in the
                       School and the Community
              By meeting and exceeding No Child Left Behind
                        Adequate Yearly Progress
                            “The Key Is Me.”

                       MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of Coleman Elementary is to provide a variety of challenging
educational opportunities to meet the needs of individual students in an ever
changing and culturally diverse society.

                                 SCHOOL HISTORY

In 1910, Squire George B. Coleman gave three acres of land to the Shelby County
School Board with the provision that a school be built and named for his father,
James M. Coleman. Another acre was purchased from him in 1934 and in April 1936,
he gave an additional two acres. The original building housed the first consolidated
high school in the county. The schools consolidated were Brooks School, Egypt
School and the Raleigh School.

The first structure was a two-story brick building with two large room upstairs and two
large rooms and an office downstairs. The physical facilities remained the same until
about 1936 when two classrooms and a permanent lunchroom were added. Since
1936, there have been four additions to the existing facility and one separate building
completed: a gymnasium to the east side, 1949; a fourteen room two story addition
(four original rooms razed), 1952; a library and three classrooms, 1956; a junior high
wing, 1963; and a vocational building south of the main building, 1974.

Coleman had grades 1-8 since 1918 when the high school moved to Bartlett, grades
K-8 since 1973 when it became part of the Memphis City School system, and K-6
since 1981 when the junior high grades were reassigned to Raleigh-Egypt Junior
High School. In 2001, the sixth grade was moved to Raleigh-Egypt Middle School.
Today, Coleman is a PreK-5 school.

Renovation of the school began in 1985. Asbestos removal and a new cafeteria were
the prime considerations. However, on the evening of January 29, 1985, a fire
destroyed the old cafeteria and resulting smoke and water damage caused a more
extensive renovation plan.

The new facility was completed in January 1987. The renovated facility includes 27
full size classrooms, 5 outside portables, 7 mini rooms, an administrative office suite
with conference room, science lab, music room, library, gym, and a modern cafeteria
with three serving lines. The current enrollment is projected at 489.


Students should arrive at school daily between 8:00 and 8:15 A.M. daily.
Promptness is crucial to a smooth start each day. The doors of the school do not
open until 8:00 A.M. Students arriving at school are not supervised until 8:00 A.M.
daily; therefore they should not be dropped off prior to 8:00 A.M. Students who
arrive at school before 8:00 A.M. will be placed in before school care and charged a
$10 drop in fee and a $10 registration fee. All students enter school through the
cafeteria doors until 8:30 A.M. After 8:30 A.M., students may enter through the main
entrance to the building. When students enter the cafeteria, they can either eat
breakfast, read a book or study until it is time for school to begin at 8:15. At 8:15 A.M.
2ND, 3RD and 4TH grade students are picked up from the cafeteria by a teacher. At
8:15 A.M. PreK, Kindergarten, and 1ST grade students are picked up from the
gymnasium. To ensure safety and the learning of school-wide procedures, we ask
that parents do not escort their children to classrooms after the first week of school.


Tennessee State law requires that all children between the ages of six (6) and
seventeen (17) attend school. Regular and punctual attendance is imperative.
Higher academic achievement occurs when students attend classes regularly.

                               Steps To Follow When Absent:
Parent or guardian must write an excuse indicating the date, days of absence, reason for
absence, and include his or her signature.

1.   Submit the excuse to the homeroom teacher.
2.   Ask for make-up assignments.
3.   Assignments that are not made up could be reflected in academic grades.

                                    Excused Absences

                     Personal illness
                     Death or serious illness in the immediate family
                     Validated court appearance of the pupil
                     Recognized religious holiday /event

Pupils shall be permitted the opportunity to make up all work and tests missed as a
result of an excused absence. Work and tests must be made up by the end of the
following reporting period. If a pupil fails to make up the work and tests, their
deficiencies shall be averaged with the other grades.

                                  Unexcused Absences
Unexcused absences will be treated as truancy. A student who accumulates 5 days
of unexcused absences will be given notice to attend a Student Attendance Review
Team meeting with the school administration, G.O.S. and Parent Counselor at which
time a plan will be set in place to help with future attendance problems. After 10
unexcused absences, a notice will be given to attend a meeting with the Truancy
Department at the North Precinct and possible court appearance. All unexcused
absences are reported to Juvenile Court. A student who is absent from school or
class without permission will be considered truant and will be subject to disciplinary
actions. A doctor’s note must be provided after the first 5 absences, and anytime that
a student is out for 3 or more consecutive days.

Students reporting to homerooms after 8:35 A.M. are marked tardy. Any student
reporting to school after 8:45 A.M. must report to the office and sign in on the School
Check-In computer and receive an attendance pass. Tardiness will be excused only
if the student presents a doctor’s note. Tardies follow the procedures for unexcused
absences. Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action. Tardy students will
check-in in the office on the School Check-In computer program and receive a pass
to give to the teacher.

                                EARLY DISMISSALS

For attendance purposes, children are expected to be in school from 8:30 A.M. – 3:15
P.M. During the school day, students may leave the campus only with a dismissal
slip issued from the office, and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There
will be no dismissals between 2:45 P.M. and 3:15 P.M., excluding emergencies
approved by administration. Parents must always check out their children through the
office. Parents/guardians must provide a Picture ID to be copied and retained on file
in the office. Students who are dismissed early will check-out on the School Check-in
computer. NOTE: Students will only be dismissed with individuals listed on the
Registration Form ONLY.


Every student at Coleman must have a dismissal plan on file. If you are going to
change your daily procedure, you must send the change in writing to your child’s
teacher, who will inform the office of the change in dismissal plan. To ensure the
safety of our students, all Coleman students are dismissed daily from the inside of the
building. We do not allow any students to stand outside of our building to wait on
rides or other students to pick them up to walk home.

The school day ends at 3:15 P.M. Car riders will be dismissed ONLY from the
cafeteria and parents must have the student’s name card displayed on the right
dashboard side of the vehicle to allow for easy reading. Parents will remain in cars
and ener into Drive #1 and pull up to the portable area and wait for students to be
loaded into the vehicles by teachers. Bus riders will also be dismissed from the
cafeteria and will be escorted by teachers when buses arrive. Day Care riders will be
dismissed from the gymnasium and will be released when daycare vans arrive.
Front Door walkers will be dismissed from the front of the building and escorted
across Raleigh-Millington Road by School Crossing Guards. NOTE: Students will
not be loaded into cars sitting and waiting in front of the building on Raleigh-Millington

NOTE: All car riders must be picked up on the Raleigh-Millington Road side of the
building using drive #1 and pulling up to the portable area, there students will be
loaded. All Day Care riders must be picked up at the rear of the building using the
Powers Avenue drive to the back parking lot.

Any child left at school after 3:30 P.M. will be placed in Coleman’s After School Care
Program at the parent’s expense. A one-time $10.00 Registration fee will be
assessed, along with a $10.00 drop-in fee.

                                 SCHOOL CLOSINGS

All decisions to close schools are made by the Board of Education. Most TV’s and
radio stations broadcast this information. Please make it a practice to listen for
school closings in the morning when this is a possibility because of inclement

If the school is closed during the school day, you are welcome to come to the school
and pick up your child.

On most occasions, Daycare’s are not provided when school closes and we ask your
cooperation in picking up your child as soon as possible.


Coleman welcomes your active participation in your child’s education. Parents are
strongly encouraged to visit frequently. This provides an opportunity for you to see
exactly what your child is learning, as well as to show your child that you are
interested in his/her educational progress. To schedule a conference, please contact
the office or your child’s teacher.


To maintain safety of all students, faculty and staff, entry to the school is accessible
only through the main entrance. All visitors must sign in on the School Check-In
computer in the office and receive a visitor’s badge before visiting a classroom.

                                  Exiting the Building

Each class leaves the building through the assigned exits.          In case of individual
dismissals, please exit via the main entrance.


                                  School-Wide Rules

             Treat everyone with Respect
             Follow directions the first time given of any adult on staff
             Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
             Respect school and personal property

                          Protocol for Hallway Transitions

             Follow School-Wide Rules
             Walk quietly in an orderly manner on the right side of the hallway
             Walk without disturbing others
             When standing still in line students should be directly behind the student
              in front of them while standing in a square
             Hall pass required

                              Protocol for the Cafeteria

             Follow School-Wide Rules
             Remain seated and raise hands for assistance
             Talk softly
             Put all waste in the trash container
             Sit in assigned seat
             Stay seated until instructed to leave
             Eat all food in the cafeteria – Food is NOT allowed to leave the cafeteria

                             Protocol for the Rest Room

             Follow School-Wide Rules
             Be quick
             Be quiet
             Be clean


Coleman Elementary will follow the MCS Student Code of Conduct when students are
referred to the office. The MCS Student Code of Conduct is given to every parent at
registration. We will be asking students and parents to sign a contract that they have
received the guide and fully understand and will comply with all the contents of the
guide. All students will receive and will be taught the Memphis City Schools Code of
Conduct the first few weeks of school. Additional copies are available in the school
office or online at


It is the responsibility of Memphis City Schools to ensure teaching and learning
occurs in an environment that is safe and conducive to learning and that prepares
them for lives as productive, responsible citizens. The Blue Ribbon initiative was
established to address a variety of areas that impact student achievement and
behavior. Its’ chief goals are to:

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) is a national model originally funded
through the U.S. Department of Education. PBIS is a systemic approach to
promoting positive behavior through the development of school-wide plans,
classroom and non-classroom rules and procedures, and systems for teaching
students these expectations as well as rewarding and acknowledging them.


