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									                                             Maine Department of Education
                                            Career and Technical Education
                                           Math-in-CTE Expectations 2011-2012
                                              For CTE Teacher Participants

Due June 1, 2011---please send to: Angela Birmingham, Maine Math-in-CTE, Maine Department of Education,
23 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, angela.birmingham@maine.gov, (207) 624-6735.

I understand that in order to participate, I need to:

    1. Collaborate with a math teacher from my school or vicinity to work with me on this project.
    2. Attend all ten (10) days of Math-in-CTE training and professional development sessions with the math
       instructor with whom I am collaborating. These training sessions include the following: Summer
       session July 11, 2011 through July 15, 2011 (Mon-Fri); Fall two-day session (expected date November
       4-5, 2011 [Fri-Sat]), Spring (2012) two-day session (expected date March 2-3, 2012 [Fri-Sat]) and a
       final day session scheduled for May 11, 2012 (Fri). Teachers missing PD days will not be fully
       compensated for their participation. These days may not be made up later apart from the full group.
    3. Work in collaboration with my math teacher to map the CTE curriculum and identify embedded math.
    4. Learn the National Research Center Model for Enhancing Math-in-CTE and utilize the process in the
       classroom when teaching the Math-in-CTE lessons.
    5. Develop during summer training a minimum of one rigorous and authentic lesson plan with my math
       partner that reflects the practice of the seven elements, with revised version of lesson developed by
       Fall training and draft of second lesson in place by time of Spring training.
    6. Deliver EIGHT Math-in-CTE lessons to my CTE classes during the year, using lessons that I and others
       in Math-in-CTE group have developed.
    7. Complete post-lesson surveys on lessons presented to classes.
    8. Present one lesson with my math partner at the Summer, Fall, and Spring training sessions.
    9. Share the lessons and ideas with the Math-in-CTE Community of Practice to reinforce the math
       throughout the year.

    Teachers will receive a $500 incentive for their time and expertise at the end of the year-long professional
    development (for participation in summer training; fall and spring trainings; a final day of celebration; and
    for meeting deadlines, completing pre and post reports, and submitting final lesson plans).

    CTE Teacher: _____________________________________

    Math Teacher: ___________________________________

    School: _____________________________________District___________________________

    Teacher Signature: ___________________________ Date: ___________________________

    CTE Director :

    I understand the commitment of our school’s teacher to the above-described Math-in-CTE program in
    2011-2012 and fully support this teacher’s participation, including any substitute teacher costs required,
    attendance by teacher to scheduled trainings, and collaboration with partner teacher on an ongoing basis.

    Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________________________

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