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Inter-Varsity Club
  MARCH 2012

   Sunday Lunch
  Chateau Impney
    March 11th.

                Weekends Away and Holidays

Need a break and can’t wait for your holiday? Fancy some fun and good company?
Then how about an IVC weekend away?

Weekends are usually 2-3 days but can be 3-4 days when over a Bank Holiday. We stay in
hotels, B&Bs, farmhouses, hostels, and bunkhouses in all parts of the UK and occasionally in
foreign climes (France, Belgium, and Czech Republic in recent years).

Wherever feasible we try to take exclusive use of accommodation so that we have the freedom
to come and go as we please. In hostels and bunkhouses we generally do all the catering
ourselves: everybody mucks in as cook, kitchen-hand or washer- up. The result is that we can
get some high-quality meals for a fraction of restaurant prices.

Whatever your taste or pocket, keep an eye on what’s coming up: there has got to be
something which you will fancy. But if you have an idea of somewhere else you would like to
go, and think there will be enough interest from others in IVC to make it a Group weekend, or
better still would be prepared to run it, then please contact me.
     Dave Elliott: 0121 550 4023                   Weekends Co-ordinator

                                  Weekends for your diary
The following weekends and holidays have been booked. Thanks to all those who have happily
volunteered to organise those weekends indicated.
Please note that many weekends are now advertised out to other IVCs across the country
so please book early.

                                                       th   th
Llanwrtyd Wells, mid Wales   Stonecroft Lodge         6 – 9 April (Easter)      Dave Elliott
                                                        th   nd
Oxford                       Travel Lodge             20 – 22 April             Bal Saini
                                                        th   nd
Amsterdam                    Easy Hotel               19 – 22 May               Kevin Ridd
                                                        th   th
Stackpole, Pembrokeshire     Stackpole Centre         25 – 28 May (not Whit!)   Sarah Sharland
                                                        nd    th
Capel Curig, Snowdonia       NLMC Barn                22 – 24 June              John Gregory
                                                        th   th
Port Eynon, South Wales      YHA Gower Bunkhouse      17 – 19 August            Kevin Ridd
                                Birmingham IVC Ltd
                       9, Long Wood, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1HT
              Membership enquiries:
The club is a friendly, informal organisation whose prime objective is to provide opportunities for
social, cultural and recreational activities among young graduates, professional people, and
others of similar interests or like mind in the West Midlands. We have a weekly social night on
Wednesdays from 8:30 p.m. in Bennett’s on Bennett’s Hill in central Birmingham and a regular
monthly new members meeting at The Garden House, 160 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 9NP
on the last Wednesday of the month.

If you are interested in joining or want to know more, come along on any Wednesday night.
One of us will greet you and introduce you to people. Alternatively, contact the membership
secretary, or send your details to the above address, with a fee of £10.00 (cheques payable to
Birmingham IVC Ltd), which gives you temporary membership for 3 months, and turn up at any
event in the bulletin that interests you.

                                            Club Officers
Honorary President          (vacant)

Honorary Vice Presidents Pete Howe, Alan Muddiman, Andy Turton, & Ray Parry

                                          2011/12 Committee
    Chairman               vacant                                                (chairman)
    Secretary              Rose Huish            0121 486 3213    07977 047508   (secretary)
    Treasurer              Frank Dawson          0121 711 2566                   (treasurer)
    New Members’ Officer   Peter Norris          0121 373 7357    07885 994090   (newMembers)
    Social Secretary       Vacant                                                (social)
    Sports Secretary       Jane Gripton          0121 501 1628    07813 115327   (sport)
    Weekend Co-ordinator   Dave Elliott          0121 550 4023    07759 660252   (weekends)

    AIVC & Publicity       Vacant                                                (publicity)
    Webmaster              Peter Norris                                          (webmaster)

To e-mail a committee member, simply use the format “”, where “xxx” is
the text within the brackets in the final column. So the address for the Social Secretary is
                                Assistants to the Committee
    Assistant secretary    Maggie Whitlock       0121 624 1590
    Events Assistant       Ian Noble             0121 355 3217
    Walks co-ordinator     Jan Horn              0121 356 1262
    Halesowen rep          Bernadette Lennon     0121 550 9036
    Sutton Coldfield rep   Peter Hanna           07886 602621
    Solihull Rep           Sandra Winchurch      01564 739443
    Solihull Rep           Pam Stothard          0121 705 5302
    ‘Weekly News’ Editor   Graham Hankins        0121 707 0420
    Archivist              John Pitcock          0121 459 2489
    Membership Secretary   Brian Roberts         0121 354 5028.                   (membership)

    Bulletin Editor        Graham Hankins        0121 707 0420                   (bulletin)
Organising Events
One or two members have expressed concern recently that an event that they would like to organize
might be seen as “treading on the toes” of another member who has put events on at the same venue.
The committee would like to make it clear that we want you to go ahead with your event – no-one has a
monopoly on a particular venue or type of event! It would however be a courtesy to mention your
intentions to that other member.

All we ask when you are planning an event is that you don’t replicate something that is already covered
in the “Regular Events” section of the bulletin, and that if you are planning a walk or a weekend away
you contact the Walks Co-ordinator (Jan Horn) or the Weekends Co-ordinator (Dave Elliott) respectively
to discuss details and see how your event can best fit in with the existing programme.

Adventure Events
For those experts amongst you who know the ropes and have put on a fair few events, you know, the
usual things: cinema, meals, pubs etc, how about tackling something a bit bigger? Here’s a few ideas
that we’ve recycled from a bulletin a few years back:

        A poker night. This would be with fake money and would need someone who actually knows
         how to do it to show new players how to play. The intention would be fun, not serious.
        Paintballing at Bassets Pole or other places - the internet reveals a number of places you can do
         it in and around Brum
        Indoor climbing at
        Hot air balloon trip with someone like
        Dinghy sailing at Kingsbury Sailing Club or Earlswood Lakes, (anywhere other than Edgbaston
         as there is no wind there!). Is anyone a member of said clubs who could hire a dinghy and take
         people out (later on in the year when it’s warmer)?
        Games Console night for hardcore gamers! The idea would be to find a pub with a room with big
         screen you could plug a PS3 or Xbox into (or two) and play some race or rally driving or
         snowboarding type game (not something long and complex like GTA4 or football games), with a
         short tournament and the usual drinking and possibly buffet thrown in - a sort of high tech
         version of beer and skittles.

If you fancy taking on anything from the above or have got your own idea then have a chat with a
member of the committee and we’ll sort out whatever support you need.

        The Committee

Reminder - if you'd like to attend the AIVC Conference Weekend, 13-15 April, Copthorne Hotel,
Plymouth, then please book you choice of options directly with the organisers, Plymouth IVC. All
members are welcome to attend both 'formal' meetings over the weekend, i.e. those on the
Saturday and Sunday morning, but each IVC is restricted to two 'votes' on any decisions to be
taken. You can still join in the debates and even put yourself up for election to the AIVC

The 'social' side of the weekend begins on Friday evening - a great opportunity for networking
and finding out what other clubs are up to! Mail me for more info or if you've mislaid the e-mail
with the booking details.

