Wills & Probates by v1jQ0W3u


									                Wills & Probates

    Probate records are useful in your search for
    1.   1st they relate information already gathered
    2.   They are legal documents and are reliable
         information as long as you interpret it correctly
    3.   Wills are the most common form of records
    4.   They furnish you with relationships
    5.   They give you glimpses into the persons life, family
         secrets, household items, and feelings about
         family members
         Identify the Individual
    Use the ancestors full name
    Try to find as much information as you can
     such as:
    1.   Death dates
    2.   Death place (be careful not to assume the place)
    3.   Marriage information
    4.   Any additional information about the person or the
     Identify the Place of Death
 Most wills & probates are filed in the county
 where the individual was living when they died.
Watch because some cities changed their
If there was more than one marriage, could the
 person have been living with one of the children
 at the time of death
Learn Where The Records are Kept
 Usually  filed at the county level at the court house
 They can be filed in unexpected places or locations
 Local historical societies
 Some have been microfilmed and are at the Family
  History library
 Look for an index of the probate records
 Probate laws and the associated records will differ from
  state to state
Learn what records are available
 Wills
 Probate
 Inventories
 Distributionsof estates
 Letters of administration
 Sales of estate
 Inquest documents
Make sure you request all records concerning your
             Access the records
    Learn the correct procedure for securing a
     copy of the information
    1.   You can visit in person
    2.   Email or snail mail (remember the SASE)
    3.   Make sure you know the correct amount of money
         to send
    4.   Keep a correspondence log
    5.   See if there is anything in your county that could
         be on the internet
        Analyze and record the
Once you   have the wills then that is when the fun
Be careful not to read things into the document
Take notes regarding the information found
Names that appear on the documents
Leave no line unread
Note the witnesses they could be family
       Pitfalls in using Wills and
 Extracts  are secondary sources
 Don’t make assumptions, it can be misleading
 Be careful of terms of relationships,
 Wills are not always filed immediately after a death
 Witnesses cannot be beneficiaries, but are often a
 A wife listed may or may not be the mother of the
 Remember boundaries have changed over time

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