JUNE 2012        [PERSONNEL SUPPORT DETACHMENT CORPUS CHRISTI, TX NEWSLETTER]

         CNRSE                                      PSD CORPUS CHRISTI, TX                                                 NAS CC
                                                  “Providing Exceptional Customer Service”

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                                                                                                 Director’s Message
    PSD CORPUS CHRISTI’S POINTS OF CONTACT                               I want to welcome you to our Website and thank you for taking
    NAVY RELATED WEBSITES                                                the time to read our Newsletter. In addition to the CPC
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                                               meetings we conduct periodically, this Newsletter supplements
     -     DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE SELF-SERVICE LOGON                       information we usually discuss during these meetings. PSD
     -     PAGE 2 VERIFICATION (NAVPERS 1070/602)                         Corpus Christi has been and will always be focused on
     -     SGLV 8286, SGLV 8286A, SGLV 8286S                              satisfying the needs of our valued customers. Our Motto is
     -     I.D. CARD SECTION                                              “PSD Corpus Christi, TX - Providing Exceptional Customer
                                                                          Service”. We are here because of you and we take great pride
     -     TRAVEL SECTION                                                 in providing you with pay, personnel, and transportation support.
     -     TOPS                                                           We have included links to vital websites in this electronic issue
     -     NAVADMIN 143/12 - SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT                       of our Newsletter that will enable “you” our valued customers to
           BONUS UPDATE
     -     NAVY APPRENTICESHIP OPPORTUNITIES                              fully utilize the Navy and intra agencies' support services.
     -     CUTOFF DATE                                                    We hope that you will find PSD Corpus Christi’s Newsletter
     -     G2 WEBSITE                                                     useful and informative. With the release of this e-Newsletter
     -     NAVADMIN 025/12 - FY-12 TEMPORARY EARLY
           RETIREMENT AUTHORITY (TERA) POLICY                             and future e-Newsletters we hope to improve the way we serve
     -     NAVADMIN 140/12 - FY-12 TEMPORARY EARLY                        “you” our most valued customers. PSD Corpus Christi requests
           RETIREMENT AUTHORITY APPLICATION                               and encourages your feedback in order that we may provide you
                                                                          with the most current pay, personnel, transportation information
           SEPARATION PAY FOR ENLISTED RETENTION BOARD                    as well as other issues that are relevant to what we do in our
           AFFECTED SAILORS                                               field of technical expertise.
     -     NAVADMIN 094/12 AN UPDATED ERB POLICY                          CO’s, XO’s, CMC’s, and CPC’s are highly encouraged to utilize
                                                                          our Public Website as well as our G2 Website. Both sites are
     -     HOUSING EARLY APPLICATION TOOL                                 very helpful. The Quick Links section of this Newsletter has the
     -     ONLINE HOUSEHOLD GOODS MOVEMENT TOOLS                          link to our Public Website. Page 4 of this Newsletter has the link
     -     NAVY FAMILY CARE PLAN                                          to the G2 Website.
                                                                                                 Mr. Hector M. Escajeda
                                                                                                  PSD Corpus Christi’s
                            Quick Links                                                                 Director

PSD CORPUS CHRISTI’S PUBLIC WEBSITE:                                                              Upcoming Events
                                                                             20 June 2012     CPC meeting at Bldg. 2, NASCC @ 1330

             PSD Corpus Christi’s Points of Contact                                                NAVY Related Websites

Our Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday (0730-
1600), except on National Holidays. For emergencies, please                                            ID/CAC Appointment
contact our PSD Command Duty Officer at (361) 244-2988                                                     MyPay Link
(cell). PSD Phone Tree’s main number is (361) 961-0773.
                                                                                                     Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Please dial COMM: (361) 961- plus the extension. DSN (861)                                  Navy Fleet and Family Support Center
                                                                                                Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Director                            Mr. Escajeda       X3558                                     NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND
                                                                                                      BUPERS Online (BOL)
Personnel Officer                   Vacant             X2363                                         Navy Knowledge on Line

Personnel Supervisor                Mr. Juarez         X1192                                                 GI BILL
                                                                                                    Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)
Pay Supervisor                      Mr. Connelly       X3553
                                                                                          Navy Dept Awards Web Service (NDAWS)
Deputy Disbursing Officer           Ms. Caldwell       X1283
                                                                                                 Veteran’s DD 214 online access
Reserve Pay                         Mr. Bates          X1418
                                                                                                    TRICARE Dental Program
Receipts/Transfers                  Mr. Juarez         X1192
                                                                                        Transaction Online Processing System (TOPS)
Separations/REEN/Extensions         PS2 Burns          X1419                            Total Workforce Management System (TWMS)
Education Services Officer          Mr. Braden         X1289                         Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS)
*I.D. Cards / DEERS                 Ms. Johnson        X3848                     Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS)
Travel/Fiscal                       Ms. Caldwell       X1283                                Board for Correction of Naval Records

Transients/LIMDU/Legal              PS1 Segovia        X3847                    To review Pay and Personnel Information Bulletins (PPIB’s) and
                                                                                                  Military Pay Advisories (MPA’s)
Transportation/Passport             Mr. Levene         X1036
SATO       (877) 232-7286
* PSD Corpus Christi’s I.D. Card Section is open Monday
through Friday from 0730 to 1530 except on National Holidays.
We are also open during Reserve Drill Weekends from 1200 to
1530. To see when the next Reserve Drill Weekend is, please
visit the I.D. Card or SELRES section of our Public Website.