Rose Huish ( ) Tel 0121 486 3213
                             Regular Events
Book Club
    Usually meets every second Monday of the month. Full details in the Events section.
    Chris Evans:         0121 247 9236     

Bollywood Dance
    Have you tried Bollywood Dancing before? It involves an exciting blend of Indian
    classical, Bollywood, Bhangra and Contemporary Dance. It is fun, it is different and it will
    make you sweat! Just turn up at 7:00p.m. with a bottle of water and £4.
    St Chad's Church, Stoney Hurst Road, Erdington, Birmingham. B24
    Crystal Chan:        07796 627245

Jazz-Jive / Lindy Hop
    A combination of Swing and Jive dancing. Beginners & Intermediates lessons held at The
    Corks Club, 225 Alcester Rd, Kings Heath, B14 6DT.
    New Beginners Group starts at 7:00 p.m. (Beginners Groups operate in 6-week
    cycles. Next cycle starts 24th October). There is a break during the summer holidays.
    Andy Turton:         0121 422 5419        077 11 66 8320

    At a different member’s house, from 8:15 pm every Tuesday evening. All welcome, from
    beginners to experienced players.
    John Gregory:        0121 486 3213

Solihull Club Night
    At The Woodmans Rest, Union Road, Shirley, Solihull from about 7:00p.m. onwards on
    the 2nd Tuesday of each month. See Events section for details of hosts and any other
    specific details.
Sutton Coldfield & Erdington Club Night
    At the “Wylde Green” Birmingham Road, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
    B72 1DH, 3rd Tuesday each month. See Events section for further details.
    Peter Hanna:        07886 602621
    Peter Howe:         0121 373 3332        07944 880722

Sport at King Edwards Girls School
The Booking System
    There is no need to book in advance, simply turn up on the night at the sports centre.
    To play a game book yourself in by writing your name (clearly!) on the sheets located on
    the counter inside the sports hall. There is a sheet for each sport. Wait until you have
    finished playing one game of a sport before booking another game of the same sport -
    this gives everyone a fair chance.
    At the end of the night, write your name and how much you owe (clearly!) on the cash
    sheet and put your money in the boxes. The system largely works on trust, but we do
    cross check!
        Badminton        £1.00p for 20 minutes      Tennis        £2.00 for 40 minutes
    Don’t worry about not knowing anyone, just sign up and introduce yourself on court –
    even the experts can be friendly. The most important thing is to have fun!!!
    Jane Gripton

Club Social Night / New Members Night
    Most weeks at Bennett’s Bar, Bennett’s Hill, in the centre of Birmingham, although we
    occasionally try other venues – check Activity Exchange before setting out. Starts from
    We have a separate area within the pub just for us – just follow the IVC signs. A notice
    board shows who is who and, would you believe it, notices. At 10 p.m. the chairperson
    gives out any announcements.

    The first Wednesday in every month is dedicated to welcoming new and potential
    members to the club. It is held at The Garden House (on the Hagley Road, opposite the
    Strathallan Hotel) and starts at 7:30p.m. Once again we have our own reserved area, so
    follow the IVC signs.
Halesowen and Stourbridge Club Night
       Come and join us for a warm welcome social evening on the second Thursday of the

       Enjoy a meal from the wide range of food on the menu or have a few drinks with us.
       You can just turn up on the night or phone if you need more details.

       See Diary section for details of current month’s event
       Alan Muddiman:             07825 870404
       Bernadette Lennon:         0121 550 9036

       We are hoping to get teams of girls and boys together, maybe to take on other IVC clubs
       in due course but that’s way down the line. No need to worry about not being any good,
       that applies to a lot of us. We meet together at the pool tables at Churchill’s at 7:30pm
       for an inexpensive evening of playing pool and would love you to join us. Churchill’s is
       behind New Street station by the glass door entrance / exit, not the ramp.
       Seamie Power:        07578 769565
       Neil Lakin:          07975 616540

Friday Folk Dance
       These are usually attended by 20 - 30 people, about 1/3 of whom are BIVC members.

       St Anne's Church Hall, Park Hill, Moseley, B13 8DU (the hall is behind the church, please
       park on the road). From 8:00 p.m.

       Friday Folk is every Friday except Christmas/New Year, Good Friday, the summer break
       and when it clashes with the Alcester Contra Dance.

       You don't need to be an expert - dances are walked through first - but it does help if you
       know your left from your right. We're a lively group but not as energetic as a ceilidh.

       Entry fee £4.00 – including light refreshments.

       Our programme is on
       See Diary pages for further information.
       John Pitcock:  0121 459 2489            

       Howard Lowry 01299 878759
Sport at King Edwards Girls School
       As per Wednesday evenings
       Jane Gripton

Selly Park Tavern Evening
       Most Fridays from 9:30pm new and old members alike meet at the ‘Selly Park Tavern’ on
       Pershore Road just down from Pebble Mill. A newcomer will be able to find us via the
       table signs. Find new friends in a great social setting.
       Peter Howe:          0121 373 3332        07944 880722

Hash House Harriers
       The Hash House Harriers is the largest non-competitive running club in the world.
       'Hashing', as it is known, involves running or walking from a pub, following a trail of flour
       around a circular course for 5 miles or so and then returning to the pub for some
       refreshment. The trail followed is in the style of a paper chase, which the 'hares' set the
       day before. The 'hounds' follow the trail, which involves working as a team with the fitter
       runners checking out false routes while the slower ones catch up. There are regular
       regroups, to pause for breath, enjoy the view or listen to some historical information
       about the area. Hash events are always sociable, and suit virtually all levels of fitness as
       the flour trail enables everyone to run or walk at a speed they feel comfortable with.
       Come & have a go – but be warned - this type of hash is very addictive!

       Events are approximately monthly. See Diary section for details of meeting points and
       start times of individual events.
       Mark Williams:       07876 666540

       This is covered under Thursday evenings but, on Saturdays we meet together at the pool
       tables above the Five Ways bowling complex at 7:30pm for an inexpensive evening of
       playing pool and would love you to join us. The area is just to the side of where the
       Birmingham Children’s Hospital used to be (now a casino on the inner ring road at Five
       Seamie Power:        07578 769565
       Neil Lakin:          07975 616540
                           Diary for March 2012
Thursday 1st March
7:00pm Meal At College Of Food
Even though I have increased the numbers from 12 to 28, all places are now full. I will hold a
waiting list in case anyone needs to cancel. At beginning of February I will send out a menu to
dinners as we have to pre order our food and I need everyone’s decision by the 8th of February.
Location: Summer Row, Birmingham
Emily Burt:                        0121 420 2388            
                                   0780 071 2175

