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                  “TELL US” survey

Author:            Stoke on Trent LINk UHNS Sub Committee
Project name:      Experiences of UHNS – Tell Us

Date: June 2010                                             Page number: 1 of 126
Table of Contents

1: GENERAL INTRODUCTION, AIMS, METHODOLOGY .................................................................. 3

2: RESPONDENTS DETAILS ...................................................................................................................... 5

3: ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY .............................................................................................................. 8

4: ATTENDANCE AT CENTRAL OUTPATIENTS AND OTHER CLINICS.................................... 12

5: ADMISSION TO A WARD ...................................................................................................................... 17

6: FINAL COMMENTS ................................................................................................................................. 21

APPENDICES .................................................................................................................................................. 24

APPENDIX 1 ................................................................................................................................................... 25

APPENDIX 2 ................................................................................................................................................... 42

APPENDIX 3 ................................................................................................................................................... 70

APPENDIX 4 ................................................................................................................................................... 94

APPENDIX 5 ................................................................................................................................................ 116

APPENDIX 6 ................................................................................................................................................ 123

Date: June 2010                                                                                                                  Page number: 2 of 126

The “Tell Us” Survey is a project undertaken by the University Hospital of North
Staffordshire Sub-Committee of Stoke-on-Trent LINk between the end of February 2010 and
the end of July, 2010..
It is to be noted that the work was undertaken by non-professional LINk volunteers with
assistance from the LINk Host.

The project aims:
   1. To identify the experiences of patients, relatives, and carers at the University
       Hospital of North Staffordshire during the period of 1 st January 2009 to 31st July,
   2. Through analysis of the responses learn what is working well and what is not.
   3. To highlight areas that patients and the public feel that could be improved at the
       University Hospital of North Staffordshire with any recommendations that might be
   4. To communicate the results of the survey, including any recommendations for
       change, to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, key stakeholders, local
       community and voluntary groups, Local Authority, health care organisations, the
       media and any interested members of the public.
   5. To publicise Stoke-on-Trent LINk and its role in the community through the survey
       itself and by direct engagement.
   6. To liaise with other local organisations/ groups.
   7. To act as a guide for the work plan of the Stoke-on-Trent LINk, UHNS Sub-


     1. Design of the Survey form:
        The survey was designed to include not only tick-box questions but allow sufficient
        space to give respondents the opportunity to make contributions and suggestions
        for improvement through their experience of the University Hospital of North
     2. Distribution of Survey:
      Through inclusion in the newsletters of various organisations such as Pensioners
        Convention, Age Concern North Staffs and North Staffs Users Group.
      Distribution to various other organisations through visits.

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 3 of 126
         Distribution of small quantities of forms to smaller organisations through the post.
         Distribution at various events including World Health Day and Sanity Fair
         Distribution twice (with the generous agreement of UHNS) at Central Outpatients
         Distribution by all LINk Management Group through other organisations they may
         Personal distribution by members
         On line questionnaires
     3.    Analysis of Survey
          Analysis of surveys with comments listed. The actual survey results are appended
          and general comments on each of the main areas included in the main body of the
     4.   Comments from other sources
          Listing comments on the UHNS made in Patient Opinion and The Sentinel. These are
          all included within the appendices.
     5.   Formulating the report and recommendations
     6.   Printing the report and distribution to all interested bodies.

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 4 of 126

The Questionnaire that was developed by Stoke-on-Trent LINk sought the views and
opinions of local people about their experiences at the University Hospital of North
Staffordshire in the following areas:

     1. Accident & Emergency Department
     2. Central Outpatient Department /other Clinics
     3. In a hospital ward

As might possibly be expected the highest range of respondents were from those aged 50 plus,
with more females than males completing the survey. White respondents were the highest ethnic
group (XX%) completing the survey which perhaps might partly reflect the difficulty we had in
reaching other ethnic groups.
The postcodes for Stoke-on-Trent are ST1 -6 showing that X% of those who filled in the survey
were from the Stoke-on-Trent area.
The postcodes for Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire are ST1 -11 showing that X% of those
who filled out the form were from the Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire area.

  QUESTIONNAIRES RETURNED                                              357
  QUESTIONNAIRES FILLED IN ON LINE                                     22
  PERCENTAGE RETURNED                                               XXXXXX

Some general questions were asked and the responses to these follow:

Age of Patient
Up to and including age 9          10
10 - 19                            10
20 - 29                            15
30 - 39                            28
40 - 49                            40
50 - 59                            54
60 - 69                            74
70 - 79                            67
80 and over                        53

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 5 of 126
Male              145
Female            228

Ethnicity -this needs all to be changed after all forms returned and
White                                     87.6%
Mixed                                      0.6%
Asian/British                              1.9%
Black/British                              0.6%
Other Ethnic Group                         0.3%
Please State if necessary                  0.6%

Note: Literal Answers given to Ethnicity Question
    I am a human being
    Czech

Breakdown of postcodes
Out of the people who filled out the survey, only xxx     provided their postcode:

What patients said:
Postcode        Number of replies from this             ST11           3
                postcode                                ST12           2
ST1             40                                      ST13           3
ST2             19                                      ST15           2
ST3             56                                      ST16           1
ST4             45                                      ST20           1
ST5             54                                      ST21           1
ST6             43                                      CW2            1
ST7             20                                      CW3            3
ST8             8                                       CW12           1
ST9             7                                       TF9            1
ST10            8

The above information will be kept as an anonymous record by Stoke-on-Trent LINk.
 Yes              275
No                 20

Date: June 2010                                                                 Page number: 6 of 126
Date: June 2010   Page number: 7 of 126
XXX respondents completed this section with the highest percentage of visits occurring between
November 2009- March 2010 and with stays varying considerably from less than an hour to well
over 20 hours. The highest percentage of respondents felt that this was just right (X%) although this
was closely followed by patients who felt it was too long (X%)

A full list of comments can be viewed on-line in the full document at: XXXXXXXXX
Or an appendix of all comments can be obtained by ringing Stoke-on-Trent LINk on 01782 XXXXX

The percentage of people waiting at A & E or less than 4 hours was X%


Clean and tidy

       A high proportion of visitors thought that A & E was clean and tidy (X%), however, the
        number of negative comments made (X%) were much higher than positive comments (X).
      These reported on litter and spilt blood on the floor and chairs, dirty trolleys, cubicles,
        equipment and toilets. Cleaning was described in some instances as poor with the need for
        a cleaner always in attendance.
      Two respondents stated that areas of A & E were cold and one serious response noted: “At
        A & E 10 ladies were on trollies without any service until 9pm when a blind old lady had
        vomited and was treated by 2 female visitors.”
      The children’s area was described by one respondent as “very nice and friendly and by
        another as “carpet, furniture, toys of child area looked like they needed a good scrub.”
        (Summer 09)
      Respondents noted the inadequacy of the seating, “tatty” posters and poor leaflets
Treated with dignity and respect:
     Again, although a high proportion of respondents considered that they were treated with
       dignity and respect (X%), it was apparent that there was also dissatisfaction especially from
       patients who had to queue up for long periods on trolleys in corridors - with no privacy, loss
       of dignity, loss of continence, and no refreshments offered.
     General examples of the above include: “My wife spent 4 hours lying on a trolley with 10 to
       15 other service users, plus their carers. Personal details were discussed, the woman behind
       my wife was falling down drunk. She was strapped to her trolley. It was difficult to get
       anyone to help my wife go to the toilet. There were no refreshments offered and only two
       chairs available for everyone waiting. Several people compared it to a third world country. It
       was totally unacceptable but staff seemed to think this was normal.”
       “If your are going to have people waiting in a corridor as a normal thing you clearly are not
       fit to run an A & E department. You clearly use confidentiality as a reason for not giving out

Date: June 2010                                                                  Page number: 8 of 126
         information but think that speaking about personal health issues in front of 20 strangers is
         OK. It isn’t and you should know that. You should also leave a member of staff to be
         available to help the people in a corridor. My wife was close to wetting herself because
         there was no one to help her go to the toilet.”
       “Security guard kept undrawing curtain to let people pass through cubicle and saw me naked
       to the waist having an ECG test done.” (10/09)
Staff attitude
      Concern was raised in comments about unacceptable staff attitude, rudeness and
         behaviour- including reception staff laughing, chewing gum, especially when people are
      Also unacceptable were comments made within hearing of patients: “Overheard a doctor
         say that they (the team) were wiping up the mess of Macclesfield. ( I had been treated at
         Macclesfield and the ‘mess’ he was referring to was me.)” “Drunk a little calpol. Mother told
         by doctor ‘I’m not being funny but the fat one would have had to drink at least 2 bottles to
         have classified it as an o/d. Let him go to sleep whilst waiting, told this after waiting five
         hours. ‘Fat one refers to a 4 year old child, normal size, in front of child…” Comments about
         the triage nurse:“Ushered into triage then told to leave and harshly spoken to.” (Patient
         aged 80+, 3/10). “Triage nurse was sharp in attitude.”
Patients generally enter A & E with varying degrees of anxiety and pain which may be further
exacerbated by the general atmosphere, which may be extremely disturbing to vulnerable
patients, and having to wait for treatment. Compassion for patients and relatives is imperative at
all times . One final despairing comment which should be shared:
      “My grandfather suffers from dementia and was taken to hospital for a water infection and
         kidney failure. He has become incontinent since being in hospital and was during his time in
         A & E. Whilst I appreciate that serious injuries take priority over some patients which I
         completely agree with, there was a period where I stood in the main entrance doorway with
         my grandfather hallucinating, incontinent and frightened not to mention in pain and there
         was not enough space to help us which was very distressing to my family. The doctors and
         nurses were fantastic when they did deal with us I just felt that it was maybe not enough.”
Satisfaction with treatment.
A high percentage (X) of respondents were satisfied with the treatment received. However, again
there were a higher number of negative comments indicating that at times treatment did not meet
adequate standards (including the detection of a broken pelvis.)
Information about reason why people were waiting, about tests and treatment.
Again a high percentage of respondents (X) were satisfied with the information they received, and
again there was a number of negative comments. A number of people stated that they weren’t
given any information at all and just left alone without any explanation, or had to ask for information
before they were supplied with any.
If you were admitted to a ward was this done quickly and efficiently?
       Comments on this section indicate problems with long waits for bed admissions: “Waited
          around 5 hours after being told bed was available.” “3 people lined up for the same bed.”
          (2/10/). “Was left on a trolley with a broken hip, although theatre was available but no bed
          on a ward.” (3/10 after a 48 hour wait).
       Dissatisfaction with long waits in holding wards and corridors: “My sister saw Dr B who set
          out in notes treatment to be given but was admitted to ward 18, a holding ward where no
          treatment is given and likewise moved to ward 2. After my complaining she was moved at
          10.30pm to ward in City General and died next day of an infection which she did not go to A
          & E with.” (10/09)“However, went to a holding ward and was there 2 days (surgical
          assessment.)” (3/10) “My grandfather was taken to A & E via ambulance and had to wait

Date: June 2010                                                                   Page number: 9 of 126
         for nearly 48 hours before being admitted. We were told it was due to the number of
         available beds, however his condition was not appropriate to be waiting in a corridor or
         without one to one supervision.”
 Were you discharged home with enough information?
A high percentage (X) seem satisfied with discharge information, although some respondents
commented that none was supplied.
Comments from the Patient Opinion Section.
These seem to reiterate many comments made in the Survey. Some respondents considered that
care at A & E was excellent. However, again negative comments highlight problems: having to wait
for long periods on uncomfortable seating, or on trolleys with no information supplied; having to
wait long periods for a bed (30 hours in one instance) with no information supplied. Also highlighted
was lack of patient confidentiality; lack of dignity; no area available for children; dirty toilets and
unconcerned reception staff

Although there were a number of negative comments in this section and some of these have been
reproduced in the following , there were also a number of positive comments
     Environment: Needs to be cleaner (especially toilets), tidier, with adequate seating and less
       overcrowding. As untidiness is often caused by litter- are there sufficient rubbish bins? Are
       patients/ relatives reminded (posters) that it is their responsibility to use these? Posters
       and leaflets need to be constantly reviewed. Possible calming music. Keeping children’s area
       open longer at night time especially weekends. Comments were also made about areas
       being cold and this should be investigated. There was the safety issue of a respondent
       slipping on the ramp leading into A & E. There is a need for better parking and signage.
     Waiting times – shorter waiting times are needed both for treatment and for admission to a
       ward. Hopefully there will not be such huge influxes of patients next winter with better
       emergency planning in place.
     Food and drink. A number of respondents commented on the lack of food and drink both
       for patients and carers who’d been waiting a long time and with medical conditions such as
       diabetes which might result in adverse incidents. It was suggested that patients/ relatives
       should be regularly monitored to ensure that adequate arrangements are made to provide
       refreshments when appropriate.
     Information should be supplied at all stages of treatment to both patients and carers giving
       reasons for waiting, explanation of tests, reasons for delay in admission or discharge. Also
       one respondent recommended: “On discharge a minimum amount of information should be
       supplied in writing. Telephone info is not enough and should never be left on the
       answerphone. Simple info: what has to be done with the patient, simple advice as to
       handling, what medication is recommended. Too late weeks after.”
       There is a also one case mentioned of information added to the wrong patient’s notes-
       Identity should always be verified.
       Dignity and respect
     Patients waiting on trolleys in corridors for long periods, with all the indignity this brings, are
       events that should never happen. Patients have a right to be treated with dignity and
       respect at all times but it is obvious from comments made that this does not always happen.
       Strong reinforcement of the “Proud to care” policy standard is essential at all times.
     Staff : More staff( although this is not true for all comments). A cleaner on duty at all times.
       There should always be a member of staff permanently on hand especially in adverse
       situations such as patients on trolleys in corridors to deal with problems – which should not
       be left to relatives/carers. This is a matter of urgency which does impact on patient safety.

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 10 of 126
          Extra porters, and a duty social worker to access discharge help at home.
         Staff attitude
          All levels of staff should be constantly reminded that when in public areas of A & E their
          behaviour and communication should be acceptable to all, and that patients should not be
          subject to depersonalisation or insult.
          More specific suggestions for improvement from respondents:
         Attempt “…to reduce the numbers of hangers-on that accompany them (patients) as their
          presence increases the environmental pressure on an overworked department”
         “The holding wards 18 and 21 either to be closed down or made into proper working wards
          instead of making A & E statistics look as though they are good”
          “North Staffs is too large a population for one A & E.” “…….The south has nothing… 1) a walk
          in centre to serve Longton, Normacot, Meir and Blythe Bridge. 2) A minor injuries facility to
          complement the A & E. 3) a ‘pre-assessment’ method to complement the triage nurse.
          4)Duplicate the triage system to improve the throughout. 5) Provide locally based amenities.
          6)Fully advertise where and when, dates, times, etc……7) Decentralise, inform, reorganise.
         More information about what A & E is actually for.
         “There are other emergency routes to the UHNS designed to reduce the pressure on this
          department eg MAJ Ict? How effective are these services?
         Better support from the Crisis Intervention Team.
         “I think the PCT’s should acknowledge that this is a very busy A & E department and put
          more funding in. …Regardless of all the leaflets and posters advising of the alternatives,
          people still go to A & E. People who attend unnecessarily should be advised there and then
          about their alternatives and not treated there for minor conditions….”
         Improvements made so that announcements can be heard throughout the department.

Date: June 2010                                                                    Page number: 11 of 126

Some comments have been included in this section to illustrate various points
and items needing improvement for people who have the abridged version of
this document
A full list of comments can be viewed on-line in the full document at:xxxxxx
An appendix of comments can be obtained by ringing Stoke on Trent LINK on 01782

Report on the comments on attendance at Central Outpatients Department
or other clinics.
 xxxx responses were received with a variety of departments visited covering the period from
January 2009 to June 2010. Waiting for a referral varied from under 12 hours to over 6 months.
Please note that there was a high percentage of patients/carers who were favourable of all
aspects of treatment and care at Central Outpatients Department and other clinics.
General Comments:
Central Outpatients Department ( COPD) is a large department which houses many different clinics
and there are also other clinics on other sites (eg Fracture Clinic). Although a high percentage (XX)
of respondents found the department they visited clean and tidy there were a number of negative
      Generally COPD was seen as having a good main area but with “grotty subsections. Some
         clinics at COPD and elsewhere (especially the Fracture Clinic), were seen as shabby, drab,
         overcrowded with nowhere to sit, uncomfortable, and unfriendly with some clinics having
         a barrier between patients reception. One respondent found it shocking that many older
         people had to stand up in the Cardiology Department. “COPD is similar to a cattlemarket.”
         Toilet facilities could be improved especially in clinics which do special tests such as Urology,
      Many outpatient services will be moving into primary or community settings in the near
         future as outpatient services at the UHNS gradually wind down. There were a number of
         adverse comments about the Central Pathology Laboratory (CPL) and although many
         Phlebotomy centres are now operating in community clinics at the moment the CPL is the
         only phlebotomy walk-in centre and will gradually accommodate fewer patients before it
         actually closes.

Comments on being treated with dignity and respect
X% of respondents felt they were treated with dignity and respect although negative comments
stressed the importance of being treated with good manners and as individuals.
      Pathology department:

Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 12 of 126
       There were a number of adverse comments made about the Central Pathology Laboratory
       (CPL) both in this section and the ‘Clean and Tidy’ section. Comments were made about the
       large number of attendees, and being “herded in and out,” “..feel like an insignificant
       number” and “a little war shelter hospital – flimsy curtains hearing all conversations
       around.” Hopefully these situations will be resolved as fewer patients attend CPL.
      Comments were made about other clinics and the total lack of privacy; the indignity of
        having to be undressed because of the unsuitability of the cubicles and chairs for the
        severely disabled (x-ray); and the inadequacy of hospital gowns. Also: “In my case – ok as I
        am a man and still reasonably young. But I know all about an old lady’s problems in the next
        cubicle – she probably heard all mine!” (Fracture clinic). “Waiting on chairs lined up outside
        doors and being able to hear conversations inside isn’t inspiring, more privacy
      Comments were made about depersonalisation and bad manners: “What matters most is
        that they all looked at me as if I were a person not an object.” (Gastro Dept.) “I’m deaf and
        use lipspeaker but this was ignored and talked over her.” (Eye Clinic.)
        “…Don’t mind student but manners to introduce.” (Dermatology.” “I was ignored
       until I insisted. Not introduced to consultant.” “I think they think the patient is thick by
       talking between themselves just as if you weren’t there.” (Urology).

 Were you provided with sufficient information about what was happening?
Many people were happy about the amount of information they received and give praise to
individual clinics, including the Vascular, General Medical and Oncology Clinics.
However other comments suggest that either little information was provided or there was a need to
constantly ask for it:“Prior to the tests and following the tests I was given virtually no information
and was left feeling terrified.” “But was given a leaflet telling me what was being done after it was
done. Frightening not knowing what was happening.” “Communication not brilliant. I think maybe
medical staff forget that there is a person inhabiting the body they are treating.” (Orthopaedic/x ray)
Did you receive good medical care?
In this section which received a high percentage of respondents who felt that they had received
good medical care most of the comments received were positive: “kindness and care,” “first class,”
and “excellent.”
 However some of the negative comments, including those who had long waits for treatment are
disturbing: “Over a year from referral to operation is too long to wait in pain.” (Orthopaedics).
“After third op it was better.” “Still waiting for final results.” (Eye Clinic.) “Not enough anaesthetic
was given a nurse told me. Halfway through the biopsy was in agony. I would never have a biopsy
again I would rather die!” “Not always – was overlooked as forgot I was there.” “The appreciation of
my anxiety was ignored and greatly heightened by the lack of understanding about why I may be
anxious and if I had good cause.”

    Moving out
      Although many out-patient services will be moving out into primary or community settings
      in the near future patients will continue to use the Central OutPatients Department until
      closure and until this happens standards must not be allowed to slip. It is essential that
      patients are kept aware of changes involving treatment in the community and how this
      might be beneficial to them. Better information (including adequate directions/maps on
      appointment letters), improved waiting times at community phlebotomy clinics, with early
      time slot appointments for patients who have had to fast, and out of hours appointments for
      people who go to work.

Date: June 2010                                                                    Page number: 13 of 126
         Waiting times both for or at an appointment
          There appears to be dissatisfaction both for waiting times to get an appointment and long
          waits actually during a clinic appointment contributing to both stress and increased parking
         A number of negative comments illustrate how appointments (usually follow ups) have “got
          lost” and without some sort of intervention would have not have taken place. “…Although
          not stated they had obviously lost me somewhere in the September after I’d finished
          radiotherapy.” “One of the registrars apologised for the fact that I had got lost in the system
          (his words). ..(Neurosurgery).
           We are unaware of how many patients have been ‘lost’in the system and unless they, or a
          carer, had been capable of intervention may have actually ‘slipped the net’ completely, but
          it is obvious from comments received that it does happen.
          Other patients talk about unacceptable long waits for reviews, follow-ups or operations.
         The appointment system should be overhauled and improved with the introduction of a new
          well-publicised, efficient, central enquiries line for patients /relatives to find out why they
          are waiting, when their appointments are likely to be, and where these are likely to take
          place. Making correct appointments is essential (not Bank Holidays) with adequate
          directions or a map provided for the treatment location with the appointment letter.
         Waiting for a long time at an appointment:
          Numerous comments have been received about unacceptable waiting times at clinic
          appointments illustrated by: “..waiting 2-3 hours for a 15 min consultation.” “I had to wait a
          long time standing up in queue in fracture clinic.” “My appointment time was 2.30pm and I
          eventually got seen at 7pm. Everybody at the clinic was extremely upset.” “A lady had been
          waiting 8 hours in the waiting area, she even went to tell the staff at reception twice. She
          was in a bad way, we all got involved and went to the front desk, asking if someone could
          see this lady.”
         Explanations should be provided at all times for people waiting in clinical areas. If the wait is
          going to be long then patients/carers must be given an opportunity (as eating/drinking may
          not be allowed in the actual clinic), without losing their ‘turn,’ to return to the main
          reception areas for refreshments, or, if necessary in extremely long waits, refreshments
          should be provided. Mobile phone calls (if possible) should be allowed to keep relatives

Waiting for results of tests etc.
A number of adverse comments were made about waiting for tests results - that the wait was too
long and how this had an adverse affect on the patient causing stress, concern, excessive painkiller
use or delay in further treatment. Also there may be little or no information supplied on how to
access test results.
Patients should be told at all times about when and how their results would be available. Waiting
times for results should be shorter, especially if these are needed before proceeding with treatment
with fast results sent back to GP electronically. Patient suggestions: “Test results should be given to
patients as soon as they are available” “Earlier a blue postcard sized form was available at COPD
reception . You simply filled it in (name, address, etc) and handed it in with your requisition slip and
you got a copy of the lab report by post…” “Take the x ray back to the GP”
Medical notes
A number of patients reported that their medical notes/ scans were not available at the clinic
attended incurring delays and stress. This has long been a problem at COPD and it continues. It
should be ensured that all appropriate medical records/ x-rays/scans be available at the appropriate

Date: June 2010                                                                       Page number: 14 of 126
There were quite a number of detrimental comments about parking facilities on this site saying they
were “horrendous” “big problem,” and impossible for disabled people. A number of patients
indicated that they ensured that they arrived very early for their appointment in order to get a place
to park and be on time.
Suggestions include: More parking spaces especially for the disabled; ‘Pay on Exit’ – which the UHNS
hopefully will be implementing soon, and ‘vouchers’for patients
Staff attitude/ Communication
There were many positive comments about staff attitude , about their kindness and helpfulness.
However, there were also other comments suggesting that main reception staff were seen as
impatient, not very friendly, unapproachable, abrupt, sharp and spent too much time chatting.
Comments about medical staff suggest that occasionally depersonalisation may occur and that
some need to be more approachable and listen to what people tell them
Suggestions may include suitable staff training and the implementation of the “Proud to care”
professional standards for all.
The provision of better information in all areas is essential – about why people are waiting, why tests
are required and what these tests involve, and what treatment may be suggested. Patients also need
to know what services exist and where to find them. They should be easy to reach and accessible.
 There have obviously been some problems in audiology:
“Audiology batteries for hearing aids were formerly obtained from GP surgeries – now to obtain
them you have to make an appt with audiology which means you might have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to
get your batteries. Formerly you could get them straight away on demand”
Plus two comments about being sent to Leek to have a hearing aid and sent to the wrong place.
Patients still do not have their hearing aid.
These poorly informed respondents illustrate how lack of knowledge may have arisen because of
changes occurring in provision. Are hearing aid batteries now available from community clinics o is
the only provision by appointment? Where are hearing aids fitted in the community? Some patients
obviously do not know the answers to these questions
Signage/ Directions.
It has come to Stoke-on-Trent LINk’s attention that patients are not receiving adequate directions
to clinic appointments on their appointment letters and are wandering round wrong sites, e.g., on
the City General Site for Ward 15 and COPD. Information should be provided on all hospital
communication on the name of the site, the main point of access and a map if possible. Examples of
poor signage have also been reported.
Comments from the Patient Opinion section
 Although there is general praise for staff and more specifically in the Radiotherapy and COPD x-ray
department s , negative comments in this section again seem to reiterate those of the survey. These
include: difficulty in parking; long delays in waiting for operations ; delays in waiting for follow-up
appointments; Being moved from one waiting list to another (orthopaedic) with a suggestion that
this is done to comply with waiting time standards; lack of respect; lack of confidentiality, lack of
information on pre-warning about procedures, and on repayment of travel expenses.
Other suggestions for improvement / comments made
      U/S scanner in the Gynaecology Department.
      Difficult for pedestrian access from the top of Hartshill Road/ slip road and dangerous at the
          bottom because of the width.
      Improved toilet facilities especially in clinics like Urology which might require specific testing.
      Not enough seating in various clinics. Patients should not have to stand waiting for

Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 15 of 126
         Waiting rooms could be larger (claustrophobic)
         Coffee shop bigger.
         Problem with mobile phones – doctors can be seen using them – so patients/carers should
          be able to use them for problems or in an emergency.
         Greater consideration should be given to problems encountered by ethnic minorities – e.g.
          female radiographer for female Muslim patients.
         Greater consideration should be given to patients with mental or physical disabilities and
          services reviewed to consider their problems including a visual display at COPD for people
          who have hearing difficulties.

Date: June 2010                                                                   Page number: 16 of 126

Some comments have been included in this section to illustrate various points to people
who have the abridged version of this document.


Was the ward cleaned regularly and thoroughly?:

A reasonably high percentage of respondents (XXX%) answered yes to this question and the
negative and positive comments were fairly well balanced . A number of respondents
commenting that the ward seemed clean but did not observe any cleaning done and others
suggesting that the cleaning was not done properly. Several respondents noticed dirt and
blood on floors, dirty bedside cabinets, and toilets and washing facilities dirty. (wards 19/21)
Were you treated with dignity and respect at all times?
A reasonable percentage (XX) said yes to this question, and comments did suggest that
some wards provided excellent care. However, a number of the negative comments were
disturbing: “One ward nurse and 2 bed making staff (one of which was a tattooed man)
should not be in the nursing profession.” (Ward 76, 1/10); “No, one auxiliary nurse on
nights at ward 103 was bullying and rude and kept enforcing her religious views.” “Except
once by a pt night nurse.” (surgical ward) “My 84 year old dad was very poorly and although
there was some excellent nurses, there were some very rude and potentially negligent ones.
(Ward 74). “Left in faeces, soaking wet bed.” (Ward 85). “My bed was next to a window by
main corridor.” (Ward 19). ”I thought nursing was a caring occupation – some of them are in
the wrong job.” (ward 74, 1/10)
Were you satisfied with your medical treatment?
(XX) per cent of respondents answered yes to this question and there were a number of
comments saying that treatment was excellent with several consultants being praised. The
negative comments, however, told of unsatisfactory treatment and uncaring staff: “One of
the agency nurses performed a simple procedure on me and got it very wrong.” (Ward 12).
“I was talked over as if I was not there when discussing treatment at bedside.” “ She was left
bleeding, puffing on legs, wet towels, no water at times.” (Parish building.) “My dad
suffered a lot and I feel he was not looked after appropriately. He was dying but being
treated for something that wasn’t going to go away which extended his suffering.” ( Ward
74). “Drips were empty.” (ward 85). “Nursing standards not good. Not caring and most of
the time hidden away in the office. Too little time with patients.” “I broke my wrist after my
4th fall. The plaster fell off, my wrist was not x rayed or replastered before discharge.” (Ward
Were you provided with sufficient information at all stages during your stay?
(XX) of respondents said that they were provided with sufficient information. However,
there were 28 negative and only 3 positive comments.

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 17 of 126
 In general complaints were made about complete lack of information (both for the
patients/carers) about what was happening and the only way to obtain it was by constantly
asking. The following comments are representative: “It was my mums first ever stay in
hospital and I feel that she would have been less scared/confused if staff had taken the time
to explain things to her more.” (Ward 109.) “The only way to obtain information was to
constantly keep asking and also having to be a nuisance to actually find things out.” (Ward
74/carer.) Another patient was severely told off for looking at her own medical notes as a
means of finding out.
Complaints were also made about lack of information on discharge and poor
communication between staff and patients/carers.

Were you satisfied with the food
The answers to this question were practically half yes and half no- but it did inspire xx other
comments many of which were negative including food being - poor quality, lukewarm, not
appetising, tasteless, inedible, dry sandwiches, frozen sandwiches, sandwiches frozen on
edges warm in middle, bland with unpleasant after taste, always cold, disgusting, garbage,
not enough, not enough variety, etc.”
Comments were made about the lack of proper choice and unsuitable catering for
diabetics, coeliacs, crohn’s patient who had undergone intestinal surgery, vegetarians,
patients with a language/ cultural barrier, and“A cheese sandwich was given to me as my
first order after regaining consciousness. I had been dehydrated for 18 hours then given the
driest food possible.”
Issues were also raised about the variation of food dependent on where you were on a ward
with those served last either not getting proper meals or meals that were cold, and about
food that had been ordered but not supplied. A patient noted : “One day in ward 79 4
patients refused lunch which was served because food was not what was ordered. We saw
catering manager, no different after, we had no lunch that day.”
One final comment: “A lot of the meals were ‘stuck to the plate.’ The potatoes were instant
mash,vegetables were frozen. Food supposed to be sourced locally (60%), why does it not
say grown and harvested and meat reared locally. Sauce can mean bought at Tesco!”

