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									                             San Ramon Valley High School
                                   Courses that meet
                             Minimum admission requirements

 “a” HISTORY/GOVERNMENT (2 Years)                            “e” FOREIGN LANGUAGE (2 Years)
         1 year World History or European History                   French 1-3
         and 1 year US History (or 1 semester US History            French 4 Honors
         and 1 semester Government)                                 French Language AP
                                                                    German 1-3
         World History 2, World History 3                           German 4 Honors
         European History AP                                        Spanish 1-3
         US History 1,2                                             Spanish 4 Honors
         US History AP
         American Government                                 “f” VISUAL/PERFORMING ARTS (1 Year)
         American Government AP                                     Class of 2005 single VPA area
         American Government Online                                 Class of 2006 single VPA course

 “b” ENGLISH (4 Years)                                              Art 1-2, Art 3, Studio Art AP, 3-D Art 1-2,
         English 9, English 9 Adv                                   Graphic Design 1-2, Photo, Adv. Photo, Digital
         English 10, English 10 Adv                                 Photo, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band,
         English 11                                                 Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Men’s Ensemble,
         English Language AP                                        Women’s Ensemble, Treble Choir, Concert Choir,
         British Literature                                         Chamber Singers, Theatre Arts 1-2, Theatre Arts 3,
         English 12                                                 Theatre Arts 4, Dance 1-2, Dance 3, Dance 4, Dance
         English Literature AP                                      5, (as long as not used for PE) Oral Interpretation,
                                                                    Art & Animation 1-2, Art of Video Production 1-2,
 “c” MATHEMATICS (3 Years)                                          Multi Media 1-2
         Algebra 1 or Algebra 1B
         Geometry                                            “g” COLLEGE PREPARATORY ELECTIVES
         Algebra 2                                                  (1 Year or 2 Semesters)
         Algebra 2 Adv
         Math Topics Adv                                            Additional course work in any of the above subject
         Trig/Math Analysis                                         areas beyond the minimum requirement and/or the
         Trig/Math Analysis Honors                                  following courses:
         Calculus AB AP
         Statistics AP                                              Journalism, Speech 2,
                                                                    Civil War, Law, World War II,
 “d” LABORATORY SCIENCE (2 Years)                                   Sociology (World History 1),
         Accelerated Biology                                        Economics, Economics AP,
         Anatomy/Physiology                                         Psychology, Psychology AP,
         Biology                                                    Computer 1, Computer AP,
         Biology AP                                                 The Vietnam Era, Java Programming
         Microbiology Honors                                        Sports Medicine
         Environmental Science AP
         Chemistry Honors
         Chemistry AP
         Physics Honors
         Physics B AP

Underlined courses denote extra honors credit a = 5, b = 4, c = 3

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