7:30pm Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde
Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde
Join us in the café bar of The Blue Orange Theatre at 7:30pm, for the 7:45pm showing of this
play. Tickets on this particular evening are £7, instead of the usual £10. Please book your own
ticket prior to the event:
Blue Orange Theatre 118 Great Hampton Street Birmingham B18 6AD Telephone: 0121 212
“Lady Windermere's Fan explores the delicate and fickle nature of marriage and social status,
where relationships can mask the dark secrets of people's past and identity. When her
marriage is tested by news of her husband's alleged infidelity, Lady Windermere becomes
entangled in her own dalliance with another love interest. Meanwhile, her husband grapples
with a truth that is more complex than the lies conjured up to hide it. Oscar Wilde's distinctive
satirical humour frames this tale of secrets, sincerity and subterfuge - but will all of the truth be
revealed in the end?”
Please text or email me if you wish to attend, so that I know who to look out for!
Helen Sargant:                     0743 266 2648            
                                   0121 333 9457 (W)

Friday 2nd March
7:30pm Sport
8:00pm Friday Folk Dance Club
This week's caller - Ex IVC member Frances Richardson. Expect mainly English dances.
See regular events page for details

9:00pm Selly Park Tavern Social Evening
See regular events page

9:00pm Cadbury Over 30s Disco
Good dance here at The Cadbury Club. I shall be on the first table by the entrance. Bar till 12.00
dance finishes 12.30
David Harrington:                  0121 433 5659            
                                   0798 459 2960
Saturday 3rd March
10:00am Cycle Jumble In Erdington
The Cycle Touring Club (CTC) is holding its annual Cycle Jumble Sale at the Methodist Church
Hall, Station Road, Erdington, from 10 am to 1 pm (admission £1). This is the only such event in
Birmingham and gives the opportunity to purchase new and secondhand parts and accessories
for all sorts of cycles, including vintage models.
I have never been to this jumble before, but reports say that it is very good for bits and pieces
and people come great distance to attend.
Perhaps after the Jumble we may decide to go to a local hostelry for feeding and watering.
Location: United Kingdom
Peter Howe:                       0794 488 0722           

7:45pm The Choir With No Name
The Choir with No Name runs choirs for homeless people, or people whos lives have been in
some way touched by homelessness.
Tonight we are bringing together our London and Birmingham choirs for a joyful celebration of
the Olympic spirit, One Nation Under a Groove is an exhilarating pop concert that will get you
singing along and enjoying yourselves immensely! Expect "We are the Champions", "the Eye of
the Tiger" and a whole heap of fun and frolics as part of the BBC's Music Nation Olympic-
themed weekend for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
Buy your own ticket (would advise in advance as other events have been a sell out) Doors open
7.30pm, meet inside around 7.45.
Location: Carrs Lane Church Centre
Jane Willetts:                   0788 533 6100          

Sunday 4th March
4:00pm Verdi Requiem, University Of Warwick Arts Centre
The University of Warwick Student Orchestra, with professional soloists, are performing Verdi's
Requiem at the Warwick Arts Centre on the outskirts of Coventry.
Tickets a bargain £7-50 (full) £5-50 (concessions).
Adrian Friend:                    0247 630 2874
                                  0798 273 7327

Monday 5th March
8:00pm Committee Meeting
See regular events page
Tuesday 6th March
8:00pm The Laughing Sole - Comedy Club In Stirchley Village
They say "Laughter is the best form of Medicine".
Well, after seeing a "storming" Comedy Show at St Martins Church in Birmingham, just before
Xmas and well received by IVC members / General Public, this could be your best medicine
Tickets are only £7.50. The venue is at the popular pub, The British Oak (great ales, excellent
food) with free parking, only 5 minutes walk from Bournville Station, by Bus 47 or 45. So you
can get well merry.
They hold these shows every month, with popular comedians such as Isy Suttie and Jamie
Hope to see you there, for a great night out.
Doors open at 730pm, for a 830pm start - I will be there early, to get some good seats / tables.
Location: The British Oak
Tony Hayes:                    0121 439 0852        
                               0795 213 3940

8:15pm Bridge
See regular events page

Wednesday 7th March
7:30pm Sport
8:00pm Ceroc In Sutton Coldfield
8:30pm New Members Night And Club Social At The Garden House, Hagley
See regular events page

Thursday 8th March
7:30pm Halesowen & Stourbridge Club Night
See regular events page

Friday 9th March
Friday Folk goes to Alcester Contra
No Friday Folk tonight because we go to Alcester Contra
Experienced dancers only
Advisable to book
John Pitcock:                    0121 459 2489
7:30pm Balti In Stirchley
Join Helen & I for a bite to eat at the popular Balti Bazaar in Stirchley.
The restaurant is unlicensed so you can bring your own beer or wine.
Afterwards we shall wander down to The Roadhouse, which is about a 10 minute walk, to
"skank" away to Skabucks if anyone would like to continue the evening.
Let me know by email or text so that I can book a table for the right number.
Location: 1267 Pershore Road, Stirchley, Birmingham
Chris Cummins:                    0790 622 6732            

7:30pm Sport
9:00pm Selly Park Tavern Social Evening
See regular events page

9:00pm SKABUCKS Return To The Roadhouse
SKABUCKS return to The Roadhouse for another reliably good night’s entertainment. They will
be performing classic hits from the original 60's Ska and the revival Two-Tone era. Come and
dance to the music of a top quality tribute band at this atmospheric and low-key venue. We will
meet inside The Roadhouse at 9pm. Please book your ticket online, the cost is £5. If you text
or email me, I can meet you at the door.
The Roadhouse, Lifford Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 3DZ.
Website:, with further details at:
Location: The Roadhouse, Lifford Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham
Helen Sargant:                    0743 266 2648            

Saturday 10th March
2:00pm Afternoon Walk Near Aldridge/Walsall
This walk is almost 5 miles in length. Meet at the the Hay Head Nature Reserve Car Park (or
the lay by opposite).Please note that the post code below is only approximate. We will walk
along the tow path of the Rushall Canal, pass near the Arboretum, along fields and between
designated stubble fields, through trees of the Park Lime Pits Nature Reserve and return along
more canal paths. Some of the terrain is likely to be muddy. When we finish, if we want, it is a
very short drive to a local pub which has a good range of foods.
If the weather looks like being very wet, please contact us before setting off.
Location: Longwood Lane, Walsall
Jan Horn:                         0121 356 1262            
                                  0771 434 7889
Chris Evans:                      0121 247 9236
                                  0790 670 1463
7:30pm Wildlife Photography Presentation
This presentation is being given by Andy Rouse - a renowned wildlife photographer & TV
presenter. It's being organised by Droitwich Spa Photographic Society. You only have to look
at his website to see his spectacular images from around the world.
I've attended one of his presentations in the past and they have been entertaining, enthralling
and educational - well worth the £10 ticket fee.
We may go for a drink / meal afterwards.
Book your own ticket with Droitwich Camera Society. However, please let me know if you are
coming and we can perhaps share transport.
Websites :
....Droitwich Spa Photographic Society =
....Andy Rouse :
John Smith:                                             

7:30pm Pub Crawl In Birmingham Area, Most Likely Moseley
Pub crawl in the Birmingham area, venue to be decided, but probably Moseley.
Location: tbd
Rob Harding:                   0121 603 7504         
                               0797 402 6614
                               012162766 0xt 3678 (W)
Pete Brook:

