Product Design by fXQYuQQ5


									Tahir Rafiq
Problem: there are a lot of people mainly teenagers who use their laptops in bed at night. What I have found out
      about this issue is that a number of people have suffered from problems such as severe burns, damage to the
      laptops, and other parts which in the long-term can have some affects. To this day the main problems for us
      in this world is the greenhouse affect and emissions caused by unesccery power usage . For example using a
      room light to be able to view your keyboard to be able to type.

From this problem I will design and produce a product that helps in all ways to both humans and the planet. What I
       mean by this is that i make my product. Interesting, safe , comfortable, adaptable, and most of all
       environmentally friendly I would also use a number of materials that are not as used commonly.
Firstly I would find a client who would be interested in the laptop holder. I will also look at the different types of
       materials I can use, and a wide number of designs which can be questioned by the public to see their
       thoughts and views.
Researching the current problems, and current designs would help me to design a product that is not in the current
       market. The most important part is the way that the laptop holder is designed by researching it the
       antrometrics and safety of the current holders I will then have a clear idea on what to do.

        Balancing your laptop on your knees could cause permanent discolouration of the skin and, in rare cases, cancer,” warned
               the Daily Mail. The story is of a 12-year-old boy who developed a skin condition caused by the heat from a laptop that
               was balanced on his bare legs.
        The condition, erythema ab igne, is also known as “toasted skin syndrome”, and is characterised by mottled-looking skin
               resulting from prolonged exposure to heat or an infrared source. Since 2004, there have been at least 10 reported cases
               of the condition or of burns related to laptop use.
        This is a rare condition, but the connection between it and laptops has been documented several times before. The incidence
               is likely to become more frequent as laptops become more widespread.
        The skin damage itself is usually harmless and has no symptoms. As reported, there is a chance that the condition can
               develop into cancer, but this is a small risk. Simple common-sense precautions can remove this risk. The researchers
               suggest using a heat-protective barrier between the skin and the laptop (such as the laptop bag), or placing the
               machine on another surface.

        Where did the story come from?
        The study was carried out by researchers from the Department of Dermatology at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. It
              was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Pediatrics.

        What kind of research was this?
        This was a case report of a 12-year-old boy who developed a skin condition called erythema ab igne, caused by the heat from
              a laptop that was balanced on his bare legs. The researchers also carried out a review of the literature on the skin
              condition. Erythema ab igne is indicated by discolouration and mottling of the skin, and is caused by prolonged
              exposure to an infrared heat source.

        What did the research involve?
        The case report was of a boy who had presented to the emergency department with marks on one of his upper legs. The
              researchers also carried out a literature search for studies of similar cases in a review of the topic. They found that
              nine cases of laptop-induced erythema have been reported since 2004, plus one case of a burn produced by a laptop.
To assure my project is kept up to-date. I will make a plan on the step by step procedures that I will take on board. I have researched in the best ways to plan a
        project and I have realised that making a table can be the most simplest way and organised.

     Project criteria                                 explanation                                                             dates

     Context and objectives                           By using the design brief and my analysis , I would then need to        Oct 2011
                                                      plan a time scale

     Clarification of problems                        Research in same products in the market (primary and                    Oct 2011
                                                      secondary), research into different materials, to find the most
                                                      suitable material to use in the manufacture. Also having constant
                                                      contact with the client.

     Development of design proposal                   Using rough sketches and previous models , also feedback from           Jan 2010
                                                      the client , would help me to design the perfect design that fits the
                                                      clients needs.
     Manufacture                                      Using classical manufacture methods to make my product. Mainly          Jan 2011
                                                      concentrating on machinery the manufacture in huge bulks.

     Modelling                                        Using under classed materials and different method to model.            Jan 2011

     Conclusions client meeting,                      Meeting with the client, after each design idea is made to              Feb 2011
     recommendations                                  evaluate the design also to make changes if not good enough.
                                                      Improving the prototypes and creating a product that fits the
                                                      clients needs.
     Evaluation                                       Evaluating the products helps to see where I when wrong and to          March 2011
                                                      see the changes that I would make encase I make the product
     Communication, presentation                      Communication is needed for both research and designing , for           April 2011
                                                      example I would contact the makers of laptop holders, and then I
                                                      would contact my client to discuss the perfect design, then
                                                      actually designing.
                       Joints should be tested for            The laptop holder should                       Based on a original wooden
                       excessive weight held upon.            not have any effect from                       grain effect
                                                                                                                                                 Bright attractive colour
                                                              excessive heat
   Not containing loose                                                                                                                          based on options for the
   pieces                                                                             Health and safety of                                       young aged people e.g.
                                       No sharp edges                                                                                            Pin for girls, blue for boys
                                                                                      manufacturing the
                                                                                      laptop holder.

   All electronic parts should be                                                                                                                     Can be customized , made to
   checked and tested                                                                                                                                 adapt

                  Equipment for mass or one
                  off production
                                                                                                                                             The reason my actual product will have
         Profits gained
                                                                          safety                                                             the original wooden grain effect is
                                                                                                 colours                                     because .I think it would look most

The type of equipment needed                                                                                                                 attractable and classical   .
                                        Equipment and
Costs of materials                      Cost                                    Laptop                                                      plastic
                                                                                holders                                                                      pvc
How much of the similar design is
                                                                                                              materials                        After pvc testing I can see that certain
                                                                                                                                               temperatures affect the polymer. Due to
in the market                                                                                                                                  the laptop heat it would not be
                                                          Shape and size                                                                       sufficient for me to use polymers for my
                                                                                                                                               laptop holding stand.
                                                                                      Wood                           Metal
   How much time and money I would use
                                                                                                                                                Aluminium has a number of helping
      Shape should be proportion to a laptop size.                       pine              plywood                                              ways for a bedside laptop holder
                                                                                                                                                such as the main frame structure that
                                                                                                                                                balances out the whole holder which
        Modern shapes which look attractive                                                                                                     makes it stand upright.

                                                                                         I have chosen to use plywood as one of my
         Custom design to be adapted to the                                              materials for a part of my project. Reason for
                                                                                                                                                      For my project I would use
         room surroundings                                                               this is because it is seen as a less attractive
                                                        Heat affected , easy to                                                                       aluminium piping . The piping
                                                                                         material to use for purposes like this however
                                                        work with?                                                                                    would be used for adjusting the
                                                                                         . I would like to take a chance to make
                                                        Durable and attractive.                                                                       laptop holder . Aluminium is light
                                                                                         plywood attractive and be able make it more
                     New up to date technologies        Also to see if its reliable                                                                   strong and attractable making the
                                                                                         pratical for use not just for covering up broken
                     should be added e.g mug            for long term.                                                                                stand look attractive.
                                                                                         windows etc.
                     warmer, extra usb slots
For a professional project in production a client is most needed .The main reason for a client is so I could base my project design upon a problem of the age looked
         at . I could also refer back to my client for step by step procedures I take.
I have decided to use my friend as a client , the reason for this is :
1)       He is a friend which is easy to contact when needed,
2)       He works at pc world so he is aware of the current trends of sales of laptops and holders.
3)       He is a teenager , who uses a laptop in bed where he finds most appropriate time of use.
So the client is perfect for my current situation.

