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        Session 2

 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   1
No one, no thing, can take your peace, your joy, you
  adequacy, away from you.
You have to give it up voluntarily.
And we give it up so easily, for just about anything:
 other people’s opinions,

 late meals,

 long lines,

 red lights.

….. Cheri Huber – The Key

                  Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight     2
            Guided Meditation
         Diaphragmatic Breathing
   Close your eyes
   Bell – Dedication – May all beings have happiness…            Body Position Erect and dignified
   Listen first and the do it
   Breathing
        Breath in slowly First from the stomach Second from the rib cage
        Breath out slowly First from the rib cage Second from the stomach
        Focus your attention on the bodily sensations - Stomach and rib cages rising - Notice the skin
              Notice the air coming through your nostrils
   Now begin with your breathing
   Quality of awareness open and non judging
   Constantly be aware of the body sensations of breathing in and breathing out
   Breath naturally - Your mind will wander but gently bring attention back to your breath
   Non judgmentally – be kind to yourself – it is a life long process doesn’t expect to be
    perfect in a day, week, month or year.
   This is it! You are in this moment. No regrets of the pass or fear of the future. You are
    here now.
   Eyes closed – ring bell – Move your toes, fingers, gently stretch out, open your eyes.
   Bring the calm awareness back into each and every moment of this day.

                                       Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight                                  3
Review Homework
   Diaphragmatic breathing morning and night
       comments on experience today or during the
   Were there times when you used
    diaphragmatic breathing during the day?
       Did it help?
   Were you able to notice the “Drama” or the
    “Neurotic Suffering” you had when negative
    events occurred?
                       Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   4
                    Human Nature
                                Neurotic Suffering
                           •   Rumination
                           •   Dramatizations
                           •   Mental Agitation
                           •   Physical Response
                           •   Poor Judgment
                           •   Self defeating responses
                          Is it possible to respond differently?

Unwanted Circumstances         •   Focused on solutions
• Terminal Disease             •   In the present moment
• Loss of loved one            •   Balanced and calm
• Financial Catastrophe        •   Avoid Dramatization

                               Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   5
           Easy to understand.
    Meditation helps us to implement!!
   Discipline
   Awareness
   Practice in controlling our attitudes
       Every meditation is practice for this!!!
            Equanimity in spite of boredom, itches, wandering minds!
            My experience with an itch!!
       Makes a positive attitude a habit
   Physiological
       Heart rate / relaxed
       Best decisions are made when we are calm
   Insight
       Psychology / Compassion / Acceptance / Non Judgmental

                          Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight             6
          It takes time!

              Life is more calm and serene

                 Others treat you better

         Become a calming influence to others

         Recover from big things more quickly

    See a broader perspective when big things hit

        Change your reactions to small things

Awareness of the monkey mind and habitual reactivity

Monkey Mind – Constant thoughts of fear and anxiety

               Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight       7
       Modern Description of
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too; . . .
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same .
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it.
  ….Rudyard Kipling

Neither glory or shame can move him

                  Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   8
Strange Object Exercise
   Look at these objects with new eyes

                 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   9
   What was your direct experience?
       What did you see, smell, taste, feel
   Were you surprised by anything?
   Did the exercise inspire you to want to
    do any things differently?
   What were the differences between this
    and your normal eating experience?

                   Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   10
Common Observations
   Slowing down and paying attention changes
    the experience
   Unconscious -- We are often lost in thought,
    on autopilot most of the time and not really
    experiencing what is happening
   When you focus, you notice things you
    weren’t normally aware of
   The mind can easily wander
   Mindfulness can have a calming effect

                 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   11
            The Mindfulness Process
Step One - Awareness / Consciousness - The observer
    • Are you in the present moment?
    • How is your heart rate? Are you calm and relaxed?
    • Is what you are doing now constructive?

  Step Two - Intentionality / Insight
      •  What is the most constructive action I
        can take in this moment?

  Step Three - Focus
      •   Present moment experience

                   Leads to - Equanimity – calmness – clarity –
                      relaxation – inner peace.

