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									        EdTech 2009

  Using Google Docs to support
  Project-based learning

          Damien Raftery                        Daire Ó Broin
Lecturer & eLearning Development Officer             Lecturer
        Teaching & Learning Centre             Science and Health
      Institute of Technology Carlow     Institute of Technology Carlow
         Project-based learning
• Wide-ranging approach that uses authentic
  problems to engage students
  – question      creation of artefacts      final product
• Benefits include active learning approach
• Possible problems
  – difficult for students to collaborate outside of class
  – teacher monitor progress and assess individual
• Google Docs to help overcome these limitations?
The bigger picture:
   Google Apps

       & forms, all online
Old School

Document for
                New School
Link to Doc
                                 Link to Doc

                 Document for

  Link to Doc
                                   Link to Doc
The interface
Editing a document
Revision History
                  Sharing a document

• Add collaborators and viewers
• Publish as web page for all to view
• Download as PDF, Word or other formats
               Using Google Docs to support
                  Project-based learning
• Collaborate and work online
  – edit anytime, from anywhere
  – share changes in real time, revision history
• Issues: limited features, technical …
• So, what happened?
  – how easy was it to setup?
  – how did the students find using it?
  – how did we (the teachers) find using it?
• Short intro to
  Google docs
• Task 1: Create an
  account using
  student number
  as username
• Task 2: Create and
  share a document
• Mail server blocked confirmation emails from
  Google Docs
• Some students inadvertently set up two
  accounts with same username and password
              Using it - Good
• The ability for numerous people to edit a
  document remotely is very useful
• Can see changes by team members almost
• Icon at the bottom of the screen indicating
  who is currently editing is also handy
• Easy to share      1 (v. easy)

• Easy to use?



                     5 (v. hard)

                                   0   2   4   6   8   10   12   14
                 Using it - Bad
•   Discarded text
•   Spontaneous deletions
•   Autosave
•   Adding charts difficult
•   Font type and size changed by itself
•   Can be very slow
•   Unavailable for saving (rare)
Would you use Google Docs again?

• “It is very easy to work with others as a group
  even when you don't get time to meet up”
• “Yes, for simple documents”
• “Yes, if I was working within a group situation”
• “MS Word is easier to use and less time consuming.”
• “I found it quite difficult to use and navigate. I would
  stick to using Word and sending my work via e-mail. ”
• “Typing a document on Word is much easier, with a
  much better range of tools to format documents.”
• “There were a of problems with members of the
  group not being able to log in and collaborate and this
  caused problems within the group. There were more
  negatives than positives to Google Docs.”
            Teacher Evaluation
• Giving feedback
  – opportunity to monitor, comment, and flag issues
    during project
  – Revision History
• Evaluating projects
  – forms (self- and peer-assessment rubrics, reflections)
  – no more emails and sheets of paper to file
Revision history
                Revision history

• Plagiarism
    – limitation: can’t compare final and initial versions
Online evaluation &
feedback forms
• Successful
• What worked well
  – Student collaboration outside of class
  – forms and revision history
• Limitations
  – Discarded text and spontaneous deletions
  – Autosave
  – Revision history: compare final and initial versions
  – Compared with MS Word: not as easy, fewer features
• Some suggestions
  – Setup: check confirmation messages arrive
  – Training for adding charts, etc.
  – Clearer guidelines, e.g. naming conventions
• Future work
  – Alternatives: Microsoft Live? Wikis?

     Thank you & questions?

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