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					                          User’s guide - Securexam

What is Securexam?

  Securexam is a terminal lock-up software that allows access to a modified version of
  Microsoft Word and Excel. When you are in Securexam, you may only open one
  Excel and one Word document at a time. You are able to switch between the two
  but are not able to open any other application. Note that Securexam takes a little
  time during the start-up and shut-down process.

How Excel works with Securexam?

  Securexam enables students to use Excel to solve financial calculations. Since
  Word is not used for our finance needs, we will not go through its specifications.
  Students can use Goal Seek, but Solvor will not work with Securexam.
  Most of the pre-programmed Excel functions will work with Securexam.
  Note that for now, Securexam does not allow students to access Excel worksheets
  saved on their hard disk.
  A pre-programmed Excel worksheet, with basic finance equations, will be provided to
  the students.

Where to get Securexam and how much does it cost?

  Students and teachers can download the software from a predetermined website.
  The link for the website is posted on the ‘Basic Corporate Finance’ website (on
  zonecours), under “Teaching Material”.
  For the winter 2007 semester (trial period for Securexam), the software will be
  offered at no cost for students.

How to install Securexam ?

  Before installing Securexam, you must close all existing applications on your
  Before installing Securexam, it is recommended that you scan your computer for
  To download Securexam, just click on the software’s name or logo appearing on the
  predetermined website. Then, follow the steps indicated from the pop-up.
  If needed, refer to the help link (capsule d’aide) posted on the same website.
  After installing the software, the students, must execute two tests. These tests will
  verify that none of the computer’s parameters and installed software, are in conflict
  with Securexam :
       Test 1: To be done between February 2nd and 10th. This test can be found at
          the end of the present document.
          Test 2: To be done between February 10th and 18th. This test will be
           available starting on February 9th.
   Important notice: You must do those two tests if you want technical assistance
   during the exams. A student who did not do the two tests during the allotted time,
   will be refused technical assistance during the exam. Then, the student might not be
   able to use his or her computer during the exam.
   After doing the two tests, it’s important that you do not download any new software
   until the exam, since the new software might not be compatible with Securexam.

What to do if you experience technical difficulties during the two tests ?

   If you experience technical difficulties during the two tests, refer to the FAQ section
   posted on the following website:
   If your problem does not appear in the FAQ section, you may send an e-mail to following these guidelines:
        Object: Your Student ID Number, Course Title, Section
        Message:
               Your lap-top configuration
                     o Windows version
                     o Office version
                     o Free disc space
                     o RAM
               Your problem’s description
   A technical assistant will get back to you with the proper solution to solve your
   problem during the course of the day or in the next working day.
   You can send e-mails at until Monday, February 19th. After
   that date, no technical questions will be answered. Therefore, you must make sure
   that both tests are done before February 18th.

How to use Securexam during your exam?

   Students must bring their connection cable (Ethernet cable) and their power cable
   (AC adapter) for the exam. Without the connection cable, student won’t be able to
   send the control report at the end of the exam.

During the exam:
   At the beginning of the exam, students open the Securexam application and access
   Students access the preprogramed Excel worksheet previously sent via e-mail by the
   course coordinator in the weeks preceding the exam.
   The exam (paper version) is then distributed to the students. As always, the
   students answer in the regular answer workbook (paper version).
   When the student is done with the exam, he or she hands it back to the attendant.
   Students may then exit Securexam.
   They must connect themselves to the network and send their control report to the
   given address.
   Students may leave the classroom.

Please note that:
   Students must stay in the Securexam application at all times during the length of the
   exam. The SSI files only allows us to verify that you were in deed in Securexam
   during the entire exam period. No other information contained in these files is
   A student who does not respect the procedure may be accused of cheating.

The detailed instructions to be followed during the exam will be given to you in
the coming weeks.
These instructions will also be handed out at the beginning of the exam.
Test 1: To be done between February 2nd and 10th
For test 1, you will practice with a blank Excel worksheet. It is important that you stay in
Securexam for at least 90 minutes, to test if your computer’s parameters and installed
software are in conflict with Securexam.

       A    Close all application currently opened on your computer.
       B    Click on the "Securexam Student 4.14b" icon.
       C    Fill in the fields, respecting the following order :
            - Your student ID number
            - Your name
            - Write «test 1»
            - Don’t change the date
            Don’t consider the fields’ name given. They are erroneous.
       D    Check "cahier d'examen" et click on "OK"
       E    To start the test or exam, write « start » and not « Commencer » as indicated in
            the software, and hit enter on your keyboard.
       F    Click on « Fenêtre » and select the file containing the “xls” ending. An Excel
            worksheet will open up.
       G    With Excel, solve the following exercises :
               o What is the present value of a 100 $ cash flow to be received in 5 years,
                  considering a 7 % effective interest rate? (Answer: 71,30 $).
               o If you invest 500 $ at the end of each year in a bank account offering a 6
                  % effective interest rate, how much will you have accumulated in 3 years
                  ? (Answer : 1591,80 $)
               o You borrow 10 000 $ today. You will reimburse this loan with 10 annual
                  constant payments of 1200 $. What is the interest rate paid on this loan?
                  (Answer: 3,4602 %)
       H    Keep Securexam running for a minimum of 90 minutes non-stop.
       I    After the 90 minutes, click on fichier and select « quitter ». Follow the
            instructions. Exiting Securexam might take a few minutes.
       J    When exiting Securexam, you automatically have to save the Word and Excel
            files used during the exam on your hard disk. Select where you want to save
            these files. We suggest that you save them in your « My documents » or « Mes
            documents » folder. That folder will then contain two Word and Excel encrypted
            files, with a name starting with SSI_.
       K    If you encounter any technical difficulties, refer to the “What to do if you
            experience technical difficulties during the two tests?” section in your user’s
        L     If you didn’t experience any technical difficulties, you may destroy the two Word
              and Excel encrypted files. If you did, send an e-mail to examen.ordi@hec.ca1
              and attach the two encrypted files.

 Please note that the address is only valid for technical difficulties concerning
Securexam. For any other questions, please ask your teacher.

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