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									Commercial Services Meeting
Meeting Minutes – 28 July 2004

Present: Jelena Radonic, Maya Mhatre, Mark Taylor, Rochelle Perry, Lizz Fitt, Emily Sissons, Alison Traboulsi,
Jonathan Morris (Chair), Bhupinder Sehra (Minutes)


Apologies had been received from Ingrid Ross.


Rochelle was welcomed to her first CSM.

It was announced that a Vacancies Officer had been recruited, and was expected to start work on August 16, 2004.
It was stated that Urchana would be staying until the week before the start-date.

A total of 11 applications had been received for the JobShop coordinator position, from which 5 candidates had
been chosen for interviewing, with 2 confirmed interviews occurring on Monday 2 August.


Exxonmobil HE support scheme – Lizz Fitt
LSE’s contract with ULCS - all


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


Team Update – Communication Services


Commercial departments did successfully lobby the Diversity Conference to Employers.

Structure of Commercial departments

Action: JM to talk to Rachael with regard to offering Sales/Marketing training
Action: Mark Taylor to give notes about consequences of Fairs Sales separating from the Fairs department
to JM.

Items for discussion


Communication Services

Ingrid and Emily have been working on:

The City Course (Accepting and rejecting the appropriate students, processing applications and finding an
investment bank after CSFB dropped out) – it was stated Citigroup had almost confirmed that they would
participate, and that Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank could potentially stand-in if Citigroup failed to confirm. It
was advised that Commercial departments should hold onto potential leads as backup. Emily is to tell the
departments of any confirmation received from Citigroup.
‘The Diversity: Today & Tomorrow’ Conference (Liasing with speakers and delegates, finishing the programme,
taking bookings, Working out finances, working out the logistics for the day, putting together the packs, running the
event and looking at how conferences will develop) - Excellent feedback was received from the Diversity
conference, with employers finding the conference very useful. It was stated that market research had already
started to ascertain the kinds of issues employers wished to discuss for the next conference. It was hoped that the
next conference would deal with more student-specific issues. A potential date for the next conference was said to
be February 2005.

Updating How to write a CV so it can be reprinted in current house style (the situation is more urgent than first
expected, so temporary measures are being taken and an electronic version will be on the web until the book has
been completely updates)
Arranging presentations for employers/plugging finalist directory
Autumn Courses (liasing with course directors to get the ball rolling for next term, updating the publicity, starting to
look at possible sponsors)

It was stated that there was an issue with the sponsorship of the Law for Non-Lawyers course by the College of
Law, as no marketing contact could be reached to make a formal decision about sponsorship. It was stated that
Rachael, as course director, and was trying to get in touch with a key contact to make that decision. A law firm had
been contacted with the aim of obtaining sponsorship for the event. The event would be marketed as a profile-
raising exercise, and there would be exclusive sponsorship rights for a cost of £1000.
Action: Employer Liaison to market event if in contact with Law Firms.

Training Emily to cover Ingrid on annual leave.

It was stated that an invitation from PA Consulting to attend a CA day, to see a, ‘snapshot of life at PA Consulting’.
The event is to take place on 23 August, from 10am till 2pm.
Action: representatives from the departments to volunteer to attend the day event.
Action: Emily to forward email received from PA Consulting to Lizz


Obviously most of our time has been taken up with LGRF/SERF.

Since then we have:

- Drawn and contacted prize-winners from LGRF/SERF
- Started to analyse exhibitor/visitor feedback
- Updated sales copy for AGCAS
- Started finalising all details for the teaching fairs
- Finalised stand plan for AGCAS
- Issued additional invoices for lunches at LGRF/SERF
- Managing data entry for LGRF feedback
- Updated 04/05 Events Planner
- Got all copy for GSF finished so the website could be launched - It was stated that a lot of time had been spent on
the GSF Website, but that it was not yet complete.
- Training and induction of new Fairs Officer - Rochelle Perry
Rochelle stated that she was in the process of contacting universities to ensure that there was a contact in every
careers service. Contacts were also being updated for future fairs.
- Updating GSF exhibitor manual to be printed at end of week
- Had wash-up meeting to review all aspects of LGRF
- Finalised sales copy for PGST and MBA

Coming up:

- Follow up on Provisional bookings obtained at LGRF
- Write LGRF Fairs report
- Set up LGRF 05 prices, stand plan, etc.
- Review feedback from all other areas of LGRF
- Start up advertising through university careers services nationwide, tube, independent, etc
- Sales calls
- Mailout of all GSF sales literature to prospective exhibitors - It was stated that Mark had completed sending out
the exhibitor email mailshot.