8:00pm Pool Tournament - Exciting Times Ahead
Come and enjoy a good fun night out at Broadway Plaza playing a game of AMERICAN POOL.
If you want to learn I can teach you, we have a few IVC members who turn up every two weeks.
You will be in good company plus for a bonus we will be heading to Broad St for a few drinks
and fun.
Location: Broadway Plaza
 Seamie Power:                  0121 420 3888           
                                0757 876 9565
                                0757 876 9565 (W)
 Seamie Power:                  0757 876 9565           

Sunday 11th March
2:00pm Sunday Lunch At Chateau Impney
Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the Chateau Impney at Droitwich and join me for Sunday
Lunch. Meet in the piano bar downstairs at 2.0pm. The meal is booked for 2.30pm and I have
12 places, so please book early as this is a popular venue.
Approximate cost for 3 course meal with starter, carvery, dessert and coffee or tea is £20.
Location: Chateau Impney
Jan Blick:                     0121 457 7636         
                               0758 441 5482
Monday 12th March
7:30pm Erdington Historical Society
8:00pm Book Club
We meet at 8:00 p.m. to discuss the current book and to have a general chat.

In March we shall be reading Iain Banks' "The Wasp Factory", a compelling but often gruesome
tale of a disturbed child (and family). For April we have selected "Resurrection" by Leo Tolstoy,
which is both an account of a nobleman's search for redemption from the sins of his youth and
also a savage attack on the evils of Russian society in the nineteenth century. May's book will
be Birmingham author David Lodge's "Nice Work", set in the 1980s, in which the worlds of
academia and industry mesh and clash, often with comic results.

The venue for March will be the upstairs room at 'The Victoria' pub (John Bright Street
Birmingham, B1 1BN).

Chris Evans 0121 247 9236 mob. 07906 701 463 (on the night only)

8:00pm Half Moon Comedy Night
Headliner - Mark Rough
Observational, modern, fresh and above all side splittingly funny, Mark has seen his act work all
over the world with seasons in Dubai, Cyprus, Spain and the Canary Islands during his 13 years
as a stand-up. He has released two DVDs “Have You Ever Had It Blue?” and “Bigmouth Strikes
Again” to critical acclaim. With story after story throwing out punchlines galore his fast paced set
seems to fly by in minutes.
Support - Harriet Dyer
Harriet Dyer - Chats personal palavers (with a smidge of surreal). Harriet strongly believes that
she is a recently modified version of the film, ‘The Truman Show’ because life often seems too
staged to be real… "She's got funny bones!" - Kevin Bridges; "Ooh, you're a funny one!" - Fern
Rachel Sambrooks
Rachel started comedy in 2003 as popular character act 'Carol King' before taking a break
during which time she wrote for BBC and comedy content for UKTV website, returning to
performing in 2008 as herself. She is resident MC and promoter of the very popular Laffacino
Comedy Cabaret in Birmingham. "Innovative performer, earthy, warm and ace" - We Are Most
Amused, Northampton
Aaron Twitchen
Stand up, actor, presenter and living stereotype. Aaron burst onto the scene two years ago with
an energetic flair and memoirs of meerkat loving mothers. Since then he has performed across
the country and both Edinburgh fringe shows he appeared were Scotsgay pick of the free fringe
2011. 'A real star quality that should eventually be rewarded with a television spot' - Stourbridge
MC - Craig Deeley
Local lad Craig has been performing stand-up all over the ruddy place since 2004. He is a
performer who eats, sleeps and breathes. “Brilliant” – Barbara Deeley
Tickets:     £5 Location: The Crescent Theatre, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham
Bal Saini:                        0795 108 4474           
Tuesday 13th March
8:00pm Solihull Regular Monthly Club Night
8:15pm Bridge
See regular events page

Wednesday 14th March

We have been given notice by the Girls School that parking is prohibited on the school site on
the evening of the 14th. The school has a major function taking place which means that they
require all available parking for school use. We don't want to cancel our booking, but please
make sure you leave your car outside the school grounds and walk in to the Sports Hall. We
suggest that you leave your vehicle in Pritchatts Road, opposite to the entrance gates.
Alternatively, use public transport.

Apologies for this inconvenience.

John Gregory - Assistant Sports Rep.
See regular events page

7:30pm IBike - Can You Repair A Puncture?
The iBike team is holding a repair a puncture workshop at Bennetts.
We will show you best practice for the whole process.
Removing wheels, taking tyres of wheels, finding holes, patching the tubes, putting tyres back
on wheels, fitting wheels back on bikes. We will have wheels, tyres and tubes for members to
practice on.
Plus expert advice from Graham Hankins.
Location: Bennett’s Bennetts Hill Birmingham
Peter Howe:                     0794 488 0722          
Graham Hankins:                 07971 378686           

8:00pm Ceroc In Sutton Coldfield
8:30pm Club Night At Bennetts
See regular events page
Thursday 15th March
2:00pm ‘Waiting For Godot’ At The Old Rep, Birmingham
I have bought a ticket in the balcony, ticket price £10, for the afternoon performance of ‘Waiting
for Godot’ at the Old Rep on Thursday, 15th March at 2 p.m. My ticket number is C14. If you
would like to join me then please buy a ticket and let me know you are coming. Tickets are
selling fast!
We could go on afterwards to the Symphony Hall for "Folk for free' which starts at 5.30 p.m.
Location: Station Street, Birmingham
Norah Lunn:                       0790 459 7770           

Friday 16th March
7:30pm Sport
See regular events page

7:30pm Badminton Coaching
If you would like to learn how to play badminton or know the basics but want to improve your
skills, come and join our resident coach on the court. This session is suitable for beginners and
7.30-8.30 pm
After all that exercise join us in the Selly Park Tavern for a well deserved drink
There are showers onsite
Rackets available
Location: King Edwards Girls School, Edgbaston Park Rd
Manu Randeria:                    0797 079 4740
Jane Gripton:                     0121 501 1628           
                                  0781 311 5327

8:00pm Friday Folk Dance Club
This week's caller - One of the countries' top callers - Hugh Ripon. Expect a good evening.
See regular events page for details

9:00pm Selly Park Tavern Social Evening
See regular events page
Saturday 17th March
6:30pm Tippling In Tipton
Come and join me in this fine celebration of some of Tipton’s most excellent pubs.
I have a simple (not ‘cunning’?? Ed.) plan ...
18:30 meet at the ticket barrier at New St Station to catch the 18:38 to Tipton. Super Off-Peak
Day Return £2 (Platform 2 probably)
18:38 hope you got the train
18:54 arrive Tipton station, walk half a mile along new Canal to first pub
19:10 Arrive at the Ace of Spades formerly known as the Barge and Barrel DY4 9AJ
20:10 leave for walk along old Canal
20:20 Arrive at the Fountain Inn DY4 8HE
21:20 leave for next pub
21:30 Arrive at The Pie Factory DY4 9AB
22:30 Leave to catch the train back
22:50 Arrive Tipton Station
22:56 Did you miss the last train?
23:14 Arrive New St Station
23:25 Wellington for a last one or two?
The Ace of Spades is a 70s, 80s rock pub and well rated. It is on the junction of the old and new
Canals from Birmingham to Wolverhampton. Serves good beer so I'm told.
The Fountain Inn used to be run by the Tipton Slasher who was a champion bare knuckle
fighter many years ago. It's a classic Black Country pub.
The Pie Factory is famous for its Desperate Dan pies although I'm not sure we'll have time.
Serves Lump Hammer. Decor is very unique.
Hope you can make it. All welcome. Look forward to seeing you there.
Location: Tipton
Peter Norris:                     0788 599 4090          

