Zenworks Configuration Management

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					Skyward IT Services
 • 28 – Skyward Software Experts
 • 4 - Certified Novell Engineers (CNE)
 • 2 - Certified Master Novell Engineer (MCNE)
 • 2 - Certified Linux Engineers (CLE)
 • 1 – VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
 • 5 - Certified Novell Administrators (CNA)
 • 2 – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE)
 • 5 - Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)
 • 2 - Apple Certified Help Desk Specialists (ACHDS)
 • 2 - OS X Support Essentials certification for OS X 10.4
 • 6 - SonicWALL Certified Security Administrator (CSSA)
 • 3 - Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA)             J

 • 2 - Certified Xiotech Engineers (CXE)
 • 1 - IBM Certified Specialist AIX 5L
 • 2 - 3Com Certified Network IP Telephony Experts (CNTE)
   Streamline Workstation Management with ZENworks
               Configuration Management

•Workstation Image Creation and Deployment

• Workstation Policies to Automate Configuration and
Application Settings

• Workstation Remote Management Using a Secure

• Application Deployment and License Enforcement

• Automated Delivery and Reporting of Software Patches

• Endpoint Security Policy Enforcement

• Asset Management and Inventory
                 What’s new in Novell ZCM11?

•Linux integration

• ZENworks administrative groups
    •Examples HelpDesk,Remote Control Teachers

•Bundle and policy change management
    •The ability to role back changes

•Single adaptive agent
    •No separate Endpoint agent

•Power Management and Reporting
    •Enforce AC power management settings (Windows
    •Intel vPro Integration                          J
    •Compliance and policy reporting

•Infrastructure management
     •Location awareness
                   ZENworks Configuration Management

           •Load balancing Satellite Severs
                 • Any device that has a agent can become a Satellite server
•Database Support
           •Sybase SQL Anywhere 10.0.1
           •Microsoft SQL 2005 Enterprise or Standard
           •Oracle 10g Standard
•Directory support – LDAP - Skyward recommends not using secure LDAP because the cert can expire
           •Active Directory
     •SUSE Enterprise 10 and 11
     •Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x
     •OES 2
     •Windows 2003 SP1/SP2, 2008 SP1/SP2 and R2
     •Windows 2000 sp4
     •Windows XP sp2/sp3
     •Windows Vista SP1/SP2 Home versions are not supported
     •Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate and enterprise
     •Thin-clients Windows 2000, 2003,Citrix XenApp
     •No Mac client yet but it is coming
          ZENworks Configuration Management

•Single Agent
    • Traffic is http or https, more efficient (no NCP)
    • All policies and application are pushed out securely
    • Fast and secure remote control to the desktop
    • Bandwidth throttling
    • Any computer / server can be deployed a role
        • Content Role - bundles, policies, system
          updates, and patches
        • Collection Role - collect inventory information,
          messages (errors, warning, informational, and so
        • Imaging Role - managed device to take and
          restore images within as well as across subnets
          by using unicast or multicast imaging
ZENworks Configuration Management Infrastructure
             ZENworks Configuration Management

•Migration utilities
     •   Able to migrate ZEN 4, 6 and 7 snapshot application to
         MSI Format
     •   Moved current policies into ZCM
     •   Able to have a dual environment of ZEN 7 and ZCM
         allowing you to rollout the new configuration on your
Single management console “ZCC”
     •   Zen Management
     •   Asset Management
     •   Patch Management
     •   Endpoint Management
     •   Built in updating
     •   Managed rollouts
ZENworks Configuration Management
    Workstation Imaging

ZENworks imaging scripts -containing any commands
that you can issue at the bash prompt
      • Updated Bios firmware
      • Custom menu to select the image you would like
      • Naming of the computer
•Take an image of the device’s hard drives and other
storage devices
          • USB devices
          • Restore an image to the device
          • multicasting

•Take or restore a WIM image by using Microsoft*

•Take or restore a Ghost image by using Symantec*
                    Application Virtualization

      • No setup for the end user
      • Chose the OS the application is running
      • Single self-contained .exe file,
      • No change made to host registry, kernel or file system
      • Great for non school owned equipment
      • Management Tool with out leaving a footprint
      • Resolves incompatibility issues
      • Run the application anywhere on USB drive or local drive
      • Deployable through ZEN, email, file share, etc
      • Streaming – http://www.novell.com/streaming
      • Terminal services alternative and / or streamline Terminal
        services with App Virtualization
            • Example Adobe CS3 will not run on a Terminal services

•   Sandbox –secure place for data to be written to
Able to run multiple version of the same software with out conflicts
Example internet explorer 6 running on a Vista computer.
ZENworks Application Virtualization
•WSUS but with more than Windows Updates

•OS support
     • Microsoft
     • Linux
     • HP
     • Apple
     • Sun
     • Novell

     • Microsoft
     • Adobe
     • Firefox

•Continuous Monitoring                     J
     • Assessment
     • Remediation
     • Validation
     • Audit
                          Asset Management

     • Reporting Server provides 1,500+ reporting objects and hundreds of
         built-in reports and queries
     • Comprehensive Web reporting with multiple graphing and display
     • Asset history and trend analysis
     • Custom reports and alerts
     • Automatic recognition of tens of thousands of products and devices
     • Discovery of software, hardware and network devices
     • Monthly Knowledgebase updates
     • Software suite recognition
     • Fast, convenient mechanism for adding proprietary and legacy
     • Unlimited user-defined fields for data collection
     • Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX inventories
     • Integrated client-push utility
     • Out-of-the-box or customized inventory processes                       J

     • Flexible kick-off options (client, login script and system policies)
     • Multiple scheduling options
     • Scan-on-demand for real-time inventory of specific devices
     • Automatic product updates

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