                                                           Additional Information

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE SELF-                        obtain a DS logon no later than 8                     of Navy personnel who have obtained
SERVICE LOGON AND E-BENEFITS                       November 2013. Naval Education                        DS logon access.
ACCESS FOR SERVICE MEMBERS                         Training Command (NETC) is
                                                   designated as the lead agent for Navy
NAVADMIN 148/12 provides guidance                  requirements associated with DS                       PAGE 2 VERIFICATION (NAVPERS
on use of the DOD self-service (DS)                                                                      1070/602)
                                                                                                         Per MILPERSMAN 1070/270
logon. The DS logon provides Sailors
secure access through the e-benefits               For service members currently serving                 a. The individual Sailor is solely
web portal to benefits information                 on active duty, DS logon access                       responsible for the accuracy of the
(including online applications),                   procedures can be found at:                           information recorded on his or her
specifically tailored to their needs, for                  Dependency Application/Record of
the lifetime of their affiliation with DOD         ss (all lower case). DS logon                         Emergency Data.
and Veteran's Affairs (VA).                        verification will be incorporated into the
                                                                                                         b. All Sailors must verify the accuracy
                                                   DOD transition assistance pre-
                                                                                                         of data on the newest Dependency
All newly enlisted active duty and                 separation counseling checklist.                      Application/Record of Emergency Data
reserve members are required to                                                                          (NAVPERS 1070/602) in their Official
obtain a DS logon within 5 days of                 Navy Personnel Command (NPC) will                     Military Personnel File (OMPF) and the
receiving a common access card                     track compliance using DOD-provided                   data contained on both the Emergency
(CAC); all other service members                   data reports that include total number                Contact and Dependency Data panels
currently serving on active duty will                                                                    within Electronic Service Record

(ESR). At a minimum, this data will be         I.D. CARD SECTION                           download in conjunction with a
verified on the following occasions:           RAPIDS Self Service (RSS)                   member’s PCS transfer.
(1) Upon reporting to a new duty               /) is now available for Common Access
station, permanent change of station.                                                      SEPARATIONS SECTION
                                               Card (CAC) holders. The RSS
                                                                                           CPC’s please ensure all separation/
(2) Prior to departure on permanent            website allows CAC-holders to update        terminal leave is charged in a timely
change of station.                             their information and verify family         manner. This will ensure there are no
                                               members for DOD ID card reissuance.         overpayments at the time of a
(3) Prior to deployment, regardless of         In order to use the RSS website, one        member’s separation. When
length.                                        must be a Sponsor with a DOD CAC            personnel depart on leave with no
                                               and have a CAC enabled personal             intention of returning, all special pays
(4) When ordered to periods of                                                             (i.e. sea pay, SDAP) are stopped with
                                               computer. Prior to RSS, the process
temporary duty in excess of 30 days.                                                       the exception of SUB pay. Please
                                               of verifying family member’s records in     make sure that personnel who are
(5) On each occasion when an                   RAPIDS for card reissuance required         separating have the sufficient number
Inactive Duty member comes on active           the physical presence of the sponsor        of days leave in the books. E-leave
duty, including Active Duty Training.          or a DD Form 1172-2 with an original        does have the current leave balance
                                               signature of the Sponsor. Now with          as well as the EAOS balance. For
(6) When member applies for a                  RSS, CAC-holders do not have to             personnel being processed for Fleet
dependent’s DD 1173, Uniformed                                                             Reserve, Retirement, or HYT DO NOT