- Mailout of GSF posters/leaflets to universities nationwide - It was stated that the paper mailshot to all careers
services had been completed.

Further bookings had been made for GSF included KPMG, Goldman Sachs and potentially Deutsche Bank. Jelena
stated that through the AGR conference, she had found that Barclays had decided not to attend the GSF. Goldman
Sachs had initially decided not to attend as they felt that in previous fairs, too many of the students attending their
presentations were also attending the fair, however they changed their mind at the last minute. A mailshot would be
sent to the Bank of America.


           We have appointed Urchana as our Vacancies temp until we find a full time Vacancies Officer.
           We are going to be interviewing for a Vacancies Officer on the 26.07.04, and will therefore be able to
            feedback to you in CSM.
           Jonathan and myself are in the process of working out a plan for the JOBShop Co-ordinator role.
           Interviews for JOBShop will be held on the 02.08.04.
           I drew the winners for the Alert competition all participants were thoroughly pleased with their prizes.
           I am currently selling for the Vacation Opportunities booklet, which is due out in November. At present
            we have 18 free listings entries and 1 display advert (Bunac). At present sent out x 4 mailings and will
            start calling people next month, although I mention to people I speak to on the phone.

           Finalist Directory you can see my progress below:

COMPANY                       Advert Size
WPP                           full page colour and listing
Accenture                     Listing and mono half page
Jet Programme                 listing
ACCA                          listing and full page colour
PricewaterhouseCoopers        Sponsorship Package
Clifford Chance               listing
LEK Consulting                listing
Mercer                        listing
Unilever                      listing
lazard                        Listing, alert and jobonline
Inner Temple                  listing
Versutus                      ½ page colour and listing
Dresdner                      Listing, online,alert and full colour page advert
Fast Track Teaching           Wants listing and colour advert, not booked
Abn Amro                      Listing and Alert
Mewburn Ellis                 Listing
JP Morgan                     Listing
Credit Suisse                 Listing
Mckinsey and Company          Listing and Alert

I would be really grateful if people could mention the Finalist Directory to everyone they speak to, as I need as
much help as possible. I have sent out x 3 email mailings and in the process of doing sales calls. -

Alison expressed concern over the lack of Finalist Directory copies within Gordon Square. There was concern that
Employers who had not advertised in the Finalist Directory would feel less enthusiastic about advertising if they did
not have access to an older copy. Alison stated that she would email UCL careers service to see if they had any

Concern was expressed over the fact that only 20 listings had been agreed so far for the Finalist Directory.
Commercial departments were urged to update call logs and notes in the Employer database more often, to keep it

Action: Commercial departments to see how Fairs use database to keep Employer information up-to-date

Alison stated that she was still waiting to hear from various companies, and that sponsorship had been secured from
PWC, and that PWC did not want any other financial services company advertising on the cover. At present, one and
a half colour pages were still available for advertising, out of a total of 4. It was stated that marketing of the Finalist
Directory had been done via email and calling contacts on the Employer Database.

JM clarified the purpose of the Finalist Directory. It was explained that the Finalist Directory was used to inform
students of presentations given by companies in the autumn term, as well as advertising graduate schemes and
graduate job positions. It was explained that Communication Services were responsible for organising Employer
presentations, for which Employers were not charged any cost; however they would be charged £120 for having a
listing within the Finalist Directory. Colleges would be informed internally of Employers who were holding
presentations but did not have a listing and it would be the responsibility of Colleges to announce to students that
those Employers would be giving a presentation.

It was suggested that it be made compulsory for an Employer holding a presentation to have a listing within the
Finalist Directory. It was also suggested that it be made compulsory for Employers to have a listing if they had paid
for an advert.