7:30pm Meal At Vegetarian Warehouse Cafe
A visit is long overdue to this popular venue at Allison Street, Digbeth - the restaurant is almost
under the railway arch. On street parking is easy, or it is a short walk behind Moor Street
station if using public transport. Check out their seasonal menus at:
- starters around £5 and mains at around £9.50 with a daily changing "specials" board. The
Cafe is not licensed to bring your own wine or beer if you want an alcoholic drink. Only 14
places booked, please let me know in good time as places go fast. £5.00 deposit required with
your booking request. Cheque please to Maggie Whitlock, 27 Blackthorn Close, B30 1SB
Editor’s Note: The restaurant is WITHIN the Friends of the Earth Warehouse building, corner of
Allison St and Park St.
Maggie Whitlock:                  0121 624 1590          
                                  0781 209 7448
                                  0121 414 6754 (W)
Sunday 18th March
1:00pm Afternoon Walk And Pub Meal At Hampton Loade, Shropshire
A walk of around 6 miles near Bridgnorth, around the Dudmaston National Trust estate and the
Severn valley, starting at Hampton Loade. We’ll have a drink and a meal afterwards at the River
and Rail pub (post code WV15 6HD, see also I’ve made a
provisional booking for us to eat about 4.30pm - please let me know if you’d like to eat.
Meet from 12.45 for a 1pm start from the National Trust car park opposite the pub, which is at
the bottom of a lane leading off the A442 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster road (signposted
Hampton Loade, River Severn and car park). There is a £1 charge for the car park with a 50p
refund at the pub.
Mike Hanson:                      0156 275 1257           
                                  0794 138 9990

Tuesday 20th March
8:00pm Sutton Coldfield & Erdington Club Night At The “Wylde Green”.
8:15pm Bridge
See regular events page

Wednesday 21st March
Bulletin Deadline
7:30pm Sport
8:00pm Ceroc In Sutton Coldfield
8:30pm Roving Club Night At The Utopia Bar
See regular events page

Thursday 22nd March
7:10pm Go Karting
Round 2 of the Birmingham IVC Grand Prix Series has arrived (or Wacky Races as some would
We have exclusive use of the venue for the evening and all at a bargain price.
Helmets and overalls are provided as well as instruction. Therefore arrive at 7.10pm for kitting
out and a briefing for a 7.30pm start.
The price includes a £1 contribution towards prizes for the fastest driver overall and also for
fastest driver of the opposite sex.
Afterwards, for those so inclined, we will retire to a local hostelry to discuss, amongst other
things, each other’s driving abilities.
Contact me by email or text to book a place but, as places are limited to 21, book early.
Location: Teamworks Karting, 202 Fazeley Street, Digbeth
Chris Cummins:                    0790 622 6732           
Friday 23rd March
7:30pm Sport
8:00pm Friday Folk Dance Club
This week's caller - Ex IVC member Liz Green. Expect mainly English dances.
See regular events page for details

9:00pm Selly Park Tavern Social Evening
See regular events page

Saturday 24th March
2:15pm Aiden O Brian On The Anson
The new season of Jazz on the Water starts on Saturday 24th March. Join me on the narrow
boat Anson for 3 hours of music and fun. The boat leaves from the Tap and Spile in Gas street
at 2.30pm and returns at 5.30pm. Real ale available plus other beers and wines. Bring your own
sandwiches or afterwards we can adjourn to the Brasshouse or Wetherspoons for a bite to eat
before getting the bus or train home.
Location: Gas Street basin Birmingham
Jan Blick:                      0121 457 7636         
                                0758 441 5482

Sunday 25th March
Join us for a 9 mile walk in the Malvern Hills. This walk takes us past 8 springs whilst providing
views of the Priory Church and QinetiQ the radar research establishment. We complete a
circuit of the hills through woods and onto the open hilltop enjoying wonderful views over
Worcestershire, Herefordshire and on a clear day long distance views in all directions from the
top of Worcestershire Beacon.
We will stop for a drink towards the end of the walk at the Nags Head, a lively and popular pub
with an endless choice of beers. We will not reach the pub until after 3pm so you will need to
bring a packed lunch.
Meet at 10.45am outside Great Malvern Station, Church Street (GR775459). If travelling by train
catch the 9.26am train from Birmingham Moor St. I plan to return on the 5.17pm train
(Birmingham New St 6.15pm)
JOHN EDWARDS:                  0121 603 3671       
                               0797 094 9618
                               0121 450 6627 (W)
Tuesday 27th March
12:10 Lunchtime Meal with John and Rose - Tuesday 27 March
This month we're taking the train to Walsall, and our choice is the pub/restaurant called Arbor
Lights, on Lichfield Street, WS1 1SY. Tel 01922 645 634. Interesting choice of starters, mains &
desserts so bring your appetite! We can walk it off later with a stroll up to the Walsall Art Gallery
- a gem at any time, or take a visit to the Leather Museum. Please e-mail us if you plan to come,
so we can let them know approx. numbers.

Meet at New St Station at the ticket barrier at about 12.10 so we can get ourselves over to
Walsall and walk to the venue for lunch around 1.00pm.

John & Rose - 0121 486 3213. or M: 07977 047 508.

8:15pm Bridge
See regular events page

Wednesday 28th March
7:30pm Sport
8:00pm Ceroc In Sutton Coldfield
8:30pm Club Night At Bennetts (Bulletin Night)
See regular events page

Thursday 29th March
7:00pm DVD Night - The Inbetweeners
If you missed it the first time round - or if you want to see it again - come and see this superb
film on DVD.
One of the funniest films of the last few years and well worth a look.
Spaces strictly limited as I only have a normal sized living room so you absolutely must book
beforehand even if it's only a phone call on the night.
Cartoons and other trivia from 7:00pm and we'll start the main feature at 7:30pm.
Will also feature popcorn from my Australian hot-air popcorn machine. Nearly as much fun as
the film.
Hope you can make it.
Peter Norris:                     0121 373 7357           
                                  0788 599 4090
Friday 30th March
4:00pm Merseyside IVC And Others Come To Brum.
During our trip to Robin Hoods Bay in July 2011 we met numerous weird but nice members of
Merseyside IVC. They showed an interest in coming to our wonderful city.
During the weekend we have been asked to show them around. We did this several years ago
for AIVC, to great success.
Details of events during the weekend will be available nearer the weekend. Watch this space.
They will be stopping from Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April 2012 and stopping at the
Etap Hotel.
Peter Howe:                      0794 488 0722           
Michael Hulligan:                0151 933 0495           
                                 0793 156 6122 (W)

7:30pm Sport
8:00pm Friday Folk Dance Club
This week - Calling and Playing: Paul, Maggie and Gordon. Expect a variety. .