There may be times when a parent conference is recommended to address concerns.
Please respond to a school conference request that comes from the office or the
student’s teacher.


As a result of receiving a disciplinary referral, it may result in a student receiving
either a guidance referral, in-school suspension, home suspension or a Board

                                  WILDCAT BOOK STORE

Supplies may be purchased at the bookstore every morning from 8:00 A.M. to 8:30 A.M.

                                   WILDCAT DEN STORE

Students earn Wildcat Den Bucks to purchase incentives for good attendance, good
character, following the school-wide rules, following the 3-2-1-0 protocol and being an
outstanding Wildcat.

                                      BUS INFORMATION

Bus transportation is a privilege. Improper conduct will result in having this
privilege denied. Only students who are routed will be permitted to ride buses.
Kindergarten students must have a parent/guardian at the bus stop to greet
them at the end of the day. Students will be brought back to the school if a
parent/guardian isn’t present. Elementary students may never ride High School
or Middle School buses. The Memphis City Schools have established the
following rules as a guideline for acceptable behavior and safety for those
pupils eligible for bus transportation.

                                          Bus Conduct

   1. Students in grades 6 through 12 shall display their transportation card to driver upon boarding
       the bus both morning and afternoon.(Parent/Guardian and student’s initials) _____ _____
   2. Students in grades pre-k through 1st are required to be supervised by an adult parent or
       guardian when delivered to the bus stop. If no one is present, the student will be
       returned to their school for supervision.
   3. Special education students must have a parent or guardian at their residence to receive
       them when dropped off. If there is no one present, they will be delivered to the
       Raineswood Residential Center for pick-up 366-2562.
   4. Students shall cooperate with the driver. Students shall be respectful and not use obscene
       and/or abusive language.
   5. Students shall not participate in excessive talking and unnecessary noise.
   6. Students shall not throw items on the bus or out of the windows.
   7. Students shall not fight or scuffle on the bus or at the bus stop.
   8. Students shall not deliberately stand on private property while waiting for the bus. (If the bus
       stop does not allow enough space, please contact the Office of Student Transportation
   9. Students shall not deliberately delay loading and unloading.
   10. Students shall stay seated and not turn around in seat.
   11. Students shall not use tobacco and/or drugs on the bus or at the bus stop.
   12. Students shall not extend hands, arms, or head out windows.
   13. Students shall not tamper with equipment or deliberately vandalize bus.
   14. Students shall not consume food or drink beverages on bus.
   15. Students shall not change or have changed the a.m. or p.m. riding schedule unless approved
       by the school principal and/or Office of Student Transportation Services.


   1. Students shall stay off the streets while awaiting the arrival of the bus.
   2. Students shall not attempt to get on or off the bus until it has come to a complete stop.
   3. Students shall enter or leave the bus with the consent of the driver at the front door only,
      except in case of emergency.
   4. All parts of the body shall at all times be inside the bus windows.
   5. Students shall cross the street, if necessary, in front of the bus in sight and hearing of the
      driver, look both ways, proceed to cross when street is free from any danger after a signal for
      the driver or escort.


       Students may participate in district and school sponsored field trips during the school year.
       The expectation is that students will follow all school bus behavior and safety rules as
       established by the Office of Student Transportation Services. Also, it is strongly recommended
       that parents review the Memphis City Schools student code of conduct manual with their
       student (s).


   1. The bus driver must always come to a complete stop and look both ways to make sure a train
      is not approaching before proceeding. The Office of Student Transportation Services requests
      that school bus drivers who fail to comply be reported by calling 416-5540.
   2. The Division of Security, Transportation, Risk Management, and Safety requests that school
      bus drivers who fail to comply be reported to the Transportation office, at 416-5540.

                          Disciplinary Actions for Bus Conduct
In the event that your child does not obey the rules of conduct for the bus, the following
steps of discipline will follow:
       1st Offense             Bus Conduct Notice
       2nd Offense             Parent Conference
       3 Offense               3 day bus suspension
       4 Offense               Loss of bus privileges


Lunch and Breakfast Prices
                                        Full                           Reduced
Elementary lunch                       $1.75                             $.25

Breakfast                              Free for all Memphis City School Students

Breakfast is served from 8:00 A.M. to 8:15 A.M. Students arriving after this time
will not be allowed to eat breakfast, unless they arrive late due to late school
buses or daycare buses.

Full Pay Special Discount
Lunch tickets may be purchased from the cafeteria manager on a weekly or monthly
basis at $7.50 per week or $30.00 per month. Weekly purchases must be made on
Monday of each week. No personal checks are accepted in the Cafeteria. Applications
for free and reduced price lunches are available in the school office. All students must
have a lunch, either brought from home or purchased. Snacks are available for
purchase daily in the cafeteria. Most snacks cost .50 each. School policy limits snack

purchases to one per student per day. Please do not send money to school for more
than one snack. Students are never permitted to take any food out of the cafeteria

                                    Cafeteria Conduct
All students in the school share the cafeteria. It is to be kept clean and at a
comfortable noise level. Students are expected to follow the Protocol for the
                              Protocol for the Cafeteria

             Follow School-Wide Rules
             Remain seated and raise hands for assistance
             Talk softly
             Put all waste in the trash container
             Sit in assigned seat
             Stay seated until instructed to leave
             Eat all food in the cafeteria – Food is NOT allowed to leave the cafeteria


Regular parent school communication is essential to learning success. Coleman
welcomes your active participation in your child’s education. The school phone number
is 416 -4306 and fax is 416-4432. Please call us with your questions and concerns. The
school also has a web page on the Memphis City Schools web site. Check the web site
for announcements and upcoming events. The school publishes a monthly calendar
that is sent home the first Wednesday of each month.

                         Coleman Communication Folders

All parents should receive a green communication folder every Tuesday. The folder
contains monthly calendars and newsletters, a weekly teacher newsletter, conduct and
grade reports for the week and graded papers. If your child does not receive a weekly
folder, please notify Mrs. Jackson.
                                Teacher Conferences

Teachers have times during the week when conferences can be scheduled. Please
respect our students’ instructional time and schedule all conferences in advance. To
request a conference, leave a message for the teacher on his/her voice mail system. If
the teacher has not returned your call within 48 hours, please notify the office staff.
Teachers will not be called to the phone to talk to a parent during instructional time,
messages will be placed in his/her box.

                                   Parent Connect

Parent Connect is a communication electronic portal tool that is linked to MCS’ student
information system. Parents will be able to communicate daily with teachers via e-mail,
look at current grades, attendance, discipline, progress reports to parents and current
school assignments. If you would like to set up an e-mail account, please obtain a form
from the office.

                                      Parent Link

Parent Link is a school communication system that provides parents, students and
school personnel with unprecedented access to important information. It is a two-way
communication system that provides notifications via the phone messages.


All students and parents of Coleman Elementary are encouraged to work with
the teachers and administrators to resolve problems that may arise. All
grievances must be addressed immediately after learning about the event or
problem. All matters should first be discussed with the appropriate classroom
teacher. If all parties are not satisfied with the results of the conference they
may request a conference with an administrator. Please remember to schedule
an appointment so that we can serve you in a timely manner. If issues remain
unresolved you may contact the Customer Relations Office at the MCS Board of

                               Extended Day Program

Coleman Elementary provides an Extended Day Program for our students. The
program offers safe, enriching, quality care for children. It is designed for working
parents during the hours children could possibly be unsupervised at home. We will
provide opportunities for children to participate in arts and craft activities, indoor and
outdoor games, enrichment classes, computer and library access. We also provide
excellent tutoring services and time is set aside daily for completion of homework.
During homework time your child will receive help with assignments as needed.
Snacks are provided daily. The program operates under the inspection and approval
process of the Tennessee State Department of Education using the standards and
licensing procedures approved by the State Department of Human Services. The
program is $40 dollars a week with a $5 discount for each additional sibling.
Additional information regarding Before Only, Aftercare Only or Drop-in fees are
available in the office. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $10.00 per child.
DHS vouchers are accepted. All fees are tax deductible! Programs available include
before care, after care, and abbreviated school days.           Program information is
available in the main office. Any child left at school after 3:30 P.M. will be placed in
after school care, at the parent’s expense.

                        LEARNING PROGRAM.
                                          DRESS CODE

Memphis City School students are required to wear uniforms at school. Students must wear
uniforms daily unless you are notified in writing by the school.