It was stated that the deadline for advertising would be on 20 August 2004. The Finalist Directory would be in
circulation by 26 September 2004.

Action: Commercial departments to pass on ‘leads’ to Communication Services and Vacancies

Jelena stated that she had mentioned the Finalist Directory to all Employers that she had been in contact with, and
that she would give Alison a list of all the Employers.

Action: Jelena

       I have selected the printer for Finalist Directory and informed everyone who wasn’t selected. We are going
        with a new company called Flying Colours who are considerably cheap as they are a new company. I met
        with them in June and Lorna is very nice and extremely helpful. These are her contact details in case you
        need them: Lorna Finlay – 01473240796, fax – 01473461024 and You can
        speak to either Lorna or David.

       Jelena and myself met with Selfridges back in June and then we sent over a proposal a few weeks ago, I
        now need to speak to Ben to find out what he is interested in.

Our online sales have maintained at a steady level of on average x 4 online adverts, 40 free online adverts and
about 8 ULCS Alerts each week.

Employer Liaison
Employer Liaison update for CSM on 28 July 2004 (Lizz Fitt and Jelena Radonjic)

Most recent meetings we had were:

       UBS Investment Bank
       Ruella James
       Acumen Technical Services
       Matchtech
       Microsoft
       Goldman Sachs
       Credit Swisse First Boston

We have future meetings scheduled with:

       Delaney Lundt Knox Murray & Co
       Cosmopolitan

We have proposals pending with:

       Rentokil
       Ruella James
       Selfridges
       Matchtech

Since mid-June, from these and from telephone interaction with employers, we sold the following products and

       4 Alerts
       1 GSF Stand (Unilever)
       1 Job Online posting
       1 FD Advert
       1 FD Entry
       Diversity Conference

Revenue Generated Since Mid-June        £3703.90 + VAT


Jelena attended the AGR conference, which was very worthwhile in terms of networking (report to follow). She also
had a meeting with Karen Barnard and Dominic Bean with regard to the Teaching Event(s). - Jelena stated that the
minutes of the Teaching Fair meeting with Karen and Dominic had been circulated. A meeting had been scheduled
with JM for next week, and the publicity for both days of the Teaching fair would be produced.

Lizz contributed to the LGRF Wash-up and analysed exhibitor and some visitor statistics. She also helped Emily
with Conference sales.

ExxonMobil held a conference/workshop for those involved with Careers Services, which Lizz attended – it was
very interesting both in terms of what companies like Exxon are doing (and thinking) and in terms of the ideas put
forward by Careers Staff at other universities (report to follow). The NIESR also held an event entitled ‘Recent
Developments in the Graduate labour Market’ which was informative and on the whole interesting.

It was stated that Lizz would be meeting ABN Amro on 3 August 2004.

Update from JM

JM stated that he had met with the Heads of College Careers Services, but still had to meet Elizabeth Wilkinson,
Karen Barnard, Paula Quinton-Jones and Liz Smith. A summary of all the meetings would be available once JM
had met with all the HCCS. JM will then meet with all the Commercial departments to discuss the products and
services delivered commercially and analyse more closely the rationale behind their delivery and the benefits to
The Careers Group and its stakeholders / customers for each. It was anticipated that an annual schedule of all
products and services delivered by the Commercial division would then be sent out to HCCS to aid with their
annual planning processes. The HCCS have all been asked to put together some brief information on how best to
promote The Career Group’s income generating products and services to students in their Colleges.

Alison stated that Dave Carter, a new Careers Adviser, was to write an editorial for the Finalist Directory. JM and
the Commercial departments were asked for suggestions for topics that could be covered. It was suggested that
resurgence of face-to-face communication by employers rather than over the Internet, or Speed Interviewing could
be covered. It was recommended that the former topic be used.

It was explained that Speed Interviewing involved selling oneself in a 5 minute interview with an employer and was
being used by Reed in a September event. It was stated that this would be used in one of the December fairs.


It was stated that from the 1 August 2004, ULCS would be known as The Careers Group, and that this name would
be used in all publicity and correspondence if possible. It was stated that 1 August would be a ‘soft launch’, with
The Careers Group name being formally used, as well as being used within email signatures and voicemails. JM
stated that he would talk to MC on his return on Friday, about general guidelines following the name change.