                                               accompany eligible family members to
Services Identification and Privilege                                                      use their EAOS balance from E-leave.
Card (except when that dependent can           verify eligibility for issuance of DOD      CPC’s are requested to please call the
be verified as enrolled in the Defense         benefits, including the DOD ID card.        Separations Supervisor or the
Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System        Sponsors can now verify family              MILPERS Supervisor to verify leave
(DEERS) with a valid future expiration         members, digitally sign and save the        balance in the pay system for
date).                                         DD Form 1172-2 through RSS to the           personnel who are transferring to the
                                                                                           Fleet Reserve, Retiring, or who are
                                               family member’s record. The family
(7) When member applies for                                                                being processed due to High-Year-
Government housing.                            member may choose to print and bring        Tenure (HYT). Additionally, please
                                               along a copy of the digitally signed        remind the Sailors who have
(8) When member claims                         1172-2 for card issuance. The digitally     requested to transfer to the Fleet
reimbursement for dependents’ travel.          signed DD Form 1172-2 now serves            Reserve or Retiring to contact the
                                               as an electronic verification from the      Separations Section via their CPC
Note: Commands are required to                 Sponsor. The family member just             concerning any questions they may
                                                                                           have concerning house/job hunting,
keep a copy of all their members               needs to inform the ID card facility that
                                                                                           terminal leave, etc.
page two’s and SGLI’s on file in               their Sponsor has verified them and
case of an emergency.                          that the DD Form 1172-2 is available        CPC’s: Please remind all Sailors who
                                               in their DEERS record.                      are separating that it is required that
                                                                                           their DD Form 214’s be signed before
SGLV 8286, SGLV 8286A, AND                                                                 they start any PTDY or separation
SGLV 8286S                                     TRANSFERS SECTION                           leave.
The SGLV 8286, SGLV 8286A and the              With the full implementation of the
SGLV 8286S are available in the                Electronic Service Record (ESR),            For personnel separating: You as a
Check-In Processing Section of our             there is no longer a requirement for        separating member are highly
PSD Corpus Christi’s Public Website                                                        encouraged to go to our PSD Corpus
                                               customer commands to forward a copy
                                                                                           Christi’s Public Website to review
as well as the Department of Veterans          of enlisted transfer evaluations to PSD     information in the Separations Section
Affairs Website. Please click on the           Corpus Christi prior to a member’s          concerning the separations process as
following links:                               transfer. The requirement to forward        well as what we require here at PSD        copies of transfer EVALS to PSD as          Corpus Christi, TX. In addition to
rms/8286.htm                                   outlined in OPNAVINST 1000.23C              having the checklist and package that
                                               (PASSMAN), ENCLOSURE 1,                     must be submitted to our PSD, it also                                                   has other forms that you can download
                                               CHAPTER 5, PARA 502.D is                    and complete as part of the separation
ms/8286A_2010-12-22.pdf                        cancelled. However, in accordance           process. Please work very closely
                                               with BUPERSINST 1610.10C                    with your CPC to make sure that all
                                               (Evaluation Instruction), commands          your documents are submitted to us in
rms/8286S.htm                                                                              a timely manner to avoid delays and
                                               are required to maintain copies of
                                               the evaluations for two years.              possible pay problems.
Note: Commands are reminded to
please keep copies of all these                Please visit our Public Website for
                                                                                           TRAVEL SECTION
forms on file in case of an                    information and files that you can