                            Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight     12
Zen - Enlightenment
        Story
             A monk comes to tell his teacher he is enlightened.
             It’s raining and the monk is carrying an umbrella.
             Teacher asks the monk if his umbrella is on the left side of
              his shoes or on the right side.
             The monk doesn’t remember where he put his umbrella.
             The teacher says: “You are not enlightened”
        Interpretation
             The monk was not being in the moment but was caught
              up in the exciting drama of becoming an “enlightened”
             Be present in each moment. Notice the sound of every
              drop of rain hitting the umbrella, the sensation of the
              water on your feet, notice the colors of the sky. Total
              presence and awareness is enlightenment.
             Each moment of awareness is a sacred gift, don’t throw it
              away by day dreaming of shame or glory!!

                  Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight                       13
Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche
              Mind Training

    Our suffering is caused by
     our own “mistaken”
     mind. …Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche
       My initial response was that MY mind doesn’t
        make any mistakes!!
       I decided to observe my mind and see what it was

            Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight              14
Your last flat tire?
   Think back to when it happened and what
    you thought!
   This is what I thought
       It happened at the worst possible time!
       This would not have happened if!
            If only (I, you, they) had…
       Life is not fair!
       Woe is me.
   I noticed the same process repeating for all
    unwanted circumstances - red lights,
    problems at work etc.
                         Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   15
               The Process Repeats!
Idealized View of the perfect world

Reality is not the way we want it to be

   We Dramatize And Exaggerate

     We blame and hate others

   Blame ourselves and feel guilty

                            Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   16
          “The mistaken mind”
   Look inside for the solution
       Understand our own minds.
   “Anyone who has so little knowledge of
    human nature as to expect to find
    happiness by any means other than
    changing their own disposition will
    spend a lifetime in useless endeavors”
    … Samuel Johnson

                  Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   17
    Two Ways to protect your feet!

  Approach 1 – Carpet the world!

             Approach 2 – Wear shoes!

NET – It is more difficult to change others, bosses, spouses, parents,
teachers and Co-workers than it would be to change our own disposition

                            Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight            18
                        An Exercise
Finding the mistakes the mind makes
   See if it is true:
       When we get agitated, is there some mistake that our mind
        is making?
       If so, what mistake.
   My experience in doing the exercise
       Almost all of the agitation was based on unrealistic
       Examples
            The perfect solution for aging parents
            Old Age, Illness will never happen to me
            Red lights
            There will be an adequate amount of time to get things done.
            I can be the perfect employee, spouse, parent and child

                          Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight                 19
   Any questions email me at
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                       Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight         20
   Guidelines
       They are designed to help you
       Find balance between challenging yourself without stressing
       Develop a plan of what you will do and keep to it. Develop
        Self Discipline.
   Homework
       Meditation- Use the guided meditation on the web or on the
       10 minute guided diaphragmatic breathing meditation after
        waking up
       25 minute mantra before going to sleep

                       Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight            21
Extra Credit pick what you
can do.
   Take one activity each day and do it mindfully
   What are the expectations of life that cause you to suffer?
        Are they realistic?
   During the day, between activities or when you are waiting try to take
    several diaphragmatic breaths as many times as you can
   Are there any times during the day where you take small things and
    create drama about it?
   Are there times during the day when you are judgmental?
   When you have negative emotions – fear, anger, jealousy
        Observe carefully your physical state
              Are you breathing slowly
              Are your muscles tense?
              What are the thoughts that you are thinking?
        Can you tell the emotional difference between being angry and being aware
         that you are angry?

                                Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight               22
    Guidelines for mantras
   Particularly useful if you are very agitated and having
    trouble with other meditations.
   See how you feel if you say them out loud or
    mouthed the words.
        Choose whatever is best for you
   Fill your mind with all three points of focus!
        As best you can visualize a loving image above your head
        Visualize the light coming in while you say the mantra.
        Observe the bodily sensation as love flows through your
   Notice that you can experience a shift in attitude of
    being loved or loving and caring for others.

                          Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight         23
   Choose a mantra that fits your beliefs and needs.
   Christian
        Hail Mary Mother …
        Ma ra na tha -- Aramaic for our lord has come
        Casting all your cares on Him, for He cares for you. - Peter 5:7
   Thich Nhat Hahn
        Stop, calm, rest, heal
   American English
        Loves sunshine heals the universe
   Buddhist
        Om mani padme hum - shower the world with love and compassion
   Please let me know if you have a mantra to add.