Did you need any help to eat and drink and was this help given to you?
Unfortunately this question could have produced ambiguous yes/no responses . However
many comments state that patients did not need any help and some suggest that a certain
amount of help was given if required – cutting up food, opening packets whilst other
comments suggest that not enough help was given not even in cutting up food: “Meals at
the end of the bed – no attempt to help.” “S was immobile. She was not fed according to
other patients in ward 62.” “You needed help but this help wasn’t really there – staff don’t
have the time for this. (Ward 74). “Food and drink left on table, untouched when given.”
(Ward 85). “Alzheimers patient not given food or drink even when visitors present.” (ward
85). “ I’ve seen people who cannot feed themselves have food put in front of them and then
taken away later with no attempt to help them eat or even a query about why nothing has
been eaten….” (? Stroke ward.)

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 18 of 126
Were you kept informed about when you were likely to be discharged and were adequate
arrangements made?
From the comments received there appears to be quite a number of problems and
confusion about discharge and some suggest that they were: in a hurry, mixed-up,
haphazard, carer not told by staff ( but via patient) with no offers of using ward phone to
ring carer, family had to keep asking, with several comments about unacceptable waits for
medication., “All day waiting for pharmacy” (on discharge wd 117, 2/10).Specific Comments
include: “I found out my wife was being discharged a day early on my way to visit her.” “I
never knew one could feel so ill and still be sent home. My husband phoned and was told
she will be ready to go home by 7pm. When he phoned at 14.45 I was not back on the ward
following gall bladder removal.” “Discharge came out of the blue and was not well enough
to be discharged.” “A 92 year old neighbour discharged in the evening, no after care in
place, no discharge letter. If he was completely alone he would have taken wrong medicine.
“(Ward 21.)
Was medication administered correctly and on time?
Although a reasonable percentage state that this did happen (XX) a number of comments
suggest problems: hit and miss arrangement, had to ask for / wait for medication. “I had to
be constantly on the ball with his painkilling medication as dad was often in pain and the
due dose was not administered.”( Ward 74). “Charts not filled out, drips empty.” (Ward 85)

Comments from the Patient Opinion Report
Quite a number of specific wards are praised in this section including ward 1, 6 ( day case) ,
14, 19, 28, 72,76, 100, 106, 112, 113, Neo-Natal Unit, Surgical Day Ward ( however,
nursing care after surgery was considered poor.) However as in the survey there are a
number of negative comments including problems at the Maternity Unit with poor care
when kept in overnight -(this year); unacceptable waiting time of 2 hours 45 minutes at the
Assessment ward at the Maternity Unit -(clean but chilly and considered to be no
improvement on the old unit.); disappointment that only one person could view the ante
natal scan and the other had to remain in the waiting room. (new unit). There were also
comments in other wards with dirty toilets including: waiting on a ward for a colonoscopy –
filthy toilet which was left without any attempt to clean it even though staff were aware of
the situation (this year.) Other negative comments were made about the food, parking, and
staff attitudes especially towards patients who may find certain things difficult, the need for
better communication, and lack of pain relief.

Suggestions for improvement
Although many respondents to the survey considered that the service and treatment they
received at UHNS was good there were also many suggestions for improvement:
     Improvement in food. Better quality and choice, with improvements needed for
       people who require special diets.
     More consideration should be given to patients needing assistance with feeding.
       The Proud to Care Nutrition standard should be publicised and maintained by all
       staff. Stoke on Trent LINk is aware that the UHNS is recruiting and training

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 19 of 126
          volunteers to help with feeding. However these must be supervised by Nursing staff
          to ensure that standards are always maintained and safety factors adhered to.
         On reading the survey it became apparent that a number of people discharged
          themselves or asked for early discharge. UHNS should seriously consider why this
         Discharge consideration should commence from the time of entry onto a ward and
          be ongoing. However it must be recognised that circumstances can change quickly
          which does appear to lead on occasions to a haphazard approach to discharge with
          neither the patient, carer, nor nursing staff fully aware of what is happening. It is
          important for carers to be aware of possible discharge as much as patients are. If
          people are still feeling ill on discharge then appropriate information on what to do
          should be provided. As should prompt, accurate discharge letters.
         Comments have been made about delay in discharge due to waiting for medication.
          This may have been partially addressed recently by UHNS and improvements made
          but standards should always be maintained.
         Better cleaning on all wards.
         More commodes , another weighing machine, more walk-in showers on ward
          76.Better toilets on ward 21 and ward 19.
         A long standing problem - sufficient pillows in all areas.
         Water jugs that are taken away for cleaning and refilling but not the lids.
         Better communication between staff and patients/carers at all stages of treatment
          and discharge.
         Staff attitude: A number of very disturbing comments were raised in the dignity and
          respect section which perhaps should be investigated.
         More staff, less use of agency nurses.
         Comments seem to indicate that there are differences in the supply of day case
          refreshments. On one ward adequate refreshments were provided and on another
          cups of tea were not allowed. There may be specific reasons for such differences –
          but if so then why were these not explained to the patient.

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 20 of 126



 The University Hospital of North Staffordshire is in a state of change with gradual
demolition and rebuilding on the City General Site until the closure and demolition of all
buildings on the Royal Infirmary and Central Outpatients sites. There will be a target
reduction of 292 in-patient beds on the site with a reduction in patient stay times. The
number of out-patients will be greatly reduced fromxxxxxx….. as out-patients are seen in
primary and community settings. Patients and relatives need to be kept informed about
what is happening, and be reassured that the relocated services are equally as professional
as those that might have previously been undertaken at the UHNS. Accurate , up to date
information is needed on what services exist and where to find them. This is not just the
responsibility of UHNS but of the whole health economy.

During the winter of 2009/2010, the UHNS had many difficulties to contend with including
unprecedented influxes of patients into Accident and Emergency Department resulting in
long, unacceptable waits on trolleys in corridors and also numerous cases of norovirus and
D & V which resulted in wards being closed. These situations led to horrendous situations
for patients/ carers and staff and extra adverse comments.

 Stoke- on- Trent LINk is pleased to report that the all questions in this survey received a
high percentage of positive responses which means that generally there was satisfaction
with the services provided and are to be congratulated on areas of excellence. However,
it would be difficult to report on this survey without mentioning the adverse, comments
which indicate that improvements need to be made in some areas.

Suggestions for improvement have already been made at the end of each previous section
but integrated suggestions are reiterated here:

         Communication is at the basis of health care delivery and results in increased
          satisfaction and helps to alleviate stress. More information should be supplied to
          patients and relatives at all stages of admission, treatment and discharge in all
          departments – Accident and Emergency, Out-patient Clinics, and wards. More
          information is needed about the departments/ wards visited and easier access
          information supplied in appointment/ admission letters. There should be more
          information about specific medical conditions/ treatments - both verbal and written
          - as it must be recognised that not every patient has access to the internet. Better

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 21 of 126
         It should be remembered that communication is a two way process – giving patients
          the information they want and need and by listening and responding to them. This
          does not always seem to occur especially with carers who may have a special
          knowledge of the patient’s needs and with respondents being ‘talked- over’ and
          often feeling depersonalised. Influential factors which might have a bearing on
          standards of communication include age, social factors, ethnicity, shortage of time
          and pressure of workload and stress.
         There is still need for improvement in hygiene and cleaning procedures in all areas.
         Waiting times and overcrowded departments with not enough adequate seating
          need to be improved and information given at all times for reasons for delay.
         Waiting times for out-patient/ follow up appointments, surgical procedures, tests
          and results of tests need to be improved with a new, efficient, one-stop,
          Appointments Line, with a well publicised telephone number, to answer all queries
          without the need for patients/relatives to talk to medical secretaries, etc.
         Very few of the participants of this survey stated that they had complained –
          although a number of them seemed to have good reason to. Information about PALS
          should be much more prominently displayed with emphasis on confidentiality.
         Food was mentioned in all three sections of the survey. In the Accident and
          Emergency Section and Out-Patient Section it was suggested that refreshments
          should be provided for both patients and relatives during a long wait. In the
          admission to a ward section comments were made about the poor quality of the
          food and lack of choice for specific dietary requirements.
         Parking was also mentioned especially in the Out-Patient section especially the lack
          of enough spaces generally and in particular for the disabled.
         Specific instances of loss of dignity and respect were mentioned in all sections.
         It was noted that patients with physical disabilities had problems at the hospital
          including the infirm, elderly, and people with hearing and sight problems. Concern
          was raised about patients on their own, especially the frail elderly, who have nobody
          to speak out for them.
         Consideration should be given to people with mental health problems and that they
          should be treated with respect.
         Consideration should also be given for people with special ethnic needs.

It is recognised that the UHNS has formulated policies and actions which if fully
implemented would bring improvements.

         The Central Pathology Laboratory is gradually winding down with phlebotomy
          patients already being seen in community settings thought North Staffordshire.
          During this period standards must not be allowed to slip and community phlebotomy
          must provide suitable times for fasting patients and for patients who go to work.

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 22 of 126
         The Proud to Care set of standards which includes dignity, communication, infection
          prevention, nutrition , etc, is an excellent policy on paper but must be fully adopted
          by all staff to bring improvements.
         Improvements in parking with pay on exit and more publicity for special concessions.
          Are to be made. However, parking spaces will still be too few until the University
          Hospital is totally moved to the City General Site with the envisaged fewer patients
          and visitors. However it remains debatable if there will be sufficient parking
         The implementation of a Health/Citizen Panel to act as a voice of the community.
          Patient satisfaction surveys.
         On-line next day discharge letters sent to GP. Perhaps this could also include test
         Many local people are proud of their local hospital and they must be made more
          aware and encouraged to help maintain standards. They should be encouraged to
          keep the area they visit tidy by disposing of litter properly. They should be
          encouraged to immediately report anything poor ( like dirty toilets) to the nearest
          available staff ,or if this is not possible, report it to PALS in confidence.
         It has been noted that hospital staff are often the key factors in patient/ carer
          satisfaction and there are many positive comments on staff in this survey which
          emphasise their kindness, consideration and hard work . It is perhaps unfortunate
          that there appears to be no staff respondents included in this survey as their
          viewpoints would have provided an added interest and dimension, especially as
          situations which cause stress to patients/ relatives may also be stressful to staff.
         In the National NHS Staff Survey, 2009, UHNS was ranked 8th most improved Trust in
          a table of 40 scoring highly on job satisfaction and training. However out of the 40
          key findings 13 issues were worse than average.
         The UHNS are to be congratulated on the “Listening into Action” initiative which give
          front-line staff the opportunity to make suggestions for improvements beneficial to

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 23 of 126
For each question, there are two interpretations of the responses. ‘Percentage responses’
and ‘actual responses’, this allows a broader understanding of the data.

Within some of the question responses, there is additionally a ‘What patients said’
(Appendix 7)and ‘What this means’ ( the analysis of what people actually said) – this is to
highlight specific experiences of patients, whilst at the same time consolidating the
information into themes of experiences.

Please note:
The responses throughout the questionnaire may not add up to the same amount
consistently, as those filling out the form could chose which questions they were
comfortable with, felt were relevant to them, or may have accidentally missed out a

Patients or carers of patients were asked to contribute comments. However, those having
had a bad experience, may have been more likely to comment further, as opposed to just
‘ticking the relevant box’, this might lead to a larger sense of negative comments, even
though the initial % doesn’t match it.

Many of these surveys were filled in without support. Subsequently some interpretations of
the question, is confusing, where this is the case - it has been identified within the latter
section of the question.

All comments have been typed as they read on the returned forms, which may account for
some typos or confusing returned comments.

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 24 of 126
Appendix 1
Accident and Emergency

Date: June 2010          Page number: 25 of 126
Have you either been a patient or relative/carer of a patient at the
Accident & Emergency Department (A & E) since 1st January 2009
Yes               172
No                203

Approximate Date of Your Visit to A&E
Number of people who stated the date of their visit to A and E;

Please note: All diagrams/charts for this section can be found in Appendix 3, and ‘what people
actually said about their date of visit’ before analysis is in Appendix 4
Analysis of what patients actually said:
People admitted prior to January 2009                 6
January 2009                                          2
February 2009                                         6
March 2009                                            8
April 2009                                            2
May 2009                                              9
June 2009                                             6
July 2009                                             4
August 2009                                           6
September 2009                                        9
October 2009                                          10
November 2009                                         11
December 2009                                         16
January 2010                                          13
February 2010                                         19
March 2010                                            14
April 2010                                            16
May 2010                                              3
June 2010                                             5
Non-recordable                                        12

Approximately how long did you have to stay in A&E before being
discharged home or admitted to a ward?
Number of people who stated their waiting time:

Analysis of what people said about how long they had been waiting at A & E
People who waited less than an hour               4
Between 1 and 2 hours                             24
Between 2 and 4 hours                             58

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 26 of 126
Between 4 and 6 hours                              29
Between 6 and 8 hours                              22
Between 8 and 10 hours                             12
Between 10 and 12 hours                            7
Between 12 and 14 hours                            22
Between 14 and 16 hours                            0
Between 16 and 18 hours                            0
Between 18 and 20 hours                            1
Over 20 hours                                      18
Non-recordable                                     6
Did you feel that this time was......
About Right       69
Too short         11
Too long          81

Was A&E both clean & tidy
Yes                       136
No                        33
Further Comments          49

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     No seating for relatives
     As far as I could observe but very busy
     Very busy had to wait in the corridor for some time before being x-rayed
     Average - didn't examine too closely
     Cold at times
     Litter all over the floor, dirty cups left on chairs
     My friend thought the attention was excellent as did I, but whats with the posters!
     Extremely clean
     The floor was littered with rubbish
     My 88 year old sister, a retired headteacher, was admitted from an expensive but
        inadequate care home. At A&E 10 ladies were on trollies without any service until 9pm when
        a blind old lady had vomited and was treated by 2 female visitors. My sister was incontinent
        and I had to insist that she was admitted
     Fairly
     But it was freezing cold in the side room I was placed in as A&E was very busy
     Floor had blood spill on it, trolley sides were dirty
     Cubical - paper plate with toast left on top of blood pressure machine, biscuit crumbs over
        floor, used urine bottle left in cubical
     Very Busy
     Never saw any cleaning
     Having fell from a roof I had a compound fracture of my foot
     The floor was littered with rubbish and the toilets were dirty and smelled
     Absolutely terrible

Date: June 2010                                                                 Page number: 27 of 126
         Reasonably so in the light of through put of people
         Ok
         Alright
         Staff everywhere, junk on the floor. People coming in in a right state
         Cluttered but clean
         Ish - cluttered
         In between, better seating
         Carpet, furniture, toys of child area looked they needed a good scrub
         It was filthy - the staff were rude and callous
         Could be cleaner
         Fairly clean & tidy - not outstanding by any means
         I saw cleaners throwing water onto the floor out of paper cups and mopping it over dirt. This
          was not hygienic at all.
         messy
         Short of staff for the amount of patients
         Rubbish on floor and toilets were dirty - paper all over the floor.
         Very efficient department
         Could have been tidier
         Toilet was extremely dirty
         People were cleaning up
         Floors dirty, equipment dirty
         posters tatty, leaflets poor, toilets a bit mingy
         Clean but too busy to be kept tidy due to the number of patients
         We were directed to the children’s room, which was very nice and friendly
         Did not notice - crowded
         There seemed to be a lot of clutter in corridors
         Did not notice full of people                                                             NEU
         Toilets dirty, floor dirty                                                                NEG
         Very Busy. Difficult to hear name called if you sat near the toilets.                    NEG
         Ladies toilet was littered with used toilet paper and the toilet smelled badly. (April/July/10)
         No empty wrappers and cups left everywhere like on previous visits. (Jun/10)              POS

What does this mean?


Were you treated with both dignity and respect at all times?
Yes                             139
Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 28 of 126
No                            32
Further comments              41

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     Security guard kept undrawing curtain to let people pass through cubicle and saw me naked
        to the waist having an ECG test done
     My father-in-law was asked if he wanted to be called Reg or Reginald by the paramedics, He
        wasn't given the choice of being called Mr... He is 88
     Staff very professional
     I wasn't judged at any time and my fears were taken very seriously
     1st class attention
     My wife was distressed and I had to ask nurse for a wheelchair and a porter for privacy
     I always am at A&E
     Although felt was a nuisance when asking for updates
     Not known by name by any staff - left on a trolley
     I stayed all night with my mother when I asked for help it was over an hour before it came.
     not always
     The specialist saw me next morning and said 7 yrs ago I would have lost my foot
     Absolutely not - total disrespect
     No, some staff stood gossiping
     Everyone was brilliant
     But it took a long time
     Shouldn't wait in waiting area due to other health implications.
     Iv drug use in the past
     Showing kindness and care
     Ushered into triage then told to leave and harshly spoken to.
     Some staff a bit rude
     First time my condition was disbelieved and I was sent home, 2nd time as it was visual I was
     Someone stated 'thats an overdose'
     Ignored mainly while staff were trying to find a bed
     But left waiting on trolleys in corridors. No privacy at all. Lots of people on trolleys queuing
        up in corridor
     As well as they could in the circumstances. It was very busy
     Triage nurse was sharp in attitude
     Absolutely, staff were amazing but don't they have managers that are there as patient public
        experience, cos the experience of the building and reception area was poor
     Very kind to a patient with dementia
     daughter needed toilet and on 2 occasions had to wait too long for assistance and wet
     I was not kept in touch with how my treatment was progressing, what was going to happen
        and when. Staff did not say who they were and why they were doing the action they were
     My wife spent 4 hours lying on a trolley in a corridor with 10 to 15 other service users plus
        their carers. Personal details were discussed, the women behind my wife was falling down
        drunk. She was strapped to her trolley. It was difficult to get anyone to help my wife go to
        the toilet. There were no refreshments offered and only two chairs available for everyone

Date: June 2010                                                                   Page number: 29 of 126
          waiting. Several people compared it to a third world country. It was totally unacceptable but
          staff seemed to think this was normal.
         The doctor sat and had a sandwich (at desk opposite) – for 3 hours before attending to me in
          pain. Wouldn’t have minded if he’d been in the staff room.                          NEG
         Disabled with a disabled scooter, suffer with nerves, self-harm. Went up with angina – could
          have been more considerate                                                            NEG
         Doctor that saw daughter hadn’t a clue what ‘Autism’ was.                            NEG
         I was left in blood stained clothes for 24hr.                                         NEG
         Elderly uncle – asked if he was drunk when he fell                                   NEG
         All staff smiling & not grump (June /10)                                              POS
         The A & E doctor was very nice & knew his job. The nurse however did not, the dressing fell
          off before I got home. NEU

What does this mean?


Were you satisfied with the treatment you received?
Yes                             141
No                              27
Further comments                39

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     GP had phoned SHO directly that day - we still had to see 3 other personnel first before
        reaching her
     Very satisfied
     As before and my feet were filthy!
     Couldn't have been better
     But it was very overcrowded
     I had part of my mail and finger removed - the bandage had dropped off before I got home. I
        drove home
     I had travelled from Spain that day with a broken arm and pelvis. My arm was put in a sling -
        pelvis not detected
     Very efficient staff

Date: June 2010                                                                    Page number: 30 of 126
         Not made comfortable when asking questions. Staff irritable, progress slow, trolley not
         Was told that waiting was over four hours to get on a trolley and advised to return and see
          own doctor the following morning.
         at time
         The treatment given was adequate and I accepted that the wait was because someone else
          needed more urgent care.
         Very satisfied and grateful I still have my foot thank you
         I had part of my finger and nail removed, before I got home (i drove myself) the bandage
          had fallen off.
         Had to calm a trainee doctor
         Dr has been to my house where i go and a letter for surgery
         Think so
         Very uncomfortable but necessary
         Satisfied with the treatment not time waiting
         Advice - car accident
         First time I felt humiliated and upset, ridiculed and disbelieved, 2nd time I was satisfied
         Fairly satisfied but kept short of information
         Sent home. Tests to be done by outpatients. GP said should have been done while I was
         Part of finger/nail removed - before I got home the bandage had dropped off.
         Very thorough
         But did have to wait a long time to see the doctor
         In terms of staffing they were excellent, though it was bizarre that several doctors were
          diagnosing at different times and saying different things without checking the records
         Could not have been better]
         Very good and quick, staff and nurses kind and professional
         It just took 2 long for my wife to be seen. You expect a disabled person like my wife to be
          dealt with quicker
         Not at first due to doctor getting daughters heart checked when she was ‘Autistic’ NEU
         Should have had a plaster on hand – but told me to come back when less busy and have it
          done – did not say when. Had swollen thumb. Didn’t know whether it was dislocated or
          broken. Did not go back.                                                               NEG
         Could have been better.                                                                NEG
         The doctor was calm and down to earth. She managed to remove the foreign body from my
          eye and explained all procedures.                                                      POS
         I was dazed during my stay in hospital                                                 NEU
         Expected more antenatal care                                                           NEG
         No treatment left lying on trolley                                                     NEG
         I received a manipulation of the left wrist, a neck scan due to a stiff neck followed by stitches
          to a minor wound on the left forehead/ plaster left arm                          POS
         The dressing could have been better applied.                                           NEG

          What does this mean?

Date: June 2010                                                                       Page number: 31 of 126

Were you given enough information about the reason why you
were waiting, about tests and treatment?
Yes                            97
No                             65
Further comments               41

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     Swollen arm caused by no warfarin for 3 days before heart operation. This delayed for
        another 3 days without explanation, thus no warfarin for 6 days+
     But my family had to keep questioning staff
     Did not have to wait
     Both triage, nursing staff and doctors explained everything and reasons for tests
     Had to ask
     During first 24 hrs yes - though covered in a dirty manky blanket - explanation of delay in
        getting a bed given
     as the patient you were always the last to know
     I suspected child had anaphalatic reaction. Seen immediately, waiting period was to observe
     I never had to wait for any treatment I had
     Overheard doctors comments about me
     Any fears were allayed when questions asked and assurance given
     think so
     Was just told got to wait for X-Ray but was not told I could not have 1 until a pregnancy test
        was done.
     Arthio bloods - no-one explained why
     More urgent people
     No reason for waiting time
     More info on waiting
     delays
     Basically told to wait, not told enough information about what was happening
     Waiting for bed on ward
     Broken wrist needed setting
     Not kept informed
     First time - no, was left for ages on our own not knowing wht, 2nd time - yes. Did not know
        why the wait for ward was so long though
     Once asked the questions; information not always forthcoming
     No one explains anything you are just placed in corridor along with a lot of other patients
     Could have done with more information
     Left for a long time not knowing what was happening
     I was waiting for a bed

Date: June 2010                                                                 Page number: 32 of 126
         Staff told my son what was going on - I'm very deaf and can't hear what is said so i get
          confused about things
         No information was given as to why patients were waiting
         No beds on wards available
         Never any communication about wait. Once tests done always seem a very long time for
          results and hence probably end up staying longer than necessary
         There appeared to be too few staff and too few beds
         Just said busy                                                                       NEU
         Just told the doctor will be along shortly. Just told he was having an x ray on neck NEU
         Doctor not knowing anything about Autism had to wait until mum had explained so
          daughter in pain for even longer before treated.                                      NEG
         Weren’t busy – some of the nurses were just standing around. Could have been doing more.
         N/A because it was a quiet time ( Quiet is inadmissible)                              NEG
         Waiting for a bed                                                                     NEU
         I waited 3 hours and 30 minutes before seeing a doctor – waiting was not explained. Saw
          Triage after 1 hour 15mins.                                                           NEG
         I was observed throughout by the night staff (stable)                                 POS

What does this mean?


If you were admitted to a ward, was this done quickly and
Yes                              55
No                               41
Further comments                 28

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     My sister saw Dr Brind who set out in notes treatment to be given but was admitted to ward
        18, a holding ward where no treatment is given and likewise moves to ward 2. After my
        complaining she was moved at 10.30pm to ward in City General and died next day of an
        infection which she did not go to A&E with

Date: June 2010                                                                 Page number: 33 of 126
         Transferred to another hospital
         4 hours wait
         1st class service
         My mum was admitted for emergency surgery
         A delay in waiting for a bed
         When the bed was available
         Last minute, not told till 5 mins before going
         3/4 hours
         Not admitted
         Didn't stay in
         However, went to a holding ward and was there 2 says (surgical assessment)
         Had to wait 2 days, lack of communication on discharge
         Misinformed nurses thought I had sickness bug so stayed on A&E. Even though I was not sick
          and used a commode for 28 hours - it took that long to check
         Waited around 5 hours after being told bed was available
         3 people lined up for the same bed
         Taken to after care ward from 12 noon till 12 midnight for Xray as card had the wrong name
          on it
         When a bed became available
         Not admitted to a ward
         As soon as I was admitted to the ward I had an operation - this was quicker than expected so
          I was pleased about that.
         Was left on a trolley with a broken hip, although theatre was available but no bed on a ward
         My grandfather was taken to A&E via ambulance and had to wait for nearly 48 hours before
          being admitted. We were told it was due to the number of available beds, however his
          condition was not appropriate to be waiting in a corridor or without one to one supervision
         Wife had to be returned to care home
         Not admitted this time but in the past again had to wait
         Waited for a place on ward for approximately 4 hours                             NEG
         Not admitted to a ward                                                           NEU
         Not admitted                                                                     NEU
         I cannot comment I was not aware of what was happening to me                     NEU
         Moved to ward. No information given about treatment.                             NEG

What does this mean?