School Uniforms include:
Khaki, Black or Navy pants, jumpers, skirts, skorts and/or shorts
White, Green or Navy shirts with a collar
All bottoms must be at or below the knee.
Shoes must have a back strap. No shoes with a heal over 1 inch
Shoestrings must match the shoe.
All undershirts must be white.
All socks & tights must be a solid neutral or uniform color
All students are expected to wear black or brown belts
All clothing must not be too tight or too loose
Light jackets, vests, sweaters, sweat shirts, and cardigans are permitted but they must be navy or
white without a logo. Collared shirts must be worn under them.
Heavy coats must be removed and placed in the lockers while students are at school.

    Procedure for violation of the policy is as follows:

        First Violation – phone call home and/or notice sent home.
        Second Violation– parent will be asked to come and bring the proper uniform
        or take the student home.
        Third and Subsequent Violations – The student will receive a Suspension.

                                          FIELD TRIPS

Field trips are planned enrichment experiences that provide students with
insight, information, and knowledge that constitute an extension of regular
classroom instruction. Each field trip shall be supervised by school personnel
at a minimum of one adult for every twenty children. There are cases where the
classroom teacher may advise greater supervision.             Signed parental
permission forms must be obtained for each student when payment is

All fees must be paid in cash. The school does not accept checks.


Coleman’s counselor is an excellent resource for information about community
services. Mrs. Hall-Austin may be reached at 416-4306. She is available for
individual and small group counseling to assist children in adjusting to school or with
problems. Counselors are also available for academic screening and planning when
students are experiencing difficulty with schoolwork. Students may be referred for
guidance services by parents, teachers, and school administrators or by the students

                              STUDENT ILLNESS - INJURY

If a student is injured or becomes ill at school, parents will be notified immediately. If the
parent cannot be reached, the emergency number(s) listed on the registration form will be the
next telephone call made. Please be sure to update any changes in numbers on the registration
form as the year progresses.


A child who has an illness that requires that child to be sent home, will be given
appropriate attention and supervision until the child’s parent or other authorized
person arrives at the school. A child with uncontrolled diarrhea or vomiting will be
provided care apart from the other children in the Sick Bay until the child’s parent or
other authorized person arrives. If symptoms of contagious or infectious diseases
develop while the child is in school, he/she shall be placed in an area away from
other children until the child’s parent or other authorized person arrives. Any child
who has a temperature of 100 or more must be picked up. A child must be free of
fever for 24 hours before returning to school.
Students will not be allowed to remain at school if one or more of the following exists:

      If the illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in school
      If the illness results in greater need for care than the staff can provide without
       compromising the health, safety, and supervision of the other students
      Oral temperature of 100 degrees or greater
      Child must be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school

To return to school after the following the child must bring proof of treatment to the


Homework is defined as meaningful and quality work assignment to students that is
intended to be completed during non-instructional hours. The total amount of
homework assigned will depend upon the grade level of the student. The amount of
homework normally increases as student’s progress through school. During a typical
week, the total time for completion of homework assignments should not exceed:

   Kindergarten             an average of 5 - 10 minutes per day
   Grades 1-3               an average of 5 - 30 minutes per day
   Grades 4-5               an average of 30 - 60 minutes per day


The school accident insurance policy is available at a minimum cost. It can offset the
high cost of medical care with school-time accident coverage, 24 hour accident
coverage, etc. Information on the insurance will be available during registration and
during the first week of school. The insurance can be purchased any time during the
year. Student dental insurance is available as well.

                                   INTERNET USAGE

In order for our students to access the Internet, the parent/guardian and student must
agree to the district’s “Technology Use Agreement.” Students are to use the Internet
access and/or e-mail for school purposes only, unless special arrangements have
been made through the teacher. Accessing chat rooms and inappropriate Internet
sites are not permitted. See page 3 for instructions.

Parents and community members are invited to visit our school district web site at and click on the Coleman Elementary link. There you will
find information about our school’s programs.

                                  LOST AND FOUND

 If your child should lose any articles, he/she is to report the loss to the classroom
 teacher. There is a lost and found bin inside the cafeteria. Please label all coats, caps,
 and book bags to make identification easier. All articles of clothing or other items not
 claimed at the end of each semester will be donated to charity.


   Sometimes it is necessary for students to take prescription medicine while at
   school. All medications must be brought immediately to the office by the parent
   who must also complete a medication form and obtain signature from the
   physician. Medicine must be in an updated or current prescription bottle with the
   child’s name, name of the medication, doctor’s name, and pharmacy shown on the
   pharmacy label. Under the Memphis City Schools policy, an Authorization for

   Medication During School Hours form must be completed by the doctor and the
   parent. The form must be on file in the office before medications may be given at
   school. The student is responsible for coming to the office at the appropriate time
   to take the medication.


All payments being made to the school must be made in cash. Coleman Elementary
does not accept personal checks. All payments made to the school will be receipted
daily. All money is due in by 10:00 A.M. Teachers and office staff will not be able to
take money and write receipts, after 10 A.M.; therefore, teachers will not be able to
accept receipt money after 10:00 A.M.

                                  TELEPHONE USE

Telephones located in the classroom are for teacher use only. The office phone is a
business phone. Therefore, students are only allowed use of the office phone in
cases of emergency. Students are not permitted to have cell phones at school. The
office number is 901-416-4306.

                                  REPORT CARDS

Report Cards are sent home every nine weeks-grading period. If you have
established an email address with Parent Connect you will be able to review grades
and teachers comments. Please refer to the monthly calendars for Report Card
dates. MCS is moving to a new standards based report card for K – 3rd grades.
Grading for 4th – 5th grade is as follows:

                          Report Card and Grading Policy

Report cards are issued four times a year at the end of each nine-week grading
period. A progress report is sent home between nine week periods.
Academic Subject Areas are marked according to Memphis City Schools’
      A - Excellent        (100 - 93)
      B - Good             (92 - 85)
      C - Average          (84   - 74)
      D - Below Average    (74   - 70)      (Excel Plan – old STAR Report)
      F - Failure          (69 and below)
Physical Education, the Arts and Computer Education are marked:
      E - Excellent
      S - Satisfactory
      N - Needs Improvement
      U - Unsatisfactory

Conduct: Student conduct is a personal responsibility. Each student is expected to
follow school rules regarding student behavior. Conduct is marked:
      E - Excellent
      S - Satisfactory
      N - Needs Improvement
      U - Unsatisfactory

                                  SAFETY DRILLS

Safety drills are conducted according to recommended procedures. If parents
or other visitors are at school during a drill, they will be expected to participate.
Fire Drills are conducted monthly and are unannounced.
Tornado and Earthquake Drills are conducted twice yearly.

                              STUDENT EXPECTATIONS

All students are expected to come to school every day with a positive attitude, ready
to learn.

All students are expected to attend school daily and be in their assigned classes at
the appointed time with the necessary books and materials so that a planned
program of instruction may be carried out.

Students are expected to respect textbooks, desk, athletic equipment and all other
properties. The school building is your home away from home and should be treated
with respect. The student must pay for lost or damaged books.

                                STUDENT RECORDS

A permanent record is maintained on all Memphis City School students. This record
is sent from school to school with the student. It includes grades, attendance,
conduct information, health records, and all standardized test scores. Parents are

encouraged to review these records. An appointment for this purpose can be
arranged through the office. Parents or guardians must have a picture ID.

If there are sensitive issues in regards to students (i.e. health, custody arrangements,
and etc.) please inform the office and your child’s teacher. Please know when
dealing with custody matters the school cannot be involved. The school will only
enforce the rulings of the Court System, and will in no way side with individuals
involved. Please provide documentation if there are concerns for your child’s safety,
so that we may support you in any way possible.

                                 STUDENT’S WORK

Students’ assignments and tests will be shared with the parents on a weekly basis.
Students will bring papers home every Tuesday in the Coleman communication folder
to be signed and returned to the teacher. All teachers maintain a file containing
samples of each student’s work, which can be reviewed by parents during a
scheduled conference. Grades can also be reviewed on Parent Connect and is
updated weekly by teachers to reflect current grades.


Assemblies are planned to give our students a wide variety of cultural experience.
Students are expected to be courteous and attentive during assemblies. Appreciation
is shown by applause at the appropriate time. Loud noises, booing and whistling are
considered inappropriate and can result in disciplinary action.

                      AWARDS DAY – HONORS PROGRAMS

After each nine weeks, one day is set-aside for an Awards/Honors Day Program.
Students who have exhibited superior academics, good citizenship and perfect
attendance receive a certificate and attend special assemblies. These assemblies
may include presentations by music groups, theater groups, and other community

                            STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS

Peer Mediators
The mediators were organized for the benefit of the student body. The members help with
conflict resolution amongst peers.

Membership on the council is acquired through teacher recommendation. Student chosen for
membership have the opportunity to develop personal character and leadership ability.