See regular events page

8:00pm Selector - Ska Band In Concert
Well known 2 Tone Band , The Selecter has announced an extensive UK Tour , throughout
March 2012 :
The Selecter pionered the Ska revival alongside labelmakers, The Specials and Madness, in
the late 70's.
Classic Hits, such as "On My Radio", "Three Minute Hero" and "Too Much Pressure".
The 2 -Tone legacy continues, because it promotes multiculturalism amongst black and white.
You will have a whale of a time at this concert - guaranteed!!
Support Band is Midlands based band "Stone Foundation" - highly recommended - they have
supported The Specials!
Hope to see you there - it's on a Friday night !
Free parking on site, bus stop and metro tram stop nearby.
Location: Robin Hood 2, Mount Pleasent, Bilston
Tony Hayes:                     0121 439 0852          
                                0795 213 3940

9:00pm Selly Park Tavern Social Evening
See regular events page
Saturday 31st March
11:00am Canal Cruise On The NB Anson
Join the Liverpool gang for a 2 hour cruise around the centre of Birmingham. We have the
whole boat for IVC!
A guide will be on board to highlight many points of interest.
There is a bar on board, you may want to bring a packed lunch, or decide to eat out after the
trip, perhaps around Broad Street.
Meet in Gas Street Basin and look out for the N.B.Anson.
Location: Gas Street Basin
Peter Howe:                      0794 488 0722          

12:00am Winterbourne House & Gardens Edgbaston Birmingham
Come along and walk around these fantastic gardens, and stroll through the lovely house. Have
a coffee in the cafe afterwards.
Winterbourne is a rare surviving example of an early 20th century suburban villa and garden.
The house was built in 1903 for John and Margaret Nettlefold, of Guest, Keen & Nettlefold.
Designed as a small country estate the house boasted rustic outbuildings and large gardens.
Both the house and garden follow the style of the Arts & Crafts movement with examples of
local craftsmanship throughout. The house has large airy corridors and south facing rooms
designed to make maximum use of the sunlight.
Take a step back in time to discover what life was like during Edwardian days.
On the ground floor, see how the decor would have appeared when the Nettlefolds occupied the
house over 100 years ago, with the Study and Drawing Room boasting beautiful Arts & Crafts
furniture and antiques. An Exhibition Room highlights the importance of Winterbourne within the
community via interactive exhibits which tell the stories of the house and its occupants through
the people who lived and worked here over the years.
Winterbourne House & Garden
University of Birmingham, 58 Edgbaston Park Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2RT
Tel: 0121 414 3003
Please purchase your own ticket on the day. Entry to the house and tea room is free of charge.
Price is for admission to the garden.
If the weather is bad on the day, this may well be cancelled. Please, if you are coming along let
me have your mobile number to contact you on the day.
Elaine O'Leary:                  0794 753 9874                    elaine-
A small pub crawl in the Jewellery Quarter visiting 4 real ale pubs recommended by CAMRA.
We start at the Drop Forge Bar ( the Jewellery Quarter Rail
Station and will keep strictly to the timetable below. Please phone my mobile or look for the
bulletin to find us.
7.00pm-7.55pm Drop Forge Bar, 6-10 Hockley St,B18 6BL

8.00pm-8.55pm Lord Clifden, 34 Great Hampton St B18 6AA

9.00pm-9.50pm Brown Lion,18 Hall St,B18 6BS

10.00pm-11.00pm Red Lion, 94-95 Warstone Lane B18 6NG


JOHN EDWARDS:                   0121 603 3671    
                                0797 094 9618
                                0121 450 6627 (W)

7:00pm Big Wok - With Merseyside IVC
The "Big Wok" is a Chinese buffet meal restaurant on Wrottesley Street Birmingham, in the
Chinese quarter.
The reviews are mixed. But some people still like to have a moan even when the meal costs
only £10, yes £10 and that's for as much as you can eat.
The meal is deliberately early, so those, like me may wish to go on John Edwards Real Ale tour.
Location: Wrottesley St Birmingham
Peter Howe:                       0794 488 0722        

7:30pm Choral Concert Lichfield Cathedral
Come and enjoy music with a modern theme sung by Lichfield Cathedral Chorus.
Bernstein:Chichester Psalms
Janacek:Otcenas(Our Father)
Kodaly:Missa Brevis.
Tickets £10:00,£12:50,£15:00 and £17:50
Contact Ann Smith 01543 371431 for more details
Location: Lichfield Cathedral
Ann Smith:                        0154 337 1431
                  Preview April 2012 Onwards
Friday 6th April
3:00pm Easter Weekend (3 Nights) At Llanwrytd Wells
I have currently just booked Stonecroft Lodge. This is a self-catering guesthouse adjacent to the
Stonecroft Inn. All family rooms and the single room are now booked but there is still plenty of
space in the shared rooms.
Unfortunately Stonecroft House, which appeared to be ideal for those seeking more upmarket
accommodation did not live up to its advertised billing. Several club members have now booked
rooms at other establishments nearby in the town. If you wish to join them please let me know.
The Friday evening meal will be at The Stonecroft pub, which has an excellent reputation for
both food and ale. Breakfasts and the other evening meals will be self-catering so I shall need
volunteer cooks. Lunches will be a self-assembly affair from a central supply of ingredients.
Full details will follow later. There is good walking and mountain-biking country in every
direction around the town and horse riding is also available (the town hosts the annual “man vs
horse” race). And for any scuba-divers out there, the town also hosts the World Bog-snorkelling
championships, so if you want to get some practice in, bring your gear.
For those inclined to less strenuous activities, Llanwrytd Wells is close to the heart of Red Kite
country and there’s a nature reserve at the nearby Llynne Brianne reservoir. The town is also
on the Heart of Wales railway line, giving you access to a host of towns and villages between
the English border and Swansea.
Head for Leominster, either via M5 J3 and then Kidderminster & Tenbury Wells, or via M5 J7
then the Worcester by-pass (A4440) then the A44 through Bromyard.
From Leominster head west on the A44 until the Forest Inn, a few miles beyond New Radnor,
where you turn left onto the A481 signposted Builth Wells. Just before Builth Wells you meet
the A483. Follow this through the town and on to Llanrwtyd Wells. Turn right into Dolecoed
Location: Stonecroft Inn Dolecoed Road Llanwrtyd Wells Powys
Dave Elliott:                   0121 550 4023          
                                0775 966 0252

Sunday 8th April
1:30pm Easter Sunday Lunch @ The Plough Harborne
Why not join me on Easter Sunday for a relaxed Sunday lunch at this popular venue in
Harborne. The Plough is stated as being 'one of the top 20 pubs in the country'. I have booked
a table for 10 at 1.30pm but I will be there at 1pm should anyone wish to join me for a drink
before we sit down. The Plough, 21 High Street, Harborne, almost opposite the Green Man.
Parking off High Street at the rear of the shops.
Margaret Tucker:                  0121 411 2844           
                                  0775 150 2631
Friday 13th April
Friday Folk go to Alcester Contra
No Friday Folk tonight because we go to Alcester Contra
Experienced dancers only
Advisable to book
John Pitcock:                    0121 459 2489