Date: June 2010                                                                   Page number: 34 of 126
If you were discharged home were you given enough information
about what to do if there were any problems?
Yes                        90
No                         35
Further Comments           30

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     See GP
     Was discharged but asked if this was okay and if I was happy to be. Advice about chest pain
        and an assurance that I could return if I needed to.
     My sister died one month later
     Crutches were not set at right height, my son had to set them to my correct height
     Go to see own doctor following morning or if conditioned call someone out
     None
     And provided with medication
     Never had my x-ray results
     Transfer and referral to fracture clinic sympathetically done
     On ward for 4 weeks
     I stayed in hospital for a week
     Nose padded and told to go back after 48 hours
     None
     My husband died
     Absolutely not. Just told 'we don't do CT scans for headaches'. I actually had headache
        attacks beyond any pain ever endured previously - this had gone when actually arrived at
        A&E as they only lasted 3 mins approx.
     I was told the crisis team would visit, they never did!
     I was going to fracture clinic the next day
     Was sent to e? general for another 3 weeks
     Discharged to a ward when a bed became available
     Written notes were not given to ambulance crew
     No but not really applicable in this case
     Just said I could go home – in the early hours of the morning. Said that I couldn’t get home.
        Was told by a nurse that when it got lighter could walk up to Hartshill Road and get a bus –
        just had nightie on and no buspass or money. So end a taxi and had to pay when I got home.
     Basically just told “Get out”                                                        NEG
     The Crisis Team for Mental Health Treatment were negligent in their duty of care and
        professionalism towards me.                                                        NEG
     Appointments are made at Emergency Eye Hospital – had to queue again in A & E Reception
        for them to make appointment for me.                                               NEG
     Discharged himself.                                                                  NEG
     Followed by the fracture clinic/surgery (day) physiotherapy/ received               POS
     Discharged home with no information                                                  NEG
     I was simply treated and sent home without any supporting information                NEG
     No follow up info was given                                                          NEG

Date: June 2010                                                                 Page number: 35 of 126
The space below is for you to write further information about your
experiences or to make suggestions for improvement of the
Accident and Emergency Department

Number of people who had visited A & E and wished to make an additional comment:


Of the comments left, the patients said:
     I am aware that the number of people attending A&E for treatment is not quantifiable,
        however, should some attempt be made to reduce the numbers of hangers-on that
        accompany them as their presence increases the environmental pressure on an overworked
     The holding wards 18 and 21 either to be closed down or made into proper working wards
        instead of making A&E statistics look as though they are good.
     Not offered any food or drink - had hypo and then some was produced
     Whilst in hospital, information was added to my mums records which was incorrect, I think
        perhaps this happened when my mums stretcher was moved from the cubicle she was in to
        make way for someone else who was 'fitting' so that this person had a more private position
     I was in a ward in the Royal Infirmary and treated very well by the staff - food was good but
        not enough 'slipper' type containers for use in bed during the night
     Delays in waiting for porter to transport patient between departments when a) he could
        have walked and b) I could have pushed him in a wheelchair
     My wife says that patients and relatives should be kept more up to date as the process
     Large numbers of staff standing behind reception area just laughing, which could irritate
        people if they are waiting a long time
     Not enough porters on duty, took 30 mins to get a wheelchair, but they were busy
     Because I was so ill time passed quickly. nurses seemed to be in attendance to me quite
        often between visits by a doctor
     Yet again the NSRI tried to lie their way out to cover mistakes. be honest to people when
        mistakes are made. people are entitled to the truth
     We were very well looked after and I have no complaints about the service we received
     I think that people should know what A&E is for eg i had a bad scald from a burst hot water
        bottle but got it dressed at my GP's. But a suspected heart attack or stroke then you get help
        ASAP. First aid in schools?
     Unable to make any suggestions due to the first class service I received
     The north of the city has Hayward, Central has Hartshill & Newcastle, plus the new Hanley
        arrangements, The south has nothing - what about A&E in walk in centre at Longton
        Cottage, the pressure on the Hartshill facility will only be reduced if and when some or all
        the following are adopted: 1) a walk in centre to serve Longton, Normacot, Meir and Blythe
        bridge. 2) A minor injuries facility to complement the A&E. 3) a 'pre-assessment' method to
        complement the triage nurse. 4) Duplicate the triage system to improve the throughput. 5)
        Provide locally based amenities. 6) Fully advertise where and when, dates. tims etc
        alternatives are to be found - clinics, health centres, doctors surgeries etc. 7) Decentralise,
        Inform, Reorganise

Date: June 2010                                                                   Page number: 36 of 126
         I fell trying to gain entrance to A&E from the car park on a very steep entrance ramp
         Ambulance drivers informed me that they have to take patients to the unit of their choice,
          this they maintain is the principal reason for regular congestion at A&E
         Keep children’s area open longer at night time especially at weekends. Main waiting area
          can be distressing to children
         It would be more helpful if there was a duty social worker to access discharge help at home
         Very satisfied with the service provided - 1 1/2 hour wait initially but ok. Car parking is a
          problem and am aware of the problems, however the parking attendants could be more
          helpful/lenient. Another problem is signage, both the lack of signs and also the size of the
          letters used. Arrows should be used not small triangles to indicate direction.
         More staff to improve morale/attitude
         Saw own doctor next morning, examined and told to go back in the afternoon. Returned to
          surgery during the afternoon and told to return to hospital for tests that evening. I was at
          the UHNS from 6pm - 2am. Very good treatment there and follow up treatment
         What about surgical assessment or heart attack centre as other pathways for entry?
         My mother had been admitted awaiting a bed, she needed more nursing care than was
          given to her during the night.
         X Ray department staff were very co-operative and helpful
         N staffs too large a population for one A&E
         Staff in children's dept were very reassuring to us as parents and very calming with our child
         Please note: there are other emergency routes to the UHNS designed to reduce the pressure
          on this department eg MAJ lct? How effective are these services?
         Terrible, some staff seemed to look through you as if you are thick or something
         In September 2007 I attended A&E as I had turned my ankle badly. In May 2007 I was
          involved in a RTA and was treated very quickly and considerably. Possible calming music in
          waiting areas.
         The only annoyance I have ever experienced in A&E is reception staff chewing gum and
          talking to each other when there is a queue of patients waiting to book in.
         Everyone was polite and I was seen quickly
         Although I contracted MRSA and took 5 months to clear it I have nothing but admiration and
          praise for the treatment I received.
         My particular visit was Boxing Day 09. The A&E was full to bursting, but everyone did their
          best. Taking everything in context I was satisfied
         I managed to find a space in the car park but fell getting down the ramp, the only way to
          enter A&E
         none
         Overheard a doctor say that they (the team) were wiping up the mess of Macclesfield. (I had
          been treated at Macclesfield and the 'mess' he was referring to was me). A trainee doctor
          could not get a canular into my vein and was going to wipe all the blood up with a floor
         Early assessment of patient needs on a priority basis relative to emergency is required.
         A formal letter of complaint has been made with reference to the ombudsman (copy held at
          Stoke-on-Trent LINk)
         I was given one sandwich (like cardboard) and 1 drink. Husband not given anything (diabetic)
          should have been given something as he would not leave my side. He should have been
          given at least a drink.
         One of your staff could not get a blood test and said I refused treatment, this was not true
         I thought the staff were really good

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 37 of 126
         Keep patient well informed at all times (and carers). Treat with respect and dignity at all
         I cannot make any comments because I had first class care
         Not nice could be better
         Provide refreshments for people waiting a long time, 20p drinks and free parking - its so
          expensive when you're sick and your waiting long hours
         Waiting was too long and after first seen had to wait for pain meds and was left on a bed for
          hours without being seen. Parking was also a problem, I had to be dropped off while driver
          found somewhere to park.
         Overstretched, very busy. Very undignified for those in corridor
         Waiting time needs to be less
         Try to avoid waiting too long
         Drunk a liitle calpol. Mother told by doctor 'i'm not being funny but the fat one would have
          had to have drank at least 2 bottles to have classified it as an o/d' Let him go to sleep whist
          waiting, told this after waiting 5 hours. 'Fat one' refers to a 4 year old child, normal size in
          front of child. Mother fuming. letter sent to health visitor!
         Staff great/ friendly, admitted to a ward
         Less respect cos I have a history of self harm and drug use
         Delay was not caused by A&E staff but waiting for MH crisis team
         letter of complaint sent to the CEO UHNS
         Better communication needed between doctor ward staff and patient especially on
          discharge and on follow up notes. I am a person not a number.
         Returning for intermediate and final check up. I found the very busy waiting area
          bewildering and chaotic, queuing twice once to book in and again to make an appointment
         Given false hope about being 'next on the list' then waiting for another hour
         More staff needed, better food needed
         Please listen to the picture - the feeling of being disbelieved with such a complicated and
          nasty complaint is not anything I would like to repeat. This held up diagnosis by about 2
         Not being ignored for long periods of time would help when patient and carer/relative
          already in an anxious state. Realise staff under pressure too, but some attitudes leave a lot
          to be desired.
         This was in relation to the crisis intervention team (mental health/psychiatric) who did not
          give me any appropriate support/care or treatment/disrespected me as a mental health
          service user and as an individual to the extent they sent me away from the A&E feeling again
          suicidal and dejected to the extent I felt I could not approach them again.
         There were 27 patients already there when I arrived at the A&E at approx 2.30am 14th Jan
          2010. In the next 3 1/2 hours no patient had been seen by a doctor so at least 8 patients
          went home without seeing a doctor having got fed up with waiting.
         I think cleaners should be retrained about hygiene and cleaning in a busy environment,
          Chucking water onto floors from paper cups and using mops to clean blood, vomit etc is not
          healthy and may cause lots of bugs and viruses. Mops should be profoundly rinsed in
         Too many people - patients. But also too many staff standing around joking or waiting for
          something to do. Could have cleared things quicker. Need a cleaner on all the time.
         Excellent service
         None I accept that A&E is always busy and staff are always helpful
         It needs to attend to patients faster

Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 38 of 126
         The trolley/bed was not long enough to enable patients such as me to have legs straight
         From the time of your examination to the time of getting a bed could be greatly improved!
         I went to Hayward Hospital first where I was seen straight away, then taken by ambulance to
          A&E and waited about 10 mins. I had a very bad fall and hurt my head which was bleeding
         Waiting times needs improving
         All operatives were considerate, polite and caring
         Unpleasant environment, I appreciate that is a [pressurised job but some staff could be
          more courteous (consultants were fine)
         If patients were told why there was a waiting list they may not get so impatient. if for
          example there had been a road accident hence the delay then patients would understand.
         Not very private and personal
         I went to A&E with chest pains and I was seen straight away and treated very well.
          Thankfully there was nothing seriously wrong and I was sent home.
         Presentation of reception area needs to be reviewed. Clarification regarding car parking for
          trauma etc. Carers handbook needs to reflect diversity issues. I notice no real corporate style
          so just tatty photocopies for A&E. Toilets need to be cleaned. Support for carers.
         My grandfather suffers from dementia and was taken to hospital for a water infection and
          kidney failure. He has become incontinent since being in hospital and was during his time in
          A&E. Whilst I appreciate that serious injuries taken priority over some patients which I
          completely agree with, there was a period where I was stood in the main entrance doorway
          with my grandfather hallucinating, incontinent and frightened not to mention in pain and
          there was not enough people or space to help us which was very distressing to my family.
          The nurses and doctors were fantastic when they did deal with us I just felt that it was
          maybe not enough
         On discharge a minimum amount of information should be supplied in writing. Telephone
          info is not enough and should never never be left on an answerphone. Simple info; what has
          to be done with the patient, simple advice as to handling, what medication is recommended.
          Too late weeks after!
         There was no room in a cubicle so had to be in a corridor, not good!
         We were given an appt for the next day. Everything was good, everyone was kind and they
          made the whole thing seem easy
         First class treatment and care with dedication and total commitment by all the staff who
          looked after me
         I think that the PCT's should acknowledge that this is a very busy A&E department and put
          more funding in. It's not acceptable for patients and carers to be lined up in corridors for
          hours on end. Regardless of all the leaflets and posters advising of the alternatives, people
          still go to A&E. people who attend unnecessarily should be advised there and then about
          their alternatives and not treated there for minor conditions. In the past have been to
          PCUCU but no explanation until the doctor explained in the unit
         Whilst the dept had several patient waiting when I arrived there did not seem to be much
          activity. No one came to tell me how I would be treated, how long it was expected to take
          and who would be involved. When I received attention the member of staff did not say who
          they were, why they were doing whatever they did or what would happen next and when.
          When I was eventually seen by a person who I assume was a doctor he did not introduce
          himself. All in all I did not feel I was treated with the respect I expect.
         If you are going to have people waiting in a corridor as a normal thing you clearly are not fit
          to run an A & E department. You clearly use confidentiality as a reason for not giving out

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 39 of 126
          information but think that speaking about personal health issues in front of 20 strangers is
          OK. It isn't and you should know that. You should also leave a member of staff to be
          available to help the people in a corridor. My wife was close to wetting herself because
          there was no one to help her go to the toilet.
         Need more doctors                                                                   NEG
         One or two staff did not care – just wanted you in and out. Felt unwanted and just wasting
          their time.                                                                 NEG
         It was a Sunday afternoon and not as busy as usual so lucky for me.          NEU
         After being in several times sent a community matron .Monitors me instead of going into
          hospital. She can write a prescription. Much better.                        NEU
         My father received first class attention and I was most impressed by the cleanliness and
          appearance of all staff. He was then sent to ward 201 oncology.             POS
         Need to be more aware of “mental illness” with adults/children (eg) Dementia, Autism, need
          to be more sensitive with these patients and understanding.                  NEG
         Hand sanitiser dispenser was empty in cubicle in A & E. Some litter on the floor in Medical
          Assessment Centre                                                           NEG
         Better treatment/ less waiting/ definitely better staff attitude. Standing behind the counter
          laughing- I said “Don’t laugh at me mate”. They said they weren’t laughing at me. But they
          were.                                                                       NEG
         The receptionists were fab. Most of the nurses ok except one who told us to get out. But the
          doctor just sat there for 3 hours without doing anything.                    NEU
         I found it difficult to find and access the A & E Dept of Stoke on Trent City General Hospital
         The general A & E staff were very good in the way they looked after me. Thery were
          thoughtful and considerate. It was the Mental Health Crisis Team that were inconsiderate
          and behaved inappropriately. I had to complain about them.                    NEU
         Some problems are beyond the control of the hospital eg people who have noisy entourage.
          The loud speakers could be improved and triage should tell you approximate waiting time
          for the doctor. My GP had sent a letter with me but I had to remind all staff at A & E to read
          it at each stage.                                                             NEG
         The information I can give you as I was not aware of my condition .My relative cried when
          she saw the appalling state of the ward at the City General, bed too close together. NEG
         Do not assume all pregnant women will lose their baby in early preg. Do not act like it is
          norma1 (April 10)                                                      Do not make
          assumptions about people’s life style.                       NEG
         I was very thankfull for the treatment I received at the Accident & Emergency department
          which was necessary – it was a seasonal busy time for the ambulance and nursing staff – I
          used both services – the department will improve by the publics direction to use alternative
          locations for advice and treatment …                                        POS
         I found my experience of visits to the A & E Dept horrible and disgusting and I never wish to
          visit or go to the A & E Dept for treatment ever again.                     NEG
         I found the experience of going to the local A & E ok but it was very noisy and untidy and
          could have been cleaner . Also I was kept waiting a long time unnecessarily without being
          properly told what was going on causing me worry & unneccessary anxiety NEG.
         Less waiting time – cleaner loos – patients treated as people not illnesses or accidents. NEG

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 40 of 126
What does this mean?


Date: June 2010                  Page number: 41 of 126
Appendix 2
Central Outpatients Department

Date: June 2010                  Page number: 42 of 126
Section 2 Central Outpatients Department
Have you been a patient or relative/carer at Central Outpatients
Department (COPD), Pathology Laboratory or any other clinic,
scanning or x-ray department since 1st January 2009?
Yes                      272
No                       106

Please state which department
Numbers of those who attended an outpatients appointment, who stated the department;

What patients said about which out-patient department they attended:
   Derma (skin)                       Scan, chest x-ray,                Cardiology,
      Cardiology                          ECG                              audiology, surgical,
   Orthotics, Ward                    Colonoscopy on a                   oral
      78,9, ward 123                      ward                            Eye Clinic
   Neurological                       COPD, Path lab &                  Opthalmic dept
   Pathology, X-Ray                      pain clinic                     Heyward RPOD
   Cardiology,                        Orthopaedic at city               COPD
      Neurology, ENT and                  general and                     COPD
      Opthalmic                           fracture clinic                 Urology and X-Ray
   Orthopaedic                        X Ray and scanning                Opthamology
   Pathology                          Central Outpatients               Oncology
   Fracture Clinic                    City General, X ray,              COPD/Path/X-Ray
   Outpatients/ X-Ray                    RI X ray, COPD                  Gynaecology
   Outpatients, X-Ray,                Skin Cancer                       ENT
      Pathology                        X Ray                             COPD
   X Ray                              Hartshill                         Fracture Clinic
   Cardiology Dept                    Pathology                         Colorectal/gastro -
      City General                     Oncology                           Mr Dawson
      Hospital                         COPD                              Pre-anaesthetic,
   COPD, Nethology                    X-Ray (breast)                     Surgical OPD,
   Heart                              Main and X-Ray                     Pathology
   Gynaecology &                         COPD                            Eye Clinic, COPD
      Orthopaedic                      Fracture Clinic                   Rheumatology
   X Ray                              Neurology                         Pathology
   Scan                               Path lab, X-ray                   Eye Clinic
   Breast Clinic                      Renal                             Bowel Cancer Clinic
   Eye Clinic                         Surgical Clinic COPD              ENT
   Pathology                          Gynaecology                       Mammogram &
   Urology,                           Gatro                              oncology
      Orthopaedics                                                        X ray COPD

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 43 of 126
         Pathology,                Lots                      Mr Warker
          Nephrology Dept           Cardiology, Vascular      Blood Collection
         Neurology and              clinic                    COPD Oral Dept
          Neurosurgery              Various                   Eye clinic, X-Ray,
         Path Lab                  GUM                        radiology,
         Audiology,                X Ray and                  orthopaedic, ears
          Cardiology                 Haematology               ENT
         Hayward Walk-in           Orthopaedic               Cardiology,
          Centre, Hand clinic,      Pathology                  Scanning,
          fracture clinic           Eye clinic                 neurology,
         Dept of Respiratory       X Ray                      pathology
          medicines                 Neurology                 Orthopaedic
         Pathology, Scanner        December 09               COPD
         Gynaecology               Gyno/ENT                  Orthodontic
         Pathology Lab             X Ray                     Fracture Clinic
         Pathology, X-Ray          Surgical Ward             Path lab, surgical
         Audiology,                Neurology Dept            Cardiology
          Cardiology                Paediatric &              Dermatology
         Rheumatology/hae           Opthamology                outpatients
          motology                  Eye Dept                  ENT
         Pathology Lab             General medical           X-Ray, Scan and
         Gyn dept                  Opthamology                COPD
         X-Ray                     Urology                   20/05/2010
         Bone scan & X-Ray         Max facial                Clinic, scanning
          dept                      Rheumatology              Urology
         Clinical                  Opthamology               ENT
          haematology               General surgery           Gastroenterology
         Ears                      General Surgery           Opthamology
         Pathology                 Pathology                 Rheumatology
         X-Ray                      Laboratory                X-Ray, audiology,
         Gynaecology               Orthopaedics               eye clinic
         Pathology                  outpatients               COPD. Path & X-Ray
         Audiology                 COPD. Pathology,           scanning
         Pathology                  Scanning & X-Ray          Urology
         Dermatology clinic        Cardiology                X-Ray
         ENT and respiratory       Eye Department            Drug Monitor,
         General surgery           Outpatients                Rheumatology
          outpatients               COPD                      COPD oncology
          department                Oncology                  Cardioloogy
         X ray                     Eye Clinic and Dr         Dietician
         X-Ray, Eye Clinic,         Bohans clinic             X Ray
         Opthamology               ENT                       Urology
         Urology Dept,             Audiology                 ENT
          Arthiritis Clinic         gynaecology               Heart Specialist
         ECG Dept & Bloods         Oncology                  Eye Clinic
         COPD & Pathology          EPAU                      Eye Clinic and ENT
         ENT and Cardiology        Oral Surgery              Orthodontic
         Pathology                                            Clinic & path lab

Date: June 2010                                                 Page number: 44 of 126
        Paediatrics                      Rheumatology                   COPD. Path,
        Gynaecology                      Breast clinic                     Gastroenterolgy,
        Gastroenterology                 Scanning, X-Ray                   scanning
        Clinical haemoyolgy              COPD                           Pathology
        Maternity                        Fracture Clinic                Paediatrics
        Audiology                        Paediatrics and eye            Obstetrics and
        Breast Assessment                 clinic                            gynaecology
         Clinic, X-Ray Dept               Gynaecology                    Colcoscopy Clinic
     Cardiothoracic                      Colo-rectal                    COPD
         Surgery                          Transplant Clinic              COPD
     Path Lab, X-Ray,                    Gastroenterology               Pathology and
         various OP clinics               X Ray                             Urology
     Pathology and Clinic                Blood & Scan                   Neurosurgery
     Cardiology                          Blood                          Pathology, X-Ray,
     Audiology                           Dental                            COPD
     Pathology                           Gastro                         Scanning
     Main X-Ray dept                                                     General surgery
     Hand Clinic                                                         Eye Clinic
     Audiology                           Oncology Breast                ENT
     Gastro Unit                          clinic                         Neurology
     X-Ray department                    Scanning, biopsy               Emergency Eye
     Main X Ray                          Pathology, GUM                    Hospital
         Department and                    clinic                         Oncology
         ultrasound scan                  COPD, Path lab,                   Lymphoma
     CPOD, Pathology, X-                  Physiotherapy,                 Pathology (for
         Ray                               Lympheodema                       blood tests)
     COPD                                 clinic                         Central Outpatients
     Dermatology Clinic                  COPD Ultrasound                   Dept
     COPD and                            Fracture Clinic                Hearing Dept
         pathology                        COPD                           Opthalmologist
     Dermatology                         Opthalmic                      Musculoskeletal
     Urology                             Hearing aid                       (Haywood Hospital)
     ENT                                 Chest X ray                    Surgical Dept
     Eye clinic                          Op Path Lab MRI X              X Ray(GP referred)
     Eye Clinic                           Ray                               +Arthritis/r
     Fracture Clinic                     Plaster Dept                      rheumatism clinic
     Heart, blood, back                  Female Gynae                      (GP referred)
     Phlebotomy                          NSMH outpatients               Cardiology
     Hearing                             ENT
     Fracture Clinic
Please note patients may have stated that they attended more than one clinic
Analysis of clinics visited by patients:
Arthritis clinic             1                     Neurosurgery /          10
Audiology / hearing          14                    Non-recordable          16
Breast assessment            6                     Obstetrics              1
Cardiology                   15                    Oncology                9
Cardiothoratic               1                     Opthalmic               10

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 45 of 126
Colorectal / coloscopy   4                      Orthodontics               6
COPD                     34                     Orthopaedic                8
Dermatology              5                      Paediatrics                4
Dietician                1                      Pathology                  46
Drug Monitor             1                      Phlebotomy                 1
EPAU                     1                      Physio                     1
ENT                      2                      Plaster Dept               1
Eye clinic               17                     Radiology                  1
Emergency Eye Clinic     1
Fracture Clinic          10                     Renal                      1
Gastro                   7                      Respiratory                2
GUM                      2                      Rheumatology               6
Gynaecology              12                     Scanning / biopsy          17
Haematology              3                      Surgical                   7
                                                Transplant Clinic          1
Hand clinic              1                      Urology                    9
Lymphodema               1                      Vascular                   1
Maternity                2                      X Ray                      42
Nephrology               1

Approximate date of your appointment
Numbers of those who attended an outpatients appointment, who stated the date;

What patients said about date of their out-patient appointment:
   October &                           June 2009                         19th September
      November 2009                     26th January 2010                  2009
   November 2009                       November 2009                     28th February
   November 12th                       November 11th                     August 2009
      2009                                 2009                            February 8th 2010
   Various from April                  August 09 and                     June 2008
      09 - March 10                        October 09                      11th February
   Regularly                           April, June, July                 Various
   March 22009                            2009                            February 18th 2010
   15 January 2010                     November 2009                     Nov/Dec 2009
   9th March 2010                      Summer 2009                       Middle January
   Various                             Forgot                            8th December 2009
   Various and before                  January 2010                      Various
      2009                              18th January 2010                 9-12 months
   16th March 2010                     Mid October -                     July 2009
   18th March 2010                        January 10                      Several
   September 2009                      2010                              29th January 2009
   31st December2009                   Feb 2010                          6th December
   November &                          Dec 09                            Dec 2009, Jan, Feb
      December 2009                                                         2010

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 46 of 126
         June 2009                9th July                22nd March 2010
         Feb & May                May 09                  1st February 2010
         February 2010            24/03/2010              30th December
         September                Every Month             March 2010
         January 08               2009/2010               November 09

         10th February 2010       25th March 2010         All through 2009
         September 09             6 months ago            10th September
         Jan 09 & July 09         April 2010               2009
         May/June 2009            January                 Various dates
         September 2009           Various in 2009         November 2009
         29th January 2010        March 2009              July 2009
         07th January 2010        October 2009            12th October 2009
         20th January 2010        Feb 2009                March 2010
         May & June               July 09                 6 weeks
         8th February 2010        February 2010
         Ongoing over last        4 hours                 Nov 2009
          12 years                 9th April 2010          14th April 2010
         24th December            February 2009           2003
         Feb 2010 x3              February 2009 and       20th May 2010
         22nd February 2010,       2010                    20th May 2010
          15/th February           Ongoing every 3         February 19th
          2010                      months                  20th May 2010
         September 2009           November 09             20th May 2010
         6th February 2010        18th March 2010         20th May 2010
         Can't remember           November 2009           1st appt
         January 10               4th February 2010        07/01/2010
         20th January2010         February 2009           2005
         Various from May         25th March 2010         20th May 2010
          2009                     1st April 2009          July 2009
         Various                  March 2009              20th May 2010
         June/July                1st April2010           20th May 2010
         November2009             February 2010           April 2010
         14th April 2010          February 209            Every week
         14th April 2010          Various 2009            20th May 2010
         March 2009 & 2010        March 09                20th May 2010
         14th April 2010          June 2009               20th May 2010
         14th April 2010          16th March 2010         6 months
         14th April 2010          2000                    20th May 2010
         23rd February 2010       March 2010 and          20th May2010
         2009                      Sept 2009               August 2009
         1st April 2010           26th March 2010         6th May 2010
         14th April 2010          Several throughout      12/05/2010 and
         4 months ago              2009                     20/05/2010
         Sept 09, Feb 2010        7th December            20th May 2010
         8th April 2010           15th September          Monthly appts
         July 09                   2009                    April 14th 2010

Date: June 2010                                              Page number: 47 of 126
         14th April 2010                November                          20th May 2010
         Dec 2009                                                          20th May 2010
         Every 3 months                 April                             2009/2010
         January 2010                   January 2010                      Quite a few dates
         March 2009                     18th December                      June-December
         14th April 2010                 2009                              20th May 2010
         May - June 2009                March 2009                        Feb. April, June Aug
         19th March 2010                Sept 09 - April 2010               2009
          mobile x_ray                    respectively                      June 2010
         14th April 2010                25th August 2009                  1st February 2010
         2nd March 2010                 14th April 2010                   12th October 2009
         10th April 2010                Jan 2010                          March 2010
         09th April 2010                21st June                         May 2010
         November 2009                  Mar, Aug, Dec 2009                20th May 2010
          and March 2010                  Feb 2010                          May 2009
         07th February 2010             Jan - Sept                        May 2010 (7)
                                        October 2009                      October 2009
         Called without                 March 2010                        February 2010
          appointment                    January 2009                      June 2010
         November 2009                  Various appts                     8th June,2010
         7th April 2010                  throughout year                   15th May 2010
         constant                       March 2009                        30th April 2010
         March                           onwards                           June 06/2010
         1th March2010                  June 2009                         22 06 2010
         1pm                            Feb 2010                          9 June 2009
         June, Dec 2009 and             25th February 2010                10.30am
          April 14th 2010                Jan 09 & July 09                  On-going
         July                           December 2009                      appointments
         14th April 2010                December 2009                     June 2010
         14th April 2010                20th May 2010                     Jan 2010
         December 2009                  February                          Referred June 09
         9th & 23rd March               No appointment                    10th Feb/22nd June
          2010                           Feb/March                          10
         January & April                20th May 2010                     August 2009
          2010                           Regular                           12/2009
         14th April 2010                5th January 2010
         15th February 2010             May 2009

Analysis of dates people attended the Central Outpatients Department or other clinics.
People admitted prior to January 2009             5
January 2009                                      6
February 2009                                     6
March 2009                                        7
April 2009                                        3
May 2009                                          3
June 2009                                         11
July 2009                                         12
August 2009                                       5

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 48 of 126
September 2009                                    12
October 2009                                      5
November 2009                                     13
December 2009                                     17
January 2010                                      18
February 2010                                     31
March 2010                                        22
April 2010                                        27
May 2010                                          27
June 2010                                         9
Non-recordable                                    34

Approximately how long did you have to wait for your first
appointment after referral?
Numbers of those who attended an outpatients appointment, who stated how long they had to wait
for their first appointment after referral;

What patients said about length of time waiting for first out-patient appointment after referral:
   6 weeks                             This was appt                      6 weeks
   Transferred from A                    following discharge               3 weeks
      &E                                1 month                            1-2 weeks
   2 weeks                             10 months                          3 months
   Have been                           Bi annual                          1 week
      attending many                      appointment                       3 months
      years                             13 days                            3 days
   about 6 weeks                       1 week                             1 week
   One week                            2-3 weeks                          Early check up after
   Next Day                            Next day                             breast lump
   6 weeks                             2 weeks                              removal
   4 weeks                             No delays                          About 3 months
   29 days                             1 hour                             1 hour
   10 mins                             2 weeks -                          2 wks, 3 wks
   3 months                              emergency                         2 1/2 days
   Follow ups not                      Approx 10 days                     3 weeks
      referrals                           after GP visit                    2 weeks, ongoing
   20 mins                             2 weeks +                          That was ok
   Follow up scan                      2-3 weeks                          Various
   12 days                             December 09                        Can't remember
   2 weeks                             6 months                           4 hours
   Ongoing                             10 days                            40 mins
   2 weeks                             18 months                          30 mins
   COPD ongoing                        3rd June                           1 day GP
   Approx 1 month                      2/3 months                         2 weeks
   3 weeks                             Over 6 weeks                       5 days
                                        Very prompt                        Not Long

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 49 of 126
         Walked in waited 1         6 weeks                    2 weeks
          hour 2??? in path          8 months                   4 weeks
          lab                        Annual check up            6 weeks
         One day                    Very quick                 3 weeks
         walk in                    2 weeks and 3              4 weeks
         15 mins                     weeks                      3 hours
         4 weeks                    4 days                     3 weeks
         1 day                      2 weeks                    1 month
         2 weeks                    1 day                      4 weeks
         On going                   Within 5 weeks             same day
         5 weeks                    24 hours                   1 month
         2 months                   30 days                    6 weeks
         2 weeks                    on going                   About a week from
         2 1/2 hours                45 mins - 1 hour            doctor to
         1 month                    2 weeks                     outpatients
         COPD 1 hour,               Depends on the             2 months
          Pathology 25 mins           department,                8 weeks
         About 2 months              orthopaedic was            4 weeks
         6 weeks                     worst                      2 weeks
         No idea                    Follow up 8 days           3 weeks
         No wait                     after operation            50 mins pathology,
         1 1/2 j=hours              Cardiology routine          40 mins clinic
         7 months                    appt 6 months,             3 days
         Went straight away          neurology - 2 weeks        2 days
         2 months                   4 months                   2 days
         Can't remember             6 weeks                    Immediate
         10 mins                    1 week                      attention new appt
         20 mins                    Next day                    made at desk
         Went straight from         Regular 6 month            2-3 weeks
          GP                          pacemaker check            1 week
         3 weeks                    5 minutes                  3 weeks
         Initial appt 4 weeks,      7 years                    6 weeks
          follow up - routine        10 days                    Same day
         25 mins                    10 minutes                 6 months
         3 weeks                    Week                       1 week
         2-3 months                 3 months                   2 months
         6 - 8 weeks                Regular appt               2 months
         4 days                     About 10 weeks but         5 days
         8 months                    only got this appt as      6 months
         About 8 weeks               I phoned up COPD,          Was not referred
         1 day                       appts had no record        Routine follow up
         3 weeks                     of referral. I only        5 months
         14 days                     got 3rd appt               3 days
         June 2009                   because I spent half       2 weeks
                                      an hour on phone.
         3 weeks for dexa                                       3 weeks
                                     1 week
          scan                                                   Straight away
                                    2 days
          12 weeks                                               Too long
                                     Soon after

Date: June 2010                                                   Page number: 50 of 126
         2 days                         8 weeks                             15 minutes
         Regular                        1 week                              14 days
          appointments                   10 days                             2 months
         One week                       2 weeks                             4 weeks
         Paediatrics - 6                Cannot recall but                   3 months
          weeks. Eye clinic               within acceptable                   10 days
          since birth                     time frame                          24 hours
         9-10 weeks                     Between 2 weeks                     Two weeks
         2 weeks                         and 3 months                        4 months
         2 days                         A quick response                    Immediate
         2 weeks                         throughout                          4 months
         8 working days                 Approx 15 mins                      Six weeks
         1 weeks                        Approx 20 mins                      9 weeks
         Approx 3 weeks                 Routine follow up                   Expected appnt
         Too long!                       appointments                         Sept 09- therefore
         3 months                       Two weeks                           Paid for appnt @
         It was a drop in -             App 5 weeks                          Nuffield
          waited a week out              Told to get there as                1 hour/half hour
          of choice                       close to time as you                8 weeks
         4 weeks                         can but you still                   F/up
         2 weeks                         have to wait a fairly
                                          long time