A group of students brought together by the music instructor because of musical
talent. Students will practice after school. Students will also travel to sing in the

Cheerleaders – Step Team
Students perform at pep rallies and school performances. This year they anticipate
entering in competitions.

E. C. Fentress Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society
Fourth and fifth Grade Honor students that earning “A’s” and “B’s”. They must also
exhibit leadership, scholarship, citizenship, character, and service. Student must
meet National Elementary Honor Society requirements for admission.

Morning Announcements - Media Club
Students in all grades will assist in the making of morning announcements and will be
featured in many programs.

MCS Student Envoy
4th and 5th Grade Students

Library Club

Arts Club

Newsletter Club

Ecology Club (Green Club)
The Ecology Club is an after-school science enrichment program where student
experience hand-on activities which include school’s plant care, campus clean-up and
recycling of recyclable materials. This club also assists in the beautification of the
school campus Annual Outdoor Planting Day.

Instrument Club
Instrument Club is an after-school enrichment program in which students experience
classroom instruments (drums, pitched percussion) in depth, building on their
experiences in the Orff classroom. In addition to playing instruments, students may
engage in making their own instruments and participate in field trips with hands-on
experience with a variety of instruments (keyboards such as pipe organ, grand piano,
and harpsichord, orchestral instruments, and ethnic instruments).

Special Programs

The following programs are offered to students at Coleman Elementary to help each
child succeed according to their potential.

A program designed to enrich the curriculum for the gifted child.
Orff Music
The music program enables students to express their creative abilities through song and
movement. Students also learn to play a variety of musical instruments.

The art program is available to all students. The purpose of this program is to cultivate
aesthetic appreciation, as well as the creative, critical and problem-solving skills needed to
succeed in our rapidly changing culturally diverse society.

After School Child Care (SACC)
Childcare is provided for students whose parents’ schedules conflict with school closing. The
program provides adult supervision, homework assistance and play activities.

Parent and Student Support Department
Coleman has a full time Professional Counselor, Mrs. Thirchrista Hall-Austin and a part-time
Parent Counselor, Ms. Lisa Lewis. Our Professional Guidance Counselor networks with the
psychologist and social worker. They can provide additional assistance when needed.

Referrals for counseling services come from many sources including the principals, teachers,
parents, individual students, outside agencies, or may be initiated by the counselor. The
Guidance Department’s goals include:

1.     Developing a positive self-image in each child
2.     Helping each child achieve academic success in relation to his potential
3.     Helping students develop effective study habits
4.     Developing positive human-relationships among students
5.     Acting as liaison between community resources and families when direct
      assistance is needed.

Parents desiring a conference with the counselor should make an appointment. The
number is 416-9554. Our parent counselor operates the Parent Resource Center,
conducts monthly parent workshops and assists G.O.S. with attendance.

A tutorial program has been established for children with speech problems.

Media Center
The media center is where students may enjoy books and gather information. Resources
include computers with Internet access, software, books, periodicals, newspapers, filmstrips,
pictures, records, tapes and transparencies. Students are provided with instruction on the
usage of various resources for more effective learning. All books must be checked out and
returned promptly by their due date. The borrower must pay for lost or damaged books.

Computer Lab
Expanded computer access for students has been provided by the development of our new
Computer Lab equipped with IBM compatible computers. Each class has an opportunity to
visit the lab weekly.

NCLB provides supplemental help in the areas of reading and math for children who
qualify for the program. Services are provided in and out of the classroom,
depending on the needs of the student.

                              PARENT ORGANIZATIONS

This year, Coleman will switch to the PTA from the PTO organization. One of the major goals
at Coleman Elementary is to increase parental involvement. Each year we strive for 100%

We seek to involve parents in education by allowing them to serve as volunteer workers
throughout our school. There are numerous ways parents can help. If you are interested in
being a media helper, chaperone, or serving as a classroom assistant, please call the office
or contact your child’s teacher to complete a Volunteer application. These applications are
processed at the Board and a Volunteer clearance is required prior to volunteering at

Coleman Site Based Decision-Making Council (SBDMC)
In Memphis City Schools, school-based decision-making (SBDMC) is designed to accomplish
the following goals:
     to focus on school improvement
     to develop ownership in the school
      to help parents feel their contributions are worthwhile by involving them in
       school-wide decision making efforts
      to involve the broader community, particularly
       business/corporate members, in supporting the school
      to improve the marketing of the school’s program by increasing the
       number of persons who are knowledgeable about the school
      to demonstrate that participatory decision-making can work effectively
      to improve the quality of decisions made with regard to school improvement issues

Principal/Parent Roundtable Monthly Meetings
Parents, please join the Principal, Mrs. Jackson, one Saturday of each nine week
period to highlight celebrations, discuss current challenges and to plan actions for
immediate improvement at Coleman Elementary.

Roundtable meetings are held with Mrs. Jackson from 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. one time
during each nine weeks period. Refreshments will be served. See monthly calendar
for dates.

Let’s take this journey together to ensure that our students at Coleman Elementary
are learning and achieving at high levels.

School Adopters
Coleman Elementary is honored to have the best school adopters in the city of
Memphis. We are greatly honored to maintain strong connections with two of our
longest standing adopters, International Paper and Beth Sholom Synagogue.

During 2010-2011 school year, we gained two new adopters, Raleigh Springs church
of Christ and Jubilee Church of God in Christ.

These adopters work closely with teachers to help improve and enhance our
students’ performance. They provide financial support to strengthen academics,
incentives for high achievers and tutorial services for students needing additional
assistance. They both have also been actively involved in our school events.


1. To enroll in kindergarten a pupil must be five (5) years of age on or before
   September 30 of the year the child enrolls. A certified birth certificate MUST be
   produced at the time of registration.

2. State regulations require that a Health Record and a current physical signed by a
   doctor be produced at the time of registration for all pupils entering school for the
   first time including kindergarten. Pupils must show proof of immunization against
   Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Mumps, Rubella (Red
   Measles), Rubella (German measles) and second MMR for students in grades
   kindergarten and fourth.

3. Pupils new to the city enrolling in any grade above the first grade must meet
   registration requirements outlined in paragraph #2 above. If immunization records
   for pupils beyond grade one (1) has been misplaced, forms are available at the
   Attendance Division for parents to attest to the immunization series.

4. New pupils must have or obtain a Social Security number as part of the
   registration requirements. Verification of a social security number can be satisfied

      A.)    Student’s social security card
      B.)    Food stamp/Medicaid/AFDC Documents
      C.)    Parental tax forms reflecting student’s SSN
      D.)    For older students-copy of W-2


Coleman Elementary is committed to the rights of our students. If you would like a
copy of the grievance procedure, one can be obtained from the school administration
staff or via school website.

The procedure below applies to the following polices:
5147/4510.1 Sexual Harassment of Students by Adults (Titles IX)
5147.1      Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment (Title IX)
5129        Pregnant/Parenting Students (Title IX)
5143        Nondiscrimination Students (Title IX, Title VI and the ADA)

Procedures for Sexual Discrimination
Step 1      Collection of necessary information and data
Step 2      Investigation of allegations
Step 3      Reporting of findings and /or resolution

The Memphis City Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national
origin, handicap/disability or sex (including pregnant or parenting status) in its
programs and activities. No student shall be denied equal access to or participation
in any school sponsored class, activity, or honors program on the basis of the above.

Students and their parents/guardians who believe they have been discriminated
against have the right to seek corrective action. Reports of such incidents must be
submitted in writing to the principal. If the necessary corrective actions have not
been taken, the route of appeal is (in writing) to the Director of the Division of Pupil

Tennessee Department of Education Contact Information
Answers to many questions and much helpful information may be obtained from the State
Department        of    Education      by     calling   1.888.212.3162  or    visiting
Legal Services Division
Division of Special Education, Tennessee Department of Education
710 James Robertson Parkway
Andrew Johnson Tower, 5th floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0380
Phone: 615.741.2851
Fax: 615.253.5567 or 615.532.9412

West Tennessee Regional Resource Center         East Tennessee Regional Resource Ctr.
100 Berryhill Drive                             2763 Island Home Blvd.
Jackson, TN 38301                               Knoxville, TN 37290
Phone: 731.421.5074                             Phone: 865.594.5691
Fax: 731.421.5077                               Fax: 865.594.8909

Child Advocacy Group Contact Information

In addition to the state and local resources available to parents and children, there are many
agencies and organizations that offer support, information, training and help in advocating for
persons with disabilities in Tennessee.

This information is provided as a service to individual seeking additional avenues for
help and information. The Department of Education does not intend this as an
endorsement or recommendation for any individual, organization, or service
represented on these pages.

