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					                             RAMON N. CASTRO
    To obtain a senior, n-tier, Web application programming position with emphasis on and exposure to progressive Internet and
intranet technologies.


Sr. Programmer & Architect @ DoublePositive Marketing Group (3/2006 – Present), Baltimore, MD
    Software Development – Designed and developed Service Oriented Architectures, extranets, intranets, reporting services,
administrative dashboards and databases to facilitate the exchange, scrubbing, standardization, normalization and distribution of
multi-industry lead data using, C# (C Sharp), AJAX, SQL Server 2005, SQL Reporting Services and SQL Notification
Services. Developed web services to handle lead SOAP messages, route them and then distribute derived EDI packages to
client Lead Management Systems using BizTalk and Window Workflow Foundation. The implemented architecture serviced
5000+ clients, ~300 supply channels, 4 call centers and 34 administrators performing 110K+ transactions per day. Refactored
the company’s authentication / authorization system to be universal between disparate applications, allowing for a single-sign-
on, rules based model. Wrote an email-to-XML parsing engine so the company could engage less sophisticated supply channels
thereby increasing lead flow by 17%.

Sr. Programmer @ Stout, Causey Consulting (4/2004 – 3/3006), Hunt Valley, MD
    Software Development – Designed and developed financial data-mining and reporting tools for a multi-dimensional OLAP
cube using,, Oracle 9i, SQL Server. Designed and developed a CFO Dashboard for graphical multi-dimensional
navigation through the OLAP Data Mart. Designed and developed ad hoc reporting engine for atomic level mining and tabular
reporting on the OLAP Data Warehouse. Designed and developed client specific OLAP Data Refineries and import engines
using BizTalk. Designed applications are being licensed to the accounting firm’s billion dollar market cap clients.

Sr. Programmer @ Lockheed-Martin (Tek Systems) (10/2003 – 4/2004), Crystal City, VA
    Project Management – Designed and developed a migration strategy to take 4000+ user Navy web application from a flat
ASP architecture to a multi-tier Object Oriented dotNet architecture. Developed a transition plan to take the application’s
database schema from Visual FoxPro to Oracle 9i. Designed and implemented a new configuration management and source
control strategy for the business unit.
    Software Development – Designed and developed custom web form based authentication using C++/ISAPI,, and
dotNet WindowsPrincipal impersonation techniques.
    Designed and developed various dotNet Web Services for secure data transport to and remote procedure calls from auxiliary
classified military applications.

Sr. Programmer @ NeuroNet Solutions (10/1999 – 10/2003), Balt., MD
    Project Consulting / Management – Designed and developed multi-tier secure Internet solution to manage the
relationships between a national motor fuel distributor and its gas station managers. The application provided data entry,
administration, and reporting tools using VB/COM+ for the business layer, XML as its primary data transport, with both MS SQL
and Oracle on the backend. A separate but integrated application required the use of Cold Fusion, JSP, Custom Tags, and
XML to provide custom, interactive and syndicated content.
    Designed and developed a proprietary system to facilitate the interactive educational testing process between a Home
School Student and their Advisory Teacher, for a leading private school. The system was required to be a user-friendly,
interactive, web based application that kept test documents visually true to their original print layout, using various multi-tiered
web technologies, Acrobat 5, and custom PageMaker/Quark plug-ins. It was also necessary to perform the role of Business
Analyst and Systems Requirements Analyst to improve and automate the clients existing business processes. After collapsing
two existing workflows into one, performed a Cost Benefit Analysis showing a 4250 man-hour/yr savings.
    Software Development – Designed and developed a web based application to directly extract, store, and report Digital
Video Recorder configuration data using, COM,, SQL 2000 and Crystal Decisions Report Application Server.
    Designed and developed a SCORM compliant Shareable Content Object for the NSA’s Anti-Terrorism education program,
using XML, XSD, XSLT, JavaScript and a Thinq LMS backend environment.
    Designed and developed custom e-commerce solutions to allow for the tracking of frequent / referral customers and credit
their purchases based on points earned using ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and SQL 2000.
    Developed multi-tier Intranet browser solution using Visual Basic, ASP, SNA Server to display data and information stored in
AS/400 mainframe and SQL 2000 database for international school. Designed and coded Visual Basic ASP graphical user
interface (GUI) for an Access database.
Sr. Software Developer @ Expert Portal Technologies (10/1999 – 8/2000), Balt., MD
    Software Development (Consultant with NeuroNet Solutions) – Contributed to the design, development, testing,
integration, packaging, distribution, hosting, maintenance, and version control of reusable frameworks. The frameworks include
a customizable portal website, an e-commerce website, and a scalable content management website with capabilities to import
content from most major content providers (i.e. Isyndicate, MoreOver, Stat USA, etc.).
    Designed prototypes, beta versions, and production versions using VB, ASP (ADSI, FileSystemObject, etc.), JavaScript,
XML, D/HTML, Flash, Java, event-driven NT Server batch files, IE, Netscape, Site Server 3.0, Commerce Server, BizTalk
Server, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Software Developer and Sr. LAN Administrator @ MBNA (10/1997 - 9/1999), Hunt Valley, MD
    Software Development – Managed Y2K readiness efforts for software and firmware of servers and desktops. Designed,
coded and implemented multi-tier browser based application for asset management, and software license tracking using ASP
with Index Server and ADO objects, Visual Basic with DLL’s, JavaScript for validation, SQL and Access databases with triggers
and macros. Developed secure, web based tools to automate certain NT administration and networking tasks.
    Project Management / LAN Administration – Administrator for 26,000 user and computer accounts for 2 domains
nationwide which entailed configuring, performance monitoring, administering, balancing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and
enhancing Domain Controllers, Exchange servers. Responsible for approaching C2 security benchmarks and devised testing for
LAN Emergency Preparedness Procedures for LAN equipment and 24/7 critical business units.

