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					  Integrated Family Support

Performance and Development

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    Job Information Pack

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Job Advertisement                  4

Job Description                    5

Person Specification               7

Employee Benefits                  9

Conditions of Service              11


Thank you for considering applying to join us. This job pack reaches you at both a
positive and a challenging time for the authority.

Over the last few years, there have been many and significant changes within and
across the Council. We are successfully taking forward major transformation in our
approach to services, not least in relation to services for families.

Earlier this year we entered into a collaborative agreement with colleagues in Neath
and Port Talbot and in Swansea about delivering a range of services, many of which
directly relate to services for adults. However, one of those collaborative
arrangements is the establishment of an Integrated Family Support Service to
support families with children who are suffering the effects of substance misuse
and/or domestic violence. This service will sit in the Children’s Directorate in
Bridgend Council but will service the needs of complex families across the region and
we are hoping to see applications from social workers with both adult and children’s

Due to the regional nature of this exciting new service, we have posts within each of
the 3 Local Authorities and staff will be expected to be mobile across the area.

In the directorate we are working hard, with partners, to develop common, holistic
and effective approaches to improving outcomes for children and young people and
their families. We have high aspirations but recognise the significant challenges
ahead. Children’s social services are possibly under greater pressure than ever
before at a time when resources are increasingly scarce. We need to find ways of
improving outcomes further in this very challenging context and we believe IFSS will
be a key development in this programme of work.

You will find some basic information in this pack but you will need to use your
personal discretion about how and what else you research before applying. You can,
of course, also speak directly to the service manager to find out more.
We have high expectations and demand a lot from our staff, but we also provide
good support for staff and have been making progress in reducing workloads. The
Directorate’s Senior Management team is strong, united and totally committed to
driving up standards. We lead from the front and promote inclusiveness as our core
management style.

You will discover a strong sense of determination to succeed and you will be enabled
to do the job with the right amount of personal autonomy. You will be encouraged to
share your sense of humour and use your ability to motivate those around you to
maximise their potential.

This is a terrific opportunity to be part of an exciting transformation that will enhance
children’s lives and provide enormous professional satisfaction. I look forward to
hearing from you.

Hilary Anthony

Job Advertisement

Safeguarding & Family Support

Performance and Development Manager

£38,961 - £40,741 (Subject to Job Evaluation)

Western Bay is a consortium arrangement between three Local Authority
areas (Bridgend, Neath Port Talbot and Swansea) and the Local Health
Authority (ABMU). Within Western Bay we are committed to developing a new
and innovative service to work more effectively with families who suffer from
multiple symptoms of social exclusion and draw significantly on a wide range
of public services.

In this context, an exciting opportunity has arisen to help lead the
development and subsequent management of a new multi-agency service.
The service model is at development stage and it is anticipated that it will
become operational in the autumn of 2012.

Your experience as a social work professional in either adult or children
services over a number of years will allow you to develop, monitor, support
and manage an effective multi-agency family intervention service which
improves outcomes for children and families.

This is an opportunity to further develop your social work expertise and
management skills and to practice in a new way, taking a lead in establishing
new ways of working creatively with whole families. If you have the necessary
professional knowledge supported by experience, we look forward to hearing
from you. In return, we can offer an opportunity for you to make your mark
and implement change in a supportive environment.

Applicants should note that an Enhanced Disclosure Check by the
Criminal Records Bureau will be necessary for the successful

Closing Date:       Wednesday 6th June 2012

Selection Dates:     Monday 18th June 2012

                            Job Description

DIRECTORATE:               Children’s

DEPARTMENT:                Integrated Family Support Service

POST:                      Performance and Development Manager

GRADE OF POST:             SCP 46-48 (Subject to Job Evaluation)

RESPONSIBLE TO:            Service Manager Safeguarding and Family
                           Support Bridgend

To manage and take a lead in developing and supporting practice within an
effective multi-agency family intervention service which improves outcomes
for children and families.


   Assist the Service Manager in leading the development of the IFSS across
    Western bay.

   Assist in developing policy and strategy for the new service, ensuring the
    service is effective, adapts to change and delivers good outcomes for

   Line manage a number of Consultant social workers across the region.

   Help select, plan and direct the delivery of evidence based interventions
    with children and families in order to challenge and change harmful
    patterns of behaviour.

   Gather, analyse, evaluate and summarise information gathered from the
    team in order to inform the evaluation of the project and ensure that
    delivery of the service is equitable across the region and line with
    agreements made regarding service delivery. Establish and maintain
    performance management systems to improve and develop the efficiency
    of the service

   Ensure effective communication and liaison with partner agencies and to
    assist families in accessing appropriate resources and support.

   Ensure the efficient and effective management of the resources available
    to the new service.

   Deputise for the service manager when necessary and support the service
    manager in all areas of the management of IFSS

   Contribute to the development of the service through regular review of
    performance targets and standards.

   Work within a flexible framework in order to meet the demands of the
    service ie outside the 9-5 work pattern. Interventions will be delivered at a
    time to suit the families.