A few of these organizations are listed below:

The ARC of Tennessee is on the Internet at http;//
44 Vantage Way, suite 550
Nashville, TN 37228
Phone: 615.248.5878 Toll free: 1.800.835.7077
Fax 615.248.5879 Email:

Support and Training for Exceptional Parents (STEP) is on the Internet at
712 Professional Plaza
Greeneville, TN 37745

West Tennessee                Middle Tennessee              East Tennessee
901.756.4332                  615 .463 .2310                423.639.2464

Tennessee Protection and Advocacy (TP&A) is on the Internet at
416 21st Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
1.800.287.9636 (Toll free) or 615.298.1080
615.298.2471 (TTY) 615.298.2046 (FAX)

Tennessee Voices for Children is on the Internet at

West Tennessee:                      Middle Tennessee              East Tennessee
(Jackson Area)                       1315 8th Avenue South         (Knoxville Area)
Telephone: 731.660.6365              Nashville, TN 37203
Telephone: 865.609.2490
Fax: 731.660.6372                    Telephone: 615 269 8914       Fax865 609 2543
                                     Fax: 615.269.8914

TN Toll Free: 800.670.9882                               E-mail:
These are but a few organizations available to help with information, training, and advocacy:
For a more extensive list visit the Tennessee Disability Services—Disability Pathfinder
On the web page, select your “county” and the “service” you desire for the drop-down lists
and click “Submit.”

                                          COLEMAN ELEMENTARY
                                        FAMILY ENGAGEMENT PLAN

This written Family Engagement Plan was jointly developed with parents and establishes the expectation for
parental involvement. This plan engrafts the belief that positive parental involvement attributes to student
academic success and the student’s feeling of wholeness and well-being. It is essential that Coleman’s
administrators, teachers, staff, and parents work together in order to provide students with the highest quality of

Coleman accepts the “Parent Involvement Assumptions”:
         * Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers.
         * Parents love their children and want the best possible education for them.
         * Parents will participate in ways they can, in light of their cultural, family and
           personal priorities.
         * Parents participate when they feel accepted, cared about, and respected.
         * Students benefit from their parents’ active involvement in schooling.
         * A parent involvement program is only as successful as the school leadership and
                   staff who believes it can be.


It is the policy of Coleman to jointly develop, agree, and distribute to parents of students attending Coleman a
written Family Engagement Plan. School level expectations for parent involvement have been established. We
will eliminate barriers to parental involvement. Written materials will be printed in English and Spanish to the
greatest extent possible. This plan will be reviewed and updated annually. It will also be shared with the


    A. Parents will participate in the development of Coleman’s School Improvement Plan, Family
       Engagement Plan, and Learning Compact and be members of the Leadership Team.
        The learning compact will jointly be developed w/parents.
        Parents will engage actively in determining the content.
        Parents will sign the Learning Compact Signature Page.
    B. Copies of written plans will be distributed to parents and reviews will be conducted.

    C. School Climate Surveys will be administered to parents and results will be used to implement
       procedures and use of funds.

    D. The school will work with parent organizations such as P.T.A. and Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great
       Students) and obtain general information regarding parent concerns.

    E. The school will provide an atmosphere in which parents will feel welcome within the school.
       1. A place for meetings will be provided for the P.T.O and Watch DOGS
       2. Parents will have access to an In-school Parent Information Display
       3. Parent volunteers will be encouraged to observe and volunteer in the school
       4. Faculty and staff will be trained on how to work with parents
       5. Parents will have access to a parent resource center

    F.   Parents will have opportunities for regular meetings/Flexible Times and Numbers
         1. How Annual Title I Meetings Are Convened
                  a. Will be convened at flexible times
                           *Fall Meeting AM & PM
                           *Spring Meeting AM & PM
                           *Or as preferred through parent surveys

              b. Parents will be invited to Annual Meeting through:
                       *Marquee/Outside Sign
                       *Word of Mouth
              c. Meeting Conducted/Parents Informed of:
                       *Title I requirements
                       *School’s participation in Title I
                       *Right of parents to be involved
                       *School’s academic standing
                       *State standards
                       *Academic achievement standards
                         *State/local assessments
     2. PTA Meetings
     3. Early Childhood Meetings (monthly)
     4. Parent/Teacher Conferences
     6. Math and Science Nights
     7. Report Card Night scheduled jointly with parent meetings

G. Parents will be provided timely information about parent programs.
   1. Through various communications:
      a.    flyers
      b.    Parent Link
      c.    in-school display stand and bulletin board
      d. marquee/outside sign
      e. written newsletters
      f.    verbally at parent meetings
      g. guidance counselor
   2. In timely manners
       a. immediately after school/program schedule is made
       b. written reminders 3-7 days prior to the event and the day before
       c. general school announcements to students for parents/daily 5 days before and up to the event

H. Parents will be informed about their child’s performance
       1. report cards
       2. Tuesday Parent-Teacher Communication Folders
       3. deficiency notices
       4. TCAP results – parent copy
       5. Special Ed./S-Team, M-Team, IEP meetings
       6. in-school displays
       7. school psychologist and guidance counselor
       8. teacher communications
            a. notes/newletters
            b. phone calls
            c. conferences
           d. weekly progress and conduct report
            e. curriculum in newsletters

I.  Parents will be informed about the school’s performance
        1. parent meetings
        2. School Report Card distribution
        3. school data boards
        4. school website
        5. letters
J. Parents will be provided description/explanation of curriculum, academic assessment used and
   Proficiency levels students are expected to meet
    1. during open house
    2. during Parent-teacher Conferences

         3.   during Title I meetings
         4.   during selected PTA meetings
         5.   through curriculum guides distributed every six weeks
         6.   parent seminars
         7.   letters

    K. Parent Concerns and Questions
       1. Presented/Voiced
          a. placed in “Parent Concerns” box on counter
          b. verbally to principal, counselor, facilitator, literacy leader or teachers and placed in
             in “Parent Concerns” box
          c. School Climate Surveys
          d. general surveys
          e. parent meetings evaluation forms
       2. Addressed or Resolved
           a. Site-based Leadership Council
           b. School Leadership Team
           c. PTA discussion sessions
           d. principal conferences
           e. written feedback
           f. guidance counselor

    L. Adult Education Act Information through the School
       1. Division of Parent and Community Engagement (PACE)
          a. workshop information shared with parents
          b. parent information board
          c. website
          d. written announcements
          e. flyers
          f. Family Literacy Program
       2. Health Care/G. E. D. information/Parent Information Display
           a. Social and Community Agencies
           b. MCS Adult Education Center
           c. school seminars
           d. Division of Parent and Community Engagement Center (PACE) Airways Middle School
                                                                        2601 Ketchum Rd.
                                                                        Memphis, TN 38114

Coleman Parents, this plan describes how the school involves parents in an organized, ongoing and timely way in
planning, review and improvement of programs for parent involvement.

Inform the school, if this plan is not satisfactory to you.

“Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national

origin, handicap/disability, sex or age. For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-


                              2011 – 2012
La participacion de los padres proporciona activa participacion de padres en la educacion de sus hijos. Nuestra
politica de la participacion de los padres de Coleman fue incorporada juntamente con nuestros padres. Nuestra
meta es preparar conocimiento de habilidades a los padres y entregar la informacion necesaria para ayudar a sus
hijos en el exito escolar.

La escuela Coleman promete eliminar barreras en la participacion de los padres de la siguiente manera:

    1.  Constantemente conocer y saludar a los padres en una forma amistosa y dar una cordial bienvenida.
    2.  Proporcionar una variedad de reuniones que permita a los padres participar.
    3.  Clarificar terminos usando un lenguaje directo.
    4.  Imprimir materiales escritos en ingles y espanol.
    5.  Proveer servicios de interpretes cuando sea necesario.
    6.  Proveer informaciones y direcciones de correo electronico.
    7.  Proporcionar a los padres la oportunidad de expresar sus ideas, preocupaciones sugestiones y recibir una
        respuesta a tiempo.
    8. Continuar dialogo diario a traves de la escuela para asegura exito a todos los estudiantes (Personal y
        Personal de apoyo).
    9. Desarrollar conjuntamente con los padres, la escuela, compacto de padres y personal participante en el
    10. Los padres tendran la oportunidad de comunicar sus preoupaciones o problemas con el director.

