In Company Elementary second edition Answer key: Unit 11

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					In Company Elementary - Second Edition Answer Key: Unit 11

The Weather
Page 71

Ex 2
a4 b6       c2     d5      e1    f3

Ex 3
a        They can take out insurance against bad weather.
b        By temperature, hours of sunshine, wind speed or amount of rainfall
c        In some countries, the climate is very changeable, and weather information isn’t very reliable.

Ex 4
Page 72
b rainy (days); rainfall    c sunshine; dry, sunny weather d high winds

Comparing the Weather


Ex 1
a cold    b warm    c wet       d freezing

Ex 2
Conversation 1: cold; cool; freezing; warmer
Conversation 2: cold; warmer
Conversation 3: hot; hotter; hottest

Ex 3
Page 73
Conversation 1: warmer than (Dublin and Frankfurt)
Conversation 2: warmer than (the actual temperature in Finland in July and the temperature people
think it is in Finland in July)
Conversation 3: hotter than (Spain and England)

Ex 4
Conversation 3: the hottest (this summer and all the other summers on record)

Longer Adjectives

Page 74

Ex 10
more + adjective + than

Ex 11

Video conferences are cheaper than face-to-face meetings.
Face-to-face meetings are more productive than video conferences.
Video conferences are more convenient than face-to-face meetings.
Travelling by train is quicker/safer/more comfortable than travelling by car.
E-mail is easier to use than the telephone.
The telephone is more expensive than e-mail.
E-mail is more useful than the telephone.
Working at home is more efficient than working in an office.
Working at home is lonelier (more lonely) than working in an office.
Working at home is more relaxing than working in an office.
TV advertising is more effective than Internet advertising.
TV advertising is more costly (costlier) than Internet advertising.
TV advertising is more entertaining than Internet advertising.

What’s It Like?

Page 75

Ex 1
a preposition

Ex 2
a       What was your holiday like, George?
b       What was the weather like?
c       Did you like the hotel?
d       And did you like the food?
e       What are the people like?

Page 76
The weather
a warm/hot      b changeable         c hot/warm   d highest     e warmer    f higher   g maximum
h cool    i coldest     j Rainfall   k drier   l sunny
Compound words
b exchange rate       c wine bar      d weather forecast      e peak time   f energy sector
f Company profits
b5     c3    d6     e7     f8    g2     h4
Page 77
Practice 1
b noisier c cleaner d prettier / more beautiful e lighter f further             g cooler   h narrower
i sadder j slower k cheaper l more dangerous m older
Practice 2
b        more economical, the most economical
c        more comfortable, the most comfortable
d        sexier, the sexiest
e        quicker, the quickest
f        noisier, the noisiest
g        cleverer, the cleverest
h        more exciting, the most exciting
i        duller, the dullest
Practice 3
b        Ford; longer
c        Ford; widest
d        Mazda; higher
e        biggest; Ford
f        Toyota; most powerful
g        Toyota; more economical
h        Mazda; best
i        Ford; most expensive


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