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									Project Closure – Finally…

               By Guy Yariv
   What is project closure?

One Good Thief is Worth Ten Good Scholars…

Project Closure Phase is the last phase of the Project Life Cycle.
The commencement of the Project Closure Phase is determined by
the completion of all Project Objectives and acceptance of the end product by
the customer

                                             By Guy Yariv
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    What is project closure?

Project closure ensure that:

1. Outcomes match the stated goals of the project.
2. Guy is happy with the results.
3. Critical knowledge is captured.
4. The team feels a sense of completion.
5. Project resources are released for new projects.

The Project Manager shall complete this procedure.

                                       By Guy Yariv
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    Before going to production…

• Conduct Readiness meeting
   • Make sure all content/ DB/ Scope is in
   • Task assignment for “upload period”
   • Go over “upload” check list make sure we are all synched.
• Close or complete remaining tasks in the project schedule.
• Make sure all relevant documents are updated
• Make sure all specified versions bugs are either closed or
  moved to the next project.
• Prepare a plan for handling ongoing product support.
• Prepare a final project status report.

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Version was uploaded – is it the end?

          Are you sure?

                      By Guy Yariv
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                   Stability Period

Stability period should be about 2 weeks – 1 month.
Work closely with support team – daily reports
Go over crash report
Make sure to have quick response in case of urgent
Use the time to organize all captured knowledge in a
specific library for future user.
RnD\QA should not begin working on new project
before stability period is officially over.
                                By Guy Yariv
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                 Lessons learned
“Good judgment comes from experience
Experience comes from bad judgment”
This is one of the most important aspects of project
Purpose of this meeting is to meet with all participants
of the project and make discuss the project
procedures, problems and difficulties we encountered
and mainly how we can learn from those items and
improve them for the next project

                                 By Guy Yariv
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                       Lessons learned
Sample questions:
What happened on the project that surprised you?
What do you know now about the project that you wish you had known
earlier? How would this have changed the project?
What skills or knowledge turned out to be the most important?
How effectively did the team capture and communicate the voice of the
How effective were the project’s quality control and assurance activities?
What is your level of comfort with regard to the product’s quality?
To what extent was the project life cycle that was used an effective means
of driving the project and generating its deliverables?

                                              By Guy Yariv
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     Final project report

The final report should be deliverd to the management by the PM.
It should contain:

• Actual start and finish dates of the project
• comparison of the Project Execution Plan against what actually
•   methodology that was adopted, the phases used and how
    effective they were
•   quality measures and reviews that were planned and a summary
    of the quality results
•   Lessons learned summary
•   Stability period results
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    And yet – don’t forget the important final task:

• Let’s party:

    Sorry, wrong party….
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Thank you…

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