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									COTCconnect Web Requisition Manual

         Provided by Purchasing

Go to COTC Connect internet website:

Click on “Log In”

Click on Employees.

Click on Budget Selection to check Funds Available

Enter the Department number at the very least. Entering fund, location and costshare will refine your search.

Verify Funds Available.

Click ok at bottom of screen to close the window

Click on “Enter a Requisitions for Goods and Services”.

Enter Vendor Name and click submit. If “no vendor found” message appears, click the back arrow top left,
delete information in box and try again.

Remember: less is better. If you can’t find a vendor by imputing the entire name try just the first few letters.

If a vendor is not found, a COTC substitute W-9 form MUST be completed by the vendor and submitted to the
Purchasing Department. New vendors must be established in Datatel before requisitioning may continue.

Form available on the website:

Choose vendor and click submit.

“Enter a Requisition” screen will appear with default information.

The only information that you would possibly change is the “AP Type”, if using a Student fund budget

Input line items. Be sure to TAB through the fields as you input info (DO NOT HIT ENTER).

Keep descriptions brief. Only use pertinent information to the vendor (include specific item i.e. Chair and a
vendor number-not where it is going or how it is going to be used)

All information marked with an * is required for each line item.

Special Notes:

Standard PO Quantity and Price are per item or job, so if quantity is more than 1, the Unit Price will be
multiplied by the Quantity for your total amount per line.

If a Blanket PO is required, type “Blanket for” and the pertinent info (i.e. Blanket for monthly fee of space
rental). Quantity “1”, Unit of Issue “year” and total amount to be expensed, not amount per month.

Unit of Issue, Cost Center (budget number) and Object Codes are selected from the drop down lists. You will
only see those department budgets in which you have access.

“Printed Comments” should only include information pertinent to the vendor such as “Date needed by”, special
handling instructions or quote number.

The requisitioner’s name will appear on the printed Purchase order. If items were requested by or to be
delivered to someone other than the requisitioner, please be sure to include “Requested By” or “Deliver To”
and their name in the “Printed” Comments box.

“Business Purpose/Comments” is a required box in reference to the “Business Purpose”. Special in house
information i.e. Capital Project numbers or instructions may still be included in this box along with the
Business Purpose.

The Unit Budget Manager (UBM) will automatically be added when submitted. “Next Approver” should only be
used when over the UMB’s signing authority.

Once all required information is entered, Click Submit

A requisition number is automatically assigned.

Click ”Ok” to return to the initial entry screen for your next requisition, modifying, deleting or return to main
menu to log out.

An email will be sent to you with the requisition details (see page 15). If you are the Unit Budget Manager NO
further approvals are needed if within your signing authority. If over your authority, you should have added the
next approver. If you are not the UBM, an email will automatically be sent to the Unit Budget Manger and
special approvers (example, advertising and printing with logo will go to the Marketing dept.). It is the UBM’s
responsibility to add the next approver over his/her signing authority.

If you have any quotes or backup material, be sure to route to Purchasing WITH THE REQUISITION NUMBER
CLEARLY MARKED on the paperwork.

Once the requisition has ALL the appropriate approvals, Purchasing will create a Purchase Order and forward
to the vendor to place the order.

From the Purchasing policy, here is a list of Special Approvals needed:

Special Approvals Review:
The following purchases require additional approval of designated individuals or their
representatives in the areas noted, and must be processed through the Purchasing

      Advertising (except classified advertising): Director of Marketing & Public Relations
      Classified Advertising: Director of Human Resources
      Computer Equipment/Software: Chief Information Officer
      Construction: Project Manager and Chief Fiscal Officer
      Entertainment contracts for student events: Director of Student Services
      Entertainment contracts for community events: Director of Marketing & Public Relations
      Equipment Leasing: Chief Fiscal Officer
      Insurance (Health): Director of Human Resources
      Insurance (Risk Management): Chief Fiscal Officer
      Letterhead and Business Cards: Director of Marketing & Public Relations
      Off-campus Lease Space: Chief Fiscal Officer and President
      Renovations: Project Manager and Chief Fiscal Officer
      Signage and Vehicle Graphics: Director of Marketing & Public Relations and Director of
       Physical Facilities
      Telephone Equipment and Services: Chief Information Officer
      Temporary Employment Services: Appropriate Senior Administrator, Director of Human
      Video Production: Director of Marketing & Public Relations
      Alcohol ONLY with prior approval by President

Sample email from Datatel :

Requisition Number    0008383

Requisition Status Not Approved
Requestor Name      Mrs. Susan Spurgeon
Initiator Name    Mrs. Susan Spurgeon

Requisition Date    10/12/10
Desired Date
Vendor ID and/or Name 0035158 Sir Speedy Printing
AP Type            AP Operating Accounts Payable
Requisition Total   $21.00
Ship to           NW Newark Campus

Item 1
Item Description Business Cards-Susan
Vendor Item
Quantity        1.000
Unit of Issue    BX Box
Price          21.0000
Extended Price     21.00
GL Account Number 11-12-01-62021-61205 Purchasing : Other Supplies
Project ID

Printed Comments
Rush order--Need by Oct 15
To provide contact information as requested

Approval                      Date

Next Approval


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