This list shows the times where I would make a link with my client at different stages of my project :
•         The current problem of my project
•         Design viewer
•         Questionnaire filler
•         feedback on models that I have made
•         Interview on the types of designs
•         Reviewing on designs and final product
•         Customization of product

Client requirements: after speaking to my client I have got a list of requirements that’s required for the laptop holder.
1)       To have a new and funky design
2)       Must have a original glossy/shine finish
3)       Use of different materials
4)       A number of different electronic features (mug warmer/ Bluetooth/ led)
5)       Environmentally friendly materials.
6)       Teenage based design with a side logo
7)       New and unique design.
   At this very minute I am not sure of the material that I
    would use for my project. The best material to use can be
    analysed by testing the materials. I have already thought
    of man made material that I would like to use that’s
    plywood. However I need to make sure that it would be
    suitable as a laptop holder so a number of tests have to be

   I already no the brief design of my laptop holder and that
    is that the frame structure itself will have a attractive bend

   Until this day I didn't no that woods could be bent in such
    a way. I found the best way to bend my plywood that was
    by using a powdered resin glue called cascamite. By
    reading the ingredients and researching into them I have
    found that the compounds inside the glue turn out to be
    stronger then the wood bends itself
                                              Acrylic has to be tested. The reason for this is to see the
                                              limitations of using pvc for my project. The way that i
                                              would test the pvc is by using a method of bending and


                                                                                                             After taking the heated thermo pvc out of the
                                             Acrylic is an extremely versatile material used in the          oven. I then shaped the plastic into different
                                             manufacturing of a huge variety of products--ranging            forms and shapes to test the flexibility of it.
On the above picture we can see how          from signage, desktop awards and desk accessories               After leaving the pvc to cool back to room
each en of the pvc has been twisted          to internally illuminated signs, skylights and aircraft         temperature the bonds fit back into place
360 degree around .so the flexibility        windshields. This material has many attractive                  making the figure harden and stay into place.
test has been passed                         characteristics, including exceptional durability and
                                             extreme optical clarity. Acrylic is also easy to work
                                             with. This allows it to be fabricated into many different
                                             shapes and sizes. One of the easiest ways to form
                                             acrylic is through a process called thermo bending,                The quality of using this material is
                                             which involves heating the plastic to soften it and                that it can be reheated and moulded
                                             then bending it into a shape to create products such               back into any place.
                                             as counter signs, picture frames, business card
                                             holders and display racks.

                                we can see from these pictures
                                how the pvc has deformed. I
                                tried my upmost best in                          By using an clay oven which was
                                bending the thermal plastic to                   set on heat of 150 degree i placed
                                make it into a leg sort of design.               my two different tones of pvcs in the
Powdered resintite is added to
water to make a thick paste. this
paste thickens over time so it has
to be used quickly so the oxygen
does not take effect on the paste.

Cascimite is a strong bonding
resin that is commonly used when        I made a pine holder which is used to
bonding two or more pieces of           test if the plywood can bend in two                    I placed a sheet of
wood together my first step in the      ways. By making the pieces of wood                     plain paper to
plywood bending testing shows           open I placed a hinge to open and                      prevent the
me making up the paste by adding        close the holder.                                      cascamite sticking to
three parts of cascamite to one of                                                             the holder. Which
water.                                                                                         would ruin the test.

                                                                After placed in a tight vice the figure is
                                                                left to stand for 24hr to keep a strong
                                                                structure in place.

      Opening the holder we can see a result of
      the a disfigured piece of plywood showing
      that my test has worked. When removing
                                                                                                      By using a brush the paste is applied carefully. Overdoing the
      the stuck on paper a finish is just needed to
                                                                                                      plywood would then add layers upon the plywood giving an
      complete the test of using this product.                                                        unattractive finish.
                       The adjustable
                       poles are
                       controlled by two
                       toggles where the
                       poles can be

                                                              What i have done in this first
                                                              picture is that i have drilled a
                                                              hole for which the screw                            For my project i am testing the
                                                              would be able to push                               steel poles. Where i would
                                                              against the inner part to hold                      custom make them to fit my
                                                              the piping together.                                project to see if they are
To make my laptop holder i                                                                                        compatable. Research shows that
caught my idea from           The high quality, low maintenance steel pipe systems has caused a noticeable        steel piping is best for these
custom made projector         shift in attitudes toward steel. The distinctive features of steel pipes are:       situations as they are dense
holder that i saw in the      Toughness : Toughness requirements for a pipe is more complex than the              unlike aluminium which have the
food tech room. As we can     tensile property requirements. The steel pipe toughness level is specified to       advantage of being light.
see the structure is          guard against crack propagation.
balanced by a central pole    Fittings Properties : Fittings are components of the steel pipe that are
                              usually of complex geometry and not made from line pipe, such as bends,                      After sandint down
balancing the weight                                                                                                       the rough edges i
among four castor.            tees, flanges, valves and set-on and set-in forged branches.
                              Flexibility : Steel pipes can be designed and fabricated to any height and                   the sprayed the
                              strength, this enables the customer reduce costs by designing a line for the                 steel pipe with
                              optimum structure spacing. Steel structures are also easily modified in the                  black gloss spray.
                              field, making them easy to rework.
                              Ease of Installation : When compared to lattice structures, the speed and
                              ease of installation of steel tubing is a proven winner. Also, the behaviour of a
                              steel tubing is easily predicted, while a lattice structure, with its hundreds of
                              bolted joints, is difficult to quantify precisely.
                                                                                                                                  was done by
                                                                                                                                  holding the
                                                                                                                                  pipe on a
                                                                                                                                  wooden stick
                             Inserting the inner pole
                             and screwing in the screw
                             to hold the pipes together
                             shows that the test has                        This attractive has made me
                             worked where i placed                          think about using sprays for the
                             heavy weights onto.                            finish on steel piping however i
                                                                            would consider a chrome
                                           I now know for a fact that I would be using plywood for my project , I
                                          know this because of the bending test which inspired me, by looking from
                                          my aim I am after we can see how I would like to use finishes that are
                                          original as so is the material that I would use. However in many cases
                                          as this project is based mainly on a teen product colours have to be
                                          taken into account when taken into production. Colours are seen as
                                          moods, usually based on sex of the user. E.g sky blue for a boy and
                                          pink for a girl. I have decided to test finishes on plywood and on
                                          separate pieces of wood .
                                                                                                                                I applied a total of two layers on the pieces of
                                                                                                 The paint soaks into           plywood looking for the best result. We can see
                                                                                                 the grain of the wood          hoe the black looks faded out. From this test I
                                                                                                 making it easy to              would choose for my final product to be in red if
   The types of paint that I used were a water based strong coated paint.
                                                                                                 apply.                         I used the finish.
   Reason for choosing this was because it would be safe and non-toxic
   to children. So toddlers can crawl around the plywood and not be
   affected.                                                                                          Acrylic Paint - Acrylic paint is a durable paint that has pigments suspended in an
                                                                                                      acrylic (or plastic) binder. acrylic paints are plastic based and not natural.
                                                                                                      However, they come in a wide range of vibrant colours, are colour fast, easy to
                                                                                                      apply and clean up and have no fumes. They can even be mixed with water to
                                                                                                      create a "wash" of paint,
 To get the natural finishes from the wooden grain i am testing                                       Not all acrylic paint is created equally however! Not all acrylic paint is non-toxic or
 the use of waxes and varnishes. I would test the bent plywood                                        safe for toys either! labels show the "AP Non-toxic" seal. Some artist's paints
 piece with one side of briwax which would be put on by coat of                                       have mercury, arsenic and cadmium in them for pigments .
 sanding sealer before, then rubbed n with a cloth following the
 grain to get a deep finish I would repeat this procedure 10

                                                                                                                          Varnish is a common used finish,
The briwax is good for putting on the                                                                                     mainly used for window sills,
plywood as the grain soaks in the                                                                                         staircases, wooden doors. Unlike
properties of the wax, helping to keep                                                                                    briwax the wood soaks up the bonding
the wood waterproof and also give it a                                                                                    agent from the varnish itself, making it
shine that looks attractive.                                       After doing this testing I have decided to             easy to apply and also giving an
                                                                   use the briwax for a clean and elegant                 attractive and dry look mainly, good for
                                                                   finish. I                                              protection against water and rotting of
The main point of making a product that would go into production is to investigate before hand. As it is said that everybody has different options and views. So what I
       am planning to do is to ask 100 people of the public and also students 8 questions that would help to give an idea on how to product the best type of
       bedside laptop holder. However I am aiming at people ages 14+. I infer that the knowlegde that I will extract for the public would give me a great
       understanding of the design.

