Coordinating District Wide with SWPBS Implementation 2012 by 1R9mes7


									Roane County Schools’ Journey through SWPBS
         Presented by: Tony L. Clower
Middle Schools Supervisor/County-Wide SWPBS
Background: High
School/Middle School
Science Teacher; High
School Basketball
Principal : Midway High
School for 8 years; began
SWPBS implementation at
Middle Schools Supervisor
from 2007- present;
Husband to Kim; Dad to
Taylor (13); and Caden (8)
Roane County SWPBS Timeline
 2006; Director of Schools asked principals to attend a
  meeting to hear a presentation from Dr. Jennifer
 2006: A couple of schools began immediate
 Summer of 2007: My high school team was trained for
  Tier 1 implementation; three other schools were also
 2007: Roane County District Leadership Team was
Attending Every Meeting
 During the summer of 2007; I moved to my position
  in the central office and joined Mr. McLoud as one of
  two SWPBS coaches for our county.
 It was our duty to attend every Tier 1 meeting going on
  in our county. We worked out the schedule where they
  would meet once, sometimes twice, per month on
  different days.
 At first , we took the role in leading the meetings, then
  we allowed the team to assign facilitators who led their
  own meetings.
Tier 1 (cont’d)
 As our implementing schools began to see success, we
  saw interest increase in a few of our other schools.
 We now have 12 or our 17 schools who are
  implementing Tier 1 of SWPBS; six of those 12 are now
  implementing Tier 2.
 All of our schools now have Internal Coaches; this
  allows Mr. McLoud and I more time to now attend Tier
  2 meetings while internal coaches handle Tier 1
 We still drop in on Tier 1 meetings occasionally.
     Roane County Implementing
 Tier 1                  Tier 1 & 2
 Kingston Elementary     Bowers Elementary
 Midway High             Cherokee Middle
 Oliver Springs High     Dyllis Elementary
 Oliver Springs Elem.    Harriman Middle
 Ridge View Elem.        Midway Middle
 Rockwood High           Midtown Elem.
              Internal Coaches
 Selection is crucial; must have right personality
 Cannot be someone who is easily discouraged, nor can
    it be someone who is overbearing
   Must see importance of meeting every month
   Must have a working relationship with administration
   Helps to have someone that people are willing to
   We meet with our internal coaches once every two
    months (go over meeting procedures, discuss
    assessments, listen to each school’s celebrations)
        Tools to support Tier 1
 Initial Agenda
 Tier 1; phase 1 agenda
 School-Wide Evaluation Tool (SET)
 Benchmarks of Quality Assessment (BOQ)
 Team Observation Checklist (TOC)
 Lesson Plan Templates
 Classroom behavior flow chart
 Office Discipline Referral (ODR) forms
 SWIS data and reports
                      Tier 2
 Several schools have progressed well and wanted to
  begin Tier 2 implementation
 Tier 2 interventions can involve both academic and
  behavioral interventions.
 Tier 1 team develops criteria for a student to be
  referred to the Tier 2 team for consideration
 Tier 2 team also has an internal coach or leader
 Check-In Check-Out has become one of our main Tier
  2 interventions.
        Tools to Support Tier 2
 Tier 2 referral forms
 SWIS data
 CICO score cards
 Tier 2 Monitoring Checklist
 Tier 2 Phase Agenda
Student Support Services and School Psychologists
 Working together to provide Tier 3 interventions
     Student Support Services
 Three teams that consist of a student support worker
  and family support worker
 Schools have option of sending a referral to me for
  students who do not seem to be benefiting from Tier 1
  and Tier 2 services.
 Referral is reviewed with SWIS data for the student.
 I review the referral to see if the school has exhausted
  all other options for this student.
 If approved, referral is sent to appropriate Student
  Support team
     Student Support (cont’d)
 Student Support worker deals directly with the
  student; offers counseling, connections with other
 Family Support worker deals directly with
  family/home issues; finds resources for both student
  and family
 Team conducts Initial Line of Inquiry (ILI) when
  requested for regular education students; determines
  triggers for certain behaviors and develops a plan to
  help staff deal with these behaviors
         School Psychologists
 Coordinate efforts with student support in helping to
  remove obstacles for special education students
 Responsible for conducting the ILI meetings for
  special education students
The Roane County DLT
  What is a DLT? Who is on it?
 The DLT leads the push for SWPBS in the school
 Meets once per month
 Coaches give reports on the progress of their schools
 We discuss marketing and visibility of SWPBS
 Our DLT consist of our Director, all instructional
  supervisors, special education supervisor, coordinated
  school health, student support, truancy officer,
  attendance supervisor, school resource officer, and Dr.
   How has the DLT changed over the
 Added more team members to make us more well-
 Have tried to focus more on helping lead schools
  toward Tier 2 interventions
 Tried to also focus on recognizing schools that are
  successful in their implementation. (Faculty
  breakfasts, certificates, recognition at Board meeting)
 Trying to gather more data to show the impact of
  SWPBS (both Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions)
            Tools Used in DLT
 DLT agenda is similar to agenda our schools use each
 We have developed an action plan that has specific
  tasks for specific months.
 We discuss our major assessments and surveys (SET,
  BOQ, SSS).
 TIMER!!!
            Future Directions
 We are working toward more of our schools creating
  Tier 2 teams and beginning Tier 2 interventions.
 We are constantly working to involve more staff and
  students on our Tier 1 teams (students have great input
  if we will listen)
 We hope to continue our development of Tier 3 with
  the help of our Student Support Department and
  School Psychologists.
Tony L. Clower (
Middle Schools Supervisor
Roane County Schools
(865)-376-5592 ext. 1134

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