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It is the duty of each employee to sign-in daily on their arrival to school. It is advised that
upon arrival, you report to the office before going on duty or to your classroom. Make
sure you sign-in “only” for yourself. Everyone is expected to be signed in and at their
designated location no later than 7:15 unless you have morning duty. Please be punctual,
for that will get your day started on a positive note. Remember, to be on time is to be
late. All time is based on the master clock located in the main office!


The goal of each employee should be perfect attendance at the workplace. Since
situations do occur from time to time, 97% should be our minimum attendance effort. If
you are to be absent, notify the sub-line or/and the substitute. A number must be issued
for the absence. It is your responsibility to enter this information into the system. After
this is done, please make sure to notify me at 626-1634 to inform me of the absence.
If this is not done you will be issued a Code 12. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO

If a personal day is going to be taken, submit it in writing at least one working day in
advance (24 hrs.) of the date. No personal day will be granted unless this procedure is
followed. The personal day option is one per semester and unused days will
automatically be applied towards your retirement. Personal days cannot be taken during
in-service, critical or administrative days, or on either side of a holiday. Any absence in
excess of four (4) total days (cumulative) should be accompanied by a doctor’s statement.
Unless you have secured a substitute for a half-day absence, it is advised that you take the
full day.

For teachers, under regular conditions, the day starts at 7:15 a.m. and continues until 2:30
p.m. Before and after-school duties or activities related to the school program are a part
of a teacher’s professional responsibility. Teachers shall assume these responsibilities as
necessary and/or assigned by the principal.

These meetings are held on Wednesday beginning at 2:40 p.m. It is strongly advised that
you do not make any plans or appointments on Wednesday afternoons. If you do, please
make them late enough to ensure that you are present the entire meeting. Meeting times
will very seldom extend past 1 hr. All meetings are required for all. It’s always better
to get information first hand! During this time place all cell phones on silent to
ensure the meeting is not interrupted nor shall there be any texting!
Any departure from campus during operating hours is strictly prohibited unless it is
of a professional nature that relates to the operation of school business. All early
departures must be treated as absences, whether full or half day. However; emergencies
will be handled on an individual basis directly through the principal.


Whenever an employee is absent, a substitute will be used to ensure that the proper daily
care to the task is continued. Therefore; detailed instructions should be left for them to
follow. We cannot afford for our subs to become sitters-for-a-day. The principal or
designee will observe and collect feedback from the sub at the end of the day. The
summary of the observation and feedback will be shared with the teacher upon their


Report card information should be entered into the system no later than five (5) days
following the close of the reporting period.


Record keeping is essential in keeping up with all books. These books must last for at
least five years. Whatever the method, accountability is with the teacher. Whenever
books leave your room, there should be a documented record as to who is responsible for
its return. Notices are to be sent home immediately when a student cannot account for a
book. We do not have to wait until the end of the year to make this observation. These
notices can be sent as well as mailed to the home. At the end of the year, I want to
account for every book checked out to you.


To maintain a balance in the operational process of a school, it is sometimes necessary to
have activities that extend beyond normal school hours. As an educator, it is a part of
your professional responsibilities to avail yourselves to these activities. Whenever the
doors are opened, it is expected that you will be in attendance.

Each teacher is allotted $400.00 each year to go towards instruction. Of the amount,
$300.00 can be spent as you wish, while the remaining $100.00 must be pooled together
for an overall common purpose. Your $300.00 should be spent as of the Christmas break.
As of January 1st, all remaining money again becomes part of the school’s general
budget. Utilize requisition forms when needing supplies ordered from the warehouse.
You may also purchase supplies from other sources using a purchase order # issued by
the finance secretary. The buyer will pay the excess for any purchase(s) that exceeds their
allotted amount.

*All purchases or services of anything other than the supplies previously mentioned
must be approved in advance. Without proper prior approval, you assume
responsibility of the bill.

It is encouraged that every member of the staff pays their dues to the committee. No one
is exempted from situations that occur in life. Sooner or later you will be serviced by this
function. An effort of 100% cooperation towards this very worthy service would be
appreciated. If you choose not to participate, these services cannot be extended to you.
Passing the hat in an eventful situation should not be an option. Dues should be paid
prior to October 1st.


The intercom system will be used for basic daily announcements and emergency
communications. From time to time, it may be necessary to inform the entire school body
of unforeseen events. Situations other than the previously mentioned will be handled
through some other method of communications. It is necessary for you to have any
announcements for the day into the office no later than 7:25 a.m.


All calls received during instructional time will be recorded and placed in your box.
During your break or before you leave for the day, it is advised to check your box for any
messages. Your voicemail information should be forwarded to those that may be in need
of it. In the event of an absolute emergency, the information will be forwarded to your
location immediately. The telephone located on the counter and in your classroom is for
courtesy use. Please limit the number & length of your calls to a presentable frame.
Do not allow students in your room to answer the telephone and please do not use
personal cellular phones during instructional time. Cell phones are to be placed on
silent or vibrate at all times!!
Plans for the week should be kept on your desk or an area that is easily accessible to
those that would like to view them. Lesson plans can be found on-line in Learning
Village. These plans can be edited to include accommodations while at the same time
supporting interventions for differentiated instruction. Remember, a chain is only as
strong as the weakest link!