What does this mean? Analysis of length of time waiting for an appointment after referral.
1 day or less           40                       6 weeks                  11
2 day                   9                        1 – 2 month              30
                                                 2-3 months               2
3 day                   5                        3 – 4 month              13
4 day                   2                        5 – 6 month              5
5 day                   2                        7 – 8 month              3
6 day                   1                        Up to a year             2
10 day                  1

1 week                         17                 One year – 18 months        1
2 weeks                        29                 7 years                     1
3 weeks                        18                 Non-recordable              24
4 weeks                        1
5 weeks                        1

Approximately how long did you have to wait from referral for a
scan/x-ray (if required)
 Numbers of those who attended an outpatients appointment, who stated how long they had to wait
from referral for a scan / x-ray said;


Date: June 2010                                                                Page number: 51 of 126
What patients said:
   One week                     I was booked in for      1 week
   Approx 1 hr 30 mins           this                     45 mins
   X-ray at Haywood             3 months                 24 hours
      walk in centre on          16 weeks                 2 weeks
      8th March further          I had to wait about      X-ray was part of
      x-ray next day at           1/2 hour or so as I       pre-op assessment
      fracture clinic             was the last person      1 week for CT scan
   Accident - not long           to arrive before         Not required
   Can't remember                they closed              5 minutes
   10 minutes                   2 days                   Week
   Instant Referral             That was ok              2 days
   1 week                       2 months                 One day after 1st
   2 - 3 weeks                  7 days                    appt. sister on ward
   22 days, 7 weeks             4 weeks                   15 was excellent
   1st appt at pain             one hour                 2 weeks
      clinic not a problem       2 weeks                  not long
      still waiting for 2nd      2 weeks                  3 weeks
      after 6 mths               1 month                  3 weeks
   It followed my               45 mins                  4 weeks
      accident so x-rays         1 Month                  2 weeks
      were at the same           6 weeks                  2 1/2 hours
      time                       Change of dates          3 weeks
   3 weeks                      Not long                 9th dec 09
   1 month                      2 weeks                  2 hours
   1 hour                       10 mins                  4 weeks
   1 week                       1                        2 weeks
   2-3 weeks                    2 weeks                  3 weeks
   1 month                      HRI scan about 2         10 mins
   Approx 10 days                months wait              60 mins
   3 weeks                      2 weeks                  In hospital didn't
   Cardiology 6 weeks           6 weeks                   have to wait
   1st scan 2 days, 2nd         2 days                   1 month
      scan 2 weeks               5 months                 15 mins
   6th December                 Was seen right           1 week
   x-ray same day as             away                     Not required
      referral from GP           Same day                 2 weeks
   3 weeks                      3 weeks + GP sent        7 days
   4 weeks                       for back x-ray 12th      8 working days
   1 week                        Feb immediately          4 months
   Same day                      after consultation
   12 months                     (same day)               4 weeks
   Colonoscopy 10               4 weeks                  10 days
      days, mri scan 7           6 months                 Not required
      days after 2nd             7 days                   3 weeks
      colonoscopy                Appt for                 Not necessary on
   1week                         colonoscopy made          this occasion but
                                  at clinic for July

Date: June 2010                                             Page number: 52 of 126
          the last time again              1 week                              As above ( a quick
          in an acceptable                 4 hours                              response
          time frame                       2-3 weeks                            throughout)
         10 days                          2 weeks                             Approx 20 mins
         A few days                       2-3 weeks                           Still waiting
         10 days                          4 hours                             4 weeks
         About 4 months                   1 week                              X ray approx 4
         3 weeks                          Right away                           weeks
         2 weeks                                                               3.5 weeks
         10days

 What does this mean? Analysis of time waiting for an x-ray/scan.
Less than 12 hours      26                        43 days – 7 weeks             1
24 hours / 1 day        3                         50 days to 2 months           2
25 hours - 2 days       4                         2 – 3 months                  2
3 days – 1 week         13                        3 – 4 months                  1
8 days – 2 weeks        19                        4 – 5 months                  1
15 days – 3 weeks       14                        5 – 6 months                  0
22 days – 4 weeks       15                        Over 6 months                 2
29 days – 5 weeks       0                         Non-recordable                17
36 days – 6 weeks       3

Was the department both clean & tidy?
Yes                             256
No                              14
Further Comments                37

Of the comments left, the patients said:
( The department, and occasionally month and year has been identified in some response
     Difficult to tell - the cubicles and counter were certainly cleaned ? but the waiting space was
        full and overflowing. (Pathology;2/10)
     Fairly
     Gloomy and wanted re-painting - not very welcoming
     Excellent condition
     Very pleasant staff
     Not very
     TV was on right next to receptionist. I had to ask for it to be turned down before I could hear
        (Gynae Clinic)
     reasonable
     Overcrowded
     Tidy yes, clean no
     Ok lots of people, but room to sit down but not when I left, it was packed out, standing
        room only.
     Dirty floors and corners       X-Ray)
     Not enough toilets. Only one which is always in use due to the tests. Terrible! (Urology)

Date: June 2010                                                                  Page number: 53 of 126
         Busy, hectic, shabby waiting room (Path Lab)
         Books and mags littering, end of day appointment (Eye Dept.)
         Tidy but not especially clean - dusty                 (Eye Dept.)
         COPD & path lab (in COPD) are always extremely busy so tidyness isn't really possible. X-Ray
          dept is much calmer and always clean & tidy
         Fairly
         Hygiene was poor
         Not very tidy - lot of people though               (Fracture Clinic)
         Reasonable, although there is a notice about food and drink not being allowed - many
          patients have to wait a long time in this department, this was not helped by the telephonist
          saying (i could hear her) I'll put the kettle on - you know I can't do anything without a cuppa.
          What about the patients!!                          (Eye Dept)
         Chairs shabby in audiology and doors scuffed
         Yes they seemed to be on top of things like hygiene and waste (X-Ray)
         Staff friendly and helpful                            (Oncology)
         Was difficult to find and the ladies on the desk in main hall were not helpful.
         Dr Gunning very helpful and explained everything
         The old city general. It seemed rather cleaner than I remember it from twenty years ago.
         Paintwork looking tired]
         But very drab. Barrier between patients and reception in actual department. Unfriendly
          ambience/area          (Dermatology)
         The main area was very good but the subsections were grotty
         Yes
         Very Good       (Chest X-Ray)                                                        POS
         Treatment room very clean. Children’s play area has improved since last visit – now cleaner.
          Waiting room reasonable. (NSMH O/P 10/09)                                            POS
         Entrance was full of cigarette ends and papers. (Plaster Dept, May 2010.)           NEG
         Litter on floor                                                                     NEG
         Staffs were running up and down with mugs of tea/laughing                            NEG
         Cluttered, dusty disorganised.                                                      NEG

What does this mean?
      12       POSITIVE COMMENTS
      23       NEGATIVE COMMENTS
      2        NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Were you treated with both dignity and respect at all times?
                             Yes                            243

Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 54 of 126
                          No                           21
                          Further Comments             44

Of the comments on dignity and respect, the patients said:
     This includes the ambulance staff - had to use them for all my appointments until 8th
     Because of the large numbers - one felt an insignificant unit to be dealt with rather than a
        human being. ? the phlebotomist... and civil     (Path ology;2/10)
     Excellent                   (General Medical)
     Yes in Orthopaedics, hardly so in Gynaecology
     Told they would undress me - totally unacceptable. I left with no x ray done
     Central outpatients reception staff always seem very impatient
     Yes as a patient, not particularly as a carer
     Although I wish someone would properly define D+S as a persons understanding of it would
     I was told they would undress me - this I objected to most strongly - I left and no x-ray was
        done                    (X-Ray Dept)
     Felt a bit like a number rather than a person
     Absolutely
     Staff were kind and supportive and sorted out a problem for me
     I fell attempting to remove my clothes, the cubicle & chairs are not suitable for a disabled
        person. When I complained I was told that they would undress me. This I was very angry
        about. i am not a child and can dress & undress myself (X-Ray)
     Not informed of delays
     But was given a leaflet telling me what was being done after it was done. Frightening not
        knowing what was happening. (Urology)
     Herded in & out. Patients are numbers.         (Path Lab)
     Always are                                      (Gynae/ENT)
     Not when on ward due to poor nurses and treated with no respect
     I'm deaf and use lipspeaker but this was ignored and talked over her         (Eye Dept)
     Excellent
     I was quite distressed but was dealt with with a decidedly offhand manner (Opthalmology)
     Apart from the fact I came off a ward & had to lay flat because of my condition and this
        could not be accommodated                   (ENT)
     I was ignored until I insisted. Not introduced to consultant     (Oral Surgery)
     Mostly with a few exceptions (generally the doctors who weren't)           (Various Depts.)
     Dr was abrupt and a little heavy handed in removing stitches and splint from nose which was
        very painful                                 (ENT)
     Staff & consultant very courteous and I felt I could ask any questions      (Orthopaedic)
     In my case - ok as I am a man and still reasonably young. But I know all about an old lady's
        problems in the next cubicle - she probably heard all mine!      (Fracture Clinic)
     I went for blood tests
     At times I was a bit puzzled because at the 1st appointment I felt I must be getting
        preferential treatment possibly because …..(Eye Dept)
     Yes they put me at ease                 (X-Ray)
     only by the dietician - general admin staff were abrupt and rude

Date: June 2010                                                                Page number: 55 of 126
         My treatment ranged from cool professional to very matey. What matters most is that they
          all looked at me as if I were a person not an object. (Gastro)
         Not good that student in room and was not introduced. Don't mind student but manners to
          introduce. If was in main doctor was unaware of its presence!! (Dermatology)
         I was asked for permission at various stages of the procedure - option to stop at any time
                                                                     (Scanning x-ray)
         Exceptionally kind staff, informative, calm, patient        (Oncology –breast clinic)
         I am always treated with dignity and respect at the GUM clinic...but at the path lab.... you
          just feel like an insignificant number
         It was really shocking that many older people had to stand up as not enough seats and
          considering that this was the cardiology section that’s’ really shocking. No real reflection for
         But huge waiting area. Not at all personal
         I did not feel respected when I was called back at the end of August for a less than 5 mins
          appt to be told I would be referred to a surgeon. It could have been done by letter/phone
          rather than have to wait for about 2 months following a 2nd scan, which I was told when it
          was being done should exactly the 1st had and I needed a surgeon.
         My lack of understanding was not respected and letters from consultant were
          indecipherable and led to unnecessary
         But nobody asked us if we need the X Ray taken by a female practitioner NEG
          X Ray
         Nursing staff are were good. They ensured I knew what to do.                POS
         The booking in desk woman was very rude.                                    NEG

What does this mean?
      13       POSITIVE COMMENTS
      26       NEGATIVE COMMENTS
      5        NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Were you provided with sufficient information about what was
           Yes                  230
            No                  35
    Further Comments            41

Date: June 2010                                                                       Page number: 56 of 126
Of the comments left on the provision of sufficient information, the patients said:
     Was told I needed a revision of the hip operation within the next 6 weeks or so
     Sometimes too much information
     Still a bit confused as to the amount & severity of injuries and extent of
        arthritis/osteoporosis. For instance it was my GP who told me I'd sustained a head injury
     But I had to provide the consultant with the info about my been on ward 103, he had not
        been updated (Neurology; 2/10)
     As a long term user I am conversant with there clinics
     Not in neuro
     Husband had to keep booking holidays
     Clinic staff always reassuring, polite and considerate      (Pathology, x ray scanning)
     Doctor had results in 3 weeks
     Just a blood test, no info needed
     Not fully explained to as to why things occurring           (X Ray)
     Am on 8 different tablets
     A biopsy was taken but the Dr told the nurse quietly what he was going to do, he never told
        me. I was never told what or why they did it, I had to keep asking questions as I was so
        worried.                                                 (Urology)
     Consultant at vascular clinic very good, tells you everything you need to know
     I had to ask
     But felt competant to deal with it myself                   (Path Lab)
     GP needs to give more info - hurry it along
     Had to keep asking all the time
     No information given
     Excellent                                                  (General Medical)
     Clinic running late. no idea how long I would be there (Urology)
     Sometimes it's necessary to ask specific questions since not all consultants/doctors
        volunteer detailed explanations                           (Various depts)
     COPD is similar to a 'cattle market'

         Reasonable explanation for me - but perhaps not for everybody (Fracture Clinic)
         Very little information supplied until the 3rd appointment. The 2 consultants introduced
          themselves but on the 1st 2 visits I hadn't the faintest idea of the status/name of person
          doing my eye test. I was given a badly printed leaflet about the eyc clinic on my 3rd visit. A
          leaflet about my eye condition would be useful. Without being able to find out information
          on the net I would have been totally lost.      (Eye Clinic)
         No rushing through appointments - all explained and the consultant always listens! first class
         Cancer was ruled out after colonoscopy, My real concern was to get something done about
          haemorhoids. Piles can make ones life utterly miserable. I am very pleased this condition is
          taken seriously. 2 appts so far and surgical procedure promised.
         There was a sign on show to let people know that appointments were running late
         Yes but a little difficulty with doctors accent
         Staff were extremely empathetic and explained the procedure very well (Scanning x ray)
         No it was bewildering
         Can never get through on the phone
         passport very good when i finally saw the surgeon

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 57 of 126
         Was sent home with lots of reading material
         Prior to the tests and following the tests I was given virtually no information and was left
          feeling terrified
         On one occasion with a surgical appointment asked several times if there was a delay and
          even though it was 45 minutes after appointment time was told no and no reason was given.
          I eventually had to give up and go to another appointment that I had. I was told by staff that
          the clinic often had long delays.
         Had a blood test at COPD. Wasn’t told about the results- presumed it went to my GP. When I
          hadn’t heard anything by June phoned up GP who knew nothing about the results. I shall
          have to phone the consultant’s secretary for information- but I shouldn’t have to make 2
          phone calls to find the results. I’ve already waited 15 days with no results.I should have been
          initially informed about how/when these results would be available. Keep patients informed
          at all times.                                                                       NEG
         Nursing staff ok but not particularly helpful. Have been given 24 hour advice line number.
          (NSMH O/P)                                                                          NEG
         I assume so. The doctor was with me for approx 5 mins. My problem was quite
          straightforward I think.                                                            NEU
         I was just told to wait in the seating areas with a number and wait for my number to be
          called. I went for a fasting blood test. The nurse carried out the blood test with due care and
          attention and put an appropriate patch on after the blood test as I am allergic to plasters.
         None given – I sat and waited for over 2 hours – left in the end disgusted. (Hearing dept.)
         Vague response from initial medic – clarity given by consultant                     NEU

  What does this mean?
       12      POSITIVE COMMENTS
       21       NEGATIVE COMMENTS
       9       NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Did you receive good medical care?
                            Yes                            234
                            No                             19
                            Further Comments               49

Of the comments left on good medical care, the patients said:

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 58 of 126
         Had to come to terms with this and didn't contact them until end May then had an
          appointment on 30th June.
         Routine cholesterol test - that ought to be less stressful
         Excellent                                      (General medical_
         not sure about Gynaecology
         Time will tell
         After 2nd Opinion
         But there were times when my experience/knowledge was required to ensure proper care
         Excellent
         I think that i received very good care am still ongoing
         Quite a painful procedure but this cannot be helped
         I cannot praise enough the care I received by the neurologist and his staff, but not the
         Had to redo as not able to scan. Seems silly & time consuming        (Gynae)
         Once again clinic staff very reassuring when we felt worried or concerned
         Cardiology very good, audiology good
         The care was courteous and excellent
         Eventually
         I think they think the patient is thick by talking between themselves just as if you weren't
          there.                                                                 (Urology)
         No further tests were carried out
         Over a year from referral to operation is too long to wait in pain     (Orthopaedic)

         felt competent to deal with it myself
         After 3 rd op it was better
         But no follow-up even when promised                                     (Eye Clinic)
         Excellent                                                                (Eye Clinic )
         Doctor didn't have notes, needed more time to talk to doctor              (Urology)
         was unexpectedly kept in overnight, care was great
         Treated with kindness and care from everyone                             (Rheumatology)
         I have attended clinics regularly for over 10 years and procedures in all departments seem to
          remain consistent despite fewer staff.
         Still waiting for final results                              (Eye Dept)
         Decided not to go ahead with the scan
         Everything 1st Class                                        (Gynae)
         It was offered, I declined
         Satisfactory -nothing really outstanding                      (Various depts)
         Doctor left a stitch in, had to ring own doctors and they told me to attend local clinic to have
          it removed                                                    (ENT)
         Probably
         Remains to be seen as it is on hold until my sight deteriorates sufficiently to warrant an
          operation.                                                    (Eye Dept)
         And still do. Cannot fault my op follow up treatment and support via the phone, excellent
         Not sure that seeing different doctors all the time is good for continuity (Dermatology)
         Horn taken from right ear, excellent treatment
         Fair

Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 59 of 126
         Not enough anaesthetic was given a nurse told me. Half way through the biopsy was in
          agony. i would never have a biopsy again I would rather die!
         The medical care was excellent
         Not always - was overlooked as they forgot I was there
         nurses and GP were brilliant, friendly and had lots of smiles and advice
         The appreciation of my anxiety was ignored and greatly heightened by the lack of
          understanding about why I may be anxious and if I had good cause
         Excellent medical care
         16 weeks for treatment                                                         NEU
         Very good                                                                      POS
         I received preventive checks/advice/which were negative meaning no major problem –
          followed by the advice I received thankfully from the staff.                   POS
         I still have no hearing aid.                                                   NEG

What does this mean?
      23       POSITIVE COMMENTS
      11       NEGATIVE COMMENTS
      15       NEUTRAL COMMENTS


The space below is for you to make other suitable comments and
suggestions for improvements in the department you visited.
Please note: The department/ date of visit have either been added or highlighted
whenever possible
Percentage of those that has visited Central Outpatients Department and other clinics who
left an additional comment

 Of the comments left, the patients said:
     I have always found my appointments very satisfactory, thank you
     I was treated very well in all departments
     Sometimes there are delays but information is given
     Was given July 15th for the operation. Unfortunately this could not take place as it was
        discovered at the pre-med that I was an MRSA carrier and had to wait until late August to be
        given another date (16th Oct). Then discovered I had a urine infection and had to go home.
        Eventually I had the operation on Nov 2nd         (Orthopaedic)

Date: June 2010                                                                 Page number: 60 of 126
         The situation at the Pathology dept seems to have deteriorated for those coming in with a
          referral from GP for a routine test especially if one has to do a fasted test. Waited here for
          over 1 and a half hours is uncomfortable on an empty stomach
         The treatment and care was very good but the extended waiting time before being seen on
          referral to the plaster room and then for x ray was too long and very uncomfortable as it was
          too hot and no air circulation ( leading to suffering from a headache)( Fracture Clinic;3/10)
         Appointment was cancelled by hospital and a long wait for available date/3 months
          (Nephrology 9/09)
         My records were not available in gynaecology as they were still on orthopaedics. I waited1
          hour over time so was rushed along and to verbally confirm my medical conditions - am still
          waiting for operation with gynaecology           (12/09)
         Treat the disable with respect - not as if they are mentally ill     (X-Ray)
         The staff were great                                                  (Eye Clinic; 11/09)
         Staff in COPD - reception & nursing staff seem to spend more time chatting to each other
          than dealing with patients - are they required or waste of resources
         Also went to virtual colonoscopy at x ray dept. people who did scan wonderful/ no waiting,
          but waiting room floor and cubicle were filthy and iodine cups/bowls were all scattered
         Communication not brilliant. I think maybe medical staff sometimes forget that there is a
          person inhabiting the body they are treating (Orthopaedic, fracture clinic)
         The parking was horrendous - if my brother had not been with us to walk my elderly mother
          across the road she would have been late for her appt as I was in the queue for car park for
          over half an hour
         Waiting times at the x ray dept and central outpatients clinics were too long - waiting 2-3 hrs
          for a 15 min consultation. This contributes to the awful parking situation and does nothing
          to help the state of mind of patients who are already nervous/anxious about their medical
         Following the third operation which was repeated I was supposed to be kept under frequent
          review. The review was for March 09
         The changing rooms and chairs provided are not suitable for a severely disable person. I fell
          as a direct result. I left having had no X-Ray done.     (X-Ray Department)
         Car parking for disabled is impossible
         This Saturday morning appt was very good, practically no waiting, in face waiting times have
          reduced considerably over the past few years              (Oncology- Dr Adab)
         I had to wait a long time standing up in queue in fracture clinic - was referred to physio at
          City General (2 appts) then physio went on holiday for 4 weeks. I decided to pay privately for
          physio which was when fracture of pelvis was detected!
         There is very bad lack of communication between the on call ward doctors at
          weekends/holidays and the consultants. the consultants are annoyed by it as information is
          mislaid or not communicated
         Very satisfied with the services provided - maximum wait 20 mins
         First doctor did not listen to carer views/concerns. Carer asked for 2ns opinion straight
          away, senior doctor reviewed and arranged admission as he knew client and listened to
          carer. 1st doctor wanted client to come back in 2 weeks which would have resulted in foot
          amputation                                                  (Surgical Clinic; 12/09)
         COPD is drastically overheated and lacks adequate changes of air. Toilet facilities need
          refurbishing. Oral etc is appalling

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 61 of 126
         Our appt should have been Aug/Sept 2008 - I had to ring several times to get an appt which
          is not satisfactory. Our child has to see the specialist every year and I don't expect to have to
          chase/follow up myself. Admin staff seem vague and unhelpful
         Very crowded waiting room, rather dark                         (Opthalmic)
         I have had excellent treatment since diagnosis with cervical cancer in 2001. Dr Scoble saved
          my life, cannot speak highly enough of all of this hospital (Oncology)
         Some improvement. No-one used the hand wash or ??. Staff mostly
         only attended with family members
         I attended a follow up appt after my operation. My appt time was 2.30pm and I eventually
          got seen at 7pm. Everyone at the clinic was extremely upset. Also I had to wait 2 months for
          the results of my hystology report. Mrs Hall informed me the delay was due to the typx
          having been done in India!. Possible too many patients at the clinic who needed lengthy
          procedures, this should be considered when appts are being made. Test results should be
          given to patients as soon as they are available.                 (Gynae)
         I would like to make a comment about the length of time patients were made to wait. My
          appointment was for 2.40pm and it was 4.20pm before I received treatment. It was a very
          busy clinic and feel that allocation of appointment times should be reviewed for patients
          attending for further treatment eg like me for removal of stitches after orthopaedic surgery.
          (Fracture Clinic; 2/10)
         Clerical staff in this department most efficient. Medical staff excellent - no complaints
          whatsoever. I have visited this particular section of O-P over last 5 years with my husband
          and myself and have always found the department to be the same, clean & efficient and first
          class care in very compassionate way                            (Co-rectal/ gastro)
         The day I attended there was a staff shortage so I was told that my procedure would not be
          performed. After I persisted it was performed extremely efficiently and it took approx 5
          mins. Staff shortages are NOT the patients responsibility (Eye Dept)
         Perhaps it is because I need to have a fasted blood test - but everytime have been to the
          pathology department it has been overcrowded with delay in my last visit of 1 1/4 hours.
         This doctor told me of possible complications that I should have appointments for special
          eye tests within 3 months, I wait with bated breath!              (Eye Clinic)
         I was very impressed with all the staff they were very nice and good at giving all information
          about tests and treatment. I was very pleased at how I was treated and also by ongoing
         Consultant Oncologist also seen - this appointment was many months overdue and was
          finally sorted out by the nurse doing my mammogram. Although not stated they had
          obviously 'lost' me someone in the September after I'd finished radiotherapy
         The A&E and X-ray depts are not suitable for disabled persons
         I was referred to the neurosurgeon 3 times and never saw him, i saw 3 different registrars.
          They never had my medical notes only the neurologists letter referring me to the surgeon.
          One of the registrars apologised for the fact that I had got lost in the system (his words). I
          now have a letter from the surgeon who also apologised for not seeing me when he should
          have 3 months ago.                                          (Neurology/Neurosurgery)
         Audiology, batteries for hearing aids were formally obtained from GP surgeries - now to
          obtain them you have to make an appt with audiology which means you might have to wait
          2 or 3 weeks to get your batteries -formally you could get them straight away on demand.

Date: June 2010                                                                       Page number: 62 of 126
         I first went to the Haywood walk-in centre on 18/09/09 after hurting my left hand at work.
          They referred me to the hand clinic in the fracture unit at North Staffs Hospital. I was getting
          very annoyed in the end as I was kept waiting in the day room for nearly seven hours from
          8am - 3pm or so without any food or drink as I was told at the hand clinic not to eat after
          midnight.. the only drink I had was from a bottle of water that I had with me. The nurses said
          they could not bring me anything to eat or drink in case i needed a general anaesthetic and
          told them that I was not having a general only a local anaesthetic in my hand but still they
          would not let me eat or drink. The doctors who did the morning ward round told me that I
          would be going into theatre some time in the afternoon but because it took so long for a bed
          to become empty I missed my theatre slot and it was about seven thirty in the evening when
          I finally went into theatre. By that time I was starting to get a headache and iIwas also
          feeling a bit sick because had not had any food or much to drink. the surgeon who was
          operating on my hand kept asking me if I was ok and I told him no and he apologised that he
          did not know why the nurses would not let me eat or drink when I was only having a local
          anaesthetic                                                (Hand Clinic)
         The consultant and nursing staff were very helpful and kind (Dept. of Respiratory Medicine)
         Why not have an ultrasound available in dept as had to then wait again. I knew what I
          needed treatment for so why does common sense not prevail. seems unnecessarily long
          winded.                                                      (Gynae)
         My husband was referred to the chest and lung department Dec 2008. We are still waiting
          for the follow up appointment which was supposed to be in Jan 2009. He has since died!!
         Earlier a blue postcard sized form was available at COPD reception. You simply filled it in
          (name, address etc) and handed it in with your requisition slip and you got copy of the lab
          report by post. This was better than the current system. (path Lab: diabetic screening)
         Reception desk - calls for appointments not easy to hear. visual screen would help
         Waiting for 3 weeks for results is way too long                 (X-ray department)
         I've got to wait from March - May for results. I knew they might earlier if anything wrong -
          but concerned about this. Too long to wait, the results is delaying other treatment. Can't
          have most physio until results known. On painkillers every 2 hours, need to know the results
          faster.                                                         (Bone scan- x-ray dept)
         All the staff are caring and very professional just our appointments we have to always chase
          up which we feel could be improved.                              (Clinical Haematology)
         Happy                                                             (Ears)
         Came on bus Clayton, Hartshill service not too bad. But it was dangerous for pedestrians at
          top of slip road to get down to hospital (lots of cars are turning in etc , difficult for
          pedestrian access
         I was told I had to wait 3 weeks for result. Had been told this on previous occasion but when
          went to GP results were not back - had to wait 5 weeks - too long (X-Ray; 2/10)
         The staff were friendly and understanding                               (Pathology)
         Though when were busy. a continual care was taken and patient flow was good (Pathology)
         Appointment dept - problem having to come twice for some treatment re field test eye dept.
          Next to see consultant for results. Used to come once same treatment              (Eyes)
         Cleaner floors and doors, tidier waiting areas, computers were piled up in corners? Dirty
          keypads (wipes should be available for computers in multi-person usage) (X-Ray)
         More toilets needed in the Urology Dept. Telling the patients everything that is going to
          happen to them and why would be a good idea. Anyone old who doesn't ask things never
          get told, so very wrong!

Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 63 of 126
         More reception staff at desk when there is a queue. A lady had been waiting 8 hours in the
          waiting area, she even went to tell the staff at reception twice. She was in a bad way, we all
          got involved and went to the front desk, asking if someone could see this lady.2
         UHNS is just as bad as Stafford Hospital. There is age and race discrimination and as such I
          was denied further treatment and discharged. Patient must not be discriminated on age and
          race which is illegal.                                             (Audiology/Cardiology)
         Very few parking spaces, pathology very crowded and not enough seating
         Left it up to me whether has an on other leg, but given all info (Vascular)
         Happy with the service received                                      (GUM)
         From specialist to scan time was good but then I had to wait until the end of Aug for my
          operation, why wait 5 months for scan results?                        (Orthopaedic)
         Too long a wait for results, advised would be 2-3 weeks before results available. Should be
          able to take back to GP. If it was a private appt or in patient results would be available. Also
          it would be cost effective if you could take the x-ray back to the GP or it sent electronically
         2 appts with consultant - very approachable. good advice about medical condition (verbal,
          leaflet about HRI scan) greatly pleased.                              (Neurology)
         Both departments wonderfully kind to my son. Excellent play facilities with paediatric
          department. Staff very polite, professional & accommodating           (Paed/ Opthalmic)
         The staff need to be more approachable especially the consultants (Opthalmology)
         All care was great
         I was told I would be reviewed after 3 months, it took 13 months (General surgery)
         The wait for the actual operation is the longest. It was nearly 6 months. Also a lot of the staff
          are talking amongst themselves (about their own business) and not actually dealing with the
          patients                                                                    (Orthopaedic)
         I understand that some clinics are conducting their own surveys to ascertain patient
          satisfaction and suggestions for cost-cutting and /or improvements.
         Had to wait over hour and a half because running late, not in with doctor above 5 mins. Not
          enough doctors, too many pen pushers                                       (Cardiology)
         More staff. Staff with better manners and more respect for patients
         In September 2001 I had major surgery for bowel cancer followed by radiotherapy. I have
          had annual check ups since then and have always been treated with the utmost courtesy
          and respect. I have now been fully discharged                               (COPD Dr Adab’clinic )
         Ensure personal records are available. On 2 occasions last year my notes were not at the
          clinic I was attending                                           (Eye Clinic- Dr Bohan’s Clinic)
         Car park should be altered to 'pay on exit' system with vouchers for patients
         This was a new experience as one of many, not as bad as Shindlers Ark           (Oral Dept)
         Something needs to be done about this situation and time for waiting            (Path Lab)
         Appointments are always at least an hour late and the chairs are very hard and
          uncomfortable. Run clinic to time or provide better chairs. I have had excellent care and
          service you are the very best                                                   (Oral Dept)
         General comment as attended outpatient appointments with my 84 year old father, severely
          disabled so liability poor. Overall I find all hospital appointments extremely infuriating
          because of the waiting around - you lose the will to will. Find the general organisation
          appalling - in industry you wouldn't get away with it. Public sector - bah!
          (Eye Clinic, X-ray, Radiotherapy, scan, Orthopaedic)
         Waiting time is sometimes quite long but no doubt is unavoidable. Waiting rooms could be
          larger as they are quite claustrophobic              (Various COPD depts)

Date: June 2010                                                                        Page number: 64 of 126
         I just hope I never need to attend COPD again!
         A bit like a cattle shed. Too many people all with problems and had to have helpers. Long
          wait, no comfort, herded together, people in pain. I was glad to leave (Fracture Clinic, 3/10)
         I requested blood drawn with syringe and not the new type as I have bad veins. the staff
          sometimes did not want to do it this way                                      (Phlebotomy)
         The improvements that we need is the coffee shop to be bigger, so its convenient at all
         Waited too long at further appointments (outpatients after op). Went to 2 appointments,
          waited 3 hours. No one told us the doctor was not there. Ps. we had travelled from
          Shrewsbury to get there!                                                        (ENT)
         I was very impressed with the scan dept in the Xray in COPD. I also attended a medical
          appointment on a 4 month ongoing. I heard the doctor very good but sometimes the
          appointments are running over 2 hours late which can be very frustrating if you have
         No comment, everything satisfactory                                            (X Ray)
         The staff seemed kind. leaflets would be useful. many patients at the eye clinic are older and
          do not have the facility or ability (because of their sight) to use the net. Information is
          essential. Scan not with notes at 2nd appt, notes not taken at 3rd appt. Because of problems
          visited optician on 22nd October who referred me to COPD. As I hadn't heard anything by
          early November and I was going on holiday for a month I phoned COPD who told me they
          hadn't received a referral and to go back to the optician. Phoned the optician who said they
          had definately sent the referral. I felt like piggy in the middle. I phoned COPD again and
          somebody eventually said they would sort it out. I was given an appt for 7th January 2010.
          At appt I was asked if they knew why I was there as the fax from optician was blurred.
          Luckily I did!. I was given little information but referred for a tomography scan the next
          day.II was told I would be given an appt with a new consultant Mr M. when he started in
          Feb. Phone call on weds 17/02/2010 to see Mr R. on 20/02/2010. The scan was missing from
          the notes - eventually found. Mr R. said that he would refer me to Mr M who started in
          March. I have no idea why I saw Mr R as it was a waste of time for both of us. As I'd received
          no appt by 22/04/2010 I phoned COPD - appointments. I spent half an hour on the phone. I
          was told that they couldn't do anything but would transfer me to the secretary. She said that
          appts could do something but would check. After a while she said that she would put me
          back to appts for them to sort out but would put me on hold first so that she could explain
          to them what they should be doing. She eventually came back to me - her first words were
          'its a cock-up'. She said she would ring me back (thursday 11.45). On Friday pm I phoned
          PALS who apologised for the mess and said that an appt was in the post for the following
          week. I explained that I couldn't go on that particular time/date as I had another urgent
          appt. I was given another appt for 13th May. On 13th May I saw Mr M, notes missing but
          found. Mr M. gave me some explanation and that I would have an appt for a scan in 2
          months and see him again in 3 months.                                            (Eye Clinic)
         I find all the staff at outpatients and the service they provide, fantastic
         Not enough disabled parking spaces available
         Appointments made soon after diagnosis. Every treatment followed as expected, no
          complaints about any dept.                                         (Pathology, X Ray scanning)
         Main reception check in girls not very friendly, a little unapproachable. Everyone else was
          very professional and dealt with very quickly and efficiently        (Main reception/Urology)
         Pleasant environment whilst waiting to see consultant - sometimes very warm - fans doing a
          good job! Sometimes there are problems with the blood tests and so have to be repeated.

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 65 of 126
         Very good service, very thorough examination                          (Cardiology)
         Staff on main desk were abrupt and sharp, not good customer service especially when
          patients are a little nervous prior to their appointments
         The dept was run very efficiently                                      (Cardiology)
         Came to outpatients 1 hour earlier due to time needed to park the car.
         I still had to wait 30 mins even though it was an early appointment (Orthodontics)
         I had wonderful treatment at the clinic
         A small irritation is that although my first name is Margaret I am never called that. I'd like to
          be asked what is my normal name within the family . It is Betty.            (Gastro)
         I have a really good consultant now who specialises in my condition and I am very satisfied
                                                                                       (Clinical Haematology)
         After all this time I am still waiting for a hearing aid, I was sent to ??( Leek) in thick fog to get
          one fitted - sent to wrong place. Complete waste of time                      (Audiology;3/09)
         I was told I would have a CT scan after a further six months - this didn't happen and in April
          2010 I am waiting to see Mt J Ghosh - 14/04/2010 he hasn't turned in today and I am waiting
          to see someone else                                                           (Cardiothoracic)
         Regarding path lab visit, I found this a very drab, dirty, depressing place to attend. As I am
          attending lymphoma clinics I do however get dealt with very rapidly. I would say that all staff
          have been helpful and professional during my visits.
         I have been going to the pathology lab for several years and have seen a big rise in waiting
          times for a blood test                                                       (4/10)
         Arrived at 8am for blood test, was 17th in queue - left @8.20am Doctor phoned @63om
          with results - I feel I had excellent service from this unit.                 (4/10)
         Appointment time 3pm, seen at 4.45pm. Toys dirty and broken, what toys there were!
          (Hand Clinic)
         Car parking you have to go earlier than your appointment to get a space and I have got a
          blue badge
         Parking seems to be a big problem at the hospital. Clinic running approx 30 mins late
         Sent to wrong department, girl on desk did not know where to send us, result 3/4 hours late
          for appt. Not very good
         More friendly reception. I too work with the public in private sector, we get angry customers
          too, agree not acceptable but we don't put up sliding screens and small 'cubby holes'. it all
          feels claustrophobic. Waiting on chairs lined up outside doors and being able to hear some
          conversations inside isn't inspiring, more privacy required. Parking very very bad, queues
          making late for appointments, although arrived ......                     (Dermatology)
         I cannot fault my treatment in any way. The treatment is still going on and I am treated with
          dignity and respect every time I go.                                       (Urology)
         Even received extra tests to save having to make further appointments
         9th March appt was for 10.30am, however I was not seen by the doctor until 12.30pm. 23rd
          march appt was for 10.15am and I was out about 11.30am so that was better time keeping.
                                                                                   (Fracture Clinic)
         The staff were very friendly and helpful. Care should be taken to not reduce the services for
          people with mental health problems in the community
         Treated with extreme dignity and care                                    (Breast Clinic)
         The hospital gowns are not good - especially as you are sitting in the corridor waiting to be
          seen. I felt very embarrassed and somewhat vulnerable                    (Scanning X-Ray)

Date: June 2010                                                                          Page number: 66 of 126
         Maybe making correct appointments? I was given date & time to return (28 Dec 2009) I did
          so only to find no one there (bank holiday). 4 more people were also waiting. Had to visit Drs
          locally as my ear was aching. Travelled some 15 to 20 mins for nothing
         The staff in the eye clinic are great. Whilst there is a small play area in orthoptics there isn't
          anything in the eye clinic. A well stocked play area would make our visits less stressful as our
          child gets bored
         There was a wait of 1 1/4 hours after appt time before I was seen, however an apology was
          given. Being a disabled driver I had to arrive at least an hour before the appt to ensure
          getting a blue badge space, therefore not having to walk far. Otherwise I was very pleased.
         I was diagnosed with 'hormonal mastitis'. A male consultant told me I could do nothing
          except take painkillers for it. A female nurse advised me to take starflower oil 1 x 1000mg
          daily. After 4 weeks of doing so I am completely pain free. I suggest all staff are aware of this
          option. Painkillers are not a long-term solution                       (Oncology-Breast Clinic)
         The GUM appts were part of my ongoing treatment for HIV. The path lab appt was for
          routine cholesterol check. My HIV consultants is often running late but the wait at the path
          lab was horrendous it seemed longer than the 1 hour 15 mins because it was fasted test,
          which meant I had had nothing to eat since 7pm the night before!
         More diversity, very white eg imagery and issues. More seating or more management of
          people flow. More information and map on referral/appt letter. general tidyness
         A problem being that dealing with a patient that has dementia is difficult and it was a bit of
          an 'old fashioned wait' as I remember from the 'old' NHS. I think oversubscribed
         Get more people to answer the phones and get more people working in the dept - this is
          very important to elderly people. To lose your hearing is a terrible thing to happen when you
          get older and we need to treated with compassion and dignity and not seen as a nuisance
         Follow up appointments with another team could be dealt with more quickly. referral to
          another team could be done without the time lag I experienced
         Layout of pathology dept made it feel a little 'war shelter hospital' - flimsy curtains, hearing
          all conversations around etc!
         The car parking is limited and I had to wait for a space and only just made the appt, even
          though had left 30 mins! There were 2 very nice men directing drivers into spaces
         I was assisted at the time to resolve the situation by PALS. But the lack of concrete
          information about the risks & what the procedure really meant was very frightening - the
          gaps between tests and results were very stressful and there was no support offered. When
          I challenged this I was made to feel a nuisance. I have to commend the ward sister though
          who was excellent at resolving my complaint and then dealing with my anxiety. My second
          appointment was substantially improved in consequence. However, I am still shocked that
          the very fact that I was having a biopsy for cervical cancer - the stress of this procedure and
          the psychological impact that this may have was entirely disregarded by the process - I was
          simply a 'procedure'
         The reception area seemed to be overstaffed
         Far too many admin staff with 3 people on reception in main hall and a further 2 in smaller
          waiting area
         Often wait for half an hour or so but don't feel that this is acceptable. In the past attended
          for scan and there was a protracted wait
         The first problem we have is parking. There aren't enough disabled spaces for COPD and
          Path Lab. The Speech and Language appointments my wife has had at The City General site
          are even worse. We have to arrive 45 minutes to an hour early to have the chance of being
          able to park somewhere near enough for my wife to be able to walk there. Every time that

Date: June 2010                                                                        Page number: 67 of 126
          myself or my wife has contact with your trust we have some kind of problem. Generally your
          staff are kind and conscientious. The problems seem mostly to do with capacity. Not enough
          staff, not enough beds, not enough parking spaces, nowhere to get proper food at A&E.
          Waiting at A&E for 8 hours without food and only offered a drink once isn't good enough.
          Mobile phones, if one more member of your staff tells me that patients are at risk because I
          have answered my phone in a waiting area I think I will scream. Your doctors can be seen
          using mobiles with no problem. In the whole NHS in the last ten years there have only been
          3 confirmed cases of mobiles affecting machines. You have to be within 6 feet to have an
          effect. What is the problem with people in a waiting area speaking to someone on a phone?
          You just seem to have a need to control people. My phone is on because my wife uses my
          mobile to contact me in case of problems or in an emergency. She cannot speak other than
          yes and no so can only ring people she knows. She also can use the redial on her mobile. She
          can't dial numbers.
         Overall- generally satisfied. But only so far been in U/S unit. Waiting area of new Maternity
          Hospital- not particularly impressed. So far prefer Crewe Hospital. Drinks machine available
          but rarely has cups (water). Vending machines in main part as you come through. NEU
                                                                              (NSMH O/P)
         As a Muslim we need that for female patient only female radiograph take x-ray…It will be
          really appreciated if your services could understand that Muslims think differently that the
          White Ethnic – Thank you.                                           (X-Ray)         NEG
         There was considerable amount of dust on ledges of stretcher and in window sill. (Plaster
          Dept. 5/10).                                                                        NEG
         I was told by Mrs Hall that I would be in for an op within a week. It’s three weeks soon and I
          haven’t heard anything. Contacted Mrs Hall’s sec and just told we haven’t got your file yet.
         10 days for initial referral then 2/3 months for treatment (extraction). (Dental,5/09) NEU
         This was the quickest time I was seen after … (15 minutes).Usually the waiting time was
          about 1 hour to 1 hour and half. (Eye Clinic, 5/10/)                                 POS
         Although posters displayed in waiting areas are relevant they are distracting, possibly,
          worrying, especially when patients could benefit from a more soothing environment.
          (Transplant Clinic, 3/10)                                                            NEG
         Central toilets ok. Rubbish bins open – if you put some indication on the lid that these were
          pedal operated then this would make it obvious and more hygienic. Disabled toilet – dark
          inside could not find light switch. Later found there was a pull cord which you can hardly see.
          Sign needed on door about this. It was too hot. Water coolers should be more obvious.

         Lack of parking ( particularly disabled.)                                             NEG
         I was very impressed with all the staff. They were all very nice and good at giving all
          information about tests and treatment. I was very pleased at how I was treated and also by
          ongoing treatment. (Bowel Cancer Clinic; 1/10)                                       POS
         I was referred to the neurosurgeon 3 times and never saw him. I saw 3 different registrars.
          They never had my medical notes, only the neurologist’s letter referring me to the surgeon.
          One of the registrars apologised for the fact that I had got lost in the system (his words).I
          now have a letter from the surgeon apologising for not seeing me when he should have 3
          months ago. (Neurosurgery)                                                           NEG
         First appointment at Pain Clinic not a problem – still waiting for 2nd appointment after 6
          months.                                                                              NEU
         Super service. Neurology 5/10                                                        POS

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 68 of 126
         I was dealt with fairly promptly after my arrival to the Dept – The nurse was careful and
          caring in the way she dealt with me, she knew about the job in hand and treated me well
          and both with dignity and respect and friendliness and I was both happy & satisfied with the
          treatment I got from the nurse. (Pathology, 6/10)                                    POS
         Some relaxing background music would be nice and therapeutic whilst waiting for your
          turn/appnt. As it can get very noisy in the reception area sometimes. (COPD 6/10) NEU
         My uncle was at the clinic from 10.15am and left at 5.30pm after delays in clinic & plaster
          room. (Fracture clinic)                                                               NEG
          I was sent to Leek to be fitted . I was sent to the wrong address. I waited for one hour
          before I was told I had been sent to the wrong place. I was very angry and complained. NEG
         My consultant says he wants to see me in 2 months then I’m told my appointment will be
          sent through the post. Two months later I am chasing my appointment up. I am then told
          the next available appointment is in 3 months.So I have waited 5 months instead of 2. While
          I am steroid eye treatment. (Opthalmology/ongoing)                                   NEG
         Signage misleading within new building – requires alterations sends in wrong direction to
          ambulatory. (Haywood)                                                                 NEG
         Was given the option for direct self referral to consultant if required in the near future – this
          was a reassuring option.                                                             POS
         Surgery date offered mid Dec – but had already informed hosp of my impending visit to see
          daughter in Australia in Jan 2010 flights booked and paid for – so I declined date offered as I
          wouldn’t have had long enough recovery to travel.                                    NEG
         It was a problem waiting for x ray results because it held up treatment. The referral to the
          clinic took ages because the service moved and dates were changed. So I injured my finger
          Christmas/ Drs Feb referral to clinic appointment June. I think this is a long process. NEG

          What does this mean?
          38    POSITIVE COMMENTS
          104   NEGATIVE COMMENTS
          16    NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Date: June 2010                                                                       Page number: 69 of 126
Appendix 3
Admission to a ward

Date: June 2010       Page number: 70 of 126
Have you been a patient or a relative/carer of a patient on a ward at the University
Hospital of North Staffordshire since 1st January 2009?

                      Yes                              169
                      No                               203

Approximate date of admission?
Of the people who were admitted to a ward, 93.8% answered this question

What patients said:
   November 2009                         8th September                     5th May 2009
   April 18th 2009                        2009                              April 2009
   January 2010                          07th January 2010                 12th March 2009
   24th July 2009                        May 2009                          August 2009
   29th July 2009                        14th November                     June 2009
   2nd November                           2009                              April 2009
   June                                  November 09                       2007
   December 7th 2009                     3rd November 2009                 October
   18th March 2010                       21st November 2007                28th March2010
   29th April 2009                       1st February 2010                 Feb 2009
   July 09                               January                           Feb 2009
   November 4th 2009                     February 10th 2009                April 2009
   November 11th                         August 29th 09                    Mid Sept 2009
      2009                                27th December 2009                13th December
   August                                22nd June 2009                     2009
   October                               15th February 2010                24th March 2010
   20th April 2009                       22nd September                    June 2009
   October 2009                           2009                              June 2009
   19th November                         Feb, May, June                    Sept 2009
      2009                                 2009                              17th September
   24th January 2010                     August 2007                        2009
   December 2009                         14th December 2009                10.09
   March 2009                            April 21st 2009                   13th November
   December 19                           September 2009                     2009
   19th February                         September 2009                    Nov 2009 and Feb
   September 4th                         October 2009                       2010
      2009                                May 2009                          1st March 2010
   10th August 2009                      26th March 2010                   16th Jan 2010
   23rd February 2010                    11th February 2010                August
   13th February 2009                    March1996                         July 09
   October 2009                          At present                        17th September
   23rd February 2010                    5th June2003                       2009

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 71 of 126
         8th January 2010                 February 2009           October 2009
         12th March 2010                  June 2009               September 2009
         21st December                    March 5th 2009          March 2010
         12th December 2009               November 2009           19th May 2010
         27th February 2010               October 2009            October 2009
         April 2009                       January                 6/6/2010
         09th January 2010                September, 2009         6/6/2010
         21st February 2010               March 2009              16/4/10
         September 2nd                    27th February 2010      2/4/10
          2009                             October 2009            June
         September 2009                   15th January 2010       15th January, 2009
         22 April 2010                    2008                    Sept 21 09. Dec 27
         14th July 2009                   February                 09. Feb 10.
         March 2010                       July 2009               2009
         20th October 2009                25th February2010       5th June
         October 2009                     5th April2010           24th May 2010
         6th January 2010                 May 2009                24th Feb 2010
         26th April 2010                  January 8th             17th February 2009
         March                            18th November           April 2009
         22nd February 2010                2009                    April 2010
         August 2008                      Jan - March 2010        19 December 2009
         December 2009                    Late February 2010      March 2009
         July 2009                        Dec 08 -Jan 09          February 2009
         12th March, 15th                 29th December 2009      7/5/2010
          April & 18th May                 12th May 2010           20/1/2009
          2010                             September 2009
         15th April 2010                  2006
         February 2009                    March 2009
         February 10th

What does this mean?
People admitted prior to January 2009              8
January 2009                                       2
February 2009                                      13
March 2009                                         9
April 2009                                         12
May 2009                                           6
June 2009                                          7
July 2009                                          7
August 2009                                        6
September 2009                                     12
October 2009                                       10
November 2009                                      14
December 2009                                      10
January 2010                                       12
February 2010                                      13
March 2010                                         8

Date: June 2010                                                      Page number: 72 of 126
April 2010                                       4
May 2010                                         3
June 2010                                        3

In which ward were you a patient? (Or a relative / carer of a
Of the people who were admitted to a ward, 92.4% answered this question

What patients said:
   78 & 123 & bucknall                  Wards100 - 102 -                   Ward 12
      hospital                            107                                Can't remember
   Heart Attack Centre                  Ward 21/86                         Ward 73
   Ward 76                              Ward 121                           Surgical assessment
   Ward 123                             Wards 18 to 72                     Surgical day ward
   Ward 21 -2 days,                      or73                               Ward 112
      Ward 122 - City 3                  Ward 105                           Parish Buildings
      weeks                              Ward 102                           Harplands Hospital
   Ward 124                             Ward 124                           Ward 18
   Ward 19                              New Oncology                       Wards 78 and 79
   Ward 18 or 19                        Surgical                           HAC/76
   Ward 71                              Ward 72                            Ward 108
   Ward 76                              Ward 71                            Orthopaedic day
   Ward 100/109                         Ward 121                            ward
   Ward107                              Cardiology                         Ward 124
   Ward 10 Stroke                       Ward 12                            WRU
   Patient for cataract                 Ward 105                           High Dependency
      preparation                        Ward 103                            Ward
   Surgical                             Orthopaedic 122                    Ward 21
   Ward 24                              High dependancy                    Ward 103
   Eye ward 5                            ward                               Ward 121
   Ward 103                             Short stay                         Ward 6
   Ward 108                             Ward 100/01                        Ward 1 Neurology
   Can't remember                       Orthopeadic ward                   Gynaecology
   Ward 81                              Can't remember                     Ward 12
   Ward 21 then Ward                    A&E                                Ward 117
      103                                Forest Ward                        Day hospital
   Ward 64                              Ward 3 Harplands                   Ward 74
   Ward 70                               Hospital                           Ward 108
   Ward 80                              Ward 108                           Ward 105
   Ward 105                             Ward 4 Harplands                   Heart attack centre
   Ward 102                             Ward 1,2,4                          then transferred to
   Ward 24                              Ward 70                             a ward
   Room 14, Nuffield                    Patient                            Ward 124
      Hospital                           Orthopaedic                        Coronary care

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 73 of 126
         Ward 124                      Ward 81                 Ward 124
         Ward 107 I think              Ward 19                 108-109
         Hysterectomy Ward             Ward 76                 Ward 11
          72?                           Ward 21                 Ward 107
         Ward 121                      Childrens               Ward 201
         Ward 19                       Ward 117                101/102/103.107
         Ward 105                      Ward 101                Ward 84
         Ward 22 then ward             Ward 85                 Ward 205
          64                            Ward 117                Ward 76
         Ward 12                       105,107 and 109         Ward 205
         Spent 1 night in              Ward 113                Short Stay
          recovery room and             Heart wards near        102-105
          sent to Bradwell               MAU                     Ward 23
         Ward 101                      MRA 18 & 84             Ward 117
         Ward 15 Eye Clinic            Older persons ward      Ward 106
         Ward 102                      DAY SURGERY nspd        Wards 101 and 108
         Ward 19                       Sept 108/Dec            AEU
         Gyneacology                    22/Feb 123              Ward 21
         September 2009                ENT                     Ward 12
         Ward 117                      MRC 18                  Mr Abids ward
         Cardiothoracic                Cardiology               (surgical ward)
         Ward 77                        Day/Recovery            Cardiology (west
         Heart attack centre           Maternity                building)
         Ward 72                       Relative                105/108
         Ward 201                      Ward 124 I think        Day Hospital and
         Ward 78                        plus surgical            CGH ward overnight
         Ward 12                        assessment unit

What does this mean?

Non-UHNS sites                  9                      103                  4
Non-recordable                  15                     105                  7
                                                       106                  1
5 – WARD                        1                      107                  8
6                               1                      108                  6
10                              1                      109                  2
11                              1
12                              1
18                              4                      112                  1
19                              5                      113                  1
21                              6                      117                  5
22                              1                      121                  3
23/Neurology                    2
24                              2                      122                  2

Date: June 2010                                                   Page number: 74 of 126
64                           2                            124                            7
70                           2                            201                            2
                                                          205                            2
71                           2                            Heart attack                   3
                                                          Day Hospital                   1
72                           4                            A&E                            1
73                           3                            Forest Ward                    1
74                           1                            Coronary care                  1
76                           5                            Orthopaedic                    3
77                           1                            Paediatric                     1
78                           3                            Eye Clinic                     1
79                           1                            Older persons                  1
80                           1                            High Dependency                2
81                           2                            Maternity                      1
84                           2                            Cataract                       1
85                           1                            Cardiology                     4
86                           1                            Surgical                       6
100                          3                            AEU                            1
101                          4                            Oncology                       1
102                          4                            Gynaecology                    2
                                                          ENT                            1

Was the ward cleaned regularly and thoroughly?
                          Yes                           135
                          No                            24
                          Further Comments              45

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     On ward for 5 days - eyes itchy, sore & watering after floor cleaning (Heart Attack Centre,
     'Ken' was thorough (Wd 76, 1/10)
     I think the cleaners did their best
     Very good cleaner called Joan            (Ward 124(
     Sort of
     Daily, not just floor cleaning, curtain rails, lockers, window sills, door frames, curtains
        changed                                (Ward 76, 4/09)
     Seemed to be didn’t see any cleaning during visiting
     Had to have deep cleaners in at one point but regular cleaning was good
     Under bed was dirty
     Ward 21's toilets were awful and one member of staff was very lax with hygiene on the
        ward. Seldom mopped due to shortage of staff
     They take the water jugs away for cleaning and refilling but always leave the lids
     Floor surfaced cleaned only - no real effort. Top surfaces not cleaned/dusted.
        toilets/showers, little more than items wiped over. (Wd 102, 10/09)

Date: June 2010                                                                Page number: 75 of 126
         It was mopped regularly
         No
         I was only there for 4 hours
         But she needed to work faster she was so slow. If I worked that slow my boss would go mad
         dusty in places           (Wd 12 trauma)
         When bowel blockage relieved was embarrassed sitting on commode with curtain around
          bed                        (Wd 100/101)
         Dirty bedside cabinet, dirty floors, I bled on the floor and it was still there three days after
          when I left
         Several staff were doing different jobs throughout each day & all curtains, hangings etc were
          also changed regularly
         Ward 4
         Better than last time but visitors were not asked to use hand sanitiser and blood left on the
          curtains                    (Orthopaedic)
         Didn't notice - side room
         Blood, clear liquid on floor from relative as she left wet.       (Parish Buildings0
         I was admitted at 7.20am- went to theatre at 8.40am - went home at 6.45pm.
         I never saw any cleaning on ward in February                       (Ward 124)
         Ward was clean, did not observe any cleaning being done             (Ward 6)
         Very clean, very thorough                                            (Ward 1)
         There seemed to be one woman who knew how to clean properly - the rest push around a
          filthy mop                                                            (Ward 74, 1/10)
         Cleaning went on but there were insufficient cleaners                  (Ward 108)
         But I did not like the way of cleaning
         My locker was not dusted while I was in (1 week)                        (Ward 19, 4/10/)
         Not as often as should have been                                         (Wards 22 and 64)
         Felt ward was not clean - washing facilities dirty                        (Ward 19)
         Spotless clean                                                            (Ward 77, 3/09)
         Exceptionally clean                                                       (Ward 201)
         I didn't see anyone cleaning but it was very clean                        (Childrens)
         Dirty, dirty, dirty                                                        (Ward 85, 5/09)
         Bedside lockers were never wiped over in 10 days
         The floor edges in the toilets were cracked and broken it could have been cleaner
         Clean and cheerful. The ward was nice and quiet. Building interior was clean, airy and bright.
          (Ward 201, 9/09)
         The procedure from the medical staff throughout (Excellent (Ward 12 12/09) POS
         Cleanest wards I’ve seen anywhere on the complex. (Cardiology West Building.) POS

What does this mean?
      7       NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 76 of 126
Were you treated with both dignity and respect at all times?
                          Yes                          132
                          No                           30
                          Further Comments             37

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     Stabilisation treatment carried out extremely quickly and effectively
     One ward nurse & 2 bed making staff (one of which was a tattooed man) should not be in
        the nursing profession                       (Ward 76, 1/10)
     Nurses were very busy but did their best        (Ward 124, 11/09)
     Can't fault the little devils. They were my mates for 3 weeks, love em to bits!
     No, one auxiliary nurse on nights at ward 103 was bullying and rude and kept enforcing her
        religious views
     Whilst receiving directed attention - but it always appeared forced rather than a natural
        stance                                          (Ward 102)
     Different messages/actions than advised
     Not at all
     Most of the staff on ward 102 were very good and helped me through my stay as I am
        hospital phobic!
     Except once by a pt night nurse               (Surgical Ward0
     Told I had beat the waiting list as though I had planned my illness when I was in great pain
     The Drs and staff were fantastic
     At all times
     Nurses too busy to help
     Didn't feel they respected her much              (Parish Buildings)
     Felt like a nuisance and treated like an idiot
     I was treated very well
     An auxiliary nurse (in mauve) actually said I could get up and dressed and I hadn't even seen
        a physio at all                                 (Ward 124)
     Always listened to and well cared for              (Ward 1)
     My 84 yr old dad was very poorly and although there were some excellent nurses, there
        were some very rude and potentially negligent ones.         (Ward 74)
     Felt I was judged by staff without knowing all the facts (Ward 124)
     No introductions were made. Patients were brought in by porters and just left
     Wonderful staff                                                 (Ward 19)
     The nurses were great                                            (Ward 12)
     My bed was next to a window by main corridor                      (Ward 19)
     Excellent                                                         (Gynae Ward)
     Left in faeces, soaking wet bed                                    (Ward 85)
     On the whole. The wards need more support around diversity

Date: June 2010                                                                 Page number: 77 of 126
         My grandfather insisted on using the bathroom and was constantly asked to wear
          incontinent pads and as a result he has become incontinent. Now he is home we are having
          to retrain him in how to use the bathroom facilities.
         A nurse on helping me to the toilet following surgery asked if I was sure I walked without
          sticks at home! When I told her I walked into the office in Hanley every day. She expressed
          surprise that I still worked!
         Excellent care and attention from all staff
         We arrived at the time we were told to be there and were told to sit and wait for two hours
          without a drink or any information. People waiting for another ward were offered drinks.
          We also asked about food but my wife did not receive anything. We were ignored, I had to
          ask several times to find out what was going on. I had to take most of a day off work because
          it took nearly four hours from arrival for my wife to be admitted. Still not as bad as a man
          who arrived at 2.00pm and was still waiting

         Needed help with toileting. Waiting too long for attention 15-20 mins. (Ward 107/ 10/09)
         At first – no – but now he is- because a staff nurse thought he had Alzheimers – but he
          hasn’t. First language not English sorted out by daughter. ( ward 84. 6/10)
         Staff were pleasant and efficient. Staff smart and clean (uniform makes a difference) POS
         Staff overworked no time to inform us of things (Ward 21, 3/20)               NEG
         Staff fully committed to making stay as comfortable as practicable. (Cardiology)

What does this mean?
      14       POSITIVE COMMENTS
      22       NEGATIVE COMMENTS
      1        NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Were you satisfied with your medical treatment?
                            Yes                          138
                            No                           24
                            Further Comments             43

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     First class staff, always available and willing & helpful

Date: June 2010                                                                    Page number: 78 of 126
         Dr Satchi my consultant was absolutely marvellous. His team also - one nurse (J Brough) care
          nurse, S Goodhouse and G Timmis & J Furber deserve medals
         Mr Sim and his team were excellent and was very grateful they lengthened my leg as I was
          limping before
         Excellent from both consultants
         Not enough was given by nurses or some carers
         impressed with the care routine
         Cor! Mr Lim! almost worth a serious injury just to meet him. He and his staff were so
          concerned and professional at all times. I owe them
         worried about infection though
         On ward 21 my MRI kept being delayed and the various 'round' consultants each morning
          were annoyed it. Then they wanted to send me to a general ward. Neuro stopped this as I
          would not have had the MRI
         Physio not told of being deaf and partially sighted
         Clinicians not prepared to accept/understand this patient had a lot of L/T experience and
          knowledge - this impeded treatment.
         Emphasis was put on private care
         Signed myself out after 3 days
         The 2 consultants Mrs C Hall and Mr C Redman were amazing. I can't praise them enough.
          One of the agency nurses performed a simple procedure on me and got it very wrong
         I was told to be there by 8am and I did not get on to the ward until after 3pm (Ward 12
         Not fully explained to exactly what would happen in surgery. I was talked over as though I
          was not there when discussing treatment at bedside
         Everyone was helpful
         Always
         Wasn't given crutches, when clearly needed. Doctor didn't know which leg he was operating
         After 3rd time
         It was a weekend & only time I've felt not listened to by doctors.
         She was left bleeding, puffing on legs, wet towels, no water at times     (Parish Buildings)
         When asked for help it took ages to get anyone to see me
         All staff were extremely helpful
         Mr McBride did my operation - excellent work & gentleman                (Day ward Ortho)
         The 2nd operation was better than the 1st one. The anaesthetist had no respect when
          asking about my medication, he didn't draw the curtains and was talking very loudly (Ward
         Again well listened to and respected             (Ward 1)
         My dad suffered a lot and I feel he was not looked after appropriately. He was dying but
          being treated for something that wasn't going to go away which extended his suffering
          (Ward 74)
         The MRSA test was done in A&E and not when I left            (Ward 19)
         I put yes but would of liked when taking blood pressure and temperature from patient to
          patient, for nurse to spray hands.                           (Ward 102)
         Very good liason with doctors                                 (Gynae Ward)
         Not informed                                                   (Ward 21)
         Drips were empty                                               (Ward 85)

Date: June 2010                                                                   Page number: 79 of 126
         Doctor requested a scan to see the damage, the radiologist decided that she would just x-
          ray instead which was prolonged recovery, it was around 5 pm on a friday afternoon
         Procedures were accurately followed
         Nursing standards not good. Not caring and most of the time hidden away in the office. Too
          little time with patients
         No one asked how I felt after surgery, just once I was asked about my pain levels so
          appropriate medicines could be given.
         Prompt first class attention. Couldn’t fault it. ( Ward 201, 9/09)       POS
         Some wards better than others. Some more organised than others.          NEU
         Although the physiotherapy ladies were too quick to give instructions after op. ( Ward 124,
          5/10)                                                                  NEG
         I have a pacemaker and the consultant at the time wanted me to have a MRI which I can’t
          have. ( Ward 23; 2/09)                                                 NEG
         All treatment carried out as previously discussed.