6:00pm AIVC Conference, Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth
Please see my announcement at the back of your February Bulletin for a preview of what the
AIVC Conference offers.
Beginning on Friday 13 April, it goes over the weekend to the afternoon of Sunday 15th, and
includes a range of activities for members from across the UK. As one of the country's leading
IVCs in terms of membership, BIVC hopes to be well represented by its' members, not just
those on the Committee.
Rose Huish:                     0121 486 3213         

Friday 20th April
3:00pm Oxford Weekend
20 - 22 April a Birmingham IVC weekend at Oxford.
The ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ is famous for its colleges and museums and has a lot to offer in
the way of attractions for the weekend. Such as the Museum of Natural History which houses a
variety of animal and dinosaur skeletons - the T. Rex and Alice’s dodo bird being the star
attractions! Pitt Rivers Museum of Anthropology and World Archaeology has the ever popular
shrunken heads! The Ashmolean Museum’s collection of art and archaeology - has the world's
largest group of Raphael drawings and the foremost collection of modern Chinese art in the
Western world.
Pubs dot the city and many have lots of stories to tell such as the Lamb and Flag where
Thomas Hardy wrote much of ‘Jude the Obscure’. The Eagle and Child was the meeting place
of C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Inspector Morse’s favourite watering hole the Turf Tavern can
be found up a narrow alley past the Bridge of Sighs. The Bear Inn has on display an interesting
collection of tie snippets collected since 1950s often given by the patrons in exchange for a pint
of beer.
To truly experience Oxford you can try something that’s so typical Oxford – Punting.
For a more alternative Oxford experience there is the Cowley Road - home to vegetarian and
organic cafes, live music venues, food markets, independent bookshops, Buddhist temples,
pubs, junk shops, foreign restaurants, etc.
For book lovers there is Blackwell’s Bookshop which has five floors with the multi-level
Norrington Room in the basement and its infamous three miles of shelving.
The famous Shark House – a house with a 25 foot long headless shark protruding from the roof!
The shark was commissioned by the owner of the house in 1986 as a comment on Cold War
Folk Weekend will be taking place over the weekend in the gardens of Oxford Castle with a craft
market, morris dancing and live music.
Nearby attractions - Blenheim Palace - 4 miles, Woodstock - 5 miles, Bicester Village Retail
Park – 9 miles.
The hotel is 3 miles from Oxford city centre and each room is en-suite with a double bed and a
pull out sofa bed and can be shared comfortably by two people at a cost of £45 per person for
the weekend. Each room has a TV, Coffee & Tea making equipment, Sheets and Towels.
The hotel has a nearby Park & Ride from which buses operate from 6am till 11.15pm and
journey time is 15 minute into the centre of Oxford. The hotel has a large car park for which the
charge is £3 per 24 hours.
Location: Peartree Roundabout, Woodstock Rd, Oxford
Bal Saini:                        0795 108 4474           

6:30pm The Settle Moorlander
Come and do something really different. A full day train trip to Yorksire via Pendle Hill, the Settle
Carlisle railway.b Two hour stop in Carlisle, returning through Cumbrian coastal route.
The trip is the 20th April (a Friday) with pick up points at: Kidderminster 6:15 am, Stourbridge
Junction 6:30am, Rowley Regis 6:45am, Tame Bridge Parkway 7:20am, Walsall 7:30am,
Cannock 7:50am, Hednesford 7:55am, Rugeley Town 8:10am and Stafford 8:30 am.
All times currently estimates. This one-off day excursion is entirely by direct train formed of
traditional intercity carriages, with pre-reserved seating and a buffet car.
I need full payment ASAP Wednesday at Bennett's please, numbers are limited so first come
first served.
The price per person is £59 (sorry no concessions). Cheques made payable to Birmingham
Intervarsity Club Ltd.
For a detailed itinery please go to the website (I can't type it all
out.) Please check with me about numbers before you book online or paypal please.
regards Ann smith
Location: Moveable
Ann Smith:                       0154 337 1431           

Tuesday 8th May
7:30pm Tour And Meal At Purity Brewery
Purity Brewery (UBU, as served at The Selly Park Tavern) offers one tour and a meal each
week. It is very popular and this is the first date I could get.
A tour group is minimum of 10 and maximum of 20, The tour and meal costs £20
Purity Brewing Co. The Brewery, Upper Spernall Farm, Off Spernal Lane, Gt Alne,
Warwickshire B49 6JF
I propose that we use the mini bus facility
Roy Jefferis:                     0121 472 0540           
Saturday 12th May
9:00am Damien Hirst Exhibition
Damien Hirst first came to public attention in London in 1988 when he conceived and curated
Freeze, an exhibition in a disused warehouse which showed his work and that of his friends and
fellow students at Goldsmiths College. In the nearly quarter of a century since that pivotal show,
Hirst has become one of the most influential artists of his generation. This will be the first
substantial survey of his work in a British institution and will bring together key works from over
twenty years.
The exhibition will include iconic sculptures from his Natural History series, including The
Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991, in which he suspended a
shark in formaldehyde. Also included will be vitrines such as A Thousand Years from 1990,
medicine cabinets, pill cabinets and instrument cabinets in addition to seminal paintings made
throughout his career using butterflies and flies as well as spots and spins. The two-part
installation In and Out of Love, not shown in its entirety since its creation in 1991 and Pharmacy
1992 will be among the highlights of the exhibition.
If you would like to join me for this challenging exhibition let me know and I will attempt to
arrange transport and tickets for the exhibition.
Exhibition Ticket:   £14 (£12.20 Concession) + £1.50 Booking Fee
Location: Tate Modern, Bankside, London
Bal Saini:                        0795 108 4474            

Saturday 19th May
7:00am Weekend Break To Amsterdam
Four of us have booked flights from Birmingham to Schipol with BMI Baby and are staying at
the Easy Hotel Just north of the museum district and staying for 3 nights. Anyone else is very
welcome to join us and we will only too pleased to help with information on flights and
accommodation. There are many cultural sights and delights. We hope to take in the Van Gogh
museum and a boat trip, micro brewery visit and others.
Cost should be around £200 pp for 4 days and less for fewer days.
Location: Amsterdam
Kevin Ridd:                       0782 144 1913            
Julie Ward:                       0782 144 1912            

9:30am A Victorian Day Out On The Severn Valley Line
The SVR is celebrating 150 years since the opening of the Worcester to Shrewsbury line.
Please come and join me for a wander back in time to meet Queen Victoria, view a
photographic exhibition or watch a traditional Punch and Judy show on a Victorian beach at
Arley. Whatever may amuse you it promises to be an enjoyable day out. I am planning to have
lunch at Bewdley, venue as yet undecided but any suggestions most welcome.
Meet at Snow Hill Station at 09.30 for a 10.00am train to Kidderminster.
Tickets are available from the web link, which is cheaper or they can be purchased on the day
at Kidderminster Station. The price I have published is if they are purchased on the day,
concessions are available.
One more thing, if you feel so inclined air those bloomers and bustles ladies or wax those
handlebar moustaches gentlemen, dressing up for the occasion is encouraged, but not
compulsory just be comfortable.
Claire Harris:                                             
Friday 25th May
2:00pm Stackpole Weekend – Pembrokshire Coast
Fully booked – waiting list only remaining
   It’s a few years since our last, much enjoyed, stay on the National Trust’s Stackpole Estate, and as
   the accommodation has just been refurbished this seems like a great time to return.