CNIC is mandating use of new travel           NAVY APPRENTICESHIP                         The link to Calendar year 2012 MPA's
forms. These forms were sent via e-           OPPORTUNITIES                               is provided below as well as in the
mail to CO’s, XO’s and others in key          The U.S. Navy has expanded rating           NAVY Related Websites section
leadership positions including CPC’s.         designation opportunities for
                                                                                          (second page) of this Newsletter:
Additionally, these new travel forms          Professional Apprentice Career Track
have been uploaded to our Public              (PACT) Sailors. The Navy plans to
Website as well as to the G2 Website.         bring in about 4,700 more PACT
                                              Sailors this fiscal year, which will be
The use of these forms is effective           increased opportunities and a shorter
immediately. Any travel claims and            timeline for PACT Sailors to strike into
travel advance packages that do not           ratings. There are several methods
use these forms will be returned and          commands may use to get PACT
                                                                                          G2 WEBSITE
not forwarded to the Travel Processing        Sailors designated in REGA: direct
Center in Jacksonville, FL for                rating entry designation, Navy-wide         PSD Corpus Christi is also on G2.
                                                                                          Take a moment to check us out.
processing.                                   Advancement Exams requests and A-
                                              school requests. Career Counselors
                                              and Career Development Teams                N14/corpus/default.aspx
TRANSACTION ONLINE                            should use the Rating Entry for
PROCESSING SYSTEM (TOPS)                                                                  Please use your digital e-mail
                                              General Apprentices (REGA) module
CPC’s:                                        in the Fleet Ride career tool to            Certificate “CERT” to access this
                                              determine which ratings their PACT          Website and not your digital DOD CAC
1. When sending TOPS transactions,            Sailors qualify. For more information,      Certificate “CERT”.
please take the time to see what              talk with your Command Career
Section within the PSD you are                Counselor.                                  Note: Only personnel in the CNRSE
sending these transactions to. For                                                        Area of Responsibility (AOR) will be
example, if you are sending an                                                            able to access this site using their
extension request for a member who is         TIMELINESS AND ACCURACY                     CAC e-mail CERT. If you need help in
separating or retiring, it needs to be        Timeliness and accuracy is the key to       accessing the G2 Website, please e-
submitted to the Separations Section.         avoiding pay problems. Timeliness           mail or call
Customer Service entries need to be           and accuracy of pay and personnel           1.888.264.4255 or DSN 942-6597
submitted to the Customer Service             transactions is monitored by CNRSE,         Select 'Software and Application
Section.                                      CNIC and reported to the Chief of           Support' followed by 'CNIC Gateway
                                              Navy Personnel and then up to the           and Website Support'.
2. Service record entries that can be         CNO and Joint Chiefs where it is
added into NSIPS are: PQS's,                  compared to timeliness and accuracy
Warfare designations, awards (except          of each of the other services. As a         NAVADMIN 025/12 - FY-12
NAM's or higher), administrative page         team, we must all strive to make sure       TEMPORARY EARLY RETIREMENT
13's, and training certificates.              that we improve our timeliness and          AUTHORITY (TERA) POLICY
                                              accuracy. It is the right thing to do for   Early Retirement Program was
3. For maternity clothing allowance, we       our Sailors. You can help us by             implemented beginning January 1,
need the letter from medical to the           submitting all your TOPS transactions       2012. As of 1 January 2012, the
service member’s Commanding                   in an accurate and timely manner.           services were authorized to implement
Officer; a page 13 stating member has                                                     Temporary Early Retirement Authority
not received maternity clothing                                                           (TERA). TERA provision will allow
allowance in the past 36 months, and          WHAT IS A CUTOFF DATE?                      officers and noncommissioned officers
a special request chit.                                                                   to retire with at least 15 years of
                                               A cutoff date for pay purposes is a        service and receive retired pay at a
                                              day by which all documents for pay          reduced rate.
                                              and allowances must be received by
REENLISTMENT BONUS UPDATE                                                                 {TERA was authorized from 1991 to
                                              our PSD and inputted by our clerks in
                                                                                          1996 in conjunction with force
                                              the appropriate pay system in order to      reductions during that period.}
This NAVADMIN announced revised
                                              affect the upcoming payday. Any
Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB)
                                              documents received after this date will     In addition to retirement pay, the
award levels for Active Component
                                              be recorded on the subsequent               program includes TRICARE coverage
(AC) and Reserve Component Full                                                           and is not available for Coast Guard
                                              payday. These cutoff dates are posted
Time Support (FTS), and supersedes                                                        personnel because that service is not
                                              every month by DFAS by a Military
NAVADMIN 013/12. The SRB                                                                  implementing involuntary separations.
                                              Pay Advisory (MPA). As such, it is
program will continue to provide early
                                              very important for you as the CPC’s to      Navy Personnel Command POC is the
reenlistment opportunities for top
                                              forward your TOPS transactions              NPC customer service center at
performing Sailors. Increased award
                                              affecting a Sailor’s pay in a timely        1-866-U-ASK-NPC (1-866-827-5672).
levels are effective immediately and
                                              manner to ensure these transactions         Direct specific questions regarding FY-
decreased levels were effective 30                                                        12 TERA early retirement policy for
                                              are processed expeditiously and to
days after the release of this                                                            Enlisted Retention Board (ERB)
                                              meet the cutoff dates.