  What does this mean?
       15      POSITIVE COMMENTS
       23      NEGATIVE COMMENTS
       4       NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Were you provided with sufficient information at all ages during
your stay?
                            Yes                          119
                            No                            43
                            Further Comments             38

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     More or less
     My discharge day was upsetting. My medical card was taken to pharmacy mid morning
        which meant I was without pain relief until 6.30pm. I was very distressed
     Sometimes it was assumed i knew about my treatment, therefore when not sure I asked
     As a carer no info was given
     But that is no reflection as I was on strong morphine and out of it most of the time
     It was my mums first ever stay in hospital and I feel that she would have been less
        scared/confused if staff had taken the time to explain things to her more
     Discharge was not as Doctor first suggested

Date: June 2010                                                                   Page number: 80 of 126
         No - I kept being told to get ready for my MRI and then it didn't happen. It took 7 days to get
          the MRI
         No information given - had to chat to a passing doctor to find information out
         Because of forced answers
         Unaware of what was happening (various diagnoses)
         Not at all
         The Drs talked to me very polite and helpful
         Sent home with no info on general lifestyle do's and don't post operatively. No follow up
         I had to ask
         My father was the patient and we had difficulty getting info
         Again only time I’ve felt this way. Doctors kept saying our son had a 'bug'. We knew it was
          due to change in anti-epileptic meds and felt completely ignored and patronised by female
          doctor on duty.
         Very little was said - she died in the ward, not expected to die.
         No visit on either operation from consultant or nursing staff to tell you what had been done
         Everything explained well, even if changed were often made & timescales unable to be
          adhered to.
         The only way to obtain information was to constantly keep asking and also having to be a
          nuisance to actually find things out.
         Waited a long time for discharge information, also can wait a long time for medication from
         I had to keep asking, was left alone most of the time
         Ward closed most of the time, not enough information
         There was not a lot of help after I was discharged. I had a bad infection in my stitches rang
          0845 4647 only to be told to ring my own doctor
         No staff available until stern words were administered by myself
         Staff know less than we did, very poor communication
         We had to ask everytime and it was not that clear.
         When her glasses and hearing aid went missing the staff did not notice
         I was severley told off for looking at my notes following surgery. I had assumed private and
          confidential included me as they were about me and until admission they had been left in
          my safe keeping anyway.
         No idea about what was happening or what the delay was
         Only when asking staff
         We have been kept informed and up to date with all procedures and medication. (Ward 11,
          09/09)                                                                     POS
         Only when the family asked. (Ward 76, 4/10)                                 NEU
         Did not receive information about ward routine or facilities. (Ward 205, 4/10) NEG
         I did find it difficult to obtain information about my father (what was going on) in one ward.
         The consultant kept changing his mind (Ward 23; 2/O 9)                              NEG
         Fully informed at all stages from admission to discharge. (Cardiology)              POS
           What does this mean?
          5        POSITIVE COMMENTS
          32       NEGATIVE COMMENTS
          0        NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 81 of 126
Were you satisfied with the food?
Yes                            74
No                             64
Further Comments               85

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     Food good in Bucknall Hospital but not in University Hospital
     Only enough varied main meals for the beds occupied - hence one's position on the ward
        meant it was take it or leave it! A large packet of crisps with sandwiches? not the ideal diet
     A lot of the meals were 'stuck to the plate'. The potatoes were instant mash, vegetables
        were frozen. Food supposed to be sourced locally (60%), why does it not say grown and
        harvested & meat reared locally. sauce can mean bought at Tesco!
     Food was very poor quality. Suffered hypo within 2 hors of main meal - worst food ever
     Lukewarm and not very appetising most of the time
     Vegetarian
     Cooked food was hot, plenty of drinks
     Most times i was nil food, but the odd meals i had were reasonable
     Food was tasteless, sandwiches dry
     Fair
     As much as documented and even on midlands today, I most certainly was not
     No need for food, day patient 4 hours
     Hardly at anything during stay
     Inedible
     The sandwiches were awful. I had my friend bringing me in snacks
     Diabetic selection same every few weeks
     Very poor standard and inedible
     Main meal @1pm -delivered to ward dayroom at 11.50am and left overheated to dry out.
        Menu system was not wholly followed
     My mother has been too ill to eat yet
     The food was fine but I had difficulty in swallowing owing to a throat infection
     Frozen sandwiches/small amounts/poor quality - presentations
     Hungry at times because: bland. Good choice but most items had unpleasant after taste eg
        cereal, toast, jam. Soup good generally, some sandwiches ok.
     No choice as only overnight - very poor quality
     There was an issue with the food served on the ward. It was always cold by the time it
        reached my end of the ward and so I lived off sandwiches and salads which were all quite
     Disgusting!
     The food was edible but that was all I could say for it

Date: June 2010                                                                    Page number: 82 of 126
         I was a day patient but adequate refreshments were provided throughout
         When I finally got it as they kept me waiting all day without any food and I was only allowed
          to drink when I had my medication at teatime
         Not appetizing or quality
         When I could eat I ordered a soup and it was not bought. I was asked if I wanted a drink and
          they forgot it. A meal was bought for me just as I was leaving!
         I could not have any food because of illness
         always ok
         Excellent choices - vegetables nicely cooked & lots of different recipes
         Carer to out patient
         A cheese sandwich was given to me as my first order after regaining conciousness. I had
          been dehydrated for 18 hours then given the dryest food possible.
         Not very satisfactory, cold and not very nice
         It was not good at all
         Ok
         Couldn't cater for coeliac condition
         Disgusting
         Terrible
         She said it was good but not enough to drink
         Didn't eat anything
         Was given a list of food, some of which was not suitable for a crohn's sufferer that has just
          undergone intestinal surgery. The food I did ask for was not available and so the nurses gave
          the go ahead for family and friends to bring meals in for me.
         One day in ward 79 4 patients refused lunch which was served because the food was not
          what was ordered. We saw catering manager, no different after, we had no lunch that day
         Garbage! Simples
         Was not allowed cups of tea from the tea trolley. Apparently they are not for day patients!
         Soup like water, sandwiches frozen on edges, warm in middle. Poor quality not up to health
          and safety standards.
         Only had a drink as I wasn't there for meals
         Turkey dinner, sandwiches everything was very good
         was not fed
         Fairly poor, but dad wasn't able to eat lunch so wasn't really an issue
         I was unable to eat the food provided. Senior managers should have meals out of the ward
         Cannot please everybody, would be better if supplied locally
         I missed evening meal due to surgery but I asked for something later, buttered
          toast/tea/selection of fruit and crisps were provided.
         Wasn't enough, not enough variety - caters for the elderly but no taste
         The food has no taste and not appetising
         The quality of everything was very poor
         You had to choose wisely to get a good one. When not well you do not function to do this
         Only in for a day
         The food could have been better
         Didn't have anything to eat
         Do not cater for vegetarian diets only one option
         Food was below standard
         Lacked taste and deserts very rubbery

Date: June 2010                                                                    Page number: 83 of 126
         Excellent food
         Had some difficulty chewing because of my false teeth
         Sometimes not always good food
         But it was a bit bland
         Alzheimer’s patient not given food or drink even when visitors present
         Patient not eating so can't really comment
         As my father had a language/cultural barrier the wards did not know how to deal with that
         Unappetising, no choice
         Tasteless sandwiches dry awful. I have seen better sick on plates. ( 3/10) NEG
         Not enough Hallal choice.                                                   NEG
         Food was awful. No taste. Not getting what was ordered. Lost weight whilst in hospital.NEG
         Very poor quality. Sandwiches dry and tasteless. Dinners again poor quality.NEG
         Don’t know.                                                                 NEU

         Very good                                                                      POS
         I did not have any meals due to being too ill to eat. I had toast and tea which was what I
          required.                                                                      POS
         Food was very good                                                            POS
         Dad is eating it. Nearly blind – does not have any help but manages.          NEU
         No taste; total rubbish                                                       NEG
         None offered                                                                  NEU
         Food was reasonable but little choice.                                        NEU
         Chose corned beef salad – corned beef very salty                              NEG

What does this mean?
      13       POSITIVE COMMENTS
      50       NEGATIVE COMMENTS
      22       NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Did you need any help to eat or drink and was this help given to
                            Yes                             34
                            No                              99
                            Further Comments                28

Date: June 2010                                                                     Page number: 84 of 126
Of the comments left, the patients said:
     Did not need help with food or drink, my speech was affected
     I was encouraged but family and friends bought food in for me. Julia does know about the
        problems and fair do's is doing things about it
     No help needed
     Did not need help with food or drink
     Needed to be chopped up
     Meals at the end of the bed - no attempt to help
     One of the nurses who bought me my food had to open the packets for me.
     I could not eat or drink because my tongue was too swollen
     Given help - couldn't cut food
     Not sufficient time spent with the patient
     Was able to do herself
     Again all staff were great
     Sylvia was immobile. She was not fed according to other patients in ward 62
     Yes needed help but this help wasn't really there - staff don't have the time for this.
     No help needed
     No help required
     I did not need any help and the food was awful
     Did not need help
     One time I was choking on some food but the staff ignored me although I was feeling
     Food and drink left on table, untouched when given
     By a relative
     I didn't need help
     My wife can't cut up her food up herself, there was no help for her
     I have poor mobility and Parkinson. My care plan was not acted on. I spilled food on the
        floor sometimes that the wife cleaned up at visiting time. (Ward 76, 4/10)NEG
     Food was very good.                                                        POS
     Family brought in food for me                                              NEG
     No I could eat myself                                                      NEU
     Following surgery nursing staff encouraged you to eat and drink            POS

What does this mean?
      3       NEUTRAL COMMENTS


Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 85 of 126
Were you kept informed about when you were likely to be
discharged and were adequate arrangements made?
                          Yes                          122
                          No                           38
                          Further Comments             47

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     My heart complaint was found to be terminal and I was discharged home on 15/02/2010
     I knew I would be in for at least a week but had to beg then to go home after 9 days
     Arrangement was very haphazard, suffered a lot of pain on discharge day
     No I was discharged in a hurry but services were in place
     Helpful with next day enquiries
     As a carer info was via patient
     A bit mixed up again. I was 'discharged' to Haywood and it would take a novel to tell you
        about that!
     I was told i was discharged then kept in, then they were going to discharge me without my
        CT scan
     Transferred to Bucknall
     After asking
     Mum was to be discharged Friday evening - but there would be no carer available for
        medicine etc. discharged following morning by ambulance, Very cold in ambulance - only
        wearing a thin jumper & cardigan - not offered a blanket. Ambulance staff not told of
        deafness or partially sighted - this after suffering pneumonia!!
     No invite to the ward phone for requesting carer. No discharge procedure evident.
     Too ill to think about this yet
     Made by my relatives
     None
     They had to wait for me to get over my coma and pneumonia
     My consultant told me he would move to oral from injection. Once he did I went home
     I decided to stay overnight because I was a little unwell, also I made my own way home.
     Left to husband to sort out
     Waiting for this
     Had to wait for medicine
     Had to insist on meeting with the consultant
     Family had to keep pestering
     Again only time felt ignored and just wanted us to go
     She died before discharge of ?? diabetic complication.
     Was allowed to go home early at my request
     I wanted to get Sylvia home to die. It took approx 6 weeks to get back-up. She finally came
        home and within a few days passed away
     The sister in charge kept me informed about everything
     Very hit and miss depending on physio's to visit. No offer to ring my relatives to fetch you,
        had to use mobile

Date: June 2010                                                                  Page number: 86 of 126
         Doctor said 'I could go home' system with services very slow. I ended up discharging myself
          but needed help ie I had broken leg and ankle. Eventually sorted services from my own
          home with help from my family
         Too long waiting for tablets
         Not really applicable - were advised eventually that he would be transferred to Bradwell
          Hospital, but it took a while for doctors to reach this conclusion
         Waited hours for discharge information, very stressful and frustrating
         It kept changing. Long delay in departure made me feel unwell
         not enough information on leaving and aftercare
         The staff contacted my son about discharge because I could not do that - being very deaf I
          can't use a phone
         Demanded that patient was discharged before he died on ward due to being ignored by staff
         Discharge came out of the blue and the patient was not well enough to be discharged
         She was transferred to the Haywood - lovely hospital
         I never knew one could feel so ill and still be sent home. My husband phones and was told
          she will be ready to go home by 7pm. When he phoned at 14.45 I was not back on the ward
          following gall bladder removal
         I found out my wife was being discharged a day early on my way to visit her
         Ongoing because needed doing
         We had to wait with our child operated from tonsillectomie that someone pass by for asking
         The medication sent home with was given without full explanation of what they were for.
          Felt that my father had been discharged too early.
         The Hospital Social Service Lady, Margaret Stuart, was a lot of help.
         Although due to my changes in well being this was frequently changed in my best interests.
         Had to keep asking when I was going home (Ward 23; 2.09)              NEG

What does this mean?


Was medication administered correctly and on time?
                                  Yes                             132
                                  No                              17
                                  Further Comments                24

Date: June 2010                                                                  Page number: 87 of 126
Of the comments left, the patients said:
     Too many tablets given all at the same time
     Sometimes it was late the night before was worse
     Don't know but suspect patient had to request
     Imagine the pain of childbirth (and we had a bad birth). You bet it was on time ouch!
     Because I involved myself in the management
     Hit and miss arrangement
     No
     I had to ask for them as they would not allow anything to drink
     Waiting for Dr/waiting for medication before discharge
     had to wait for medicine
     Not always appropriate medication
     don't know
     as far as I know
     I was told to self-medicate both times, they apparently don't have tramadol in the hospital
     Always
     I had to be constantly on the ball with his painkilling medication as dad was often in pain and
        the due dose not administered
     unable to answer this question
     Doctor was marvellous, didn't feel a thing
     Charts not filled out, drips empty
     Now – but not until I complained a new SN. So everything now has improved
     Sometimes night medication varied 8-12 (Wd 107 10/09)
     Too late or too early             (ward 23; 2/09)                  NEG
     None given                                                         NEG
     Also informed of what/how medication had changed and why. (Cardiology) POS

What does this mean?


The space below is for you to make any extra comments and
suggestions for improvements around ward experiences.
Of the people who filled out this section, only 58.3% wished to make a comment.

Date: June 2010                                                                  Page number: 88 of 126

Of the comments left, the patients said:
     Bucknall Hospital will be missed if they decide to close it
     More commodes required on ward 76 and another weighing machine needed along with
        more walk-in showers (only 1 on ward 76)
     Relied on family to bring in food to support the poor diet
     Bed too hard, also pillows. Had a minimum of 2 hours sleep every night. Occupational
        therapists and physios good.
     Due to lies regarding 'gross negligence' I would never be admitted to either NSRI or at City
     Too much chatter in theatre and outside theatre doors
     My experience as a hospital inpatient/outpatient prior to January 2009 was satisfactory
     Better discharge would be appreciated - info from patient not always reliable
     No pizzas, chips etc healthy stuff
     Staff need to spend more time talking to patients if they are worried about aspects of life on
        the ward - especially when restricted visiting times for relatives in operation
     I was once a patient at the UHNS - a victim pf gross negligence which was lied about for 7
        yrs, till I looked at m y medical notes
     On ward 21 elderly patients were left alone for hours, no tv etc, no outside contact often
        depressed and crying wanting a drink or food.
     Was very satisfied with the service provided
     I had a knee replacement which has healed beautifully but has left me with a numb left foot
        which no-one seems bothered about
     Had a long wait for review by vascular surgeons which ended up being an outpatient appt.
     Went into ward 105 before op, can't remember which ward no after op. Only one problem
        my property never arrived until the next day, but because I could not lift it or open it I asked
        if someone could help, this help was never really given. I had to wait until my visitors came
        to put my things in the locker. However I can understand the nurse not wanting to do this
        because if anything went missing she would have been blamed, but what would have
        happened if I had no visitors. One other item, I noticed that other people’s urine samples
        were not moved from the bathroom but left for a while. I went to the bathroom twice in the
        afternoon and they were still there. The approx time was 2 hours between visits.
     The staff on the ward have been wonderful to my mum and my family. Very attentive and
        caring for all mums needs
     I was admitted to Nuffield Hospital NUL for a hernia operation. At the hospital I contracted a
        throat infection maybe through having a tube in my throat to help my breathing
     Very good service
     Do not assume that = incapabability and lack of awareness
     Excellent ward with an experienced sister of many years standing. Follow up intermediate
        care arranged for 6 weeks - nurses and physiotherapists. This was excellent throughout
     Only time spoken to like I was there by Mr Green? Consultant. All other staff from Drs to
     Better catering services and less use of agency nurses.
     Since hospital catering was closed the food quality, volume, nutritional value is obsolete and
        hardly suitable for animals
     The only comments I make about Ward 71 was it was cold and at one end there was no??

Date: June 2010                                                                    Page number: 89 of 126
         I had a pacemaker inserted and everything was perfect and in my opinion could not have
          been bettered
         I had to wait until after lunch on the next day before I got my discharge papers and
         The nursing staff were excellent at all times
         Discharged home, readmitted to A&E as in organising pain. Called doctor who phoned for
          ambulance. At A&E could find nothing wrong....
         My father passed away we knew going to happen were not put in a side room for privacy
         Ward was fine a bit noisy at night though
         I was in A&E then Bay 24, the staff were great and they were very busy, but they just got on
          with the job.
         Not always enough staff to cope with full ward as several patients were under close
         I was assaulted by a nurse during my stay and nothing was done about it.
         Cleaning toilets on ward 4, Food
         Ward 70 is fantastic, all staff great - family
         I did send a letter to the catering management about the food
         More nurses and cleaners
         From our numerous visits, the staff at Cheethams are fabulous and no bad comments at all.
          But on weekend in Feb 09 I was not happy with the level of concern for our son by the
          doctors who kept saying he had a bug.
         A strong letter of complaint has been sent to CEO UHNS and copied to local MP, GP and
         Facilities for Sylvia to come home were installed in our home approx 3 weeks, used only for
          a few days (bed & commode)
         Good ward. staff, facilities, however other than breakfast all other food provided was of a
          poor, poor quality
         I can only praise the doctors, nursing staff, porters and domestic staff - what a time.
         There were no pillows to elevate my foot. We had to make do with folded blankets which
          hurt leg, I could go on....
         Lack of communication between doctors and staff, patient and carers.
         More staff, better food
         Very comfortable during my stay
         On admission my medical notes were missing
         Thank you Ward 1 for your totally professional conduct and caring happy nature. We
          appreciate it!
         Most impressed with all staff and treatment
         Care services like hospital services are excellent when you eventually receive them (I
          normally live alone normally but had to have help). I am most grateful for the NHS and its
          services and staff
         All day waiting for pharmacy
         Insufficient caring nursing staff. Too many nursing staff 'doing a job' - I thought nursing was a
          caring occupation - some of them are in the wrong job. I found the conditions largely
          intolerable and I dread to be hospitalised myself
         The television reception was very poor. The nursing staff's skills were of high standard
         The doctor explained the procedure thoroughly stating that I could change my mind at any
          time before the op.
         Overall treatment is excellent especially emergency part of the service

Date: June 2010                                                                       Page number: 90 of 126
         Admittance 7.30 am, no food from midnight but surgery was at 3.30pm. Would it have been
          possible to have last food later and admit later?
         My husband experienced 3 hospital acquired infections during a 3 week stay in coronary
          care. My complaints were ignored
         The cleaner was a hard working woman, but there was no fresh clean smell when it was
         On the whole very good care, nurses over worked, need more. When cleaning beds pulled
          forward would help to clean under them. Bins should have lift lid as well as foot pedal
         Everything was great when my boy was in hospital but he didn't like the food.
         Everything ok
         Staff on wards always attentive and pleasant. Tea ladies lovely & friendly. well done!
         I was only in for about 1 hour each time for eye injections but was very satisfied with
         I did not see any hospital staff wash their hands on the ward, considering some staff had
         I was so uncomfortable I discharged myself from ward 19. A mistake as I Iater had to be
          readmitted. I also contracted MRSA
         I was treated with respect and felt that this helped my swift recovery
         The staff on the wards and at cardiology were very helpful and pleasant, nothing too much
         I had superb care both in ward 117 and at Longton Cottage Hospital
         In my opinion I could not have been treated any better if I had paid to go private
         Generally I found the staff to be very nice and pleasant towards me.
         71 needs to be tidy
         A 92 yr old neighbour discharged in the evening, no after care in place no discharge letter. If
          he was completely alone he would have taken wrong medication
         On previous occasions we have been kept waiting for discharge due to pharmacy dispensing
          - this isn't acceptable
         There was no light bulb in one of the toilets and no window, the shower was out of use for
          the four days I was in there
         Close this ward or get staff that actually care about its patients!
         The discharge letter which we received a week later stated that the patient was discharged
          with antibiotics, we were not provided with any. If the patient had had the scan he would
          not have ended up in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Recovery is still ongoing and he will
          have a damaged lung for life, thanks to the radiologist. Further action will be taken.
         Poor understanding of diversity leading to poor service. Confidential case notes and files of
          other patients left in public areas for people to read. Tatty approach to customer/patient
          experience. No recognition of culture and language barriers
         Once my grandfather was moved to ward 84 we saw a rapid decline in his temperament,
          mood and energy levels. When he became frustrated because he wanted to use the
          bathroom he was sedated. We made the decision to discharge him from the ward as we
          were told we were waiting for paperwork before he could come home. His problem has not
          entirely disappeared but we are trying to find him the vest services in the area to support
          him and my grandmother and their health.
         Mother-in-law's glasses, digital hearing aid and watch were stolen/went missing. We
          complained and nothing was done, complained again 6 weeks later, found out nothing was
          time by the time it had been responded to she had died, so hospital said it would not pay
          any compensation as she suffered no loss. Her last few weeks were pretty miserable as a

Date: June 2010                                                                      Page number: 91 of 126
          result but this hospital could not have cared less. She finally died at Haywood on Boxing day
          2008. The staff could not have been kinder or ore caring. You'll probably ignore these
          comments as it was before January 2009 but we were still delayed with the hospital trying to
          get redress.
         I was told to get myself dressed and ready to go home following my trip to the toilet. When I
          said I wasn't sure if I could cope I was told to sit on the bed and call if I really needed help
         My experience at the cardiology dept was excellent both in terms of staff and medical care
         None only to improve standards of food from 2006 to December 2009, nothing has
          improved just generally declined
         Your staff seem to be focussed on the medical issue and do not deal with the whole person.
          Food is important to service users but not to your staff. I've seen people who cannot feed
          themselves have food put in front of them and then taken away later with no attempt to
          help them eat or even a query as to why nothing has been eaten. My wife has had a very
          bad stroke, she can't speak or write and she doesn't understand everything that is said to
          her. She can be very frightened when she is amongst strangers she is very vulnerable and
          almost totally disempowered. I do not feel that staff are aware of the difficulties that she has
          because all they think of is the medical procedures that they are going to do.
         The nurses worked very hard but extra pressure was added to them as they were not
          allowed to have mixed ward. Only 2 men in that day, not enough beds in womens section
          therefore 6 empty wasted beds. (M/Wd 124/ 5.10.)                                  NEG
         I had 4 falls during my stay on ward 76. So in the end was confined to bed. I broke my wrist
          after my 4th fall. The plaster fell off, my wrist was not x ray or replasted before discharged.
         The commitment and dedication of all staff on the ward is unsurpassable. A first class ward
          with the best of care. (Ward11/ 9/09)                                           POS
         My father died on the last Ward. One complaint I would make is that he was only in hospital
          for 4 weeks and was on 4 different wards which was very upsetting for him. (Wds
          101/102/103/107; 10/09)                                                         NEG
         Very clean ( wd 205; 6/10)                                                      POS
         The layout of the rooms off the corridor made it difficult to see staff due to the curve of the
          corridor. More visiting time needed- currently only 1 hour afternoon and one a half hours
          evening. (Wd. 201; 09/09)                                                       NEG
         How are people to get better when food is so bad. Many don’t eat but don’t complain. A
          short stay is not way to find out about food ask longstay. (Wd 107)             NEG
         Staff on wd 84 are brilliant. Need staff dealing with psychiatric patients – all have alzheimers.
          (6/10)                                                                          POS
         From the cleaner to the doctor they were very good. They were all helpful (Ward 117; 2/10)
         Perhaps I am living too long. I was moved to Bradwell where I was treated with respect, to
          say that my relatives were disgusted at the state in infirmary and the C/General.
         After several hours of no information my uncle discharged himself. He need further
          treatment. (Ward 21, 3/10)                                                       NEG
         The staff and care I received from the AEU was brilliant. I could not have got better care and
          attention.                                                                       POS
         Follow up from GP afterwards was nonexistent even though the hospital had informed GP of
          admission /Procedure.                                                            NEU
         Mr Abid was a great surgeon. He was well mannered and had time for his patience. He made
          me feel as if I                                                                  POS

Date: June 2010                                                                       Page number: 92 of 126
         The cardiology service/team are first class                           POS
         Surgery on morning of 7/5/2010- discharged 8/5/2020. Very happy with care received POS

What does this mean?


Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 93 of 126
Appendix 4
Patient Opinion extracts

Date: June 2010            Page number: 94 of 126
The LINk is about collecting views and opinions from a range of sources about peoples
experiences of local health and social care services.

Below are the details from of comments from either patients,
carers or relatives of services provided by University Hospital of North Staffordshire
between January 2009 and June 2010.

These comments have been coded either; positive / negative or neutral in the same way as
previous comments that were collected in the ‘Tell Us’ survey.

For more information about Patient Opinion, please see their website.