   Contribute to the production of appropriate information for staff in IFSS and
    for service users and carers who may require such information.

   Alert the service manager to action necessary to develop the
    competencies of staff and also of the potential need to institute disciplinary
    procedures and participate in such procedures where necessary.


To undertake the Health and Safety responsibilities which fall within a
manager’s role and the personal Health and Safety responsibilities within the
HASAWA 1974. To ensure that all activities are operated in accordance with
Equal Opportunities legislation and Best Practice.


This Job Description is as currently applies and will be reviewed regularly.
You may be required to undertake other tasks that can be reasonably
assigned to you, including development activities, which are within your
capability and grade.


The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) has been introduced as a result of Part V
of the Police Act, 1997. Please note that this post requires an Enhanced /
Standard level of disclosure. Further information about the Disclosure
Scheme is available at or by contacting the CRB Team
by telephoning (01656) 643206.

                           Person Specification

                  Performance and Development Manager

       The following attributes represent the range of skills, abilities and
    experiences etc relevant to this position. Applicants are not expected to
           meet all of these attributes to be suitable for short listing.

   Attributes               Requirements              Method of Evaluation / Testing

Qualifications,     A recognised social work         Production of original
Education &          qualification eg. C.Q.S.W.,      Qualification Certificates and
Training             C.S.S. Dip, S.W., Degree in      application form.
                     Social Work and registration
                     with the Care Council for
                     Wales is essential.

                    Management qualification
                    Evidence of continuous
                     professional development.

Knowledge &           A minimum of 3 years post      Application form and selection
Experience             qualifying experience in a     process.
                       health or social care
                       environment (any discipline)

                      Management experience in
                       a social care setting

                      Experience of working with
                       families with complex needs
                       involving child protection

                      An understanding of child
                       protection practices and

                      Experience of inter-agency
                       and multi-disciplinary

Attributes               Requirements              Method of Evaluation / Testing

                   Experience of assisting and
                    supporting others to develop
                    their practice

                   Experience if developing
                    plans and policies at a
                    strategic level

                   Some knowledge or
                    experience of evidence
                    based interventions e.g.
                    motivational interviewing
                    /solution focussed brief

                   Knowledge and
                    understanding of
                    performance management

The selection process will assess candidates’ attributes against the above
requirements and will comprise:
    Competency-based interview
    PowerPoint presentation (topic provided in advance)
    Written exercise
    Psychometric assessment

                           Employee Benefits

              Performance and Development Manager


This post is subject to Job Evaluation, which is the process of assessing the
relative value or size of jobs within an organisation. Jobs (not the post holder)
are analysed against common criteria to measure the content and context of
the jobs people do.

Pension Scheme

All staff are eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme, which is
currently a final salary scheme. It is a contributory scheme.

Annual Leave

The leave entitlement for a full year will be 24 days. For officers with five years
continuous Local Government Service, annual leave is 29 days. In addition
there are 8 statutory days. Leave entitlements will be pro-rata for part-time

Maternity/Adoption/Paternity Pay & Leave

We offer a generous scheme which provides payments in addition to statutory

Subsidised Leisure

All employees are eligible to purchase a Bridgecard at reduced rates which
offers discounted access to the council’s leisure centres within the borough.

Flexible Working Hours Scheme

The council operates a flexible working hours scheme which provides the
opportunity to adjust starting and finishing times as well as take compensatory
leave in line with service needs.

Occupational Health Services

There are a range of services available to promote staff welfare. These
include an in-house counsellor, fast-track physiotherapy and effective return to
work programmes.

Training and Development

We recognise the importance of learning to the success of the organisation
and are committed to the investment in and development of our staff. We
believe that our customers deserve a service from staff who are competent
and trained to do their jobs.

Relocation Expenses

Where appropriate, we can provide financial assistance to newly appointed
employees to help meet the cost of relocation expenses incurred as a result of
their appointment.

Registration Fees

We will reimburse annual registration fees.

                        Conditions of Service

              Performance and Development Manager

Working Hours

The working week is 37 hours which will normally be worked in line with the
council’s Flexible Working Hours Scheme. However, there may a requirement
to work in excess of these hours according to the needs of the service.

Medical Clearance

Any offer of appointment is subject to medical clearance. You will be required
to complete a medical questionnaire, but may also require medical
examination before appointment.


Appointment is subject to receipt of a minimum of two satisfactory references.
Wherever possible these should be from previous employers.

Criminal Records

An enhanced Disclosure Check by the Criminal Records Bureau will be
necessary for the successful applicant, and appointment will not be confirmed
before a satisfactory disclosure is received.

Probationary Period

New staff to Bridgend County Borough Council appointed to this post will be
subject to a 6 month probationary period.

Business Travel

You will be expected to have a motor vehicle available for use on official
journeys. Your mileage expenses will be reimbursed based on the locally
agreed rate.

If you have any queries relating to this job, please contact Human
Resources on (01656) 643205


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