LAN Technician IV @ PHH Corporation (1/1997 - 9/1997), Hunt Valley, MD
   Responsible for administration of 1 NT Server and 1 Novell Server. Supported Win NT / 3.1 / 95, Ms office, Ms Mail, Novell
Netware, EXTRA, HEAT, network printers, various Amdahl mainframe applications, various proprietary applications systems.
Responsible for 3rd and 4th level server and desktop support and training of new technicians.

Consultant @ Profectus Maximus Information Systems (9/1995 – 7/1998), Balt., MD
   Responsible for marketing and developing Microsoft software and LAN solutions using the full lifecycle development model.
Designed, developed, tested, and integrated Microsoft software solutions that used Visual Basic, ASP, JavaScript, Crystal
Reports, MS SQL. Developed LAN solutions that included server OS migration, image build, backup strategy, network
connectivity, workstation installs, Internet proxy, and email servers.

Regional Information Technology Specialist @ I.B.M. (4/1992 - 9/1995), Bethesda, MD
                                                                                                            nd rd
   Responsible for LAN / WAN network connectivity and maintenance of Token Ring network. Managed 2 and 3 level
desktop support. Managed support of LAN assembly project, employee workstation security, and asset control.

        Programming – (C Sharp),,, AJAX, SOA, SAAS, SOAP, XML, XSL, XSD, XPath, XQuery,
         SCORM, Regular Expressions (Regex), COM+, CDO/ADSI, LDAP, VB 6, Classic ASP, VBA, VBScript, Cold Fusion, JSP,
         D/HTML, HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX, Google Maps API, PayPal API, Acrobat Object Model, Acrobat JavaScript,
         PageMaker Script, FORTRAN, Basic
        Database – MS SQL Server, Oracle, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures / Packages, Compiled Procedures,,
         ODP, ADO, OLEDB, ODBC, JDBC, Fox Pro, Access, Toad
        Server & OS – BizTalk, Windows Workflow Foundation, Exchange, IIS, Apache, Site Server, SMS, Windows 2000/3/5
         Server Family, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server, MS Windows 3.1 / 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista, Linux, UNIX,
         Sun Solaris, OS/2 Warp, DOS
        Microsoft Apps – Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, Management Studio, InstallShield, Project, Office, IE, Outlook
        Adobe Apps – Acrobat, Acrobat Object Model, Acrobat JavaScript, PDF & FDF Standards, Distiller, PageMaker,
         PageMaker Script, Photoshop, PostScript Layout Language
        Communication – Laplink, pcAnywhere, Carbon Copy, Hummingbird Exceed / HostExplorer, Rumba, EXTRA
        Security – Axent OmniGuard / PCShield, Raptor Firewall, C2 Security Standard
        Network Clients & Protocols – Oracle, Novell 32bit, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBui, NWLink, PPP, PPTP, HTTP, FTP
        Other – Crystal Reports, Crystal Decisions Report Application Server, Visio, IBM CAD, AC / DC Network Analysis
        Hardware – Cisco routers, Compaq Proliant Servers, Cabletron hubs, Compaq Laptops, Dell Laptops, Various Desktops
        Administration –Seagate Backup Exec, NAV Admin, HP Jet Admin, Mark Assess / Workbench, Peregrine Service
         Center, HEAT, NetCensus Win 32 Collector

         Full MCSE Certification + Internet, Microsoft Solutions Framework, Currently pursuing MCSD
      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
          Electrical Engineering – (1992 - 1997)
      Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
          Advanced Engineering Option – Class AE1 (1988 – 1992)

      MBNA Top Gun Engineer, Pratt Engineering Scholarship (Virginia Tech), National Hispanic Scholarship, INROADS

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