Sailors to OPNAV (n132) via email to           the Selected Reserve (SELRES) -             CMS/ID website. Sailors must have                           (composed of drilling reservists in         Perform to Serve (PTS) approval
                                               a pay status who typically drill one        before negotiating orders through
                                               weekend a month and two-weeks a             CMS/ID. Therefore, a Sailor's PTS
NAVADMIN 140/12 - FY-12                        year) or the Individual Ready Reserve       application at the 15 to 12 month point
TEMPORARY EARLY RETIREMENT                     (IRR) - (composed of non-                   prior to their Projected Rotation Date
AUTHORITY APPLICATION                          Drilling reservists in a non-pay status).   (PRD) is key to getting a timely PTS
PROCEDURES                                                                                 quota and being able to apply for jobs
                                               Additional details and information on       in CMS/ID. Sailors can learn more
                                               benefits, Reserve affiliation and ISP       about CMS/ID from their Command
                                               can be found at:                            Career Counselor or at Navy
Application Procedures) will be revised                                                    Personnel Command's CMS/ID
to read as follows: All applications for          webpage.
Early Retirement under TERA with               npc/career/transition/.
command endorsement will be
submitted by the applicant's Command                                                       HOUSING EARLY APPLICATION
Career Counselor using Officer                 SPECIAL TRANSITION HELP FOR                 TOOL
                                               ERB SAILORS
Personnel Information System
                                               Transition benefits available to Sailors    As per NAVADMIN 145/12 Housing
(OPINS) or Navy Standard Integrated            affected by the Enlisted Retention          Early Application Tool (HEAT)
Personnel System (NSIPS) Force                 Board (ERB) are proving to be a             provides the opportunity for all active
Management (FORMAN) event.                     valuable resource. About a third of
                                                                                           duty military personnel or their
Applications should not be submitted           ERB separating Sailors have
                                               connected with the outplacement             spouses to apply for housing at one or
to the local Personal Support
                                               consulting firm of Challenger, Gray         multiple locations before or after
Detachment (PSD). To identify the
                                               and Christmas, Inc. (CGC) since             receiving Permanent Change of
application as a TERA request, the
                                               January. Sailors are encouraged to          Station (PCS) orders. While this tool
Command Career Counselor must                  reach out to CGC by phone toll-free at      will allow Sailors to receive housing
enter the program code "E" in OPINS            1-800-971-4288 or by email at               information much earlier in the PCS
or FORMAN. Application procedures    
                                               Sailors who have been contacted by          process, it will not affect their
must be followed exactly, as any errors
                                               CGC and have a password for web             placement on the waitlist.
will delay processing due to application
rejection and the subsequent                   access can enroll at
                                      For           Navy family housing customers,
resubmission requirement.
                                               more information, access the transition     Sailors and their families, have
                                               assistance handbook on the Navy             indicated through surveys and focus
Points of contact: Navy Personnel              Personnel Command (NPC) ERB                 groups that: 1) they would like a
Command POC for general questions              webpage or contact the NPC customer
                                                                                           simpler, easier housing application
regarding FY-12 TERA policy is the             service center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC
                                               (1-866-827-5672).                           process, 2) they want to employ
NPC Customer Service Center at 1-
                                                                                           available technology in the process
866-U-ASK-NPC (1-866-827-5672).                                                            vice copying and faxing information
                                               NAVADMIN 094/12 AN UPDATED                  and 3) they want the ability to apply
                                               ERB POLICY GUIDANCE                         earlier (prior to actual receipt of orders)
NAVADMIN 036/12                                MEMORANDUM, dated 24 February
OBTAINING INVOLUNTARY                                                                      in order to have more time to explore
                                               2012, has been uploaded to the NPC
SEPARATION PAY FOR ENLISTED                                                                and learn about housing options at
                                               ERB website at
RETENTION BOARD AFFECTED                       their next duty station. HEAT is
SAILORS                                                                                    designed to address each of these
The following are eligibility                                                              areas.
requirements to obtain Involuntary             Point of contact is the NPC Retention
Separation Pay (ISP) for Sailors who           Board Execution and Separation              Housing customers will be able to
are involuntarily released from Active         Programs office via the NPC customer        submit applications online, at any time,
duty due to Enlisted Retention Board           service center at 1-866-u-ask-npc           to multiple installations, in order to
(ERB):                                         (1-866-827-5672).                           receive information about available
a. Involuntary separation                                                                  housing and to begin the qualification
                                               SAILORS SHOULD NEGOTIATE                    process for Navy or PPV housing.
b. Honorable discharge                         EARLY FOR THEIR PCS ORDERS
characterization                               Sailors must be proactive and               The names and contact information for
                                               negotiate early for their Permanent         HEAT customers indicating an interest
c. Completion of at least 6 but less           Change of Station (PCS) orders online       in PPV housing will be provided to the
than 20 years of active Service                through Career Management System            PPV partners immediately upon pre-
                                               Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) via          qualification.
d. Entry into a three-year written             Navy Knowledge Online or at the
agreement to serve in either