La escuela Coleman animara los padres de maneras significativa participar y promover la capacidad para
una participacion solida de la siguiente manera:
    1. Participar en el consejo de liderazgo de la escuela, PTA, y Watch Dogs.
    2. Proporcionar a los padres la oportunidad de asister y participar en conferencias, talleres de actividades
        educacionales, educar a los padres en el programa y evalaciones alrededor de los ninos.
    3. Conducir reuniones de padres de forma regular y flexible para mantener a los padres informados de los
        eventos y temas, reporte de calificaciones, conferencias de padres y maestros para discutir el progreso
        del estudiante.
    4. Planear reuniones anuales en tiempo flexibles para invitar a todos los padres, explicar y observar Titulo
        I, programas de NCLB, actividades y plan de studios.
    5. Proveer instruccion familiar de leer y escribir, servicios familiares para mejorar las habilidades de los
        padres en la ayuda con la educacion de los ninos.
    6. Proporcionar informacion del comite en los eventos que estan ocurriendo, con un calendario mensual
        para informar a los padres de las actividades escolares.
    7. Enviar notificaciones y comunicaciones de una forma oportuna para que los padres puedan responder y
    8. Proveer a los padres/estudiantes el manual que cubre las reglas de la escuela, reglamentos y
    9. Envolver a los padres en la revision del Plan de Compromios Familiar y del Compacto de la Escuela, al
        comenzar el ano escolar los padres recibiran una copia de los dos.
    10. Utilizar sociedades con organizaciones comunitarias, negocios adoptados.
    11. Informar a los padres el plan educacional, evaluaciones academicos, niveles de competencia de los

                                    COLEMAN ELEMENTARY
                                      TITLE I COMPACT

We believe that through love and the responsibility that love accepts, ALL obstacles can be overcome.
Therefore, this compact has been jointly developed and agreed upon by Coleman Elementary School, parents,
students and school staff. We share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement and develop
this partnership to help our children achieve the State’s high standards.

                                  SCHOOL’S RESPONSIBILITY

I, The Undersigned, Partner In The Education of Children At Coleman Commit to Supporting
Academic Achievement by:
     Providing a safe school environment
     Providing a high quality curriculum and instruction to all students
     Encouraging ongoing positive communication between the school, teacher, parent and
        student/Legendary Service
     Ensuring parents have access to staff /Inviting and welcoming parents and the
        community into the school to volunteer, participate and observe in their child’s class or
        the school
     Determining student’s educational needs and adjust the instruction to accommodate
     Holding an Annual Title I Parent Meeting (Submitting Detailed Report) ,
        parent/teacher conferences, and meetings to discuss learning compact, individual
        student academic and social achievement
     Sharing with parents state standards, state academic standards, and state/local
     Encouraging teachers, students, staff, and parents to have high expectations
        academically and socially
     Ensuring a supportive and effective learning environment

Principal’s Signature _____________________________________________________

                                 STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY

I, The Undersigned, Will Do My Very Best In School:
     Doing my work to the best of my ability and completing and returning homework
     Coming to school everyday and on time
     Obeying my teachers
     Following school-wide rules and the Student Code of Conduct
     Respecting myself, others, and the environment
     Reading books more instead of watching TV and playing too many video games
     Giving my parents all papers that are sent home and bringing back signed papers
     Wearing my uniform everyday
     Accessing the internet away from school for computer based learning through
        programs such as: Stanford Math, Stanford Law, Headsprouts, etc.

  Student’s Signature _______________________________________________________

                             TEACHER RESPONSIBILITY

I, The Undersigned, realize and Commit to Supporting Academic Achievement By:
     Delivering instruction and curriculum that is adapted to meet student’s needs
     Providing relevant homework that reinforces skills taught in the classroom
     Providing students multiple opportunities in various ways to demonstrate their learning
     Reporting pupil progress and assessment results frequently to students and parents
        through: Tuesday Folders, Newsletters, Report Cards, Telephone Calls, Conferences,
        Individualized Education Plan, Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Test (TCAP)
        and/or Letters, EdPlan/EXCEL
     Communicating to students, parents and staff in a respectful, responsive, caring
     Attending professional development activities to gain knowledge to support high
        student academic achievement
     Providing a supportive and effective learning environment/Responsive Classroom
     Discussing the school-parent compact with the parent in relationship to individual
        child’s achievement

 Teacher’s Signature ________________________________________________________

                             PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY

I, The Undersigned, Support My Child’s Learning. I realize the importance of Teacher/Parent
communication and Commit to Support Academic Achievement By:
     Providing a safe and loving home environment and being a positive role model
     Talking to administrators, teachers, staff, other parents, and students in a respectful
     Teaching my child(ren) to respect other children, parents, teachers and themselves
     Teaching social skills to promote positive interactions with all
     Getting my child to school in uniform and on time with supplies
     Establishing a time for homework and assisting and reviewing it
     Checking with my child daily for information sent home, reading it and signing it
     Attending school functions and volunteering at the school and in my child’s classroom
     Valuing the importance of teacher/parent communication/talking with my child’s
       teacher regularly
     Working cooperatively with the school to maintain proper discipline
     Providing computer and internet access to the greatest extent possible
     Ensuring my child eats a nutritious breakfast at home, if not at school on time

Parent’s Signature ______________________________

                                Pacto de Estudiante / Maestro / Padres de Familia
   Este Pacto ha sido desarrollado, conjuntamente por la escuela, los padres,los estudiantes, y el personal de la
                                    RESPONSABILIDAD DE LA ESCUELA
Yo, el socio abajofirmante produrare hacer lo siguiente en la educacion de los ninos en la escuela Coleman:
     Proveer un ambiente seguro que permite comunicacion positiva entre maestros, padres, y estudiantes.
     Animar a los maestros a proveer con regularidad tareas que reforzaran las lecciones del salon de clase.
     Demostrar orgullo y espiritu por la asistencia de los estudiantes y maestros en la escuela.
     Asegurar la puesta en practica de un programa academico fuerte basado en componentes equilibrados de
         la instruccion del lectura y escritura.
     Proporcionar acitivdades para padres para apoyar nuestro programa educacional y realizar el logro
         academico del estudiante.
     Proporcionar un plan de estudios y una instruccion de alta calidad a todos los estudiantes.
     Proporcionar oportunidades a padres para que tengan acceso razonable a empleados, para ser
         voluntarios, y participar y observar en el salon de clase de su hijo/a.
     Tener conferencias anuales entre padres y maestros para discuir el Pacto de Padres y discutir como se
         relaciona con el logro de su hijo/a.
Firma del Director ____________________________________
                                         ACUERDO DEL ESTUDIANTE
Es importante trabajar en lo mejor de mis habilidades. Por lo tanto, procurare hacer lo siguiente.
     Usar mi uniforme todos los dias.
     Conformar a las reglas de conducta para estudiantes.
     Completar y entregar todas last tareas asignadas.
     Venir a las clases cada dia apropiadamente preparado.
     Asistir a las clases con regularidad y completar las lecciones de la clase.
Firma del estudiante ___________________________________
                                           ACUERDO DEL MAESTRO
Yo, el socio abajofirmante procurare hacer lo siguiente en la educacion de su hijo/a en la escuela Coleman:
     Proveer reportes del progreso cada semana y comunicacion sobre el progeso del estudiante.
     Proporcionar la preparacion que refuerza las habilidades ensenadas en el salon de clase.
     Proveer un ambiente acogedor, apropiado para el desarrollo y que es conducente a aprender.
     Proporcionare la comunicacion con los padres a traves, de la linea telefonica , la carpeta semanal,
         boletines de noticias y el contacto telefonico.
     Continuar el esfuerzo para resolver y acomodar las necesidades de cada estudiante.
     Concentrar en habilidades enriquecidas para promover crecimiento academico hacia TCAP y la
         preparacion para la escuela intermedia.
     Dedicar mi tiempo desarrollo profesional de alta calidad para aumentar el conocimiento y a las
         habilidades que aseguaran el logro del estudiante.
    Firma del Maestro/a ___________________________________________
                                          ACUERDO DE LOS PADRES
Yo, el socio abajofirmante procurare hacer lo siguiente en la educacion de mi hijo/a en la escuela Coleman:
     Asegurar que mi hijo/a sea puntual y asista a la escuela con regularidad.
     Proveer un lugar tranquilo, revisar sus tareas y otros papeles regularmente.
     Apoyar a la escuela en su esfuerzo para mantener la disciplina apropiada.
     Animar a mi hijo/a en sus esfuezos y estar disponible para contestar preguntas.
     Asegurar que mi hijo/a se vista con el uniforme apropriado cada dia.
     Establecer un ambiente seguro y positivo y ser un modelo positivo para mi hijo/a.
     Proveer materiales y utiles necesarios para la escuela.
     Asegurar que las boletas de calificaciones esten firmadas y asistir a conferencias con los maestros.
     Ayudar a mi hijo/a a obtener una tarjeta de la biblioteca.
Firma de los Padres ______________________________________

                                           COLEMAN ELEMENTARY

                                                   Title I School
                                  Volunteer Survey
                        Parent – School – Community Connections
             Circle One:       Parent             Grandparent               Community Member            Other

I would enjoy helping at Coleman Elementary in the following capacity.
           (Please check the box for the area and/or responsibility where you would like to volunteer.)
   1.  School Leadership Council
   2.  PTO Officers
               ___ President
               ___ Vice President
               ___ Secretary
               ___ Nominating committee
               ___ Fundraising
               ___ Literacy (Tutoring)
               ___ After-school activities
               ___ Security/Parent Patrol
               ___ Adopt-a-School
               ___ Speaker’s Bureau
               ___ Other_________________
   3. Library/Media Center
          ___ Read to children
          ___ Help students with research projects
          ___ Clerical task
          ___ Videotape school events
          ___ Coordinate library volunteer schedule
     4. Reading Program
             ___ Read to and with children
             ___ Read to my child’s class
             ___ Read to any class
     5. Parent Support
             ___ Assist with the Annual Title I Parent Meeting (Open House)
             ___ National Teacher’s Day
             ___ Assist with my child’s recess
             ___ Assist with cafeteria monitoring
             ___ Assist with P.E. classes
             ___Assist with music classes
             ___ Assist with school’s office
             ___ Parent’s Luncheon
             ___ Proctor for TCAP testing
             ___Assist with the Carnival
        6.     Other opportunities to volunteer
               ________________________________           _________________________________