                           Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight                24
Mantras continued
   Keep doing the mantras even if you do not feel that they are
        You may still be over run with thoughts
        It will make the next meditation easier
   What happens
        At some point the thoughts will slow down
        At some point the mind will be numb
        At some point you will start saying the mantra spontaneously
         during the day
   If you do mantras for a long period of time focusing during
    meditations will be much easier and the relaxation more
   Powerful medicine for stopping rumination which is a key
    indicator to recurring depression.

                          Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight             25
Personal Experience
   Mantras were the only meditation that worked for me
    in severe times of stress.
   Found mantras had a sedative effect more powerful
    than drugs with less side effects.
   The meditation itself seems to alter your body
    chemistry and your attitudes in a powerful and
    supportive way.
       After many hours of a mantra I felt a spontaneous sense of
        gratitude and humility
   Mantras can inspire a sense of spirituality
       You can experience of a profound sense of peace.
       Labeling the feeling diminishes it.

                       Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight         26
                  Guided Meditation
   Close your eyes
   Bell – Dedication – May all beings have happiness… Body
    Position Erect and dignified posture – head tilted down – hands
    on thighs – back straight – tongue roof of mouth
   Do diaphragmatic breathing on the in breath expand the
    stomach and then the lungs. On the out breath have the chest
    go down and then the stomach
   Visualize something that represents unconditional love, light,
    love flow, all of the body.
   On the in breath breathe in light and love.
   On the out breath – compassion
   If your mind should wander gently bring the focus of your
    attention back to your breath.
   Choose any mantra you wish. For this guided meditation I will
    use a mantra by Thich Nhat Hahn – Stop, Calm, Rest Heal

                           Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight          27
    Mantra continued
   On the in breath say to yourself “Stop” and imagine that all of the anxieties, fears and
    worries of your day have stopped.
   On the out breath say to yourself “Calm” and imagine that a wave of peace, serenity and
    calmness is flowing through your body.
   On the in breath say to yourself “Rest” and imagine that you are like a leaf floating to the
    ground for a gentle rest.
   On the out breath say to yourself “Heal” and imagine that all of the wounds and illness both
    physically and psychologically are healed and you feel whole empowered and well.
   Continue with this practice on your own. Breath slowly and deeply.
   Now begin with your breathing
   Quality of awareness open and non judging
   Repeat the instructions
   Non judgmentally – be kind to yourself – it is a life long process doesn’t expect to be
    perfect in a day, week, month or year.
   Change the pace of the mantra so that you are repeating the whole mantra on each in
    breath and each out breath.
   Breath naturally - Your mind will wander but gently bring attention back to your breath
   This is it! You are in this moment. No regrets of the pass or fear of the future. You are
    here now.
   Eyes closed – ring bell – Move your toes, fingers, gently stretch out, open your eyes.

                                    Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight                              28
Questions or comments

         Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   29
    To Cultivate Discipline and Awareness
   Diaphragmatic Breathing
        Throughout the day - slows pulse / helps with focus
   Mantra
        When you have difficulty with concentration.
        Can be done before any of the other meditations.
   Body Scan
        Helps with sleep
   Compassion
        Inspirational – Connection
   “Sitting”
        Changing focus the breath, sounds, thoughts
        Excellent training for mindfulness.
   What is common with all of these
        Discipline, Non Judgmental, Awareness, Observer, Present Moment

                            Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight         30
         Philosophies / Higher Truths
    To cultivate understanding and wisdom
   The Problem - Neurotic / Unnecessary Suffering
   Mindfulness as the antidote
   Personal Responsibility
   Expectations
   Letting go / Insightful Acceptance
   Compassion
   Spirituality
        Gratitude, humility, reverence
   Psychology
        It’s never about what it’s about!
        Identities / Complexes / Projections

                         Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   31
   Awareness – Fully Conscious
        you are conscious of what you are doing
        There is an observer that is you seeing yourself
   Non Judgmental – No Drama!
        Equanimity
   In the present moment
        Continually Bringing the focus back to this moment
   Doing one thing at a time
   Attention
        Single point of focus
   Intentionality
        You choose the point of focus
   Beginners mind
        Look at everything with fresh eyes

                           Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight   32

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