1) Do you have a laptop that you use at night whilst in bed?                                                        2) If you do use a laptop in bed what do you use to support you laptop?
a) Yes
                                                                                                                    b)Bed table
b) No                                                                                                               c)Pillow

3)On average how long do you use your laptop in
bed?                                                                                                                 4)Are you aware of the problems that are caused from laptops
a) <1 hour                                                                                                           overheating on human contact?
b) 1-2 hours                                                                                                         a)Yes
c) 2+ hours                                                                                                          b)No

                                                                                  6)What materials would you prefer to have for you bedside laptop holder?
5)Are you most likely to buy a product that prevents                              a)All wood design (e.g pine, plywood, etc)
harm to your body and that is comfortable to use your                             b)All metal design (aluminium, steel etc)
laptop in bed?                                                                    c)All polyester design
a)Yes                                                                             d)A combination of all of those materials.

7) What type of finishes would you prefer to have on your end product?
a)No finish just natural
b)Wax finish
c) Varnish finish
d)Paint finish
                                                                                                                      8) in terms of aesthetics of the bedside laptop holder it
                                                                                                                     should be
                                                                                                                     a) A plain and original design
                                                                                                                     b) Straight forward common bedside table design
                                                                                                                     c) New never seen unique design
The whole idea of doing a questionnaire is to find out what the current views are of a certain product. So after handing my questionnaire to the public and my
       client I have decided to conclude all the information. The information that I have gathered from these questions would help me to conduct ideas for my

Question 1: the fist question that I asked was ne o the main and most important question that was to find out how many people actually use a laptop in bed. I found
       out that more then 3 quarters of the people I asked actually use a laptop in bed . This information tells me that the future product that I will make would
       entitle to the use of people.

Question 2: it is obvious that people do use their laptops at night however I had to find out the ways and positions that people use their laptops in. so the second
       question was based on finding the technique, I found that the majority of people actually use their knees for support of their laptop. This alerted me as I
       already the no the consequences of using the laptop in this manner. After finding this information I defiantly now that some type of holder is needed,

Question 3: time is a major issue as there would be no point of making a product that the users would use at the minimum so I have decided to ask the average use
       of laptop in their beds. I found out that the mass majority of people use their laptop between 1 and 2 hours a night . From this data I now no there would be
       a common use of a laptop holder.

Question 4: I have decided to ask everyone if they new of the conditions caused by using your laptops on your knees to see what their current views and to also
       make them aware of the consequences of what could happen by over use. I found out that more then 3 quarters of the people don’t know what happens when
       over using.

Question 5: after making everyone aware of what the consequences were of laptop burns . I then asked the people if they would buy a product to prevent this
       serious problem that could occur from the laptop. I realised that 99% of the people were interested in a product that prevents the problem. It is alarming
       how a product would do good in the open market.

Question 6: it is always best to ask what type of materials are best to use as an option, this would show me how the public and client would like their product and
       also the features that they may like. before asking the question I inferred that most people would like a mix of materials and this was surely the outcome.

Question 7: finishes on a product is seen as the most crucial procedures., as this is the one thing that the buyer has control over to keep the product up-to-date. I can
       see how a natural finish of bri-wax would look most attractive . This is what the public have chosen
                                                                                                                                             Ergonomics & Anthropometrics
                                                                                                                                             We can obviously see how the laptop holder
This laptop holder is a clear example of the             Video recorder stands are very good due to the fully adjustable feature
                                                                                                                                             has its positives in adjusting for different
ways that ideas evolve around current                    that they have. To make the laptop holder position fully adjustable the
                                                                                                                                             angles. However these are the only positives
products. What I mean by this is that the                final product is made from an aluminium plate where the laptop would be
                                                                                                                                             of the design itself that relates to the
current design of the laptop holder is held              placed on, and also held by Velcro straps. The laptop plate would then be
                                                                                                                                             ergonomics. I cant see any way of comfort
the same features stand of a video recorder.             connected to the main joint of the aluminium stand.
                                                                                                                                             for the user . As you would obviously have to
                                                                                                                                             sit up and use this stand. There is no way of
                                                          The way that these laptop holders are manufactured would be in a
                                                                                                                                             laying on a bed and having in front of you.
                                                                number of stages.
                                                                                                                                             These are the limitations of the product. The
  Legs adjustable from 40cm to 1 and
                                                          1)     The aluminium plate is designed to hold all sorts of laptops where          main negative point about this product is that
  half metres. Made from light aluminium
                                                                 the sizes vary from big to small.                                           is not originally designed but by the use of
                                                                                                                                             different products that you can buy and then
                                                          2)      aluminium legs made to keep the laptop stiff and not sturdy when
                                                                                                                                             put into one.
                                                                 the laptop would be at a high height.

                                                                           Personally the only attractive look I like about this design is that it looks modern with the use of great
                                                                           thought material, aluminium this is good because it is light to transportation would be compatible.
                                                                           However the over all design and structure is just a camera/videocam holder making it an old theory
                                                                           as it is currently used for other purposes the only thing that has been made from originating
                                                                           production is the laptop plate and the elastic straps that keep the laptop in place.

                                                                                                                  Personally I like the idea of this design and looks stable and
                                                                                                                  very adjustable but I wouldn’t like to use it for myself in bed as .
                                                                                                                  There is a sense of hard structure which doesn’t look atractive,
                                                                                                                  however I can see how anyone can set this up and store away
                                                                                                                  into different places.
                                                                        Aluminium plate designed in such a
                                                                        way that the laptop stays cool and
                                                                        easily ventilated
                                                                                                                                 Style and function
                                                                                                                                 There is ability of using the laptop from
                                                                                                                                 inclining and declining. Usually helps for
                                                                                                                                 viewing and typing methods. The
                                                                                                                                 original colour of gunmetal grey has a
                                                       Thermo plastic made handles to prevent absorbent of
                                                                                                                                 good affect as it seems original.
                                                       heat that comes of the laptop. This is positive link on
                                                       the design. As this is what prevents the melting of the                   Limitation of this would be when aiming
                                                       handle.                                                                   for teenagers they would most likely
                                                                                                                                 prefer a number of themed colour
    Elasticised straps to keep the laptop in upright                                                                             choices which suits them.
    position and prevent it from falling. So this
    design clearly shows how sizes of laptops are
    taken into account.
                                                                          I find this product a well designed and
An original finished wooden bed                                           most adaptable compared to a lot of
laptop holder and dinner table, is                                        laptop holders as anyone can use it, with
adaptable and easy to carry around                                        the site of the table it self. This product is
table. Valued at £30 it is seen as good                                   priced at £29.99 and can be delivered to
value for money with its handle and                                       your door, with no setup techniques as it
briefcase carriage box.                                                   comes as a folded piece

                                                            Ergonomics and anthropometrics
                                                            Ergonomically both designs are attractive in their own way as the
  As we can see the laptop is on a angle                    pine table is more natural. And the acrylic and steel table is more
  where it is easier to use when in bed                     adaptable to the user, making it anthropometric comfortable to the
  it is also durable and well designed,                     users.
  and at the same time it has the natural
  look. That is fairly attractive.