Teachers should spend adequate time to systematically plan for each lesson. Time-on-
task is an essential element to student success. The majority of each day should be spent
on engagement rate. The viewing of videos, taking trips or using guest speakers should
coincide with your instruction. Assessments, both pre- and post should be a part of your
instructional delivery as well as a component of a student’s STAR document. Standards
and objectives should be posted daily for student and visitor observation. The level of
student achievement should be measurable in a format with a beginning assessment as
well as an ending assessment. Assessments should be the guiding force of your
instruction. All videos or DVD’s viewed should come from the district’s approved


Record keeping is one of the teacher’s most important professional duties. The accuracy
of record maintenance is essential to your credibility as an educator. Work task should be
maintained in such a manner that others would be able to look at it and obtain an
understandable knowledge of what’s being explained. Grades should be expressed using
numerical values rather than letter grades. Entries into your grade book should describe
the task for the appropriate date(s). Being pragmatic in this area will go a long way into
your success as an educator. Keep hard copies of both attendance & grades.


It is expected that all teachers be responsible for students in their care. Good judgment
must be exercised in all matters. Your presence and proximity are essential in knowing
what goes on. When you are on the scene all other accounts should be extraneous. A
teacher’s direct knowledge can rarely be discredited. The accountable factor requires that
students are supervised and accounted for at all time during the time on campus; both
before and after school.

All rooms are to look professional and presentable at all times. Classrooms should be
cleaned in an acceptable manner on a daily basis. As teachers, you have a responsibility
in helping to maintain your room’s appearance. No food or drink of any kind should be
consumed in the classroom. This will help us to keep our building clean. If you are not
satisfied with the cleaning of your room or any other maintenance detail, report it directly
to the attention of the SBE.


All entrance doors to the building will remain locked after 7:30 a.m. Visitors in our
building should display a pass that is highly recognizable. If you encounter anyone that
does not have a pass, direct him or her to the office. Do not fix a door to prevent it from
locking when closed or leave it standing opened. This procedure is for the safety and
protection of you and the remainder of the family. Students are not to open the door for
anyone. Make sure you are in compliance each day.


All equipment will be stored in a secured storage area when not in use. You are
responsible for all items in your room. If repair is needed, see the media specialist in
order to have it serviced. A service form will be completed and forwarded to the media
specialist. Your name will be removed as having it and another issued if available. At the
end of the school year, all equipment must be accounted for. Please make sure that at
the end of each day, all electronic devices (computers, TV monitors, VCR…etc) are
secured and powered off to ensure its longevity. Make sure that your room is locked
upon your departure for the day.


These machines are available to aid you in your instructional needs. When using copies
for class make sure to maximize its use through proper planning. Let the usage be an
extension of the instruction. Let’s be courteous in our responsibility to maintenance
issues of the machines. It will go a long way towards making them last!


Any child that leaves the campus before 2:15 p.m. must be checked out through proper
procedure from the office. No Exceptions!! At 2:15 p.m., all students and teachers will
follow appropriate dismissal procedures.

Order must and will be maintained at this school. If there is no order, there is no learning.
The responsibility of discipline for a class lies with the teacher. The method you choose
is acceptable if effective and within the policy of the MCS. What works for others may
not work or be for you. The first step to a successfully disciplined class is to first know
your students and then get to know their parents. You can’t expect parents or the
administration to solve your problems but you can solicit their support.


As standards are in place for student dress, teacher appearance is also important. Students
learn more from you than their ABC’s, so we must display attire that exhibits
professional status. Business attire or some other suitable attire is appropriate. With
restrictions being placed on student dress, more attention is drawn to our appearance. As
we require more of the children, don’t forget to require more of self. The wearing of
denim, tee-shirts, jogging suits, warm-ups and flip-flops are questionable.
Let’s display those things that place us heads and shoulders above the rest. Not only
watch what you wear but be mindful of what you say to students, parents, and to each
other. There are acceptable things to say and a way to say it!!

When in the best interest of the child, a teacher may consider retention if all
performances are clearly documented. Let’s not say a child can’t do when we didn’t do!
Parents should be notified in writing no later than the end of the second reporting
period that their child is not making adequate progress in the course. Failure should be
considered only after all other options have been pursued. The principal will make the
final decision. It is advised that an in-house discussion is completed before any decision
or option is discussed with the parent regarding their child’s future status.

      Students will be allowed to enter classrooms at 7:22 a.m.
      At 7:22 a.m. all teachers are to be in the hall to greet and supervise students.
      Any student performing below grade level should have a strategic intervention
       plan developed & submitted to the principal as early as possible.
      Supervision of students at all times is essential. If you “must” leave your room
       for a short period of time, please communicate this with an adult who can monitor
       the situation. Do not leave another student in charge of your class; nor should
       you ever place a student in the hall unsupervised.
      Teachers should escort their students in specific situations to ensure proper
       behavior during the transitional period. Make sure they know your expectations
       and rules.

In closing: We have many new challenges ahead of us. It is my intent to conquer
each and every one of these challenges. It is my expectation that a team is being
assembled to compete for educational supremacy. It is the responsibility of each and
every adult at Mitchell High to ensure that all children are successful in their
educational experience. No excuse can be given; therefore, no excuse will be
acceptable. The accountability of any failure resides with everyone involved; and
that’s all of us!!!

 If there are any areas not
understood, see only me for



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