The HEAT application will                       The following is a synopsis of a           limitations and prohibitions effective 1
automatically check the Defense                 recently released message concerning       October 2012. These restrictions do
Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System         the reduction and/or use of Social         not apply for a scanner/MFD that is
                                                Security Numbers:                          directly connected to the user’s
(DEERS) and the Enterprise Military
Housing (EMH) system to populate                The Social Security Number (SSN) is         a. Network-attached MFD and
some of the housing application data            the most common element reported in        scanner “scan to e-mail” functionality
and aid in pre-qualifying personnel.            the loss, theft or compromise of           may be used only if the sender can
                                                Personally Identifiable Information        verify that the intended recipients are
The Navy-wide rollout of HEAT for               (PII). The Department of the Navy          authorized to access the scanned file,
Navy Region Southeast began May                 (DON) Continues to implement               and the MFD or the scanner encrypts
15.                                             guidance to better safeguard PII by        the e-mail message containing the
                                                reducing or eliminating the collection,    scanned file.
                                                use, display, and maintenance of the
Instructions on the use of and access
                                                SSN. This DON-wide effort requires          b. Network-attached MFD and
to the heat application can be found by         Senior Leadership attention and            scanner “scan to file” or “scan to
going to          cooperation. It also requires              network share” functionality may be
from any computer. HEAT meets all               compliance from all Sailors, Civilians,    used only if the sender can verify that
DOD privacy act requirements and                as well as Contractors operating under     all users are authorized to have
ensures protection for your privacy and         the DON Contract.                          access to the scanned file or network
personal information.                                                                      share location.
                                                DON business processes shall
                                                substitute the DOD ID Number in place      To ensure compliance, implementation
ONLINE HOUSEHOLD GOODS                          of the SSN when resources are              of the DON SSN reduction plan is
MOVEMENT TOOLS                                  available and/or interfacing systems       subject to inspection and audit by the
                                                implement the use of the DOD ID            Naval Inspector General or Naval
Assistance with household goods
                                                Number. The following guidelines           Audit Service as appropriate, and may
shipments for both military and DOD
                                                must be strictly adhered to when           be incorporated into command
civilian employees is now available
                                                substituting the DOD ID Number for         inspection programs.
online at the official Defense Personal
                                                the SSN.
Property System (DPS) portal For more information,
                                                a. The DOD ID Number shall only be         APPLY ONLINE USN WAR
FAQs, or to start your next HHG
                                                used for DOD business purposes.            COLLEGE SEMINARS
shipment go to
                                                                                           The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) is
                                                Memoranda, letters, spreadsheets,          now accepting online applications
Considering that the summer season
                                                hard copy lists, electronic lists and      through June 30 for the College of
is a very busy time for PCS transfers, it
                                                surveys that collect, use or maintain      Distance Education's 2012-2013 Fleet
is very important that you plan
                                                the SSN must meet acceptable use           Seminar Program (FSP). The NWC
accordingly and make arrangements to
                                                criteria and all other required privacy    FSP will be offered in 20 regional
ship your House Hold Goods early.
                                                act considerations.                        locations in the United States for
Do not delay it.
                                                                                           academic year 2012-2013. NWC
                                                After 1 October 2012, a disclosure of      accepts program applications from
NAVY FAMILY CARE PLAN                           the last four numbers of the SSN to        commissioned officers (active and
                                                individuals without a need to know will    Reserve), selected Command Master
A family care plan ensures Sailors with
                                                be treated as a PII breach incident that   Chiefs, and civilian employees of the
dependents have established
                                                may result in written notifications to     federal government. All applicants
adequate care arrangements for
                                                affected personnel.                        must have previously earned at least a
deployments, reserve mobilizations,
                                                                                           baccalaureate degree. The deadline
and temporary duty or other periods
                                                The inclusion of SSNs even in              for applications is June 30, 2012. For
during which the service member is
                                                encrypted e-mails shall be significantly   more information and to submit an
unavailable. Sailors with primary or
                                                reduced when the DOD ID Number or          application, visit the NWC College of
shared physical custody of a minor
                                                other identifier becomes executable in     Distance Education website.
child or children, and who are not
                                                DON-wide business process.
married to the other natural or adoptive
                                                Recall rosters should only contain
parent of the minor child or children,
                                                names, addresses, and telephone            NAVY COMMISSION OPPORTUNITY
must submit a family care plan. Both
                                                numbers.                                   FOR ENLISTED
members of a married dual military
couple where one or both have
                                                The use of FAX machines to send            The U.S. Navy is seeking applications
primary or shared physical custody of
                                                information containing the SSN and         for the Navy Service Corps In-service
a minor child or children, must submit
                                                other PII by DON personnel is              Procurement Program (MSC IPP).
a family care plan.
                                                prohibited effective 1 October 2012.       The MSC IPP enables Sailors and
                                                                                           Marines to obtain a commission as a
SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (SSN)                    The use of Network-attached multi-         MSC officer. IPP is open to active-
REDUCTION PLAN                                  function devices and scanners to scan      duty enlisted Sailors, Marines and full-
                                                documents containing the SSN and           time support Navy Reservists in pay
                                                other PII is restricted to the following   grades E-5 through E-9. Waivers for