      Manufacturing processes & finishes
      On the left the disability table is manufactured in batches where the table itself is thermo set
      acrylic which would be made through excursion where it would be moulded into shape. The
      piping for the structure is rubber coated steel keeping the structure strong and durable.
      Drop mechanisms are made to help the table swing into place and fold away.                                  This laptop table has its own main use for
      so there are three main stages in manufacture for the product. That would be to get the                     people with disabilities, or those in wheelchairs.
      materials then to make the polymer into shape. Then the steel piping to cut and bed, then                   It is light due to the use of light materials,
      drilling holes which would be done by a machines.                                                           making it adaptable , strong and at the same
                                                                                                                  time adjustable in a way making it flat and easy
                                                                                                                  for storage.

           Personally I think that both these designs new good in the
           sense of compatibility and transfer as they are both
           easy to store and move around. I wouldn’t use any of
           these designs for my ideas as they seem to common,
           however I would be using a natural finish with a natural
           material pine.

                                                                   Versatile Rolling Table - Laptop Table - Wheelchair Table
                                                                   Over bed Table - Versatile Pivot & Tilt Over bed Table - Wheelchair Table - Rolling Laptop
                                                                   The mast of the table pivots and can be locked in one of the three positions from flat on the
      It is also a bonus to have other functions                   floor to 90 degrees.
      that the laptop holder can do, books are                     The pivot feature allows the table top to be positioned closer to individuals in a bed, sitting in
      seen as the most used activity in bed.                       a chair or wheelchair, or folded for storage
Firstly the reason why I have done research on
both standing /bed laptop stand and a bedside
table is because I have already decided to                                                               Design and anthropometrics
collaborate these together making a never seen                                                           The overall design of this laptop stand has two main
design which I cannot find out in the market,                                                            functions one is clearly to hold a laptop which is adjustable
making my design new and unique.                                                                         only up and down as the limitation of this design is that it
                                                                                                         cannot swivel all the way around I will make sure my
                                                                                                         laptop stand function is able to be adjusted in all directions
                                                                                                         making is easy and adjustable for the user.
                                                                                                         Overall the stand it self is not attractable due to its main
            Same type of steel legging material as what you
                                                                                                         structure which is seen as a bond of metal work. The
            would find on computer tables. The t shape at
                                                                                                         finishes used on this product is rubber based for
            the bottom is commonly used for stability of the
                                                                                                         protection. Preventing strain it has the adjustable function
            whole structure preventing the laptop falling off.
                                                                                                         with a twisted knob.

                   Overall I am pleased with the function of the holder, and the design of the bedside
                   tables so I will keep in mind the designs and finishes used, as my aim is for a
                   surreal design I have decided to bond these two together and making it extra safe
                   and fully adjustable at the same time.

                                                                          Manufacture and materials
                                                                          It is very important to choose the materials that you would
                                                                          use when making a product like this. You have to think about
                                                                          the overall structure of the design itself . As we can see by
                                                                          both side tables here they are surreal with they crooked
                                                                          looked legs, so it is important that the materials chosen are
                                                                          strong enough to hold the heavy weight that is on.
                                      I have always liked the old         Mahogany is used for both theses side tables, with different
                                      fashioned surreal design of         coats of finishes.
                                      tables , especially of those that
                                      look unstable. For example                                            Here again a surreal design that
                                      these thin crooked legs look                                          looks like it is made out of cast iron,
                                      like they are about to snap                                           however it is actually mahogany with
                                      with the weight that would be                                         a black varnish paint.
                                      put on.
Plywood is used in a number of situations
mainly of those that are less professional, for                                                                  They plywood has been bended by a mould which has left it in
example if a house window was broken plywood                                                                     the curved bend useable to go over legs and to place a laptop
would be used to prevent air coming in and used                                                                  over it. It is a good design but not practice enough as you have
as a substitute until the window is there to fit. So                                                             to be in one position which would cause strain to the user.
it is pretty obvious how plywood is not seen as a
attractive wood but more of a cheap DIY job.                                                                     Practical and light would describe this as a whole as
Now since I would like to make my laptop holder                                                                  manufacture would be really easy and cheap by the use of a
more of a unusual surreal design which is one                                                                    single mould but would need time to settle.
of a kind. I have decided to use plywood in my
design I do not now what function the plywood                                                                    I infer that two sheets of 6mm plywood have been joined by
would have but that it would be used in the                                                                      cascamite and put into a mould that bends.
structure of the product.                                                                                        This lap stand costs £20 I would say it is over valued and
                                                                                                                 many people would not buy this due to its functioning

 This design clearly shows how attractive                                                                                    I found this following table in my 6th form
 the plywood looks and also shows how                                                                                        library where we use it as a coffee table
 the stability of the stand. the light                                                                                       and a laptop table. Am happy with the
 material of plywood helps to bend into                                                                                      design as it is ergonomically situated and
 different shapes.                                                                                                           finished with a natural varnish.

                                         The manufacture stages that occur in this product is
                                         three stages.
                                         These are that cutting of the material then bending and
                                         then the finish. The manufacturing system would be in a
                                                                                                    The whole structure comes as a piece this
                                         batch manufacture as it would be more worthwhile as
                                                                                                    means that the laptop stand has been
                                         there would be a high demand for this product, valued at
                                                                                                    bend in a couple of different stages where
                                         £35 it is worth the money however you would see these
                                                                                                    the plywood would be bent.
                                         in libraries rather then in your bedroom where you can
                                         only stand up to use or even sit down if you have a high
                                                                                                    This product fits in the client requirement,
                                                                                                    however it would not help in the function of
                                                                                                    keeping the laptop cool.

                                                                                                    The design is funky and upto dat making it
                                                                                                    unique and modern, however I wouldn’t
                                                                                                    see many people buying it as it is valued at
The term "ergonomics" is derived from two Greek words: "ergon," meaning work,
and "nomoi," meaning natural laws. Ergonomists study human capabilities in
relationship to work demands
To reduce the risk of injury we could follow the ergonomic principles:
-All work activities should permit the worker to adopt several different, but equally
healthy and safe postures.
-Where muscular force has to be exerted it should be done by the largest
appropriate muscle groups available.
-Work activities should be performed with the joints at about mid-point of their
range of movement. This applies particularly to the head, trunk, and upper limbs.

  When linking my design ergonomically I have found the average
  sizes of bed from floor to the top of the bed this would hep to keep
  the laptop level to the bed making it easier for the user.
  Keeping the user in upright position preventing any strain.

                                                                                         The human measurements that I would take into account
                                                                                         are those that link with the use of the laptop holder that
                                                                                         would be the sizes of the hands and average body sizes
                                                                                         so the adjustability can be how the user would like it best.

