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					My TollGate Millionaires Self Audit Inventory and

As you begin your training process with me, I want to know as much about you, your skills,
goals, contacts, associations, business and social relationships/hobbies as I can.

With this information in hand, my team and I can mold as much of the training content as
possible to strategies that will best help you succeed and flourish generating Jv brokerage income

All the information you supply will be kept confidential and only discussed on our members only
website. Now, please complete all of the following questions and return to us. You can send it
as attachement through email jimmy@tollgatemillionaires.com within the next 7 days.

Thank you for helping me to help, guide and train you.



City, State,:


1. What are your primary objectives for participating in, attending, and completing this course?

2. Please describe yourself, your current economic status, your career/business/financial history
   in broad terms?

3. How would people who know you best describe you?

4. What is your current business, career, or job?

5. Describe the company you own, share, or work for.

6. Describe your role or position (owner, manager, executive, employee).

7. Describe the specific functions you perform (management, sales, marketing, information,
   accounting, administrative, etc.).

8. Which skill sets are required to perform your role and functions?

9. How long have you been doing these functions?
10. Who do you work with? Specify their titles, classifications, and type (i.e. Sales Manager,
    VP Sales), or for business owners – staff of 12 (i.e. sales, shipping):

11. Do you have people who report directly to you? If so, how many and which functions do
    they perform?

12. What industry/fields are you, your business, or your employer focused in/on?

13. What is the geographic reach or market you, your business, or employer operate in, sell to, or

14. What training (formal, academic, and specialized) have you had, both for your current
    position and prior positions/assignments, jobs, etc.?

15. Which seminars, home study programs, and live events have you attended in the past? What
    were the primary areas of focus, learning, and application?

16. What are your strongest skill sets (i.e. managing, selling, problem solving, writing, etc.)?

17. How do you currently apply the skills most/best?
18. Which areas of life, business, or career do you feel you need the most improvement?

19. What is your goal for taking this training (i.e. part-time support to current income, replace
    current job, improve the performance of your current business, sell or close current business
    and do this full-time, start a new business, put other family members or people into this
    activity, etc.)?

20. Which organizations, associations, or professional groups such as civic, religious, social
    organizations are you a member of and actively involved in?

21. Describe where you live in terms of community, affluence, rural, urban, commercial,
    recreational activities.

22. Do you work in the same area? If not, describe your work environment.

23. Briefly share your employment and the business activities you’ve done in the last 20 years, in
    addition to your current career/business.

24. What are your hobbies:

25. What are the hobbies of your family members or significant others:
26. Are you highly skilled/proficient at any and all of the hobbies/activities above? If so, please
    share any/all significant achievements you or your family has attained (i.e. run the MTN
    marathon, play open class tennis, etc.)

27. How do you best learn?

28. How much time do you currently have available to devote to the Tollgate Millionaire

29. Do you want to put capital into the projects you pursue or just concentrate on no-cost

30. Share your approximate current income/earnings level.

31. Describe the sources of your current income, such as primary, secondary, and windfalls.

32. What is your age?

33. Describe any/all past successes you’ve had dealing with intangible products, services,
    initiatives (this could mean anything from selling management on a new software purchase,
    to raising funds for a local charity, to selling consulting services…to anything in between).

34. Which other business opportunity, income-generating or money-making programs, courses,
   books, audio-sets have you taken or studied?

35. What did you like best, least about each?

36. Who are the major people who have influenced your life and your career over the last 10-30
    years? Please try and list by generic description or title, every significant person of
    influence, decision-making, celebrity (in their field) you know and who respect you.

37. List people in your life who are high-ranking, decision-makers in other fields (i.e. neighbors,
    relatives, church members, etc.).

38. Do you currently travel for business or pleasure?

39. If so, how often, for how long, where and why?

40. Is there anyone else that will be participating in this program with you?

41. How do you use your creativity in your job, hobby, personal life?

42. Do you wish to predominantly work from home?
43. Are you more interested in getting other people to do this for you?

44. Have you ever had any passive income streams you earned money from before? If yes,
    please describe.

45. What else would you like us to know about you, your skill sets, and your goals?

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