E-4 will be considered on a case by                                                         received by DFAS within one year of
case basis for physician assistant               DFAS                                       the marriage. (A retiree who married
applicants only. Applications for the            US Military Retired Pay                    during retirement and declined SBP
program must be postmarked no later              P.O. Box 7130                              spouse coverage, cannot later enroll
than Aug. 17. For more information,              London, KY 40742-7130                      the spouse in the plan unless during a
visit the Navy Medicine Professional                                                        congressionally-approved open-
Development Center website.                      Or Fax DFAS Retired Pay at: 1-800-         enrollment period. Enrollments during
                                                 469-6559                                   open season normally result in
                                                                                            penalties and extra charges for the
SAILORS AND FINANCIAL                            If you are an annuitant, please mail       retiree.) The above-mentioned form
PREPAREDNESS                                     your request to:                           can also be obtained from DFAS by
Federal and Navy programs can help                                                          calling 1-800-321-1080.
Sailors and their families navigate              DFAS
potential financial pitfalls. Personal           US Military Annuitant Pay                  Completed documents must be sent
financial preparedness is an important           P.O. Box 7131                              to:
element of readiness. Financial                  London, KY 40742-7130
matters such as failure to pay bills, bad        Or Fax DFAS Annuitant Pay at: 1-800-       DFAS
credit, bankruptcy and foreclosures              982-8459                                   US Military Retired Pay
can negatively impact a Sailor's                                                            P.O. Box 7130
career. Sailors experiencing financial           Both retirees and annuitants may call      London, KY 40742-7130
challenges should notify their chain of          DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay
command and work with their                      directly at: 1-800-321-1080.
command financial specialists (CFS) to           If submitting your request in writing,     VA Policy Shift May Harm Vets
development a budget and explore                 please include both your old and new
additional options such as military              mailing address, along with the            The Department of Veterans Affairs is
relief societies, eligibility for interest       effective date for the new address. In     planning to resume a policy of cutting
rate reductions and other relief.                addition, please include your name,        into the tuition payments from the
                                                 social security number and signature       Post-9/11 GI Bill for veterans with
                                                 with date on your request.                 outstanding debts. In a letter sent
MILITARY FAMILY EDUCATIONAL                                                                 recently to Veterans Affairs Secretary
ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS                                                                         Eric Shinseki, higher education
In addition to the very generous                 Reporting Retiree Deaths.                  associations warned that the new
education benefits offered by the Post-                                                     policy "violates the faith and intent of
9/11 GI Bill, there is a special provision       The Defense Finance and Accounting         the enrollment certification process," in
of the program that allows eligible              Service (DFAS) launched a new online       which a veteran enrolls in college
career Servicemembers to share their             form to make it easier for grieving        under the assumption that the Post-
remaining GI Bill (education) benefits           family members to report the deaths of     9/11 GI Bill will cover the costs. Two
with immediate family members. The               military retirees. The form and            U.S. Senators have also sent a letter
GI Bill is worth up to $52,500.                  additional information are available at:   to the VA Secretary asking him to
Connect with schools that may offer       reconsider the policy change.
VA-approved education programs.                  events/newsletter/newform.html             The college associations have
                                                                                            requested a system in which college
                                                 Retirees Must Report Marriages to          officials can check on veterans'
NO-FEE PASSPORTS                                 DFAS.                                      benefit eligibility, overpayment
                                                                                            amounts and other factors that can
If you need one, please stop by to talk          Retirees who marry or re-marry must        affect the amount of aid they receive.
to our Passport Agent.                           notify the Defense Finance and
                                                 Accounting Service (DFAS) to properly
                                                 establish Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)      TRICARE
RETIRED AND VETS CORNER                          coverage within one year of the            There are plans to drastically increase
                                                 marriage. Getting a military ID card       existing TRICARE Prime enrollment
Change of address.                               and entering the new spouse in the         fees, implement new fees for
                                                 Defense Enrollment Eligibility             TRICARE Standard and TRICARE-for-
The simplest and quickest solution for           Reporting System (DEERS) does not          Life beneficiaries, and increase
changing your mailing address is                 update pay records at DFAS or trigger      pharmacy co-pays.
through the myPay website at                     SBP coverage. Retirees who originally, the Defense              elected SBP coverage for a previous        These proposals are in addition to the
Finance and Accounting Service’s                 spouse must send DFAS a copy of the        13-percent TRICARE Prime fee hike
online account management system.                marriage certificate together with a       imposed for this year and, if approved,
For questions or concerns regarding              completed DD Form 2656-6 (SBP              would be tiered based on the
myPay website, call 1-888-332-7411               Election/Change), available online at      beneficiary's retired pay.
for a customer service representative. 
                                                 mgt/forms/eforms/dd2656-6.pdf.             TRICARE Prime family enrollment
Otherwise, if you are a retiree please           Retirees marrying for the first time may   fees, which were recently increased to
mail your change of address form or              elect SBP coverage for their spouse        $520 per year for all beneficiaries,
request to:                                      with the same form, which must be          would increase in FY 2013 to between