                                                                                        The study of Anthropometrics (human measurement) is concerned with the
                                                                                        physical sizes and shapes of humans. Of particular interest are the
                                                                                        differences between and among different populations (men vs. women,
                                                                                        Northern Europeans vs. Japanese).
                                                                                        Anthropometrics literally means man (anthro) measurements (metric). It is the
                                                                                        measurement of the size and proportions of the human body, as well as
                                                                                        parameters such as reach and visual range capabilities. Accurate data on
                                                                                        height, weight, limb, and body segment sizes are needed to design items
                                                                                        ranging from clothing, furniture, automobiles, buses, and subway cars to
                                                                                        space shuttles and space stations. Anthropometrics enables us to properly
                                                                                        size items, including system interfaces, to "fit" the user.
                                                                                             From looking through my research I realised that it would be best to use a combination
                                                                                             of materials for my besides laptop holder. This is by Referring back to my
                                                                                             questionnaire. So the two main materials to research on is pine, steel piping.
Originally pine comes from trees which has no needles or leaves, the softwood
consists of growing preferences, where the tend to grow quick and tall unlike          physical properties
hardwoods which take a longer time. The best part of using these type of trees         The yellow pine is heavier then the usual shelving pine, it is stronger and harder which
are because when taking a tree out you would have to replace the tree with             makes it a strong material for a laptop holding stand, properties inside the pine make it
three other trees. When passed through the swami to be cut to size it is               decay resistant however it has to be maintained with oils and waxes/varnishes.
decided for which size it would be for purposes. Such as shelving, decking
Pine is used for a number of things from huge buildings to small kitchen forks.          appearances
 Working properties                                                                      The grains are uneven along the timber piece making it original and attractive the feel
 The softwood is a easy material to work with and to mould into different shapes. I      of the pine is strong, which doesn’t lead to splinters or any problems when running your
 would use pine for my project keeping in mind the knots that would be on the pine       hand along it.
 which has to be avoided, preventing this would help to keep my product less chance
 of being damaged. I find pine as a easy going material which is fully functional in      Uses
 most situations.                                                                         There are so many uses that is mainly of different purposes as structural timber or
                                                                                          wall sheets for homes, other uses such as boxes , crates and baskets. A main use
    Is pine environmentally friendly:                                                     for pine is on boats where a waterproof paint is applied to the boat.
    Where there is one tree taken three more are planted so it is pretty
    obvious that pine is always there to grow. It is easy for pine to be used
    over again depending on the quality of the pine.                                          physical properties
                                                                                              There are different types of steel as they do not all have the same properties. This
                                                                                              is due to their elements used in the manufacture. Alloys are made from the
  By extracting the needed raw materials from the earth. The three main
                                                                                              mixture of steel and other elements. The way that alloying is done determines the
  materials that are used are iron ore , coal and limestone after placing
                                                                                              physical properties such as hardness, flexibility , ductility. It is flexible as steel can
  these three ingredients into a furnace where the temperature is at
                                                                                              be moulded into any desired shape. It also has the lowest strength to weight ratio
  1600oc for a long time after is produced a molten pig iron from the iron
                                                                                              compared to any other building material.
  ore. The quality of the pig iron is not good enough for commercial use
  so by adding a carbon structure you make steel. This is done by a
  basic oxygen furnace the steel then casts into a thick or thin slab to be

                                                                                               Working properties
                                                                                               It usually depends on the thickness of steel , it is usually difficult to work with
      Appearance                                                                               steel if you do not have the proper machinery to cut it. Joining the metal can only
      Steel usually ahs different types of surfaces and textures, depending on                 be done by welding or oxy-acetylene welding. Plasma and laser cutting are
      the purpose of the steel when manufactured. Alloys usually have a good                   another type of method that could be used to cut the steel.
      finish which is mainly shiny and attractive. Usually buffering is used to
      give a smooth and shiny finish to steel.

                                                                                                     Is steel environmentally friendly
                                                                                                     We no the way that steel is mined from the earths crust, it creates an
                                                                                                     eyestone environment where the material is mined, which will destroy the
  Uses                                                                                               natural landscape of the area. Apart from this steel is environmentally
  There are so many multipurpose functions that steel has                                            friendly as 90% if not all the steel can be recycled without losing any
  in our everyday lifestyles ranging from cookware we use                                            physical properties in the process. This reduces the amount of material
  to cook our food, to important scientific instruments such                                         needed to be extracted from the earth therefore reducing its overall impact
  as scalpels and retort stands for instance.                                                        towards the environment.
It is clear how all businesses aims and reason for sales is for profit, mainly based on the value of the product of sales. Profit is worked out from
the amounts of money spent from making the product costs involving travel manufacture and materials, excluding wages for the workers.
Before manufacture of a product, designs and plans have to be made , so there would be a guaranteed profit making from the manufacture of the product.
If there is a small amount of profit or no profit there would be a loss to the organisation making all the time planning and machinery used a waste of money.

So now we no the aim of the project, I need to decide what parts of the laptop holder I have to take into consideration to get the best outcome.
I infer that the most investment/cost would start from the materials that have to be bought.
I have made it clear that this project will officially only have one product for the outcome, but then again if there was a chance of manufacture I would have
different calculations that would be different as the materials would be cheaper in bulk orders.
Altogether there are some stages for the costs, as each part has its own costing values, for my laptop holder there would be two stages:

1) Material and components
This consists of materials such as the plywood , steel piping , pine shelving, that is needed for my project. Other components needed like
screws and other components that are needed to assemble the structure together, to solve the cost problem I would buy some cheap
components and materials however they would be good enough condition and would look attractive, making the money worthwhile as the
finished product would be reasonable.
I have already decided that I will be using the schools resources such as screw and other small components , however I will purchase my
own pine and hard materials.

2) Manufacturing costs
Like all manufacturing sites the consuming cost's the machinery needed for the production and the appliances used such as the electricity
and time, rent of the factory.
I have diced to use the schools facilities costing me nothing, as I am not going to do a mass production just a plan for a mass production with
a one off piece.

The following table shows the costs that this project cost me and the supposed sale
price which was evaluated at a classic furniture shop.

  Material/Component                             Purchase location                   Price               Total                   RRP                     Profit
  Plywood for legs
  100cm/100cm 3mm
                                                 Sky Diy Halifax                     £4.00               £16.50                  £45                     £28.50
  Shelving Pine
                                                 B&Q                                 £7.00
  Aluminium pole +Fitting
                                                 Sky Diy Halifax                     £2.00
  Plywood for laptop stand
  40cm/30cm 10 mm
                                                 Sky Diy Halifax                     £1.00

  Laptop cooler unit
                                                 eBay                                £2.50
Research             Where I obtained information                                                        How its helped
Design brief        I have always found the problem of using a laptop . I researched on the affects     By having a design brief it helps me to base my whole design and mentality of
                    of laptops that backs up the reason on having such laptop holders.                  the project on one goal that Is to make a bedside laptop holder that prevents
                    By using strong past evidence of excessive laptop use.                              problems, and adapts to the user
Brainstorms on      By giving me a clear understanding and idea what contents my laptop holder          An understanding of what types of things I have to research into which helps
laptop holders      would have, such as the colour and different qualities that my laptop holder        me to go creative and think of different methods to obtain a good design.
                    would have. Each point links to a idea or criteria that has to be investigated.

Laptop mood         the current market sales of laptop holders and what types of materials and          This has helped me to get a feel and understanding of what is out in the market
board               colour contrasts are out there. All the pictures were searched from the internet,   at the current moment, a clash of colours and funky designs helps me to look at
                    covering the whole page with these pictures to give a idea of different designs.    when designing my own product.

Product analysis    To view different types of design categories' and what ways are used for            The product analysis helps me to analyse current products and pick different
                    manufacture, giving me an idea of what the current market has to offer for the      parts out of them that would help me design my own type of laptop holder.
                    problem. Looking through catalogues and use of internet and booklets.               Partially to make it look unique as a never made past product.

Questionnaires      Best way of finding what people like at the minute, and what they would like to     A phenomenal helping part of research as I realised what people new about the
                    have for materials, etc                                                             current market and that they didn’t no of the risked caused by using a laptop at
                    Obtained by making questionnaires and handing out to the public.                    night.

Materials           After doing the questionnaire I researched on the materials that I would be         I no for sure that the materials I have chosen through the use of research has
                    using , such as plywood aluminium piping and pine. All researched from              really helped me to design my product as i can see the strains and constraints of
                    internet.                                                                           the materials and how they would adapt to my target and client requirements.

