File sharing using Blackboard by 6g99E27k


									                    File sharing using Blackboard

Blackboard can be used to store your files. In order to perform file sharing, both parties
need to have a valid UTORid

Note: there is a disk space limit of 50MB in Blackboard. If you have a document larger than
50MB, you should compress the file in zip format.

Login to Blackboard via a web browser at

Click the login button

Go to the Content manager tab in Blackboard

                    File sharing using Blackboard

Adding an item allows users to upload files in Blackboard

If you want to put a set of Word documents, it is recommended that you package them as a
ZIP archive, then click the browse button to locate the file on your computer. Click the
name of your document and then the Open button. After you click the Open button, you
will see the name of your file listed in the File field. Scroll down the screen and click the
Submit button

                    File sharing using Blackboard

You will see the Blackboard content collection that allows users to store , manage and share
content. You can now set up permission setting for files.

If you want to make a file available for other users, click on the Add Users


                    File sharing using Blackboard

Enter the UTORid of the user you want to have access to your file and then click the Submit

Once the user has been added, return to your Content Collection and the location where the
file is saved. (As a shortcut, you can click on your “UTORid” link).

Click on the “Modify” link beside the filename and copy the Permanent URL

Compose a new message and send it to the individual you want to have shared to your file

Ask the user to login to Blackboard first then click the URL link when he/she receives the

You are done


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