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									                           2nd Grade Computer Terms
Terms for Teachers to use:
Bar Code Scanners                 A laser beam that read the line and space patterns on
                                  items for inventory control.
GPS                               Global Positioning Device; it tells your exact location
Mobile Phones                     A movable telephone that works with radio waves sent
                                  from an antenna on the phone to another antenna on a
Optical storage devices           CD-ROMs, and DVD’s; The CD or DVD surface is a
                                  mirror covered with billions of tiny bumps and pits. The
                                  CD player reads the bumps and pits with a laser and
                                  interprets the bumps and pits as data.

Terms for Students to Learn:
Accuracy of information           Facts that do not have any mistakes
Appropriateness                   Being or doing the right thing
Audio                             Sound
Automated circulation system      A computerized way of checking out library materials
Bookmarks/Favorites               A saved list of Internet websites used to quickly locate
                                  places you want to visit again.
Browser                           A computer program that displays data on the Internet
CD                                Compact Disk; A small optical disk on which data such
                                  as music, text, or graphic images is digitally stored.
CD-ROM encyclopedias              A compact disc containing reference books, pictures,
                                  movies, and sounds about many things
Classify                          To arrange by category or characteristic
Collaboration                     Working together
Communication                     Sharing ideas by talking, writing, or behavior.
Desktop                           The “home” area of the computer screen where icons and
                                  windows are displayed.
Document                          A file of work created by a computer program such as a
                                  word processor.
Electronic databases              An organized collection of information on a specific
                                  topic stored on a computer or CD-ROM. You can search
                                  and sort an electronic database to find the information
Handhelds                         Computers that are so small you can hold them in your

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KCS Second Grade Computer Terms
Revised 7/2004
Hard Drive                        computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic disk
                                  and reads and writes information on it
Hardware                          Physical parts of computer equipment
Line Graph                        A chart that represents information in lines.
Icon                              A picture that represents a file, folder, task, or program
Images                            pictures.
Keyword                           The main idea or topic words used to search the
                                  computer database for specific information
Link/Button                       A “hot spot” in a program that takes the user to another
Menu/Tool bar                     A group of icons at the top of a program and/or a pull-
                                  down list of tasks.
Navigate                          Get around
Online                            Connected to the Internet
Personal information              A collection of facts or data about yourself
Phone book                        A directory containing an alphabetical list of people and
                                  their telephone numbers
Resources                         Something or someone that can be used for support or
Search/Filter                     Locate a specific record(s) that satisfies a rule. (For
                                  example: Find all of the states that begin with the letter
Sequence/Linear                   In a row; in order
Software                          The programs that control computer hardware
Sort                              Organizing records in a specific order. (For example:
                                  alphabetical order or numerical order.)
Storyboard                        A series of rough sketches to outline a visual or
                                  multimedia project
Text                              Words and sentences made up of letters and special
Video                             Moving pictures
Web address                       The location of a resource on the Internet. It usually
                                  begins with http://
Webpage                           A document on the World Wide Web that contains text,
                                  links, and graphics
Weblinks                          A “hot spot” on a webpage that takes the user to another
                                  Internet location

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KCS Second Grade Computer Terms
Revised 7/2004

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