Testing             To help with plans and ideas I had to test, which helped in many ways, mainly       Testing helped me to realise what methods and what materials to use for my
                    tested on the materials I would use and were thinking of using.                     project. And the limitation of some of the products to use.

Anthropometrics &   Best way for fitting of my laptop holder and other parts to make the laptop         Helped in the sense of making my design more safer and adaptable to the
ergonomics          adaptable and usable by the right age group. Also with the use of the right         average bed size and to make it more comfortable for the users.

Scales of           I obtained various information to they types of productions that are done at        This part of researched helped me to see what ways I could make my product a
productions         industries, by looking at the different methods of productions. Researching and     step by step build process which can be done y anyone.
                    various ways on contacting the organisations were done.

Computer aid and    These days there is a high chance that most products are manufactured through       Latest technology and precision computer techniques gave me good drawing of
manufacturing       the use of cad/ cam . I looked around and even made some of my designs with         my design and what it would look like when in manufacture process.
                    the use of cad.

Cost                Researching the current expenses for similar products by researching through        Helped me to look at the current price tags and to aim to make a target for
                    the internet and other places such as a catalogue , I have also found the amounts   myself, as I now the different types of costing that occur in manufacture
                    of profit made by different ways of sales.
   Target Audience: My product will be targeted towards the people of ages 12+ years old both genders because my product can be made for either a boy or a girl as
    all laptop users are both sexes. By having a client I will find out if they like/dislike the designs and ideas, the information that I gain from my client would aid me in
    my ideas.

   Cost: after looking at the similar current products out in the market I can see that many of the products are in the same price range. The prices are ranged between
    £30+. The material that I have found for the product is shelving wood. And the use of third party product costing approximately the total amount of £18 and selling
    for the price of £40 making a good profit. This includes the finishes which are used for the final product.

   Size: by looking at the current products out there and taking into account the size of an average laptop I have decided to make limitations on the size of my product.
    So by taking into account the measurements of bed side tables and also laptop holders I would have to mould them together to make the perfect calculations for it
    not to be too big or too small. So the bedside table would not be no bigger then 500mm and 400mm wide. This would make my product adaptable to anyone with a
    bed. However the limitations are that it may not be able to adapt to those beds which are more then half a metre in height.

   Weight: altogether the weight may be an issue in many ways of the weight of a laptop that would be placed on the laptop holder . The way that I would go around
    this issue is to make my product compatible and stable enough to hold the laptop in different angles. In terms of the weight of the laptop holder I would use
    materials that are light to hold and easy to amend into place. So product would be bought as it is as apiece. So there is no need for construction when bought as a
    product. Due to the use of plywood and shelving pine the whole product would be light and able to move around.

   Aesthetics: my product is designed for comfort and easy use ability. It is obvious that all laptop users would use this product if you intend to use their laptop at
    night. Researching into the average sizes for laptops/ net books used by people I would, use this information for the sizes and designs of my product. The way that
    I would make my product best for the client is to make a way for the laptop to be used without the user having the laptop on their legs , so the laptop would be
    supported on a polyester stand which can change positions on a tilt. The use of briwax would give the pine and plywood a natural attractive finish.

   Environmental issues: the Environmental issues in relation to my product, are that firstly I am using plywood which is made from a lot of scrap wood put together
    to make a thin layer of wood used for less attractive products. Therefore me using this for my product shows how I am using reused wood for a purpose that will
    eventually look attractive. The other part that would make my product environmentally friendly is the use of a led light which stops the user having the light on so the
    keyboard can be seen. However the briwax that is used may effect the environment when recycling however the use of varnish would affect animals or humans if

   Function: with this product there is three major functions, each which help in their own type of way. The bed side table has its function in the way of being used as
    every bedside table would be used to store objects. The other function is the laptop holder part itself which helps the user to change positions to adapt to their

   Safety: the safety issue taken into account in this product is the overall design of the laptop holder. I would even out the sizes of the corners making it as smooth as
    possible preventing any hard to a human in contact. The pole itself that would hold the laptop would be polished and rounded off at the top prevention of metal
    chippings harming the skin. I would also make sure the finish that is applied on the wood has soaked into the wood preventing any objects to slip off. All parts are
    nontoxic , which have been checked.

   Materials: The main material I will be using is plywood which can be difficult to use at times, due to its overall density and structe as it can give you splinters if
    mishandled. I am going to also use pine for the base of the side table.
   Durability: My product will have to be strong enough to withstand pressure when the is a laptop and excess weight ontop.
   Manufacture: the one off product would be made insuch a way that even if I decided to make it again I would be able to manufacture it in a quick and easy followed
    method. I would also make sure the parts that I use can be bought again, so I could remake if needed to be.
   Packaging: the type of packing that I would use for my product would be a box that would fit the whole product into, however I would take the pole of making it
    easy to fit into a carboard based box..
                                                                                                       When looking at this design I
                                                     ,                                                 would value it at a price of
                                                                                                       £30 evaluating it at this price
                                                             Solid oak table with privacy draw.        is due to the use of
                                                                                                       materials which I wide with
                                                                                                       the use of both wood and                Looking at the laptop holder below we can see how
                                                                                                       metal. As we know oak is a              simpleness has taken it terms. I can see people with
When looking at this design I get a feel of                                                            hard wood and is more                   a low budget on a laptop stand . However that is the
modernism. I can see this product being in                                                             expensive due to the length             reason why I have designed such product to aim at
someone house that is new, with the latest                                                             of time needed for the                  those who would not be willing to spend a lot of
technology's and gadgets.                                                                              completion of the wood.                 money but to still get the advantage of safety but not
                                                                                                                                               the comfort fact unlike the rest.
                                                                                           Steel legs joints
the overall structure of the laptop stand                                                  which can be                  This product would sit on your knees whilst in bed with a low comfort
shows how surreal and unique the design                                                    adjusted up and               mode, but still has fans implanted at the bottom to keep your laptop cool
actually is. We can see how I have actually                                                down                          there is a jell wrist rest where you would prevent any strain to your body
taken into mind about the type of material                                                                               when using the stand. There are inbuilt speakers for loudness.
that I would use that is plywood, where I
would shape the bottom and laptop table
attachment to be like a quaver. This gives a                                                                         Overall this product would have many uses if it was out in
natural and insufficient feel of the actual                                                                          the market where the aim would be reached by the buyers.
design. However I think this is a good thing                   Bent plywood                                          I am thinking about adding some of the characteristics from
as it has just came into fashion again,                                                                              this design into my final design however I do no t no what I
                                                                                                                     would choose to use as of yet. The valued price for this
                                                                                                                     product would be £ 10-£15 hence the material/design

  The way that I would manufacture this product would             Altogether evaluating this product
  be in 5 different stages :                                      I would say it has a unique sense
                                                                  to it and I would like to make a
  •Making a mould for the plywood that would be bent              product like this however the
  into shape.                                                     challenge I would face is the
                                                                  shaping and use of oak.
  •all materials would be cut into shape, and sizes at the
  same time I would mix cascimite to apply to the

  •I would then make the drawer where the laptop would
  sit on.

  •Assembling all the parts together next with glue and                   They type of material that would
  other bonding agents.                                                   be used for this product is acrylic
                                                                          and would be made in big
  •For the last part I would apply the finishes which is                  batches. Making it easier for the
  varnish and briwax for the oak/plywood. And to buffer                   manufacture this was if such
  the alloyed pole.                                                       design was in the market.
                                                                                                        Once again I have taken
                                                        its obvious and main                            into consideration of design
                                                        function of this design has                     g a product that is in a less
                                                        met the client                                  budget margin. But at the
This design is featured on a strong lamppost            requirements where it is                        same time has its important
structure, where the base of the pole has most          fully adjustable and                            use of the functions.
of the weight and is structurally able to hold          modern with safety
any upheld weight that would be from the top            components.