   The Estate lies in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which offers fabulous coastal walks with
   superb cliff scenery, islands, boat trips and that most cute and comical of birds, puffins!! On the
   Stackpole Estate itself, there are the woods, the remains of bronze and iron age settlement, and the
   Lily Ponds with water lilies, water birds, dragonflies and otters – the latter seen by some of those on
   the recent Tenby weekend. Within striking distance there’s the tiny city of St David’s with its beautiful
   Cathedral, the pretty Victorian seaside resort of Tenby, the boat house at Laugharne where Dylan
   Thomas wrote Under Milk Wood based on the town’s people, and numerous castles to choose from –
   after all this is Wales!

   We will be staying in very recently refurbished group accommodation. The maximum number of
   people in a room is 4 but there are also singles and twins. We’ll go to a local hostelry to eat on the
   Friday night, but I’m looking for volunteers to cook breakfasts and evening meals - the rest of us will
   be on washing up!

   Cost of accommodation will be £78 per person for single and twin rooms (bookings for the latter from
   pairs only), and £63 for the other places with catering costs divided between the group.

   Oh, and just to make sure there’s no confusion, whilst we’ve booked 3 nights (arriving Friday and
   leaving Monday) this is not a bank holiday weekend (the Queen moved it!).

   If you want to join us visiting this beautiful area, contact me to check availability. A £20 deposit will be
   required to reserve a place.
   Sarah Sharland: 01676 523174
Dave Elliott:                       0121 550 4023             

Saturday 7th July
7:00pm BBQ - Pirates And The Caribbean
As well as the usual disco this year we will have Norman from Pan Maestro performing the Caribbean classics on
the Steel Pan from 9 to 11 pm. The theme is Pirates and the Caribbean so dig out that Pirate hat or those colourful
Caribbean clothes.
Cooking and music from 7 pm. Please bring something to put on the barbie as well as drinks and sunshine.
Location: 19 Tenbury Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham
Mike Beetlestone:                      0121 443 3368                 
Ella Beetlestone:

Saturday 21st July
7:30pm Caribbean Evening Meal In Kings Heath
This will be a 3 course buffet meal including a vegetarian option. The food will be brought in ready prepared by two
Jamaican chefs. The meal will be served in the gazebos at Mike & Ella’s house in Kings Heath. The usual Disco
party will follow the meal.
Costs and other info to be announced later.
Location: 19 Tenbury Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham
Mike Beetlestone:                      0121 443 3368                 
Ella Beetlestone:
                                    ACTIVITY IDEAS

Thurs 5th April 8.30pm, The Margaret Rose Abri Café (Digbeth ): Coffee Shop Poets.

Wed 11th April 8.00pm, Alexandra Theatre: Sing-a-long-a Abba Tribute. One for the ladies

Sun 15th April 2.45pm, The Crescent Theatre, The Gin Game £5.00

Fri 20th April 7pm, Symphony Hall, Classic Chaplin; CBSO Friday night classic.

Mon 23rd April 7.30pm, Symphony Hall, Tony Christie in concert

Wed 25th & 26th April 7.30pm, Hippodrome, Royal Ballet Flanders

23rd to 28th April, Solihull Art Complex, Oklahoma

There a new restaurant open on the Wolverhampton Road - it used to be the Hen &
Chickens, Now it’s called Flavourz; they do buffet type meals: English, Italian, Chinese,
Indian - so if any of you would like to put a meal on there, feel free to do so.

If you need advice putting an event on, ask a committee member or any member who has
put events on in the past,

If you don’t feel comfortable putting an event on by yourself, ask a friend to share the
event with you. Happy planning for the coming months and please keep those events
coming, the more choice the better, as we have a very wide range of interests.

Paul Bagnall.
          Skill            Name          Phone no        Email                           Area of City
 Aromatherapy/Reiki        Janet Blick   0121 457 7636   Northfield
        Master                           0758 441 5482
  Bike maintenance         Pete Howe     07944880722               Erdington
      and ibike
  Painting & general
  Carer, elderly and       Chris Green   0791 994 6155                                   Kings Heath
      Carpentry            Alan          07825870404      Halesowen
      Computer             Danny         07801 701323        Erdington and
 spreadsheet both PC                                                                     Wolverhampton
   and Apple Mac!

     Barrister and         Henry         44121 3464672]       Birmingham
      Mediator             Davies

 Photography studio        Mandy         01384 859070                                    Old Hill
    and location           Hunter        07967 026765

   Advanced driving        John                
     tuition -free         Pitcock
    Management                           01564 792251              Henley in Arden
 consultancy / tenor       Penny
  sax player in jazz       Stott
 group / engineering
   careers adviser

  Bike maintenance         Graham        0121 707 0420             Any
    Cycle training         Hankins
 TV advice (digital etc)
     Proof Reader
       Plumbing            Neil Lakin    07975616540                                     Selly Oak
     Reiki Master          Ian Shipway   0121 474 5731

If YOU have skills you would like to add, please contact Janet Blick.
        March Events Mondays to Thursdays
         Mon                    Tue                    Wed             Thu 1

           5                     6                       7               8
 Committee Meeting       - Comedy Club        Sport, Ceroc,          Halesowen
                                                                     Club Night
                               Bridge         The Garden House

          12                    13                      14              15
Erd. Hist. Soc., Book     Solihull Club       Sport, IBike, Ceroc   Waiting For
Club, Comedy                  Night                                   Godot

          19                    20                      21              22
                        Sutton C/F & Erd.  Bulletin Deadline         Go Karting
                           Club Night     Sport, Ceroc,
                             Bridge       Utopia Bar

          26                    27                      28              29
                               Bridge         Sport, Ceroc           DVD Night -
                                              Bennetts (Bulletin

                           Fridays to Sundays
               Fri 2                            Sat 3                   Sun 4
Sport,Folk Dance ,SPT, Disco      Cycle Jumble, Choir                  Requiem,

                9                                 10                         11
Friday Folk, Balti                Walk, Presentation, Pub Crawl,    Sunday Lunch

                16                                17                         18
Sport, Folk Dance Club, SPT       Pub Crawl, Meal                   Walk, Meal

                23                                24                         25
Sport, Folk Dance Club, SPT          Aiden O’ Brian On The Anson         WALK

                30                                31
Merseyside Comes To Brum.         Canal Cruise, House & Gardens
                                           PUB CRAWL
Sport, Folk Dance Ska Band,
SPT                                     Big Wok, Choral Concert

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