$600 and $820, based on retirement             near March 21 with further instructions             period prior to each five-year
pay. The fees will continue to increase        regarding payment authorization.                    anniversary date, and
annually until FY 2017, when                   For more information or to enroll in the       -    Be less than 60 years of age
beneficiaries will pay between $893            TDP, visit the TRICARE Dental                       on the five-year anniversary
and $2,043 per year.                           Program webpage.                                    date of his or her coverage.

TRICARE Standard and Extra families                                                       Eligible veterans are notified of this
would see a new annual enrollment              LAW CHANGE INCREASES                       opportunity a week before the start of
fee of $140 in FY 2013, which will             INSURANCE COVERAGE                         the 120-day period prior to their
gradually increase to $250 by FY               Some veterans covered under the            anniversary date, and twice more
2017. After that, the annual fee will be       Veterans Group Life Insurance              before the actual anniversary.
indexed to healthcare inflation.               program (VGLI) now have the
                                               opportunity to increase their coverage     For more information about VA’s
A new enrollment fee would also be             to the current maximum coverage            Insurance Program or other VA
implemented for TRICARE-for-Life               under the Servicemembers’ Group Life       benefits, go to or call 1-
(TFL) families beginning in FY 2013.           Insurance (SGLI) program.                  800-827-1000.
The new tiered fees will range from
$35 to $115 per year and will be               Currently, 70 percent of the veterans
increased through FY 2016 to between           covered under VGLI are under age 60,       RESERVE PERSONNEL CORNER -
$150 and $450 based on retired pay.            have less than $400,000 of coverage,       INTERIM PROCEDURES FOR
                                               and will greatly benefit from this law     LEAVE CARRYOVER FOR
Individual annual enrollment fees for          change.                                    RESERVE PERSONNEL
Prime, Standard, and TFL would be                                                         Effective 30 September 2011 Reserve
half of the family fee indicated above.        Under the Veterans’ Benefits Act of        personnel who have accrued regular
After FY 2017, the fees will rise based        2010, enacted on 13 October 2010,          leave during their active duty periods
on healthcare inflation.                       veterans can increase their coverage       may carry over any unused regular
                                               by $25,000 at each five-year               leave balance to their next period of
Pharmacy co-pays would also rise               anniversary date of their policy to the    active duty service (i.e., ADT, ADSW,
according to the plan, with brand name         current legislated maximum SGLI            Recall or Mobilization). The maximum
retail prescriptions ($12 for a 30-day         coverage, presently, $400,000.             leave balance authorized is 60 days
supply) and home-delivery ($9 for a                                                       (75 days for the period from 1 October
90-day supply) both increasing to $34          The VGLI program allows newly              2008 through 30 September 2013). If
by FY 2017. The cost for generic               discharged veterans to convert their       a service member qualifies for Special
medications obtained from retail               SGLI coverage they had while in the        Leave Accrual (SLA) the amount of
pharmacies is slated to increase from          service to a civilian program. Before      leave accumulated, not to exceed 120
$5 to $9 over the next five years. Non-        enactment of this law, veterans could      days, may be carried over. SLA is
formulary retail prescriptions would be        not have more VGLI than the amount         subject to the accrual and carry over
eliminated and non-formulary mail-             of SGLI they had at the time of            limits. If leave in excess of 60 days
order co-pays would gradually                  separation from the service.               (75 days from 1 October 2008 to 30
increase from $25 to $66 by FY 2017.           For example, those who got out of the      September 2013) is not used within
There will be no pharmacy co-pays for          service prior to 1 September 2005,         the timeframes established, it will be
generic home-delivery until FY 2017,           when the maximum SGLI coverage             lost.
when it would be set at $9. No co-             was $250,000, were limited to
pays will be required for prescriptions        $250,000 in VGLI coverage.
filled at Military Treatment Facilities                                                   ARE YOU A CPC AND DO YOU
(MTFs).                                        Now on their first five-year               REQUIRE TRAINING?
                                               anniversary, these veterans can elect      If you are a Command PASS
                                               to increase their coverage to              Coordinator (CPC) for your command
TRICARE Dental Enrollment Opens                $275,000. On their next five-year          and you require training in any area
                                               anniversary, they can increase the         that affects what you do as a CPC,
Beginning May 1, Metropolitan Life             coverage to $300,000, and so forth.        please do not hesitate to contact my
Insurance Company, Inc., started               The additional coverage can be issued      MILPERS Supervisor (Mr. Armando A.
accepting new enrollment applications          regardless of the veteran’s health. To     Juarez Jr.) at 361-961-1192 or e-mail
for the TRICARE dental program                 be eligible to purchase this additional    him at Mr.
(TDP). As the TDP contractor, MetLife          coverage, the veteran must:                Juarez will be glad to make
began providing dental coverage to                                                        arrangements to conduct the training
beneficiaries May 1. Most current TDP              -    Have active VGLI coverage,        you require either here at PSD Corpus
enrollees will not have to do any                                                         Christi or via a telephone call. We
paperwork or take any action during                -    Have less than the current        want to make sure that you are doing a
the transition. Only TDP enrollees                      legislated maximum coverage       great job for your command. We also
using automatic payments from their                     of $400,000.                      want to make sure that you are
checking account or credit card to pay                                                    submitting pay affecting documents or
their monthly premiums need to                     -    Request the additional            transactions to us in a timely manner
contact MetLife to reauthorize their                    coverage during the 120-day       as they affect Sailors pay.
payment. These enrollees received
correspondence from MetLife on or

                                          PSD CORPUS CHRISTI’S PEOPLE OF THE QUARTER

    Congratulations to the following personnel on their well deserved
                  selection as People of the Quarter:

   Mr. Robert W. Bates was selected as the Junior DOD Civilian of
            the Quarter for Second Quarter of FY 2012

        Mr. Armando A. Juarez Jr., was selected as the Senior DOD
            Civilian of the Quarter for Second Quarter of FY 12

   PS2 Katti Burns was selected as the Senior Sailor of the Quarter
              for First Quarter of Calendar Year 2012

  Job well done to all selectees and
please keep up the great work you are
            doing for us!

PSD News is published by Personnel Support Detachment Corpus Christi, Texas. Its purpose is to communicate with not only our Customer Command’s
key leadership such as CO’s, XO’s and CMC’s, but also with the Command PASS Coordinators (CPC’s) and others who may be interested in the latest
information from the PASS world. In this newsletter, PSD Corpus Christi will publish the latest information and procedures concerning military pay,
personnel and transportation matters. Please let us know about any areas of concern by e-mailing us at: PSDNASCC@NAVY.MIL

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