             Student ____________________         Teacher ________________________________________

        Parents' Right-To-Know
All parents have the right to request the followings:
   A teacher's professional qualifications, which
    include: state qualifications, licensure, grade/s
    certification, waivers.
   A teacher's baccalaureate and/or graduate degree,
    fields of endorsement, previous teaching experience.
   A paraprofessional's qualifications.
   An assurance that their child's name, address, and
    telephone listing are not being released to military

All parents will receive information on the following:
   Their child's level of achievement in each of the State
    academic assessments.
   Their right to public school choice, supplemental services,
    and more effective involvement if their child's school is
    identified for school improvement.
   Their option to request a transfer to another school within
    the district if their child is the victim of a violent crime at
   Their right to timely notification that their child has
    been assigned, or has been taught for four or more
    consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not highly

                 ON SCHOOL PROPERTY'

    The carrying of any weapon on school property
    is prohibited and may be a felony as defined in
    Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-1309. A fine
    of up to $3,000 and/or imprisonment of up to six
    (6) years may be imposed.

Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religious, national origin,
          handicap/disability, sex or age. For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.

                              Memphis City Schools
               Division of Exceptional Children and Health Services
                     Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, commonly referred to as Section 504, is a federal
nondiscrimination statute. The purpose of the Act is to prohibit discrimination and to assure that
disabled students have educational opportunities and benefits equal to those provided to
nondisabled students. An eligible student under Section 504 is a student who (a) has, (b) has a
record of having, or (c) is regarded as having, a physical or mental impairment which
substantially limits a major life activity such as learning, self care, walking, seeing, hearing,
speaking, breathing, working and performing manual tasks. The purpose of this Notice is to
delineate the rights assured by Section 504. The enabling regulations for Section 504 at 34 CFR
Part 104, entitle students to the following rights:

1. Your child has the right to an appropriate education designed to meet his/her individual
educational needs as adequately as the needs of non disabled students are met. 34 CFR 104.33.

2. Your child has the right to free educational services except for those fees that are imposed on
nondisabled students or their parents. Insurers and similar third parties are not relieved from an
otherwise valid obligation to provide or pay for services provided to a disabled student. 34 CFR

3. Your child has a right to placement in the least restrictive environment. 34 CFR 104.34.

4. Your child has a right to facilities, services, and activities that are comparable to those
provided for nondisabled students. 34 CFR 104.34.

5. Your child has a right to an evaluation prior to an initial Section 504 placement arid any
subsequent change in placement. 34 CFR 104.35.

6. Testing and other evaluation procedures must conform with the requirement of 34 CFR 104.35
as to validation, administration, areas of evaluation, etc. The district shall consider information
from a variety of sources, including aptitude and achievement tests, teacher recommendations,
physical condition, social
and cultural background, adaptive behavior, physical or medical reports, student grades, progress
reports, parent observations, anecdotal reports, and assessment scores. 34 CFR 104.35.

7. Placement decisions must be made by a group of persons (i.e., Section 504 Committee),
including persons knowledgeable about your child, the meaning of the evaluation data, the
placement options, and the legal requirements for least restrictive environment and comparable
facilities. 34 CFR 104.35.

8. If eligible under Section 504, your child has a right to periodic reevaluations, generally every
three years. 34 CFR 104.35.

9. You have the right to notice prior to any action by the district in regard to the identification,
evaluation, or placement of your child. 34 CFR 104.36.

10. You have the right to examine relevant records. 34 CFR 104.36.

11. You have the right to an impartial hearing with respect to the district's actions regarding your
child's identification, evaluation, or educational placement, with opportunity for parental
participation in the hearing and representation by an attorney. 34 CFR 104.36.

12. If you wish to challenge the actions of the district's Section 504 Committee in regard to your
child's identification, evaluation, or educational placement, you should file a written request for
a due process hearing with the district's Section 504 Coordinator.

13. If you disagree with the decision of the impartial hearing officer, you have a right to a review
of that decision by a court of competent jurisdiction. 34 CFR 104.36.

14. You also have a right to file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights. The address of the
Regional Office, which covers Tennessee, is:

                                                                 Office for Civil Rights
                                                       U. S. Department of Education
                                                       61 Forsythe Street, SW
                                                       , Suite 19T70
                                                       Atlanta, GA 30323
                                                       Telephone: (404) 974-9406
                                                       Fax: (404) 974-9471

My signature indicates that I have received this Notice of Rights:

______________________________                                                           ______________________
Parent Signature                                                                               Date

______________________________                                                           ______________________
District Representative Signature                                                              Date
Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex or age. For
more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 4166670.

                                        Memphis City Schools
                                       Annual Notice to Parents
                  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

In compliance with state and federal laws, Memphis City Schools will provide
to each eligible student with disabilities, without discrimination or cost to the
student or family, those related aids and services, or reasonable
accommodations that are needed to provide the student an equal opportunity
to participate in and obtain the benefits of school programming, including
extracurricular activities, to the extent to which the student is able. In order
to qualify as an eligible student with a disability pursuant to Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the child must be of school age and have a physical
or mental disability that substantially limits a major life activity that prohibits
participation in or access to school programs. Please contact your child's
school if you suspect your child has a disability that would qualify for
protections pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Services and protections for student determined to have disabilities pursuant
to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are distinct from those
services and protections applicable to eligible students with disabilities
enrolled in special education programs pursuant to the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004). To learn more about
the evaluation process or services that are available to children with
disabilities, please contact your child's school or contact:

                                   Memphis City Schools
                 Division of Exceptional Children and Health Services
                 Compliance Office
                                     The Bond Building
                                        2930 Airways
                                    Memphis, TN 38116
                                       (901) 416-5600
                                    FAX: (901) 416-5697

The Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color,
religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age. For more information, please contact the Office of
Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.

                             Coleman Elementary
                                 2011 - 2012
                                PRE-K SPED

1 – backpack (no wheels) with name printed on it
1 - 2” wide 3 ring binder with clear plastic slipcover on front on the binder
2 - small blankets for rest time
1 – box pull-ups, with Velcro sides (notes will be sent home when others are needed)
2 – changes of uniform clothes (pants, shirt, socks). Please place in a gallon size Ziploc
bag and label with name.
3 - boxes of Baby Wipes
2 – reams of White Copy Paper
1 – Primary Tablets
2 – Elmer’s Glue
1 – individual Paint Set
1 – four pack of Playdough

                     Coleman Elementary
                         2011 - 2012
              Early Childhood School Supply List

1 - Backpack
2 - Boxes of 8 count Jumbo Crayola Crayons
8 - Jumbo Elmer’s glue- sticks
1 - box of Clorox wipe
1 - box of Ziploc sandwich bags
1 - box of gallon Ziploc bags
1 - bottle of Hand Sanitizer
1 - towel for rest time
2 - box of Kleenex
4 - cans of playdough (playdough brand works best)
4 - Folders
1 - Change of uniform clothes (include a pair of socks, underwear, shirt
and pants)

                         Coleman Elementary
                   Kindergarten School Supply List
                            2011 – 2012
1 – backpack (no wheels)
2 – 24 count pack #2 pencils (TICONDEROGA or Papermate)
4 – 2 packs of rectangular flat erasers
6 – boxes of Crayola crayons 24 count
8 – jumbo’s Elmer’s glue sticks ( or 16 small glue sticks)
1 – Fiskar Scissors Rounded
1 – box of baby wipes (girls)
1 – box of Clorox wipes (boys)
1 – Change of uniform clothing to stay at school (long pants, shirt, underwear, and socks
   all Labeled).
1 – box quart Ziploc bags (Zipper preferred) (boys)
1 – box gallon Ziploc bags (Zipper preferred) (girls)
4 – boxes of facial tissue (large)
1 – Headphones (over the head headphones only)
4 – Writing Tablets (purchase from Bookstore)
1 – bottle GermX hand sanitizer

*Additional supplies may be requested by your child’s teacher

                          Coleman Elementary
                           First Grade Supply List
                                 2011 – 2012

6- pkgs. 24 ct. pencils
6 - pkgs. 16 count crayons
2 - glue sticks
1 - pair scissors (Fiskar)
6 - boxes tissue
2 - boxes Ziploc bags (boys – quart, girls – gallon)
4 – first grade writing tablets (Coleman Bookstore)
1 - plastic pencil box
4 - pkgs. Baby Wipes
1 - pkg. dry erase markers (expo only)
2 - pencil sharpeners

                  NOTE: Please do not label school supplies.