                                                   This design came to my mind when            Here I have designed a product
                                                   I looked at crutches and how the            that we would see in the market
                                                   work for adjustability and comfort.         already . What I mean by this is
                                                   As we can see each hole on the              that there are plenty of product
                                                   pole is for different levels of height      that sit on your knees preventing
                                                   where the stand is connected to,            any contact from the laptop heat
                                                   the rubber soul at the bottom               to you and most of the time they
                                                   reaches health and safety hazards           come with led lighting for book
                                                   where there is prevention of any            reading and other purposes.
                                                   damage to any one or any think

                                                                                                             It would be very easy to make this laptop            The stand is
                                                                                                             stand as there is not a lot of stages for its        valued at £8
                                                                                                             manufacture. Acrylic or thin pine would be           which is worth
                                                  The material that I would use for this                                                                          the price
                                                  product is steel piping with a chrome                      an option of materials, also going with
                                                  finish. Pine shelving board for the                        different finishes . Here I have designed the
                                                  laptop table stand function where the                      stand to be made out of thermo set acrylic
                                                  laptop would sit on and a rubber mould                     where the stand would be made instantly
                                                  for the bottom part of the pole to                         without any complications or mistakes.
                                                  prevent any damage.,                                       Referring back to my primary research of
                                                                                                             acrylic testing we can see how acrylic acts
                                                                                                             to too much heat.
This product would come as a
self set up pack where the
build would be easy and
simple to understand.                                                                                                   Personally I would not like to make this product but then again
If this product was in                                                                                                  take some features from it such as the led lights which reach a
                                            Altogether I like the design as it looks very attractive
manufacture it would be easy                                                                                            part of the requirements, the intentions of these designs are to
                                            and strong. I infer that there would be a lot of buyers .
done in three stages . I would                                                                                          actually design one that is meets a certain budget or to make
                                            I would even think that business would take some
value this product at £25                                                                                               one that is worth the money with the use of decent expensive
                                            interest in this product where banks may use it for
which is reasonable hence the                                                                                           materials.
                                            their computers when dealing with customers when
materials. And design .                     standing up.
                                          All three designs are made form the same
                                          material which is plywood pine and acrylic
                                          for where the laptop would sit on . All these
                                          ideas came from the same structural state.
                                          Where plywood would be used as legged.

                                                                                           unique designs have
                                                                                          started to come into the
                                                                                          open market these days as
The ways that these designs have                                                          we see the classical old
developed is from the structural design                                                   look in fashion in some
. Where the way that the laptop would                                                     areas of products. I must
sit on the plate is still the same                                                        say that development is
                                                                                          needed to help understand
                                                                                          what I would change or
                                                                                          what areas of the design I
                                                                                          would mostly concentrate
                                                                       I have chosen this design as my final this is
                                                                       mainly due to the overall structure and
                                                                       functions of it.
                                                                        the material that are used for this product is
                                                                       *steel with chrome finish pipe
                                                                       *pine shelving
                                                                       *acrylic set laptop cooler pad.

                                                                                      Overall I like the look of this design as so does the client we both
                                                                                      have a n understanding from the research that we have seen how
                                                                                      the structure would be able to hold the weight upright .
                                                                                      By looking at the actual product we can see how close and realistic
                                                                                      the laptop stand turned out to be.

                                                                                   This product would have a good potential out in
                                                                                   the market where there is no such design or made
                                                                                   product out there .
      The feel and look of this design as a whole as a definition
      of unique. What I mean by this is that I like the way that the
      legs look crooked and unstable giving a surreal look. But
      also attractive at the same time
The way that I would manufacture this product is in a number of stages

1) Firstly making the legs and doing the quality checks at the same time.
   Making the mould then making cascamite to join the plywood legs                                    This design shows the front view of the
   together. This would be done where two sheets are applied together in the                          laptop stand where we can see how
   mould which is squeezed for 24 hours.                                                              unique and fragile the legs would look
2) The next procedure is to make the bedside table where I would join the                              I see this as a good look for a laptop
   pine together and glues using a band saw/ drill and other cutters to cut the                       stand. But then again it has a good
   wood joining methods by using clamps to hold into place for drying                                 structure that keeps everything as a
   purposes.                                                                                          whole and upright.
3) Next I would make the chrome finished pipe where I would weld it to the
   metal screw joiner that is screwed to the laptop plate.                                            At the top is where the laptop would be
4) Making the laptop plate from plywood and adding a thin pine structure                              cooled on with usb extension options .
   making t look flush when not being used.                                                           This is a great advantage for the user
5) The final and most important part would be joining the parts together.                             as he would have a lot to do for
   Using techniques that would keep the structure upright.                                            components.
6) The last part would be to apply the finishes which is briwax giving a
   shiny finish,
                  For my final cad design I have made it 100%
                  identical to the final product. Identical to cam where
                  the products are manufactured through the way of
                  cad. So this is the reason why I would like to have my
                  product professionally identical to the design.

                                                                           I have designed this model using a cad software
                                                                           which I entered the exact measurements that would
                                                                           be used for the real product. This is to make
                                                                           everything precise and accurate.

                        In production of this design I decided to look around on the software to see what other features I
                        could use to make my design look 100% real and identical to how it is as a product. production
Cooling pad             When I had designed the basic shape on Pro-Desktop, I decided to play around with some
                        development of colours that are identical to the finished look that I would get. On the picture
                        above right we can see how the legs are bent to give the elusion of the crooked structure.

                        On the picture to the left I have used a number of techniques to draw the laptop cooling unit, it
                        had taken a while and testing however it worked out to be ok at the end. I am amazed how good
                        this software is to make a identical visual look of a product.

                        The idea of actually using this software came from investigating how products are started off and
                        then in their final ways of design where they are drawn on a computer to give a real look. It is
                        really important to use this type of software to help with exact drawings that you cant picture in
                        production. With the use of measurements you can make a visual product.

Adjustable pole
                      Modelling is the best way to test any
                      ideas that you have in mind for a product,
                      also to test and parts of structural
                      curiosity. So I decided to model and test
                      to different designs, and if they are good
                      enough I may decide to use it as my final                              I am happy to say that after joining the pole to
                      design.                                                                the laptop table it seemed to be a strong
                                                                                                                                                 The final stage was joining the
                                                                                             connection keeping the pole at a upright position
The first step was to cut my                                                                                                                     bottom part of the stand to the
                                                                                             when tightening. The whole weight of the
MDF wood where the bedside                                                                                                                       base of the rectangular box which
                                                                                             laptop+ table is held by a screw.
structure would be. Measuring                                                                                                                    was done by screwing ands with
45cm by 35 cm I made a perfect                                                                                                                   the use of pva. It was important to
rectangle. At the same time I                                                                  The next step was to make a                       screw in the centre of the table
decided to make a hole at the                                                                  table for where the laptop would                  keeping the whole structure
right side half way in-between                                                                 sit on. This was basically a sheet                upright.
for alloy steel pipe to be fitted                                                              off plywood, with a sheet of clear
through.                                                                                       acrylic placed on top.

                                                The second stage was to
                                                basically make a box, I had
                                                                                     This was an important part
                                                to repeat the first stage
                                                                                     where I had to make the bottom
                                                twice and measure out two
                                                                                     part of the laptop holder which
                                                side panels at 15cm simply
                                                                                     had to measured and joined
                                                done by joining the wood
                                                                                     accurately as the whole support
                                                together with pva and
                                                                                     system depended on this.