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), Last month
What I liked
Very friendly staff who put me at ease, could ask any questions, very clean wards, my
operation went ahead early which was great
What could be improved?
Signage to the ward, was difficult to find. Also needs to be a better 'pick up' area outside
for patients
Anything else?
I recently went into UHNS for surgery on the day ward. This is the second time I have been
in the space of a year and the staff have always been excellent. Staff put me at ease
straight away and I felt comfortable for my entire stay, nothing was too much trouble.
There were plenty of staff for the number of patients on the ward and all patients were
seen to promptly if necessary. The ward was spotlessly clean aswell. The care is excellent
and the hospital should be proud of its staff and the care it offers

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 2 months ago
What I liked
The staff were very friendly (as usual) I was kept informed about what was happening at all
What could be improved?
I really do not think anything on my visit could have been improved. However the only
critism is that it is very difficult to park - but this is no worse than any other hospital I have
had to go to over the past couple of years and it must be very difficult for everyone to find
a parking space.
Anything else?
I was quite nervous having to see another consultant after being looked after by another
one for many years. I need not have worried as he was very nice, professional and actually
told me what was wrong after many years of being unsure. Even if a cure isn't available just
knowing symptoms can be treated make you feel better

Date: June 2010                                                                Page number: 95 of 126
Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 2 months ago
What I liked
As always the level of treatment (when received) was, and is, of the highest quality and I
have no complaint about this. The Staff nurse in the small unit just to the back of A&E was
very helpful and the 2 physios who saw my mum were both very helpful and very
What could be improved?
We were left in the A & E dept on a trolley for 2 hours and then moved into the fracture
clinic for a further 3 hours before being seen by a doctor.
We had to ask what was happening many times before a doctor from A & E was brought to
Anything else?
I understand that the A & E Department was very busy when we arrived by ambulance and
that my mum's injuries were non-life threatening. I also know that in the past my Dad has
been treated with extreme haste on arrival, but to be left for 5 hours with no word or
treatment is not good enough. I don't think we would have been seen when we were if we
had not asked repeatedly

Posted by Karen (as the patient), 3 months ago
What I liked
Everything was excellent, Doctors & nurses who were respectful of each other as well as
patients. Who genuinely cared and who ensured I understood all aspects of my care. Well
Done to an excellent team who restored my faith in the NHS.
What could be improved?

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 3 months ago
What I liked
Little to recomend it.
What could be improved?
Medical information. I was only told the minimum that I needed to know. Was told I had a
disease that I did not have.
Anything else?
expect to be kept waiting for up to an hour at the pharmacy

Posted by SBennett (as the patient), 3 months ago
What I liked

Date: June 2010                                                           Page number: 96 of 126
Great treatment at Accident and Emergency. Staff were really friendly and explained
everything to me. Ward 19 at Royal Infirmary was excellent. I saw my Consultant every day
during my stay. Nurses were great and so were the health care workers. The Cleaners
worked very hard. The theatre staff were very proffesional and explained everything to
What could be improved?
The food I wouldn't give to my dog. But I am a fussy eater.
Anything else?
A big thank you to everyone who looked after me during my stay in hospital. I would also
like to say that Denise who is a health care worker on ward 19 does a great job. David who
takes care of the tea trolley also does a fantastic job and is very caring to the patients.
What a great hospital I can't thank you enough

Posted by gary day (as a relative), 3 months ago
What could be improved?
i was disgusted with practices that i seen whilst visiting a service user of mine in the Majors
Department, i witnessed a cleaner putting a mop into a handwashing sink wetting the mop
under the tap to clean the floor, also the toilet according to the sheet on the wall hadnt
been cleaned for 4 days - the toilet bowl was covered in feaces there was dried urine stains
on the floor and the extractor fan was thick with dust, it makes you wonder why our
hospital has so many infections ?

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 4 months ago
What I liked
I had a day surgery procedure, Gall bladder removal. This was arrange on a Saturday to
help the waiting list.
What could be improved?
I found the actual surgery no problem, the surgical staff were helpful and professional,
however the nursing care after surgery was poor, no regular contact, little interest and a
shift change made me feel abandoned. I recieved no advice on diet or precautions after my
operation and left the hospital the same evening with a large bag of medicines, just in case
I needed them. ( I took very few of the tablets given and returned the bulk of them to my
local chemist some weeks later). As this was my first experience of a hospital ward as a
patient I was impressed with the actual treatment but less pleased with the after care.
Anything else?
The attention to detail from the nursing staff was poor, I also was found reading MY notes
and told in no uncertain terms that they were not for me to see

Posted by Chantelle Anderson (as the patient), 4 months ago
What could be improved?
I am absolutely disgusted in the way that I was or should I say was not treated when I was
kept in hospital over night. I am a high risk patient who is 31 weeks pregnant. I was

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 97 of 126
admitted because I had a bit of bleeding bellow. After I was admitted I was given a
alternative to my proscribed tablets which did not work at all, my fragmen injection which I
was should to have at 7.30pm was not given to me till around 12.30am. About 20 minutes
later I heard a nurse come round the ward offering the other two ladies pain killers and
switching there lights off and asking them if there was anything that they needed before
they went to sleep. This nurse did not come any were near my cubical, offer me anything
or turn off my light which I didn't know how to switch off my self. No nurse or midwife
came to check on me all night. The next morning after I had eaten my breakfast and I had
seen the doctor who asked me if I wanted to stay. obviously my answer was no, it took 3
hours for some one to write in my green book so then I could go home.
I am absolutely disgusted that this is how high risk patents are treated when told that they
need to be kept in over night.

Posted by Anonymous (as a relative), 4 months ago
What I liked
my daughter recently required care on the 23rd Feb via A&E & Ward 106. I would ike my
comments passed onto everyone involved that the level of service and care provided was
superb. The staff who treated my daughter through a traumatic event (for her) given she is
only 3.5yrs old made it a seamless process & whose obvious priority was the care of my
child and that at no time was she distressed. The NHS doesnt always get good press but i
can honestly say everytime i have used the North Staffs Hospital the service provided by
your staff has been nothing but first class. So we would like to say a huge thank you

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 4 months ago
What I liked
the timely manner in which i was assessed in Aand E was absolutely fantastic.The staff
could not do enough for me, the care was second to none.Please pass on my
congratulations to the staff who never forgot to communicate with me, treated me like a
human being,and cared for me so well.
What could be improved?
the only critisism was the lenght of time i waited for a bed, it was 30 hours in total before i
left A and E,very uncomfortable and trying to sleep with the intercom going all night was
difficult.However i do understand that there was a pressure on the beds in the particular
speciality that i needed to go to.
Anything else?
care delivered on ward 1 was excellent

Posted by Anonymous (as a relative), 4 months ago
What I liked
The ward was very clean But found the ward to be quite chilly. Could be warmer for the
patients having to sit around waiting for hours.
What could be improved?

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 98 of 126
I have found from the unpleasant experience on a visit with my daughter recently that the
waiting time...2 hours 45 minutes at the Assessment ward at the Maternity Unit at the City
General is totally unacceptable.
Nothing has change at all or improved since the new unit was opened. Keeping pregnant
ladies waiting in the waiting area for these lengths of time is nothing short of outrageous.
New Unit same old attitude ! No improvement on these procedures whatsoever,
If they are short staffed then they should do something about it.
This must be the worst ward in the entire hospital for keeping patients waiting. It is an
absolute disgrace !
Anything else?
I do not know how babies can be saved if something is wrong when the mother is sitting in
the waiting area for hours after they have come in because they think something is wrong
with the baby and they need to be seen as soon as possible

Posted by Ricki (as a friend), 5 months ago
January 2008
Dr Franklin had prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for some years but due to the increase
in pain he sends my friend for an x-ray on her knees at the Central Out Patients
Department, Hartshill. On viewing the x-rays he sees that they show that both knees need
urgent attention. He therefore writes and asks for a hospital appointment.
June: She attends the Trauma & Fracture Clinic, and is given injections in both knees and
referred to the Orthopaedic Department.
August: She is seen by Mr Wade in the Orthopaedic Department, but as she is now
experiencing back pain he refers her to Physiotherapy for treatment for a slipped disc.
August, September: She attends for Physiotherapy treatment.
September: She is seen again by Mr Wade and put on a waiting list.
At some point she is transferred to another consultants list in order to expedite matters.
October: She completes her Physiotherapy treatment.
November: Prior to admission scheduled for December, she is summoned to the
Orthopaedic Department for a morning pre-operative assessment and meeting with the
consultant, but when it is noted that she has medicines which include angina tablets she is
referred to the Cardiac Department via her G.P. and the operation is cancelled.
December: She is seen in out-patients by the Cardiology Registrar who refers her for
further examination.
December: She has a nuclear scan .
January: She has a Cardiogram.
March: She has an echo cardiogram.
April: She has an angiogram.
May: She is admitted to Hospital for treatment and has stents fitted to unblock her
In the intervening period she is transferred from Mr Wade’s list to the new consultant to
expedite orthopaedic treatment.

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 99 of 126
July: She is summoned to the Orthopaedic Department for a pre-operative assessment
prior to surgery, but the Department refuse to carry the assessment as they say they have
not received clearance in writing from the Cardiac Dept.
July: After many telephone conversations and a lot of help from the secretary in the
Cardiology Department she is admitted to a ward – not for total knee replacement (T.K.R)
but Arthroscopy on the right knee although a T.K.R. had been deemed necessary in 2008.
August: She is seen by the consultant and advised that a total knee replacement is
November: She is summoned to the Orthopaedic Department for a pre-operative
December: She has a blood sample taken and swab and urine tested at the pre-operative
assessment clinic. She attends hospital for a T.K.R. A further blood sample is taken as the
previous one had not been signed for. As she is being prepared for theatre, the consultant
notices the warning on her notes and wrist band of her allergy to base metals & nickel and
realises that the operation cannot go ahead using a titanium prosthesis.
February: A new date for the operation. Will the porcelain prosthesis have arrived? Will
the operation take place? It’s only two years since we started on this journey

Posted by Potter (as a relative), 6 months ago
There are occasions when a consultant says to the patient: "I will see you in three months
time" but the appointment comes anything up to six or nine months later.
This has happened several times and I can't help wondering if an audit needs doing
regarding follow-up appointments

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 6 months ago
What I liked
my baby daughter was in the neonatal intensive care unit for 2 weeks. the cleanliness
could not be faulted, everywhere you turned there was a cleaner! the staff were amazing,
we got to know them well and we couldn't of asked for more dedication from them for our
little girl. without the one to one care and 100% support from them she wouldn't have
made it. the after care was exceptional as well, everyone played there part. we can't thank
the whole team enough for there support! everything was thought of, from overnight
rooms (for the tough nights and for support before you go home) to amazing breast
feeding support (so at least you think your doing something useful when you feel useless)!
What could be improved?
Anything else?
just a massive thank you

Posted by Halfpint (as the patient), 6 months ago
I recently underwent a colonoscopy at the North Staffs City General.

Date: June 2010                                                           Page number: 100 of 126
While waiting to be treated, I visited the toilet on the ward.
As soon as I opened the door the smell hit me. The floor in front of the toilet bowl was
streaked with blood and on the floor beside the bowl was a heavily blood soaked green
doctor's gown.
Not the most encouraging experience when about to undergo a procedure.
I waited on the bed for over an hour to be taken into the treatment room. In this time no
attempt was made to clean the room. I know that the staff were aware of the situation as
someone had opened the window, possibly hoping that I would clear the smell. All this
achieved was that the room was very cold and the patients were dressed only in hospital
gowns, no dressing gowns were offered.
A member of staff visited the toilet while I watched, but no comment was made and no
attempt was made to either clean the floor or remove the gown.
Hopefully it was only left over from the morning session,I feel that but the smell implied
that it could have been there for several days
What I liked
I have spent the past three days on ward 113 and 112 in the childrens department at this
hospital with my son who has had a chest infection.
On admittance and to the time we left, the staff who dealt with us (nurses, doctors,
students, paediatricians, caterers) were excellent. They were caring, helpful, friendly and
treated my son brilliantly well. They were very informative and I did not feel afraid to ask
questions. I felt his care and needs were in good hands.
Hygiene on the childrens wards was very good although there was a lot of dust under my
bed as my older son discovered when he visited.
Facilities for play that i saw and that my sons used were excellent, and i was very
mealtimes, a member of staff said she'd bring my son lunch yesterday and never did, but
aside from that occasion, again, great service.
rooms were adequate and we were comfortable, warm enough and had what we needed.
I had concerns yesterday that i wanted my son to stay in until today even though the staff
felt my son was well enough to be discharged. The staff listened to my concerns and
allowed this and i felt they were very considerate and helpful.
I can not fault our experience, it was very positive and i'd like the moderator to pass my
personal thanks to all the staff on wards 112 and 113 for their service over the last few
days as they were brilliant.
What could be improved?
on entering the site, around 2pm monday it was IMPOSSIBLE to find parking! i think this
would have been due to an influx of visitors, but for patients, its frustrating trying to park
to get in and be seen when theres no space because its all gone. perhaps patient only
parking could be an option for some small areas? so people who need to get in and be
seen have one less thing to panic about!
i found that the staff were VERY busy, and the paediatricians and nurses sometimes took a
long time to get to people. they were excellent once we saw them, but can I say, i think
your staff are overstretched sometimes and this is unfair on them! i was told at teatime my
son would have bloods but no one came to do this until 12pm! this is not the staffs fault,
more that they have too much to do and its unfair as it gets excellent staff bad press!

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 101 of 126
Anything else?
as i said way up there - well done, please pass my sincere thanks to all on the wards we
were on as they were truly fantastic and a credit to the nhs, and thanks for looking after
my baby boy so well

Posted by gregw (as the patient), 8 months ago
What I liked
All staff were very professional, friendly, helpful, the level of care i received was excellent.
they saved my life. The cardiac service and care i receive is outstanding and i have been a
frequent visitor to both hospitals in the trust and the level of care on all occassions was
excellent, professional and informed.
What could be improved?
food quality for patients but i have seen an improved on later visits

Posted by dawn b (as a relative), 8 months ago
My daughter was refered to orthopaedics in April and has been moved from one
department to another then from one waiting list to another. It feels to me as though this
is so they can keep restarting her 18 week waiting time limit. So far she is up to 33 weeks
waiting for treatment.
She is only 13 and in constant pain. In my opinion, the hospital staff are rude and I feel as if
they have basically told her 'tough'.
I would never use this hospital again in my choose and book.
She is a child. It feels as though she is treated like she has no rights in this hospital. They
can keep moving her to another waiting list when she gets close to the end of her 18 week
time limit and it seems to me that there is nothing we can do about it.
Lets hope she is treated soon but I wont hold my breath. She could still be waiting this time
next year

Posted by Anonymous (as a relative), 8 months ago
What I liked
The unit was clean and the waiting was a lot less
What could be improved?
Insensitive Maternity Department
On my daughters appointment for a scan today to the new Maternity Unit We found that
though there were only My daughters partner and myself ( her mother) accompanying her.
We were told that only one of us were allowed in to see the scan. Which meant that one of
us would have to miss out on this one time wonderful experience.
We were extremely disappointed as being the Grandmother I had to sit in the waiting area
and miss out seeing my first Grandchild on screen even though I was told after that there
were indeed two seats available in the scanning room.
We feel that this is very insensitive of the Maternity department at such an important time
of peoples lives.

Date: June 2010                                                                Page number: 102 of 126
Posted by Chloe Ward (as the patient), 8 months ago
What I liked
I came to the Royal Infirmary site for a day case lumbar puncture on ward 6 in August and
was very nervous about the procedure but the person who performed the lumbar
puncture and the assistant who held my hand and talked to me while they were doing it
were very reassuring and made my experience of having the lumbar puncture as positive
as possible and I wish to thank them both for this. I had no headache from the lumbar
puncture which was good. I also wish to thank the other staff on the ward for getting me a
sandwich and some biscuits and drink of warm milk. I found everyone to be of great help
and very polite. Thank you all

Posted by Mr K.Billington (as the patient), 9 months ago
What I liked
I was admitted to the Cardiac Department from Leighton on Monday the 7th September
and Discharged from Ward 76 on 10th and between these dates I could not fault the care
and professionalism from the top to bottom through out my stay, and I personally cannot
thank you all enough. PS. Please post for all to see

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 9 months ago
What I liked
a couple of the nurses were understanding although I didn't see much of them
What could be improved?
give staff time to talk to patients to help make them feel more at ease. Staff also need to
listen to patients properly. I asked a nurse if someone else could inject my antibiotics (I
have a needle fear and someone doing previous injections had pushed the fluid through
too quickly meaning I'd had to have a new canula which I was soo scared about I almost
left the hospital in my PJ's) anyway the nurse involved went to get someone to sign the
paperwork and then tried to carry on doing the job themselves until I stopped them. This
made me feel even more stressed about being in hospital. I'm not sure how much of this
situation was caused by the nurse not listening properly and how much was caused by a
lack of understanding of the English language as this nurse was from the phillipines (I
think). I have also had continuing care from this operation and even a repeat operation.
But I believe I have now had every surgeon on the team listed as my consultant over 2
inpatient sessions, 2 day patient ops, and 2 clinic appointments, which makes it difficult to
call continuing care. As a person who finds hospitals quite frightening I would find it much
more helpful if I could see the same doctor every time if at all possible to help reduce the
Anything else?
I also noticed on the Sunday morning someone came round to see if anybody wanted to go
to the church service. I would have loved to have gone but before I had chance to say
anything the nurses said that nobody had asked about it and so assumed that nobody
would like to go even though I had already had my own parish priest visit me. I would like

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 103 of 126
to suggest that it is something that is asked about before assuming as like me not all
people know there is a service availiable to go to

Posted by Tim Midgley (as the patient), 10 months ago
What I liked
I went independently [not via GP or Ambulance} to the A&E; it was a bank holiday
weekend and I was seen within 15 mins by a triage team and within 40 mins I was seen by
a Consultant Surgeon who discussed the operation that I required he admitted me to ward
He told us that he would speak with another Consultant Surgeon whom had operated on
my in 2008. He came to the ward and explained that he and the other surgeon will change
their theatre lists that would enable the original surgeon to operate on me, as I have co-
morbidities I am not the easiest person to operate on; therefore it made sense for a
surgeon who had previous experience operate.
It was crystal clear the 2 surgeons only concern was my welfare and too relieve my pain
and suffering. The Staff on ward 100 were professional; able to ensure that the patient
care and needs were accommodated also that on discharge that everything was in place
like my carers and district nurses were ready for me to come
What could be improved?
Ward Staff should have computer terminals that did not keep failing and that were very
slow. That took clinical staff hours instead seconds in a day waiting for the system to fire
up for them.
Anything else?
Just to thank everyone at the UHNS for their help and kindness

Posted by winston (as the patient), 10 months ago
As a recent patient in wards 76, 28 and 14 I have nothing but praise. For the consultants,
doctors, nurses domestics and all concerned with my care, also the ambulance staff and all
in A/E.

Posted by Jen Werrington (as the patient), 10 months ago
What I liked
Most staff were kind.
What could be improved?
Staff did not take the time to tell me what was happening.
Toilets could be very cleaner.
One Nurse who had to take a samply of blood gave up because he was going off duty in ten
I was not told how long it would be before I saw a doctor.
Anything else?
The big problem, was the lack of updating me or my family, I was in a cubical right by the
nurse station, and most of the time the nurse's were talking about wimbledon, (tennis

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 104 of 126
Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), 10 months ago
What I liked
Some of the staff were very nice, some were not.
What could be improved?
The toilets at that time were a disgrace, I went in on one day and there was human feces
all over the floor and when I went back in at on two other occasions that day into the
evening it was still not cleaned. I informed a nurse of the mess.
Anything else?
Wish they would get to the bottom of my health problem. A doctor told them to do one
thing and someone else overruled him and I do feel that if I had been tested for what he
told them , I would not be having all the problems I am still having now

Posted by Adrian from Stafford (as the patient), 11 months ago
What I liked
I was referred for treatment by the Radiotherapy Dept. All the staff were professional,
knowledgable and helpful. They made what could have been a difficult time into a
supportive and cheerful experience. All the staff, be they Receptionists, Radiotherapists,
Nurses or Doctors were considerate and honest in their dealings with patients; even when
the machine broke down! They are a credit to you and this hospital should be proud of
What could be improved?
What ever could have been improved in the structure will no doubt be rectified in the new
Anything else?
I hope that the sense of community is not lost in the move.
Thanks to all the staff in this department over the last few weeks

Posted by J S (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
What could be improved?
Staff attitudes towards patients who find certain things difficult - staff unsympathetic
towards patients. De-prioritising some patients for unknown reasons which I find totally
unacceptable. Staff saying they will contact you and never do. Communication a little
disappointing. Staff not answering your question and talking over you and repeating what
they said over and over again STILL not answering MY question...Very irritating, especially
when I want an answer. STILL haven't got an answer! Very poor service indeed. Had much
better service in other hospitals and staff attitude was also much better and more
sympathetic and not talking over you as if they are trying to sidewind from the question
asked. Miscommunication is another thing I particularly noticed here as they thought it

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 105 of 126
was something else and got the details wrong and haven't got a clue how to take or pass
messages on.
Anything else?
I have a chronic health problem and feel the staff do not understand how difficult it is and
are not sympathetic or understanding. Would not go to this hospital if given the choice as I
do not like it at all. I and all other patients deserve much better than this

Posted by S D (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
Staff were polite and tried to help as best they could.
What could be improved?
I lost trust in the hospital immediately due to different opinions of preparation for the
procedure. There should be standard protocols and guidelines for each procedure,
including notes on preparation and aftercare. There was NO information on my admission
letter about the procedure or any preparation which was totally unhelpful. Other hospitals
I have been to have had much better protocol and also always included helpful information
sheets or preparation instructions enclosed with the admission letters. I have no idea how
to prepare for the procedure and the staff tell me one thing then another...and another. So
I do not know what I am supposed to do...
Anything else?
Very disorganised, making me feel uneasy and totally untrusting of this hospital. I am not
sure I really want to be bothered to put myself at risk by trusting this hospital when it does
not know what it is doing! I would rather go somewhere else where they give the right
advice and include actual helpful advice and information sheets with the letters. They are
obviously putting patients at risk with the cost cutting idea of not including any advice or
information sheets with the admission or tests appointment letters. Very dangerous and
totally unacceptable. The advice given to me by staff on preparation and aftercare for this
procedure was actually very dangerous as I know myself about the procedure from
experience and knowledge of research on this particular procedure. It could result in very
problematic side-effects and was totally the opposite to what should have been
recommended. They are not very knowledgeable and it's no wonder people are constantly
re-admitted with serious side-effects or even minor ones that certainly could have been
avoided if these staff would have had prior knowledge of the procedure and its
preparation. I would not put my life or health at risk by trusting this hospital as it is just a
disaster waiting to happen. It is not worth me suffering just because they don't know what
they are talking about. Goodness knows how the actual procedure will go! ... I don't think I
want to find out

Posted by Joyce Dodd (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
a very positive experience and I was treated with the utmost care, consideration and
professionalism throughout, particularly the two technicians who carried out the

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 106 of 126
procedures of radiology and radiography. My questions were answered frnkly and I was
reassured constantly. You should be proud of your staff. Please pass on my remarks.
Regards. Joyce Dodd.
What could be improved?
Nothing I could perceive.
Anything else?

Posted by very positive experience (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
I was recently an inpatient at the UHNS, initially through the Ambulance Service to the A &
E Dept; then the M.R.A.Ward and finally Ward 72 - Parrish Building, at the old City General
Site. All staff were extremely efficient, happy and professional. As an ex-Manager in one of
Stoke City Council's residential homes and after
reading the recent adverse publicity about the N.H.S., I was curious about the standards,
professionalism, hygiene, etc. that I would encounter. No problems whatsoever.
Everything exceeded the required standards - EXCELLENT. I wish to express my praise and
admiration to ALL staff involved in my care, particularly on Ward 72. I would sincerely like
to thank them for making my stay really pleasurable. It may be hard to believe, but it was a
most enjoyable experience, particularly as on admittance I was quite apprehensive. Even
the quality and choice of food were good (and that's not simply because of "what i am
used to")!! In summary, all boxes ticked for an efficient, professional and respectful
personnel. A truly great team at all levels.
What could be improved?
Unsure of the 'discharge of patients' policy. I had to attend North Staffs Urgent Care as my
blood levels were low on discharge from hospital, but no iron supplements were given. The
Dr. rang the hospital to query why. Apparently it is not their policy to discharge with iron
supplements. Maybe discharged too early!!! This is my only concern

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
the staff were all very friendly and would help when they could but were very tight for
What could be improved?
the food was diabolical i ordered my meals what seamed like a wekk in advance and only
got sort of what i ordered twice in a whole week
i actually over heared one of the nurses say they had removed a drain of the wrong person
and then covered it up by telling the doctor the next day that it fell out this was only a few
things my list could go on for hours im glad i didn't actualy need looking after as such and
was capable of looking after my self i was also shocked as my medication wasnt taken off
me and i was allowed to administer my own medication

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 107 of 126
i have being in hospital in carlisle and middlesborough i think you need to look at how
things are done there a far better standard of care and services were available in these
Anything else?
i could go on for hrs

Posted by What a very poor Hospital it has become! (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
I think the nurses did a brillant job and coped very well,in very difficult situtaions
What could be improved?
I was moved to three differnt ward in 14 hrs! people were kept on tolleys on the ward
corridors.i was shocked at how bad this hospital is now

Posted by paul newman (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
i have been in a lot of times for operations and not once have i found reason to complain,
the nurses here are outstanding and so are the doctors. even the ladies who bring round
tea and keep the wards clean are superb. they always try to keep you informed with what
is going on and treat everyone as a individual. i can never thank them enough for what
they have done for me.
What could be improved?
patients attitude is one of the big problems if people realised that they are not the only
sick person there it would be a lot more pleasant.everyone admitted feels sorry for
themselves and if you look round there is always someone worse than yourself. and the
way some patience speak to the nurses is disrepectful and most of the nurses just keep on
smiling. i am not saying its always the patience but how many of us go to work everyday
with a smile on our faces.
Anything else?
it would be great if people stopped sueing the hospital for every stupid thing. doctors and
nurses do not set out to make things go wrong

Posted by My experience of A & E (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
I could not believe how busy this department was although it was a Saturday night. I had
an acute asthma attack and was taken in by abulance. I was admitted within an hour to the
"square". I did not see a doctor for 9 hours although I was treated by excellent nursing
staff. I remained on my trolley for 16 hours before being admitted onto the MRA and then
the next day to the SSU where I stayed for one week. There were people on trolleys on
both sides of the corridor in A & E and I was not kept informed why my wait was so long,
My stay on the SSU was good. The ward was run well and was very clean except for the
toilets which were awful. I was treated very well and the staff were great and the food was
quite acceptable.

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 108 of 126
What could be improved?
Waiting time on A&E and to be kept up to date whilst waiting.
The toilets on the ward need to be inspected more regularly. Motorway toilets are
inspected hourly why not in the hosp

Posted by Anonymous (as a relative), Last year
What I liked
My son was brought into A&E on 10 March 2009 following a car
crash.From the moment we arrived my son, husband & I were treated very
well. We were kept up to date every step of the way and the nurses were
very kind. He was then transferred to ward 100 where I was able to stay
with him overnight as he was extremely frightened. Following his
operation on Wednesday he was sent to ward 108. Again the treatment was
wonderful. I know the staff are busy but they all took time with us in
what was a very frightening and stressful situation. God bless you all.
Thanks to the wonderful staff my son is on the mend I cant thank you
What could be improved?
All of our time at the hospital and subsequent follow up visits have been excellent
Posted by Brian Reynolds (as a relative), Last year
What I liked
I took my 88year old mother to central outpatients x-ray on Thursday 12th of May.
The care and assistance we received was superb, in particular the two ladies who assisted
her in undressing and dressing
were extremely kind and capable and treated her with great respect.
Please ensure that my thanks are passed on to those concerned
Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
What could be improved?
Staff should be working not standing round chatting or ignoring people at the reception
desk while they carry on their personal conversations.
Anything else?
The maternity unit is filthy, rubbish bins overflowing, empty cups all over the floor.

Posted by Gilly (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
The Midwife staff were wonderful, all very pleasent and helpful, I had a really long wait,
before being induced, but this was only because they needed to trace the babies heartbeat
for a longer length of time and my baby wanted to sleep, but all through this time of being
monitored, I felt comfortable and informed of what was going on.

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 109 of 126
After being moved to delivery I had a wonderful midwife with me, who made me feel at
My baby was getting distressed and needed to be pushed out quiet quick as he wasn't
getting any air and she really helped me by explaining exactly what she needed from me
and luckily I didn't have to be cut or have any other intervention. She was wonderful.
What could be improved?
Only doctor that I had a problem with was the one putting a line in my arm incase I needed
go on a drip, I was in agony, as my labour went from nothing happening to full blown
labour and wanting push within 20 minutes, and he was telling me to lie still!!!!!! Really
easy to do while you're in labour, I think not!!!
Anything else?
Although it seemed there wasn't many staff if I needed something, they were there to
help, I understand they are under-staffed and so are not constantly checking on you, but I
was happy with that.
Maybe I was just there on a quiet day, I don't know, I do think that the staff do try their
very best at all times

Posted by Anonymous (as a relative), Last year
What could be improved?
We brought our daughter to this hospital to have an EEG, this part of the proceedure was
fine. The problem we have is not being from the area we were totally confused as to where
to claim our travelling expenses from. There was no clear help with directions as the
cashiers department was not even at the same hospital! When we did finally find the
correct department, we couldn't claim our travelling expenses because I didn't have id,
although I had the information of my husbands income suppport and my daughter's
appointment letter, all of which is all I previously provide when attending our local
hospital. It would have been helpful if on the letter sent out to us this information was on
the letter. I found everything about the whereabouts of the cashier'sofice and the staff
themselves at the cashier 's office most unhelpful and to make matters worse, whils't
waiting for me to obtain our travelling expenses, my husband was harassed by over
zealous parking warderns who threatened him with a ticket within the space of 5 minutes
of being there and dispite having a disabled parking badge.
It is 5 weeks since we attended this appointment and we are still awaiting payment for
attending the hospital. I was promised 2 weeks ago that my payment was being sent out
within a couple of days, however having phoned yet again last week I was told my payment
was STILL in the office waiting for it to be signed. A week to the day and it obviously still
hasn't beeen signed as I still do not have it, this is disgusting as we are on a very low
income and have ended up going out of the county on 3 seperate occassions to have tests
done on my daughterand we depend on these expenses. I would like to make a formal
complaint about the way we have been treated and the disgraceful delay in receiving the
payment, however once againit is baffling trying to find out information on who and where
I can write in order to do this.
Anything else?