                              Coleman Elementary
                            Second Grade Supply List
                                 2011 - 2012

6 - pkgs. #2 pencils
6 - boxes of crayons
4 - boxes of Kleenex
6 - glue sticks
5 - spiral composition books (70 ct. wide rule)
5 - folders with pockets (yellow, red, green, orange, and blue)
2 - pkgs. of baby wipes
6 - Expo Dry Erase Markers
1- pencil box
Girls -1 box of quart freezer zip lock baggies
Boys -1 box of gallon freezer zip lock baggies

Note: Parents, please try to have all supplies by the first day of school.

                        COLEMAN ELEMENTARY
                       THIRD GRADE SUPPLY LIST

3 - DOZEN #2 PENCILS (preferably Office Depot brand)








2 – ZIPLOG BAGS (girls – quart, boys - gallon)





                             Coleman Elementary
                       ***FOURTH GRADE SUPPLY LIST***
                                2011 – 2012

1 - Multiplication table flash cards
6 – Plain Pocket Folders (no metal clasp inside)
5 - packages of loose-leaf notebook paper (100 ct. wide-ruled)
5 – Spiral Notebooks (70 sheets)
4 - boxes of Kleenex
2 – Large Glue Sticks
1 - box Colored Pencils (12 or more)
1 - box of Expo Dry Erase Markers (box of 4)
1 - box Ziploc Freezer Bags (gallon size)
5 - Spiral Notebooks (70 sheets)
1 - pair Fiskar Scissors (pointed)
2 - bottle of Hand Sanitizer (8 oz.)
1 – Centimeter/Inch Ruler
1 – bottle of Glue (4 oz.)
1 - Small Covered Pencil Sharpener
1 - Protractor

1 Soprano recorder (peripole, Yamaha or Avlos). These will be available in the bookstore
during the 1st 9weeks for $5.00

                                Coleman Elementary
                                    Fifth Grade
                                   2011 – 2012

 Multiplication table flash cards
3 - packages of notebook paper (100ct. –Wide ruled)
6 - brad & pockets folders
3 - spiral notebook (college ruled)
24 - each # #2 Pencils (no mechanical or stay sharp pencils)
2 - bottle of Hand Sanitizer
1 - zippered pencils pouch (MANDATORY)
1 - box Crayola Crayons (24 ct.)
2 - Scotch Glue Sticks
1 - pair Fiskar Scissors (pointed)
2 - Composition Notebooks
1 – Ruler and Protractor
1 – pack of Sheet Protectors
Individual tissue packets (enough to last the year)

1 Soprano recorder (Peripole or Yamaha). These will be available in the bookstore
during the 1st 9weeks for a cost of $5.00.

                    Resource Supply List
                    Kindergarten- 5th grade

1 – pkg. Dry Erase Markers
1 – each Hand Sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes or baby wipes
2 – pkgs. #2 Pencils
3 - boxes Kleenex Tissue
2 – Pencil Sharpeners
3 – pkgs. of wide-ruled Notebook Paper
2 – Folders with 2 pockets * 3 prongs. These will be used for
    Math & Language Arts classes.
1 – 12 inch Ruler (flexible rulers are preferred.)
1 – pkg. of Erasers
1 - pkg. of Construction Paper, any color

                             COLEMAN SCHOOL
                        SCHOOLAGE CHILDCARE (SACC)
                        EXTENDED LEARNING PROGRAM

HOURS:        7:00 – 8:00 A.M.                DAYS:            MONDAY THRU FRIDAY
              3:15 – 6:00 P.M.                                 (following MCS’s calendar)

Phone:        416-9562 (during hours of operation only)

***A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charted starting at 6:01 until sign out time.
Weekly fees are due by Monday to reserve one week of child care.

Activities offered for the children:
     Homework completion time                 Music/Guitar/Drums/Choir
     SECME Club (science/math)                Computer Technology
     Free time with games & videos            P.E./Sports
     Arts and Crafts                          Library Visits/Story Time Club
     Ecology                                  Field Trips
     Dance                                    Tutoring


Your child will be in a safe environment with caregivers that he/she knows. There
will be enrichment and remedial activities provided. The program will be operated at
Coleman School. Caregivers will be certified teachers and teaching assistants. A
healthy snack will be provided in the afternoons. Students will have the opportunity
to participate in activities with technology.
COST:                                WEEKLY           SIBLING         DROP-IN

Before & After Care                  $40.00           $35.00          $15.00
      PreK                           $50.00

Before Only                          $25.00           $15.00          $10.00
      PreK                           $30.00

After Only                           $40.00           $35.00          $15.00
      PreK                           $50.00

                        CHEROKEE VOUCHERS ACCEPTED

THERE WILL BE A NON-REFUNDABLE Registration fee of $10.00 per child with
no more than $50.00 per family.

The program will be fully licensed by the State Department of Education.

For further information, please call 416-4306.

                        No Child Left Behind Letter

                                  Coleman Elementary
August 8, 2011

Dear Parent:

Your participation in your child’s education is important to us. Because of this, we have
developed a Parental Involvement Policy for our school. This policy explains how we learn
to work with parents to review and improve parent programs and describes how you can
participate in planning these programs. We value your involvement and urge you to take the
time to read this policy. (The Policy is on page 40 of the Student Handbook).

Federal law requires us to distribute our parental involvement policy to parents to ensure
their involvement in their children’s educational process.

Please sign the form below and return it to your child’s classroom teacher by Friday, August
26, 2011, so that we can be sure you received this important information.

If you have any question, feel free to call Mrs. Brenda Curry at 416-9568.

Yours truly,

Russette M. Jackson


I have received the Parental Involvement Policy described in this letter.

Parent’s Signature ____________________________________Date ___________
Print Parent Name ___________________________________________________
Student Name ______________________________________________________
Teacher Name ______________________________________________________
School & Grade _____________________________________________________

                            COLEMAN SCHOOL
                                2011 - 2012
                                 TITLE I

Our school encourages parental involvement in the educational process. The school and home
have a shared goal of promoting success in our children. Our parents will act as advisors,
resource persons and coordinators in the following ways:

       1.   Attend school events and serve as advisors.
       2.   Serve on the Site-Based Leadership Team
       3.   Use their talents/resources to enhance the instructional program.
       4.   Become school supporters and advocators.
       5.   Respond to memos, surveys, and questionnaires expressing ideas and concerns.

                                  TITLE I INVOLVEMENT

The administrators, faculty, and staff will provide a strategic plan and implement Title I
requirements according to the guidelines set forth in the laws which include the following:

       1.   Make parents aware of Title I and our participation.
       2.   Allow parents to observe the school’s program(s) and visit classrooms.
       3.   Provide parents with student information and progress reports.
       4.   Solicit feedback from parents.
       5.   Provide parents with assessment results.
       6.   Provide parents with a copy of the Parental Involvement Policy.

To ensure that our parents participate in the development, and implementation of the school’s
program, we will do the following:

       1. Serve on School Restructuring Task Force during the summer planning week.
       2. Provide annual meeting(s) to explain the components and requirements of Title I.
       3. Provide flexible time for our parents to attend parent meetings.
       4. Offer parental training and workshops in parenting skills.
       5. Involve parents in planning and developing school improvement projects.
       6. Develop a parent-school compact showing how parents, schools and students share
          responsibilities. Disseminate the compact to all students/parents and acquire
          appropriate signature.
       7. Encourage parents to regularly visit and take an active role in school planning.
       8. Have conferences to discuss the parent-school compact and to discuss how it relates
          to their child’s achievement.

       Parent Acknowledgement Form
         Student/Parent Handbook
Parents, please initial all statements after you read through them and return
this page to your child’s teacher within five (5) school days.

   _____    I understand the benefits, responsibilities and penalties outlined in the
            Coleman Elementary School Student /Parent Handbook.

   _____    I have read the Coleman Illness/Injury Policy and will abide by the
            provisions of the policy.

   _____    I understand that my child will be held accountable for the behavior
            and consequences outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook and the
            MCS Student Code of Conduct and the Coleman Elementary Behavior
            Plan at school and at all school-sponsored or related activities
            regardless of time or location.

   _____    I   have read, understood, signed and will support the Coleman
            Elementary Parent/Student/Teacher Compact.

   _____    I   have read, understood, signed and will support the Coleman
            Elementary Family Engagement Policy.

   _____    I understand that if I object to my child reciting The Pledge of
            Allegiance or if I have other objections to procedure or curriculum I
            must give the objections in writing to the Principal.

   _____    I realize that MCS policy requires that all volunteers complete a
            Volunteer Registration Form. To ensure the safety of Coleman
            Elementary students’ background checks may be required.

   Student’s Name: ______________________________________________

   Teacher’s Name: ______________________________________________

   Print Parent’s Name: ___________________________________________

   Parent’s Signature: ____________________________________________

   Date: ______________


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