JM stated that Ale-en would be working on a style guide and various templates for letterheads, business cards and
everything else to be used for external communication, to create different logo formats. A folder of templates would
be created for The Careers Group, after which templates would be created for faxes, memos and PowerPoint
presentations and for all other methods of internal communication. It was suggested that rebranding would have to
be implemented for general marketing materials and employer packs, used in Employer Liaison, as well as
tablecloths, mousemats and mugs.

It was stated that JM had sent all documentation to Ale-en, including examples of previous templates. It was stated
that the publicity for the autumn term was being urgently redone now, and that the ULCS logo would be substituted
for The Careers Group. JM stated that he had spoken to Ale-en with regard to the Finalist Directory.

It was stated that the branding of fairs, such as the ‘MBA’ and ‘Postgraduate Study & Training’ fairs, could also be
changed in line with the new branding. It was clarified that under the new branding, the ‘ULCS Alert’ service would
now be known as ‘Alert’, together with the college specific versions.


Action: JM to ask Ale-en what designs they could produce for up-coming fairs and cost of designs.

JM is to ask Ale-en to produce standard templates for a fair. It was stated that JM is to give a list of courses as well.

It was stated that MC is recruiting an in-house web and graphic designer and will be interviewing next week.

It was stated that the King’s fair in October would only have a tabletop setup. It was stated that rebranded Alert
cards and leaflets from Vacancies would be available to distribute in the fair.

It was stated that JM would highlight the name change on the website for GSF, as the publicity material had
already been produced, however there would be something to indicate a name and brand change on the GSF


Exxonmobil HE support scheme

Lizz stated she had heard of the Exxonmobil HE support scheme through a contact, Linda Wilson, which offers
awards to HE departments with contacts in Exxonmobil. The scheme had been used to award £5000 to £20000 to
around 7 institutions per year. In the last two years, three careers services had been given quite large awards
through the support scheme. Linda had suggested that ULCS apply for the award. The closing date for applications
is 1 October 2004.

It was stated that the application form asks HE institutions to outline projects which had been beneficial to HE as
well as to the PR of Exxonmobil.

Action: Lizz to find out which careers services were given awards and why, and what issues Exxonmobil
are interested in with regard to fulfilling criteria for the award. Lizz is to send this information to the DG.

LSE’s contract with ULCS

It was clarified to the departments that LSE had indicated a desire to re-negotiate their contract with The Careers
Group, primarily in order to employ their own careers advisers. They have also indicated that they do still wish to
remain within The Careers Group and to continue to take advantage of many of our products and services. It was
stated that careers advisers would have the choice of staying at LSE or coming back to work in other Colleges. For
complete withdrawal from The Careers Group, a college would have to give one full academic years notice.

The possible consequences of LSE withdrawing from ULCS were discussed. It was suggested that there might be
a possible loss of income from employers who would wish to target LSE students, if LSE withdrew its contract. JM
also highlighted that part of the strategic plan involved offering a ‘menu’ of services with institutions subscribing to
use any of the services on offer. It was anticipated that at some point in the future ULCS would not be reliant on

                                      DONM 25 AUGUST 2004, IN C2 AT 3PM

Careers Group, a college careers service would have to give one full academic years notice.

The possible consequences of LSE withdrawing from ULCS were discussed. It was suggested that there might be a
possible loss of income from employers who would wish to target LSE students, if LSE withdrew its contract. JM also
c:\docume~1\jmorris\locals~1\temp\z.lotus.notes\csmmins280404.doc                                                           6
highlighted that part of the strategic plan involved offering a ‘menu’ of services with institutions subscribing to use
any of the services on offer. It was anticipated that at some point in the future ULCS would not be reliant on

It was stated that LSE students being charged to attend courses, like Imperial students depended on whether LSE
paid the relevant subscription fee.

                                                        DONM 25 AUGUST 2004, IN C2 AT 3PM                                 Formatted

c:\docume~1\jmorris\locals~1\temp\z.lotus.notes\csmmins280404.doc                                                     7

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