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 110 of 126
Please provide details on where I can write to the hospital of the delay and the treatment
we received trying to get our travel expenses.

Posted by Mr T. Dobson (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
What could be improved?
Patient confidentiality, names, addresses,D.O.B's all expected in a crowded waiting room.
Information about illness [treatment prognosis etc ] Pre warning of medical procedures
during a consultation.
Anything else?
The worst Hospital I have ever attended

Posted by Paul (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
They got the job done which I went in for.
What could be improved?iDespite having an appointment, it seemed like I was waiting for
christmas before being finally given a bed, and another eternity before someone actually
did something.
Anything else?
A doctor gave me medication directly into my hand through a needle which was inserted
earlier. A nurse came along about 10 minutes later trying to do the same thing! I queried
this and the nurse walked away, talked to the doctor and left me alone. I don't know what
they said.
As I had no idea what was in the syringe I can't think what would have happened if I had
been asleep

Posted by Alan Eaton (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
Despite a very poor prognosis the surgeon took the time to be re-assuring to me and my
family at all times. He and his staff and the Intensive Care and ward staff all gave the best
care and consideration possible. When things deteriorated swift action prevented possible
further damage. A second operations six months later was a most positive experience once
again. We are humbled by the fact of living in a once-industrial area that we have some of
the best medical and surgical staff to be found anywhere

Posted by E. Wilson (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
The ability to complain about this rediculous place And the one SINGLE midwife who
actually took a little pride in her job! (April 2008 )

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 111 of 126
Most if not all were unhelpful during labor refused to listen and insisted the text book
being correct rather than the mother...
What could be improved?
Appointment keeping! - If you tell someone to come in for inducing, It should be done
instead of leaving the person anxiously waiting around all day with no idea whats going
on!! Some of us have other children to account for!
April 2008: It shouldnt take 16 hours to pick up blood soaked toilet paper from a bathroom
on the high risk unit! I was on the ward by 5pm and those rotten filthy rags were still there
at 11am the following day. Being as its a maternity unit I dont expect I need to say what
types of substances were on those pieces of tissue and pads!!!!!!!!! - DISGUSTING!
4 midwives to 22 mothers and 22 babies on a high dependancy unit - Are you clinically
Since may of 2001 - the care level and bedside manner has gone from respectable to a
complete abomination!!!!!!!!! - Building a new block IS NOT going to fix this problem -
There are such things as priorities STAFF FIRST SURROUNDINGS LATER!
Anything else?
Rude telephone staff in delivery - completely unhelpful - what an absolutely disgusting
place to be! I'm thorughly sickened by this place!! All these issues could be so easily fixed if
this farse of a hospital would realise IT IS UNDERSTAFFED! There are simply not enough
midwives causing strain and aggression within the work place which is BOUND to be
passed onto its patients - Utter rediculous place to be! And I'm STILL sitting around waiting
for a call for induction.... I regret using this hospital

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
I seriously can not think of anything that i liked as the bad points outweighed anything
What could be improved?
it was dirty, there is no childrens a & e and my 3yr old was amongst drunks etc which was
very disturbing,
we were put into resus and my little boy was messing with the oxy sat (oxygen thing that
goes on finger) ....i noticed he had blood on his finger from it where it had not been
cleaned!! i told the nurse who laughed "oh dear" and threw it in the bin, only then having
to ask for something to clean him with!
Anything else?
The toilets had urine sample bottles on the floor....about 6 and they were used!

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
What could be improved?
Attitude towards patients, when staying and manner at times you are spoken to on the

Date: June 2010                                                               Page number: 112 of 126
The time between appointments - 3 months from MRI to follow up seems
Anything else?
1 On one occasion when kept over night the in neurology nurses paid little attention to
patients and wards were far from clean!
Having attended neurology for some time I was suddenly missed off the books for over 2
years -
2. I attended for a hysterectomy which was later proven to be misdiagnosed and should
not have been carried out.
3. Back in early december I had MRI - a follow up appointment was going to be over 8
weeks and then now has been put off for a further 5 weeks. When enquiring as to why this
had happened the only excuse was that the doctor was on annual leave. Surely this should
have all been known when the first appointment was sent out & another doctor given this
appointment to deal with. As you will already have gathered I see little if anything to
complement the hospital on. I hope that these problems can be soon rectified so that
other patients don't have to suffer similar experiences

Posted by mandimoose (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
staff in the maternity dept....where you go for scans etc no the actual maternity ward were
all exceptionally rude....we are now having to travel 40 minutes to have our baby in burton
queens due in 3 weeks and i hope i make the journey,,,,,i certainly dont intend
on going into north staffs under any circumstances i would rather have my baby in the car
than be spoken to the way their staff speak to people.
What could be improved?
staff attitude and incompetance
Anything else?
new dads are only allowed to stay with their wife and baby for an hour and then sent
home until visiting hours at burton queens they can stay as long as they like

Posted by Barbara (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
Can't think of anything to add here!
What could be improved?
IT system - seating - correct diagnosis - waiting times - patients' confidentiallity - respect -
cleanliness - bedside manners - general care - patients' dignity - reassurance .......
Anything else?
I was told I had a broken neck (confirmed by 3) which totally shocked me! I was then
spoken to by a nurse in such a rude manner who said that I had refused to put on the neck
brace etc. This was NOT true. The shock and how I was spoken to reduced me to tears!
Others were around at this point! No compassion at all was shown to me. The time was
approx. 4.30pm. I was taken to High Dependancy where I was told I would have to wait
about 45mins for a CAT scan. Approx. 5 hours later I was taken for a scan where the 2 in

Date: June 2010                                                                Page number: 113 of 126
charge had a conversation about another colleage who had got into trouble. I was
frightened and unsure of what was going to happen to me; after a couple of mins (quite a
long time to me) someone finally responded to me. Back in HD I needed to go to the toilet,
after my friend asking several nurses a bottle was brought for me. This resulted in me
being soaked in urine. I went so cold that I started to shiver. 45 mins later a doctor arrived
who gave me the great news that my neck was NOT broken after all! I didn't know whether
to laugh or cry! Surely I should not have been told that my neck was broken UNTIL this was
confirmed by the scan. For 6 hours my thoiughts had been to hell and back! I also
explained to the doctor that I was l lying in urine. Nobody came to me. I got myself up and
dressed. I am aware that were some very sick people who had to be attended to, however,
nobody should have been spoken to or dealt with in the way I was. I worry for the elderly,
patients on their own etc. There was a container of dirty ??? bed linen/dressings ???which
had no lid on - why? A total nightmare

Posted by A&E Mid-week Waiting Times (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
It would be great to be able to fill in the appropriate boxes above in this survey, but, having
had a hand injury yesterday evening I attended the North Staffs A&E department with my
12 year old at 8.30pm. She was triaged within a 30min period and told she needed an xray.
Having seemed like a perfectly reasonable indication, and with the childrens area now
closed, we began to wait......and after 8 HOURS and several inquiries into our wait we left
the department. I found that this wait was totally unreasonable. Throughout this period I
observed frail and elderly individuals -with clear open cuts and wounds- being left in the
same predicament, whilst any individual who came into the department in company of
Police were processed almost instantly - this was clearly preferential treatment and
discriminatory to all those who had been waiting for excessive time....I would recommend
another source used where necessacy (I certainly know that we would not have waited
anywhere near this length of time - and been seen- at our local walkin centre!). No
reception staff member seemed to have any concern at the issues each time I enquired,
infact they appeared not to have any interest in patients enquiries into the delay. When I
advised them that we were leaving the response was completely blank expression! This
departemnt achieved nothing for us, apart from taking 4pounds out of my purse for
parking charges!!
What could be improved?
ANY communication after triage into the delays/waiting times. Seating is most
inappropriate - rigid, metal frames sit in for 8HOURS!!
Give patients a realistic expectation of when they will be seen following triage - what is the
point of beginning a process that then grinds to a halt?
Helpful reception staff without blank expressions when asked a question - better training
in customer care!
Keep the childrens room open for longer periods - they don't only have accidents between
9am and 8pm!
Anything else?

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 114 of 126
If 'certain' patient, ie those in Police detention are processed differently as a matter of
policy - either make this policy aware to the public or admit them elsewhere - there is
nothing more frustrating than seeing this happen!!
Show some compasion to those elderly and frail members of the public - whilst it may
seem that thier clinical needs are not great, their welfare needs in this environment and at
a time when they are in discomfort most certainly are

Posted by Carole (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
I felt safe and secure, all staff were helpful and open to questions which I felt were dealt
with expediently and honestly. Patient care was foremost (although the ward was in the
middle of a deep clean when I was admitted) Staff at all levels gave 100% although were
under great pressure to complete their work. I was made to feel that I was an important
part of a caring 'family' and I shall continue to extol their praises to anyone who is
concerned about a future stay in ward 121. Special thanks to the consultant and the sister
and her wonderful staff
What could be improved?
'The Food' It did not travel well and unless careful choices were made, was very stodgy and
Anything else?
I had not been in hospital for over 45 years so you can imagine how worried I was.
However, in my opinion, royalty could not have been treated better. I shall not be worried
about my treatment when I return in a few months for a knee replacement or subsequent
new hip in a few years

Posted by Michelle (as the patient), Last year
What I liked
I was taken to hospital by ambulance after i had a very bad tear giving birth to my daughter
at home with no pain relief. I was met by a lovely doctor and midwives who made my
partner a cup of coffee and examined me in a very dignified manor. They then explained
everything to us about what would happen in surgery and they posponed they repare until
i had given my daughter her 1st breastfeed, which they were more than happy to help me
What could be improved?
After the surgery i was taken upto the ward which was run down but clean enough, i was
put on a ward with about 8 beds in total with only 1 other bed occupied, i must admit that
this was my worst nightmare come true after having her at home to be in hospital unable
to move from the waist down (i was given an epidural). I was unable to reach my daughters
cot and after hearing her pooh it took 3 hours for someone to come and change it as i was
told by the 1st midwife i wouldnt be able to do it she had to wait till 6 am when a nursing
assistant came and changed it for me. I dont think i stopped crying for the 24 hours i was in
there (my partner was struck down with food poisoning during the night and could not

Date: June 2010                                                            Page number: 115 of 126
visit) and only once did any staff try speaking to me and then she was very rude and told
me if i could not stop crying they would get a psychiatrist!
Anything else?
Overall i think the staff have good intentions but are very rarely given the opportunity to
spend time with the patients as they have too many beds to cover. They were happy to
help when asked but were in a rush to deal with the next patient.

Posted by Anonymous (as the patient), Last year
What could be improved?
At shift change nobody seemed to know what treatment I had received prior to them
coming on duty; better communication is needed. Better infection control is definitely
needed. Nurses took up to 21/2 hours to respond to the bell. Pain management needs
Anything else?
I went into this hospital for a laparotomy. I was left for seven hours without pain relief on
the day after my operation as the canula in my hand had come loose and the nurse on the
ward said there was no one available to put in a new one. In fact, the pain management
was totally inadequate. I had already picked up an infection at the outpatient clinic when a
biopsy was taken. On the ward after the operation the wound became infected with two
more infections. The wound wept copiously for nearly two months. Shortly after I returned
home the internal stitches failed and I was left with a massive post-incisional hernia which
left me in some pain and looking as if I was six months pregnant. I was not offered any help
for this or any guidance about what remedial action could be taken. I eventually had it
repaired at another hospital. Altogether, the events around my operation at University
Hospital of North Staffordshire were some of the worst of my life

Appendix 5
Extracts/letters from the Staffordshire
Evening Sentinel

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 116 of 126
Date: June 2010   Page number: 117 of 126
The Staffordshire Evening Sentinel
The Link is about collecting views and opinions from a range of sources about
people’s experiences of local health and social care services.
Following are comments, extracts from letters and the web printed in the Sentinel
newspaper from either patients, relatives or carers about services provided by the
University Hospital of North Staffordshire between           and the end of June,
These have been coded either: positive/ negative/ or neutral in the same way as
previous comments that were collected in the ‘Tell Us’ Survey.

Full stories/ letters are available online at:
Man unhappy with hospital food has takeaway brought to ward             Comment Negative
Until (Mr Webb) was discharged on Wednesday, he was served a cold breakfast and a
cooked lunch, which he says were passable, but his problem lay with the evening meals.”On
the evening menu you get a choice of two different types of sandwiches. Usually one of them
was a processed cheese sandwich, then a packet of crisps, piece of fruit or a yoghurt. That’s
not a proper meal for an adult”
…He said “Staff on ward 19 were absolutely fabulous , but the food wasn’t….. I spent £15 on
a Domino’s and people were gob-smacked that I felt the need to do it” (After a meeting with
the assistant catering manager ) …further meal options were made available to Mr West,
which included hot choices for the evening meal and hot breakfasts.
Patient Lee Webb 12th October, 2009                          Comment: Positive and Negative
Replies to above
As a catering assistant at the hospital, I am annoyed that we are getting the brunt of the abuse.
We don’t deserve this abuse and are always polite and understanding and try to accommodate
the patient’s choice when we can.
…….As for the patients having food brought in for them like pizza KFC or McDonald’s –
they are not a healthy choice and should not be allowed.
Anon Stoke on Trent. 13th October 2009                            Comment: Neutral

Having been in the hospital maternity unit a few times, I’ve had the meals offered and
there’s no one more fussy than a sick, pregnant woman.
There were only two occasions that I couldn’t eat the food.
The food isn’t the stuff you can cook yourself, but I’m well aware of what the staff have to
put up with and they are only doing their jobs, which they happen to do very, very well.
Whenever people have struggled to eat the food they went out of their way to find something
they could eat.
Kelly, Stoke. 13th October, 2009                            Comment: Positive

The food provided by that hospital is a disgrace. My 87-year-old nan has been in a number of
times recently and was served cold, soggy food.
….We had to bring my nan in food made at home each day, or she simply wouldn’t eat.
Dave, Tunstall. 13th October, 2009                        Comment: Negative

The evening meal seems to be the problem here and wouldn’t it be better if home-cooked
food could be taken in?

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 118 of 126
Although in the time it takes to travel, park and walk to the inpatient, then the meal would be
stone cold, with no means of reheating.
As for fast food, I would rather suffer the effects of malnutrition than sub-nutrition.
Jackie, Burslem. 13th October, 2009.                            Comment: Neutral

The quality of the food is down to the fact the NHS trust does not place the welfare of its
patients and the food it provides high enough. It is more interesting in meeting targets and
….Catering staff are not at fault and if anyone blames you, you should feel no guilt.
However the situation must be addressed as the way to a return to health is through good,
hearty food. Ward managers – there’s another joke, where is matron? Nothing like this would
have happened had there been a matron – should not allow food from outside the hospital
other than food brought from home.
Fast food takeaway is the main reason so many of these people are in hospital in the first
Andrew, Longton. 13th October, 2009.                           Comment: Negative
How can this man complain? He is getting free food after all and then he says this food isn’t
good enough for an adult. Well I see it as healthier, a lot healthier than a pizza.
People complain too much about the hospitals. At the end of the day the food is free.
Anyway, if you don’t like it, bring your own food. There’s no need to make a public
announcement trying to shame the NHS once again.
Mrs Moaner, Burslem. 13th October, 2009                             Comment: Positive
Dominos’s pizza, KFC or McDonald’s. Yes, these people are real experts on nutrition.
Bringing junk food into hospitals should be banned. The standard of some people’s diets is
very poor and yet they always have to complain when their junk food addiction isn’t
Steve, Longton. 13th October, 2009                                    Comment:Positive
I have been in hospital four times this year, twice at North Staffs and twice at Wythenshawe
in Manchester………
Both meals were cooked by Sodexo. Both were cooked in South Wales and delivered to
Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester respectively. The big difference at Manchester is at tea time
you get the same customary bowl of soup that you get at Stoke. Bu then instead of a very
limp sandwich, bag of crisps and a biscuit, you get another hot meal.
The food isn’t world class – it’s as good as an okay café – but it’s warm, nutritious and
For the patients that do bring in food, KFC, McDonald’s and Domino’s is hardly the kind of
balanced diets to get you back on the road to recovery.
What the story fails to say is that it is not Sodexo at fault here, it is how it is treated by the
staff at the hospital. The food has always been abysmal at Stoke, I have been in and out of
Stoke for 10 years and it has always been terrible.
The real story that needs to be investigated here is how much does each NHS authority spend
per patient per meal. This will then explain why patient care is suffering. By spending money
on outside catering, patients are not doing themselves or future patients any good, because it
won’t be long before they stop providing food altogether, especially if you are willing to pay
£15 for just one meal.
Andrew, Longton. 13th October, 2009.                          Comment:Negative
Hospital praise

Date: June 2010                                                                Page number: 119 of 126
……..During that time, there were many occasions when I had to criticize the standards of
nursing care and the cleanliness of the wards. But it is necessary now to compliment the
hospital on its improvements.
The Accident Unit, which has had extremely bad press for the last few months, was both
speedy and efficient during the time my son spent there. This high standard of care continued
when he was transferred to the Clinical Decision Unit. The time spent on both of these units
totalled 12 hours, and considering the amount of investigative procedures carried out, I felt
the time was justified.
He was then transferred to Ward 70. It is the oldest building in the complex, but it was one of
the cleanest departments I have seen. The standard of nursing care was second to none, and I
noted a great sense of teamwork, while Dr Cagwgan and his team worked tirelessly.
Edna Fynn, (Retired District Nurse) Lightwood. 19th October 2009.          Comment:Positive.
Thanks is given where it is due.
May I mention all the staff on the surgical assessment unit and ward 109 at the City General
Hospital and say many thanks for the care I was given during my stay.
These people work under hard conditions and still smile, making sure nothing is too much
trouble for them. I had A1 care and am really grateful for the care that was given. Also the
porters are friendly and put you at ease.
I wonder how the management would cope with life on a ward?
Joy Heath, Norton. 27th October, 2009.                                      Comment:Positive.
This morning I was getting ready to go in hospital for an operation and rang the ward just
before I left to make sure they had a bed, as told in my letter.
The nurse went back to check, then came back and told me she was putting me through to my
consultant’s secretary. The secretary told me it had been cancelled – “Hadn’t I had the
letter?” Apparently a letter was sent two weeks ago, which I have yet to receive.
When it is public knowledge there are postal strikes, you would think an important letter sent
in the post would be followed up with a phone call to make sure you had received it.
Instead I had a stressful time……
Ruth Payne, Knutton. 6th November 2009.                            Comment:Negative
I have made 3 visits to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire Accident and
Emergency Department…. this year. Each time I have been treated by the most caring staff
from the moment we had to call for help.
The ambulance crew were wonderful, taking me to A & E. I was attended to as soon as
possible. The nurses made me comfortable, making sure I was warm, and each one that
passed gave me a smile.
As soon as possible, I was put in a cubicle and, after the doctor had read my notes, I was
given painkillers. I could not have been cared for any better had I been royalty. The doctors
were very conversant, told me what I had done, and what they were going to do to help me.
Not for one minute did I feel uncomfortable.
Mrs J.Finney, Stoke-on-Trent. 9th October, 2009.                     Comment:Positive.

Hospital Food
I would like to comment with regards to the letter in The Sentinel regarding inedible hospital
food. I have last week been discharged from ward 120 at the University Hospital of North
Staffordshire, having spent the last 3 months on the urology ward 120…..

Date: June 2010                                                             Page number: 120 of 126
Typical food served each day was breakfast choice of five cereals, toast and jam, marmalade,
etc. Lunch choice of potatoes… three vegs, pasta, chicken curry, fish, Vienna steaks, etc., and
3 desserts… Dinner was soup, choice of egg, tuna, cheese, pork sandwiches again and 3
desserts… The people who continually moan regarding the food must remember that they are
not at a five star hotel , but in hospital for whatever reason to get better. From my own point
of view when you are poorly and in pain the last thing you want is a mixed grill or sirloin
steak. I have eaten the food on offer for the past 3 months and it is fresh, hot and more than
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr C.Luscombe (Urology Surgeon) for his
attention to detail with regards to my kidney problems. This man tried everything he could to
solve my problem without the need to remove half of my kidney……….
Mark Houghton, Bucknall. 11th November 2009.                                Comment: Positive.
I would like to let people know how wonderful the staff on the University Hospital of North
Staffordshire’s ward 120 are.
……. I get so annoyed by all the bad national press these angels get. Come on you folk,
credit where it is due.
Celia Brookes, Newcastle. 4th December, 2009.                                  Comment:Positive
Article: Gran, 76, fights for life after A & E fall (Article)
A 76 year old woman is fighting for her life after knocking herself out in a fall from a
hospital trolley. One of her 3 sons, Andrew Moss…. said” She was an elderly lady who was
confused, so I don’t think she should have been left on her own. There should have been
someone keeping an eye on her, or she should have been moved somewhere else.
We have no problems with the staff in the A & E ward. I think it’s the system that doesn’t
work. From speaking to doctors and nurses, I get the impression they don’t have enough staff
or enough beds.”
17th December, 2009.
Family whereabouts
I cannot believe the ignorance and absurdity of the family of Mrs Moss. They complain an
elderly lady should not have been left alone in A & E.
In A & E? Not a ward where we give our loved ones over to professionals for 24-hour care,
but A & E, which suggests an emergency in which family and friends, or guardians should be
in attendance.
…..But no, we live in a blame society where other people are held responsible for our own
shortcomings, then, when things go wrong we are the first to complain. Maybe we should
salute the NHS for the lives it saves and the good it does instead of continually criticising. I
feel very sorry for the Moss family but where were you?
Yvonne Taylor, Newcastle. 31st December, 2009.                                 Comment:Positive.
Visitors are not washing their hands
…I have been visiting my mum in one of the wards that have now been closed virtually every
day for the past two weeks and have been impressed by the care , consideration and
professionalism of all the staff.
Everyone on ward 73 have done their utmost to prevent the spread of the Norovirus and I
have witnessed on may occasions the thorough cleaning of the wards including the removal
of curtains and furniture. What, however, does concern me is the number of relatives I have
followed into and out of the ward who have blatantly ignored all the numerous antiseptic
hand wash dispensers……

Date: June 2010                                                              Page number: 121 of 126
Barbara Wardle. Worcester. 31st December, 2009.                              Comment:Positive
… I visited the University Hospital of North Staffordshire ward 101 on Saturday December
10th.While we were there we commented on how clean the ward was and everything was
spick and span.
However, when leaving I visited the men’s toilets in the main entrance. To say it was dirty
was an understatement. The rubbish bin was full, there was a large, used incontinence pad on
the floor, the floor itself was absolutely filthy and there was no paper towels to dry your
hands, It was 1.30pm. The wall chart said it had not been cleaned since Friday at………
Geoff Massey, Trentham. 31st December 2009.                                 Comment: Negative
Has anyone else faced frustration at fracture clinic?
What an appointment at the fracture clinic at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire
with my disabled aunt involves:
     Spending 20 minutes trying to find a disabled space. Eventually I manage to find one
        miles away from the clinic. How is one supposed to manage with an injured disabled
        person if you are not lucky enough to own your own wheelchair…?
     We arrive in the fracture clinic five minutes before our time… be met with a queue
        as long as a piece of string
     We book in 15 minutes after our appointment time
     We are still waiting after an hour to be called down to the next waiting room or
        corridor to be precise.
     We are called into a consulting room and just at the same time the doctor we are
        scheduled to see disappears to another part of the hospital-great
     After another 30 minutes….a nurse tells me that it shouldn’t be much longer…
     A doctor finally appears but alas not the appointed one – so that’s 2 hours wasted for
        a 5 minute appointment not even with the correct doctor.
J.Williams, Lightwood. 23rd April, 2010.                         Comment:Negative

Date: June 2010                                                           Page number: 122 of 126
Appendix 6
What patients actually said

Date: June 2010               Page number: 123 of 126
    November 2009                 17th February 2010               28th March2010
    October 26th 2009             7 January 2010
                                                                     Oct 09
    October 2009                  May 2009                         26th January 2010
    23 July 2009                  November 09                      Summer 2009
    28th July 2009                May & September                  September 2009 x
    6th August 2009                2007                              2 and November
    September 15th                January 2010                      2009
    March 2009                    August 28th 09                   13 -15th December
    June                          21 January 2010
                                                                     2009
    2 - 3 times 2009              January 2007                     December 31st
    Jan 2010                      26 December
    2006                           2009                             September 2009
    10th March 2010               10 February 2010
                                                                     11th February 2009
    July 09                       Feb, May, June                   August
    November 2009                  2009                             30th May 2009
    8th April 2009                May 2009                         22nd March 2010
    3rd November                  13 December
                                                                     05th January 2009
      2009                          2009                             October 2009
    November 11th                 May 2009                         06th January 2010
      2009                         2009                              & 12th March 2010
    February 2010                 A few times in                   21st March 2010
    30th December                  2009                             11th
      2009                         18th April 2009                   September2009
    19th November                 29th March 2009                  06th February 2010
      2009                         February 2010                    07th January 2010
    18th October 2009             May 2009                         November 2009
    Autumn 2009                   May 22009, March                 17th January 2010
    10th February 2010             2010                             26th March 2010
    I'm sorry but                 3 weeks ago                      March 2010
      through fear and             2007                             Monday 26th April
      my own                       January 2009                      2010
      experiences I                24th December                    October 2009
      cannot fill in this           2009                             20th May 2010
      form                         December 09                      22nd february2010
    March 2009                    June 2009                        February 2009
    November 09                   March 2010                       One year ago
    March 2009                    February 10                      10th March2010
    December 09                   March 12th 2009                  February 2009
    June 2008                     End of 2009                      December 2009
    11th February                 June 2009                        February 2010
    19th February                 November 2009                    4th February 2010
    10th August 2009              February 2009                    14th April 2010
    23rd December                 February 2010                    October 2009
      2009                         February 2010                    January
    November 2009                 December 2009                    May 2009
    22nd February 2010            31st March 2010

Date: June 2010                                                       Page number: 124 of 126
          27th February           22nd February        April 2010
           2010                     2010                 April 2010
          14th April 2010         26th May             April 2010
          13 April 2010           February 2009        June 2010
          15th January 2010       27th December        2009/10
          September                2009                 Continually up to 3
          February                August 2009           months ago
          March 2009              18th May 2009        10th June 2009
          September 2009          March 2009           14th June 2010
          05th April 2010         16th April 2010      7th June 2010
                                  22nd May 2010        15th April 2010
          28th March 2010         5th June 2010        23rd May,
          January 2010                                  April 2010
          21st February 2010                            28.10.09
          June 2009                                     April and July
          July 2009                                    ????2009
          May 09                                        June 2010
          December 2009           October 2009
                                   22nd May 2010
                                   5th June 2010
                                                         2 1/2 hours, sent
                                                          there after 2 hrs at
What people actually                                      Hayward walk in
                                 1 night                 centre eg no
said about how long
                                  4 to 6 hours           doctor or xray
they had to wait in A             2 and 3/4 hours        facilities
& E before being                  7 hours               2 3/4 hours
admitted to a ward                2 hours               Noon to 9pm
or discharged home                5 hours               7 hours
                                  approx 2 hours        4 hours
      12 hours approx
                                   including tests       3 hours
       4 hours 15 mins
                                  4 hours               4 hours
       3 hours - 7 hours
                                                         8 hours
       19 hours
                                                         8 hours
       5 hours
                                                         10 hours
       overnight
                                                         24 hrs
       3 hours
                                                         4 hours
       4 hours
                                                         20 minutes
       9 hours
                                                         28 hours
       3 - 4 hours x2
                                                         3 hours
       20 mins
                                                         5 hours
                                                         1 hour
                                                         2 days
                                                         4 hours
                                   7 hours
                                   5 hours
                                   2 hours              1 1/2 hours
                                                         12 hrs

Date: June 2010                                           Page number: 125 of 126
          10 hours overnight      36 hours for a           24 hours
          4 hrs                    proper ward              2 hours
          2 3/4 hours             Approx 4 hours           3 hours
          ongoing in 2009         2 hours                  12 hours
          2-3 hours               7 days                   3 hours
          12 hours +              5 hours                  6 hours
          8 hours                 2 days                   4 hours
          3/4 hours               3 1/2 hours              6 hours
          6 hours                 2 hours 30 mins          2 hours
          2 1/2 hours             1 hour                   2-3 hours
          6 hours                 1 hour                   8 hours
          1 1/2 hours             Jan 5 hrs                48 hours
          6 hours                  discharged, March        20 hours
          1st Time 36 hours,       3 hrs then stayed        48 Hours
           2nd time 10 hours        for 28 hours before      9 hours approx had
          4 hours                  moved to a ward           to wait for
          4 hours                 3 hours                   ambulance to
          1 1/2 hours             4 hours                   arrive
          3 hours                 4 hours                  3 hours
          12 hours                30 hours                 2 hours
          6 hours                 2 - 3 hours              Home after several
          8 hours                 4 hours                   checks 11am to
          9 hours                 6 hours                   10pm
          4 hours                 About 8 hours            7 hours
          5 hours                 4 1/2 hours              4 1/2 hours
          8 hours                 10 hours                 8 hours
          8 hours                 An hour                  6 plus hours
          1 hour                  7 hours                  7 hours
          About 1.5 hours         2 hours                  2 hours
                                   4 hours                  2 hours
                                   8-9 hours                About 5 hours
          3 1/2 hours             36 hours                 2 days overnight
          3 hours                 1 week                   Approx 2 hours
          4 hours                 24 hrs                   6 hours
          2 1/2 hours             About 6 hours            4 hours
          2 hours                 13 1/2 hours             8 hours approx
          3 hours                 3 hours                  4 hours
          4 hours                 Approx 4 hours           Approx 24 hours
          6 hrs                   3 hours                  Couple of hours
          approx 10 hrs,          2 hours                  1 hour
           approx 8 hrs, 10        2 hours                  4 hours
           hrs                     10 mins                  2 .75 hours
                                   24 hours?

Date: June 2010                                               Page number: 126 of 126

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