TENDER NOTICE No. JBP/S&T/Const. /56 Dated 07.03.2012

       Deputy Chief Signal & Telecom Engineer (Construction.), Jabalpur West Central
Railway, Ist Floor, DRM office building, Jabalpur      (M.P.) 482001 for and on behalf of
President of India invites sealed open tender in the prescribed form for the following works:
Name of work :- Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Indoor and Outdoor
Signaling Equipments, Power supply Equipments, Block proving with Axle Counter, Digital
Axle counter, Pre Fab housing and other works in connection with the provision of Panel
section and provision of Intermediate Block Signalling in AMDARA-BHADANPUR &
LAGARGAWAN-SATNA section of KATNI MANIKPUR section over JABALPUR Division on
West Central Railway.

     1. Approximate cost of work:                      Rs 5.171 Crores.

     2. Earnest Money                                  Rs 4,08,550 /-
     3. Completion period                              11 Months progressively (including
                                                       harvest & monsoon period)
     4. Last date & Time of Submission                  20.04.2012      at 15:00 hrs
     5. Date & Time of opening of tender                20.04.2012      at 15:15 hrs
     6. Validity of Offer                              120 Days from date of opening
     7. Validity of EMD                                180 days from date of opening
     8. Sale of Tender form (in person)                 from date 12.03.2012 to 20.04.2012
                                                       (up to    12:00 hrs).
     9. Cost of Tender form                               Rs 10,000/- or Rs 10,500/-, if
                                                         required by post
                                                 (I) http://www.wcr.indianrailways.gov.in
     10 Website address                         (ii) http://www.tenders.gov.in

Tender forms containing Special Conditions of Contract, Schedule of work, Drawings, etc.
can be obtained from the office of the Dy. Chief Signal & Telecom Engineer (Const.),
Jabalpur West Central Railway, Ist Floor, DRM office building, Jabalpur            (M.P.)
482001 on prescribed payment of the tender form. If the date of opening as mentioned
above happens to be a holiday, then the tenders will be submitted and opened at the same
time and place on next working day. Tender Forms not accompanied by requisite
Earnest Money (Bank Guarantee is not acceptable) in prescribed form will be
summarily rejected.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Tender No JBP/S&T/Const. /56 :- Only those firms
/tenderers who in their individual capacity fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned
below as( i) and (ii) need to quote for tender
i)    The tenderer should have completed, in the last three financial years (i.e. current
year and three previous financial years) at least one similar single work for a minimum
value of 35% of the advertised Tender Value of the work in his own capacity. The
similar single work means “ Work of PI /RRI /ABS work which includes indoor &
outdoor work”.

In case the tenderer has completed a composite /combined work having element of
tendered work. The submission of documentary proof of having successfully completed
separable, respective similar nature work valuing 35% of the advertised value in a
composite /combined work shall also be considered sufficient.

ii) Total contractual amount received during the last three financial years and in the
current financial year, should be a minimum of 150% of advertised tender value as per
audited balance sheet duly certified by the Chartered Accountant. For the last financial
year ended and/or the current financial year if audited balance sheet is not available
contractual amount received duly certified by the Chartered Accountant should be
submitted as a proof of turnover. Alternatively at least payment certificates from Central
Govt./State Govt./ Central P.S.Us/ State P.S.Us and other Government Agencies for
minimum of 150% of advertised tender value may be submitted.
        Please note that tenderer shall fulfill above eligibility criteria regarding turn over
at (ii) and similar nature of work at (i) above either as an individual or partnership firm,
company. Joint ventures are not allowed in this Tender.
       Tenderer should submit documentary proof in regard to fulfilling these minimum
eligibility criteria along with their offers. The offers of tenderers who either fail to submit
the documentary proof or do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned vide
para (i) to (ii) above shall not be considered
       Railway shall not be responsible for any loss or delay in dispatch of Blank tender
booklets or receipt of completed tender documents during the transit in post.
The          tender       documents          is      also      available      on        website
http://www.wcr.indianrailways.gov.in & http://www.tenders.gov.in and the
same can be down loaded and used as tender document for submitting the tender.
However, the cost of tender form as mentioned above is also to be paid in the form of
Demand Draft issued in favor of Dy FA&CAO (Const.), West Central Railway,
Jabalpur, payable at Jabalpur and to be enclosed with the tender form while submitting
the tender. In case the tender is not accompanied with the valid demand draft for the
cost of tender document, the tender will be summarily rejected.
         If at any stage any document submitted by the tenderer in connection with the
Minimum Eligibility Criteria or any other purpose is found false or faked, Railway
administration will not be responsible in any way for the loss suffered by
tenderer/contractor due to action taken against him as a consequence of the same. Any
legal action, administrative/ financial decision or all taken by Railway in this regard will
be final and binding upon the Contractor/Tenderer.

                                               Dy. Chief Signal Telecommunication
                                               Engineer(Const),West Central Railway

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