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									Main Characters Description.

Katherine Minola: Elder daughter of Baptista Minola. She is hard-headed,
stubborn, and prone to speaking her mind. Baptista decrees that as the elder
daughter, Kate must marry before her younger sister Bianca may do so.

Petruchio: Gentleman of Verona. Through his friend Hortensio, he learns of
Katherine and agrees to wed her (for her dowry). What was originally a business
venture, though, turns to love as the story unfolds.

Bianca Minola: Younger daughter of Baptista Minola. Bianca is loved by Gremio,
Hortensio, and Lucentio but cannot have serious suitors or marry until her older
sister Katherine has done so. Bianca is clearly Baptista's favorite daughter, although
she may not be as sweet as she appears.

Baptista Minola: The father of Katherine and Bianca.

Hortensio: A suitor to Bianca. He enters the Minola household disguised as Litio,
the music tutor. Eventually, he marries the Widow.

Lucentio: Son of Vincentio. He is in love with Bianca and woos her disguised as
Cambio, the tutor.

Tranio: A servant to Lucentio. He agrees to impersonate his master and pretend to
woo Bianca for him while Lucentio is disguised as Cambio.

Gremio: A foolish old man; suitor to Bianca.

Grumio: Petruchio's servant , He’s put upon but smarter than you think.

Biondello A young servant to Lucentio.

Vincentio A gentleman of Pisa; father of Lucentio.

A Pedant A teacher from Mantua. He agrees to impersonate Vincentio for Tranio
(unaware he is disguising himself as Lucentio).

A Widow A rich woman whom Hortensio marries after he loses Bianca. She is
contemptuous of Kate but also shrewish in her own way.

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