                                                                                                                                      By fully testing the bedside
                                                                                                                                      laptop stand I had to place a
 This stage was a bit tricky and at the                                                                                               laptop at different angles.
 same time a really good experience as                                                                                                This would be to test the
 I have never done this procedure in                                                                                                  stability and to see if the
 my life. By using different tools to                                                                                                 laptop stand is capable of the
 make a thread inside the pipe                                                                                                        weight at different adjustable
 holder/supporter. The aim was to                                                                                                     angles as the user would use
 make a screw type pipe tighter which                                                                                                 it in bed.
 would hold the pipe in a solid state.                                                                                                It is best to test this for my
                                                I feel really strong about this design that I decided to
                                                base it on my final design. however to make this
                                                modal design complete I had to do some testing, this
                                                                                                                                      As we can see the laptop
                                                was with both laptop and new generation
                                                                                                                                      weight does not affect the
                                                technologies hardware such as the apple ipad which
                                                                                                                                      laptop holder so once again
                                                we can see on the right. We can clearly see how the
                                                                                                                                      this is a good model.
                                                laptop holder is in a good state at holding the ipad at
                                                different angles.
                                                                           Modelling is always done on every product that is out on the market.
                                                                           It is done for quality checks and to get a virtual view of a product
                                                                           that would be out for sale. A model can also be a idea or a design
                                                                           that you may want to see in a virtual view.

                                               Even though the models look itself isn't attractable but it was
                                               to see what a actually laptop stand would look like also to
                                               see what type of structure I would need for it to stand upright.

                                                                                                     The materials that I used to make this model was
                                              The purpose of this laptop side stand is that          pine, acrylic, small steel piping. So looking back at
                                              the bottom part of the stand goes under the            the client requirements and looking at the
                                              bed where it acts as a supporter keeping               questionnaire I have followed it by using a
                                              the laptop upright.                                    combination of materials.

                                                                                                The limitations of this model is that it is
                                                                                                not stylish and does not have a solid
                                                                                                look to it, which would make it less
This model that I made was made in 5 different stages,                                          attractive and wouldn’t appeal to the
                                                                                                aiming market, the adjustability is also
                        From this picture we can see the first part of this
                        production where I drilled a hole into the base part                    In the last and final part of the model process I
                        of the table where the laptop would stand on. This                      cut out a acrylic tray where the laptop would
                        hole is made for the steel piping to be inserted into                   be placed on, at the same time I cut out a
                        to join to the bottom structure. I found it easy using                  piece of MDF which was added to the main
                        the power stand drill .                                                 structure to hold it upright. The laptop stand
                                                                                                at this stage is capable of holding a lot of
                                                                                                weight but did slightly bend to the right when
                                                                                                testing with weight.

                                            After drilling I cut
                                            my steel pipes
                                            where one of the
                                            steel pipes fitted                                           This picture shows the main
                                            into the other. After                                        structure of the stand as we
                                            that I hammered                                              can see it is stable without
                                            them into place                                              any weight put on the top. I
                                            giving a tight fit .                                         must say that the structure
                                                                                                         isn't that appealing and looks
                                                                                                         simple .
                                                                     Evaluating from the beginning and to the end of my production:
The evaluation of my product asses how successful the
product it is from the initial ides to the finished piece. Also to   I believe that my laptop stand did follow thorough all the characteristics and stages that I
conclude and faults and changes that were occurred if I was to       wanted. Ever since the thought that I have of this design firstly came from the testing
make it again in the future.                                         parts and to see what I wanted to use in the design of my product. When I researched
                                                                     into plywood and figured out the main purposes of plywood and its functions, I decided to
                                                                     use it to make something horrible into a product that Is unique and attractable. Firstly
                                                                     Plywood bending inspired me into using the technique as I enjoyed how you can make
                                                                     shapes out of wood which was a challenge. The second part that inspired me to use in
                                                                     my design was when I did my model the functions method the criteria and user
                                                                     requirements, and at the same time was attractable. So evaluating this I can say that
                                                                     everything ran smoothly in that sense. However there was a stage where I had to decide
                                                                     on the consequences of the situation. This was when I had to weld the alloyed piping to
                                                                     the connected structure of the laptop table. By looking at the first model I realised how
                                                                     to prevent any way of the laptop table falling over.

    Testing the product:
    When testing the product the aim was to find out the limitations of the
     design and weaknesses, and mainly the positives.

                                                                                      Testing of adjustability:
                                                                                      What I decided to do was test the laptop stand my self the way I
                                                                                      did that was by using the laptop for a week also seeking the
                                                                                      adjustability limitations

                                                                                      -Weakness –
                                                                                      When placing a laptop on the cooling plate whilst sitting on a
                                                                                      small chair it is hard to access the use the laptop keys as it is too
                                                                                      high up.
                                                                                      The quality of the laptop plate is cheap and may not last long
   To justify all this the I am pleased with the product I
   made if I was to make any changes I would prepare
   to make my own cooling unit made from my own
                                                                                      Fully adjustable
   plastic on a laser cutter.
                                                                                      very attractable
   More use of electronic components would also be
                                                                                      Easy to carry around
   an interest in what I would like to change for this
                                                                                      Classical looking and strong structured
    After making my product I need to make sure it works out in the open
    market. To do this I would have to trial the bedside laptop stand to members
    of the public and the client. So I have planned to give the client the stand to
    keep for a week this evidence shows what the client thought of the laptop
    stand and how helpful it was for him.
                                                                                          Overall I as the client think that this product has met my requirments and I am really happy
  This picture shows the other potential                                                  with the use of the product for the week that I tried the stand I had no problems what so ever
  functions of the laptop stand as it can                                                 with the product, even though the natural design of the product looks aged it is very
  also be a classical small table for your                                                attractive and fits well in any room of my home. When having guests over they looked at the
  living room.                                                                            surreal laptop stand . I gathered a lot of feedback on how attractive and useful it is. I would
                                           From this angle we can sure see the surrealism defiantly consider buying one for myself. As you can see from the picture I had taken I
                                           of the design where the legs are bent and look converted the laptop stand into a normal classical ornament for display in my living room. At
                                           like they are about to collapse.               this point I found another use of it as a book table or just as a surreal ornament. Then again
                                                                                          when I had guests over they kept on asking me where I had bought this product from, I told
                                                                                          them it is a project for an a level student. They were very interested in the functions and
                                                                                          design as it looks very natural and attractive. I asked them to look carefully at the product
                                                                                          and estimate a price that they would pay for it. I was given values between £40-£60. most of
                                                                                          all I find the laptop stand really comfortable. And I am very happy with the product and I'm
                                                                                          sure a lot of people are.

                                                                                       We can see how stable the laptop stand is
                                                                                       in this picture. The stand had been tested      The bed that the stand was tested on was a
The laptop holder is on a tilt at the same time cooling the                                                                            teenagers high bed which is half a meter high from
                                                                                       at different angles and on different
laptop making it easier for the user to type and allow the                                                                             the floor. So he could test the full functions we can
                                                                                       surfaces to see where the constraints of
laptops purpose. We can see how the laptop stand can be                                                                                see the user using the laptop in bed comfortable.
                                                                                       the holder was, however the user couldn’t
used while sitting down on a couch /sofa
                                                                                       find any.

                               We can see how the structure of the legs is in place
                               when weight is applied on it. This screw part is
                                                                                                                                               From looking at the responses I am very
                               holding all the weight of the above load. There is no
                                                                                                                                               proud of the product I have made and
                               signs of strain.
                                                                                                                                               privileged to go through all the process for this
                                                                                                                                               project and hope to do well in the future.

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